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 Updated 12/24 Posted Chapter 3 of Our Sister, the Idiot.



The Return

Intro Video
Created by to J St C Patrick. Please do not distribute without permission.
Sailor Moon and Ranma 1/2 are owned by Naoko Takeuchi Rumiko Takahashi respectively.
Possible Spoiler Alert before Book 2


The Return (Blood Debts novella): Our Sister, The Idiot

Chapter 1: Missed Connection

Chapter 2: Roughly Foreplay

Chapter 3: Dominating Climax

Chapter 4: Awkward Afterglow







The Return Book Six: Bonding Allure

Chapter 1:  Invitations and Impositions

Chapter 2:  Extending Family

Chapter 3: Persuasive Outreach

Chapter 4: Exploring Options

Chapter 5: Filling Voids


The Return (Blood Debts novella): Invisible Hand

Chapter 1: Second String

Chapter 2: Cake Walk

Chapter 3: Smokescreen

Chapter 4: Fox and Hounds




The Return Book Five: Blood Debts

Chapter 1: Lagging Questions, Part A

Chapter 2: Lagging Questions, Part B

Chapter 3: Unwelcome Answers, Part A

Chapter 4: Unwelcome Answers, Part B

Chapter 5: Underground Diplomacy, Part A

Chapter 6: Underground Diplomacy, Part B

Chapter 7: Lost Arrivals, Part A

Chapter 8: Lost Arrivals, Part B

Chapter 9: Choices, Part A

Chapter 10: Choices, Part B

Chapter 11: Fey and Brooding, Part A

Chapter 12: Fey and Brooding, Part B

Chapter 13: Midnight Appetizer, Part A

Chapter 14: Midnight Appetizer, Part B

Chapter 15: Just Desserts, Part A

Chapter 16: Just Desserts, Part B

Epilogue: Opening Consequences


The Return Book Four:  Capital Offense

Chapter 1: Intruding Thoughts

Chapter 2: Simple Plan

Chapter 3: Options and Improvisation

Chapter 4: Breach and Hide

Chapter 5: Backup

Chapter 6: Bottoming Out

Chapter 7: Overloaded Rescue

Chapter 8: Dark and Light Senshi

Chapter 9: Room for Recovery

Chapter 10: Cost of Acquisition


The Return Book Three:  Raising Trouble

Chapter 1: Client Demonstration

Chapter 2: Strike and Cleave

Chapter 3: The Cost of Failure

Chapter 4: Questions

Chapter 5: Finding Leftovers

Chapter 6: Enveloping Armor

Chapter 7:  Settling In

Chapter 8: Questionable Motives

Chapter 9: Flights of Lunacy

Interlude : Down Time

Chapter 10: Troubling Visitation

Chapter 11: Downsizing and Outsourcing

Chapter 12: Expert Authority

Chapter 13: Family Recruiting


The Return Book Two:  Betrayed Consequences

Chapter 1: Sanguine Salutation

Chapter 2: Family Visitation

Chapter 3: Legitimate Developments

Chapter 4: Treacherous Conditions Ahead

Chapter 5: Broken Bonds

Chapter 6: Intense Testing

Interlude: Girl Talk

Chapter 7:  Silver Sisterhood

Chapter 8: Golden Plan

Chapter 9: Preparations and Expansions

Chapter 10:  SteelRain

Chapter 11:  Investments and Wagers

Chapter 12: Sharp Rescue

Chapter 13:  Artificial Ideologies

Chapter 14:  Higher Supervision

The Return Book One:  Brooding Responsibilities

Chapter 1: Mistaken Arrival

Chapter 2: Beginning Delusions

Chapter 3: Emerging Risk

Chapter 4:  Cruel Education

Chapter 5:  Mother Figure

Chapter 6:  False Cures

Chapter 7:  Denial's End

Chapter 8:  Family Concern

Chapter 9:  Multiple Fronts

Chapter 10: Converting Enemies

Chapter 11: Escalating Rivalry

Chapter 12: Blind Desperation 

Chapter 13: Maternal Acceptance





5th NH Weapons

Company Codes, Ranks, and Patterns

List of things Agents and Broodlings Should Not Do

Fanart: Main Latest



Selling the Fantasy

Chapter 1: Simulated Sincerity

Chapter 2: Magical Opportunities

Chapter 3: Building Confidence

Chapter 4: Relocation Perpetrations

Chapter 5:  Expansions and Acquisitions



Secret Flowers, Sheltered Willows

Chapter 1: Glamorous Opportunity, Binding Obligation

Chapter 2: Beautiful Destruction, Poetic Snare




Chapters 1 and 2

Chapter 3 Learning to Settle... into Place.

Chapter 4 Wakeups: With and Without Regrets.

Chapter 5 Planning, Training, and Training Plans .

Chapter 6 Recruiting and Partnerships.



Fanart: Main Latest











 Strained Harmony
ch1&2 written with Trimatter

Chapter 1 :The Shape of Things to Come
Chapter 2 :Changing Horizons

Chapter 3 : Buttressing Support Part 1

Chapter 4 : Buttressing Support Part 2

Chapter 5: Softening Expectations

Chapter 6: Part A. Growing Developments


Fanart: Latest











So here's a list of my fics and where to get them.

Generation Lost

Prolog and Chapter 1 revision
Chapter 2 to Chapter 9

Chapter 10 : Old Friends Made Anew Part 1

Chapter 11 : Old Friends Made Anew Part 2


Fanart: Main Latest






 And If That Don't Work?


Prologue: Use More Gun

Chapter 1: Salvage Operations

Chapter 2: Core Competencies

Chapter 3: Competitive Edge

Chapter 4: Resource Management

Chapter 5: Stress Test

Chapter 6: Quality Control

Chapter 7: Reductions and Acquisitions

Chapter 8: Teambuilding Part 1

Chapter 9: Teambuilding Part 2

Chapter 10: Defects and Acquisitions Part 1

Chapter 11: Defects and Acquisitions Part 2

Chapter 12: Exposure and Downsizing



Fanart: Latest




The Return

Original Version.
This is the pre-Revision version of the story as it was before Blood Debts

Chapters 1 to 13 (IE Arcs One and Two)
Chapter 14 : Respect and Reliability
Chapter 15 : Retrograde and Remade Part 1
Chapter 16: Retrograde and Remade Part 2
Interlude 2 "Girl Talk" Crossover with Aftermath: A Story of Blended Clichés a written with Trimatter
Chapter 17 : Reconstitution and Reincarnation Part 1
Chapter 18: Reconstitution and Reincarnation Part 2
Chapter 19: Reveal and Repurpose
Chapter 20: Retain and Retrain

Chapter 21: Restoration and Regret Part 1

Chapter 22: Restoration and Regret Part 2

Chapter 23: Reequipped and Repulsed Part 1

Chapter 24: Reequipped and Repulsed Part 2

Chapter 25: Replacements and Remembrance Part 1

Chapter 26: Replacements and Remembrance Part 2

Chapter 27: Redesign and Relaxation Part 1

Interlude 3 "Down Time"

Chapter 28: Redesign and Relaxation Part 2

Chapter 29: Reconcile and Refine Part 1

Chapter 30: Reconcile and Refine Part 2

Chapter 31: Reserve and Release Part 1

Chapter 32: Reserve and Release Part 2

Chapter 33: Reserve and Release Part 3

Chapter 34: Reserve and Release Part 4


See: Blood Debts





Gunslinger Moon

Up to date

Fanart: Main Latest


Ranko's Makeover

Up to date

Fanart: Main Latest