Sunny's Broodlings Should Not.

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Sunny's Broodlings Should Not.

Postby Spokavriel » Sat Oct 01, 2016 7:54 pm

Kinda sad that this hasn't been revived yet. Its fun to think of these things.

My suggestion this time.

Sunny's Broodlings should not use their skills to create faked crime scenes. AKA Staged murder site etc where no real crime happened.
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Re: Sunny's Broodlings Should Not.

Postby Sunshine Temple » Sat Oct 01, 2016 8:06 pm

Heh, I remember that thread.

Heh, well staging it would get the local police irked.

Though I suppose thanks to Blood Debts there's a whole bunch of things the broodlings shouldn't do with Harry Dresden.
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Re: Sunny's Broodlings Should Not.

Postby Spokavriel » Sat Oct 01, 2016 9:15 pm

I just looked back at the old list and thought of another addendum to #6. It doesn't matter if Bender on Futurama does it.

Sunshine wrote: » Mon May 28, 2007 6:08 pm
Here's where the brood list will go.

Have added the brood list to the file with the agent list.

1. We will not pester mother about how good of a succubus someone will make.
-Or suggest turning ourselves.
-Unless it falls under the D program, I will not create broodlings of my own without asking mommy first.

2. In order to maintain our secret I won't bring any of our special books to school.
-Even if I have a clever excuse.

3. Even though I'm a succubus, I will not take an after school job as a stripper or a "stripper" in the red light district. I'm working my through college is not an excuse.
-We are under 18
-We are already on the Company's payroll

4. Mommy is allowed to drink because she is a teenage mother with five teenagers.
-We can drink with her permission and in moderation
-Bugging her about drinking is counterproductive

5. I will not go running to Grandma Nodoka when Mama Sunny says I can't do something.
-Begging big sister Nariko won't help either.

6. I will not call humans Meatbags, because it is rude and I was once a Meatbag myself.

7. I will not put a video of Mommy singing on YouTube just to prove how good she is.

8. Grandpa Genma is an idiot but he does know martial arts. I will not ambush him unless I'm trying to train from him and it's the only way.

9. I will not install a Burlesque pole in the dojo.
-Unless Mother wants one.

10. I will not use body paint in place of clothing.
-Outside of the house.

11. I will not play with my enemies with out asking mama Sunny first.
-Unless we're attacked first.

12. Sharing is important.

13. We're not allowed to invite school friends over for orgy parties.
-Even if we don't use any powers.
-Nor are we allowed to do it during school hours.
-We shouldn't spice up sex ed.

-That's Genma's job, unfortunately.

15. I will not Abuse the crying succubus rule at the Company.

16. I, Nabiki, will not try hack in to WIC's computer system and replace the WIC symbol where ever it appears with Hello Kitty.
-Nor will I ask one of the Communications agents to do it for me.

17. I, Nariko, will not use my power to give "joy buzzer" handshakes - especially not at 1.21 gigawatts.
- except maybe to AOM members.

18. I, Misako, will not give fashion tips to WIC's female Agents
- Even if they desperately need my advice.
- No I don't find anything ironic about my opinion, why?

19. If invited to play sports with other members of WIC, I will not:
-Use my wings to intercept balls that would have been home runs.
-Even if I only wanted to save people from having to hunt for the ball.
-Use my wings to make spectacularly long slam-dunks.
-Even if I'm not actually flapping them.
-Use my tail as an extra stick when playing hockey.
-Use my wings to intercept the puck or ball when goal-tending in hockey or soccer.
These things are unfair to those who do not possess the extra appendages.

20. I will not roof surf on a moving car.
-It doesn't matter that Michael J. Fox did it in Teen Wolf.

21. I will not post videos of Akane and Nariko at
-Or of Ukyou and Misako
-Or of Mom

22. In the event of a power outage I will not hook up Nariko and use her as a generator.

23. A stripper named Candy is an inappropriate mother's day gift.

24. I will not show the Toronto Raptors what a true Raptor is.

25. I will not sunbathe nude on the top of any glass covered plaza (Such as the Eaton's Centre)just to show off.

26. When I go to the CNE (Canadian National Exhibition)I will not go into Full Demon Mode in the Haunted House just to scare the meatba.. I mean humans.

27. I will not use mission footage to produce a splatter movie.
- even if Hollywood offers outrageous sums of money

28. We're too old for Trick or Treating.
-I will not sneak out and use my ability to create clothes to repeat houses while Trick Or Treating.
-Nabiki, it doesn't matter if you can look young enough for it.

29. LA Blue Girl is not a documentary.

30. I will not summon a shkima demon for a "sparring session"
-Unless I ask Mom and get her permission.

31. I will not use home movies to make porno videos.

32. I will not let Nabiki talk me into remaking Terror at 30,000 feet.
-It's scientifically impossible anyway.

33. We are to avoid all references to the Hanibal Lecter Trilogy when around humans.
-The fact they many know about the existence of sucubae is irrelevant.

34. We're not allowed to eat people who commit minor crimes.
-Hunting purse-snatchers in the park does not count as "grabbing some fast food".

35. I, Ukyo, will not shove spoons in to every orifice of the next person who calls me Yuri Geller, as the Doctor had trouble extracting them all from the last guy - especially the ladle.

36. I, Akane, will not use my shadow power to get free goodies/ pop from vending machines.

37. When riding in the company helicopter on the way to a mission we will not sing "Kill the Rabbit"
-Or when on any mission, sing "Always look on the bright side of Life"

38. I will not tickle torture someone in mid flight.
-Nor will we try to join the "mile high club".

39. We must not talk with our mouths full.

40. I won't do "special" modeling for grandfather Hapossai without Mother's approval.

41. We are allowed to chew out our subordinates if they screw up. However, we are not allowed to chew them up after we screw them out.

42. Just because we're demons that can create magical napalm doesn't mean that we can let out our inner pyromaniacs.
- Please limit using napalm when fighting near dangerous chemicals.
- That means especially inside chemical factories.
- Refineries are right out.
- Even IF they make a very cool bonfire.
- No amount of begging will allow an exception. This goes double for Nabiki.
-The Magical Napalm is a Battle Technique, it is not the best tool to ignite fireworks.
-I will not sing burn baby burn.
=Napalm does not always smell like 'Victory'

43. I will not stop in the middle of a mission to have a BBQ, unless Mother approves.
-It's better raw anyway.

44. I will not try to convice the motor pool to paint vehicles pink, nor the quartermaster to paint weapons pink. Again.
-Nor will I put some red food coloring/cloth dye powder in the bathtub or washing machine to make everything and everyone turn into shades of pink.

45. I will not ask Grandma to make build, for me, a giant robot no matter how cool it would be.

46. I will not make Soylent green.

47. I will not call the Mortuary and or Hospitals to ask if we could get a To Go order.
-Mom will know that it's not fresh.

48. If I, Akane, do not have tomato sauce at hand for my pasta recipe, blood is not a suitable replacement.

49. The ethnicity of a human doesn't correspond to an ethnic flavor.
-The fitness and age of the person make a much bigger difference.

50. The only combat enemies are allowed to be consumed.

51. The Look will not get you out of the fallowing studying, exams, chores, company physical exams, cleaning your room.
(THE LOOK: Quivering lower lip, big sad puppy dog eyes, hand together half begging half praying)
-Being cute isn't a license to ignore common sense or to commit bloody murder.
-But it does help you get away with it. Wink

52. Even if you consider it polite if an agent focuses both above and below your neck some of the time, you still can't eat them if they refuse to check you out or refuse to look you in the eyes at least some of the time, though.

53. I will not redecorate the dojo with "GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS" Neon signs.

54. If I'm bored I will not go into the bad part of town to terrorize some poor defenseless gangs or any other criminal organizations.
-Even if for some reason they attacked me first.

55. I will not create a Napalm ball and sing "This Little Light of Mine" to distract enemies. While it may be fun and work it also distracts everyone else. Using Napalm in Karaoke falls under rule 42.

56. Playing video games are not considered weapons practice.
-Even if it's Halo 3
-Even if it's America's Army

57. There is no Succubus Relief Office Hotline.
-no, you may not start one
- If you hear of one contact Mother and/or a WIC agent so it can be dealt with

58. Opening a Steamy chat service using the books from Grandma is not a good way to memorize the techniques. And it could lead to confusion if you slip into Demonic while reading them.

59. Given the regenerative properties of some of our enemies, I will not keep AoM priests/bishops as secret prisoners to use as a personal living larder. I have to share.

60. I will not abuse AOM Priests just to rearrange their body parts like a Mr Potato Head.
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Re: Sunny's Broodlings Should Not.

Postby J. St.C. Patrick » Tue Oct 18, 2016 9:50 pm

After a discussion with Sunshine about a phrase in Blood Debts...

"The brood will not spook new WIC recruits by turning as a group to look at said recruits in unison with the same smile ( or licking of lips)"
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Re: Sunny's Broodlings Should Not.

Postby Sunshine Temple » Wed Nov 30, 2016 9:00 pm

Talking with J. St.C. Patrick and we came up with another entry:

63. The brood will not use their regenerative powers to scam tattoo artists who offer lifetime guarantees on their work
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