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Postby Spokavriel » Wed May 02, 2007 11:03 am

Last update June 10, 2009
Added Blossom Scale graphic. Also rearranging to put more active characters nearer the top. I'll come back and deal with typos another day.
Color Chart wrote:Spokavriel's Color
Raven's Color
Tint'Elen's Color
Cabbit-Kitsune Hyper Blossom! Color

The EMH is not part of the chart because he is not really my character even if I did bring him into Spamville. He is up for adoption if you can do justice to the role.

Cabbit-Kitsune Hyper Blossom!
Nametags used in IRC. Spokavriel before getting altered KitsuCabbit_Spokchan and KitCabtSpokchan Changed it again to KitsC_Spokchan because other versions were too easy to confuse for different chatters when shortened. Blossom will now work too ;)

Smallest Form, And a grouping showing the difference in sizes between Smallest Form, LGF is the same size as Fae Form but I don't have a picture of that yet and my normal form with just a teeny bit of the tail showing.

Smallest form hight 7 inches standing normal 14 standing on hind legs.

Little Girl form 2'9" appears about 3-4 years old ((Think of RyoOhki's form in the OAV's when she was in the dress. Only with orangish fur instead of brown.))

13 year old hight 4'6" not counting ears.

Fae Form was initially a 1 thread form received as "Terra's Blessing"

In there I've responded to Spok Spork Kit and from Stacy S-Chan.

If you want to get technical my IRL name of Daniel would also work since this is for my OOC persona to do and say things without directly involving my characters or hiding in ((OOC Bubbles)). <This hasn't been the case so much recently.

After spending time in the #fukufics chat over at I ended up cursed by |Kiichan| to be a 14yo KitsuneGirl with Cabbit traits. Picked up a little scar on the neck from Stacy that to anyone who would know would see as fang marks.

I figure if my characters are too busy I might pop through the so called 4th wall and do a little peeking arround with myself as this kinda non-character. <This idea completely failed. I'm the Main character now.

Oh and thanks to Stacy for making it so being a KitsuneCabbitgirl isn't a curse. :D

((This doesn't really belong to the characters but to me it's my design and in this character continuity I'm claiming that Temporal Affairs sent the characters here in it. The Spaceship Tint'Elen As described on one of my earlier forums.
And a little more info on the ship that even the character of Spok doesn't know.))

Well those are the basics any more and well you'll find out in person someday.

Character Name:None Starfleet has her listed as Davison, Raven

Character Race:Enhanced Raven

Character Gender (Primary):Female

Character Gender (Secondary):Female ((curse details after birth form info.))

Birth Form

Look on the sholder in Spok's image.

Physical Description of Character:22 inch tall(When holding her body completely verticle), 4 foot wingspan, her wings have a slight blueish irradescence but are a black dark enough to almost absorb light, 9 years old but her physical maturity (When placed in human terms) is more like that of a teen, Normal Ravens are fully grown up at 3 years and only live to be about 15. Her voice sounds allot like Ami Mizuno.
General Time of Joining the Spamville community:Thu, May 03, 2007 10:41pm GMT
Nervous habbit.
Her lower beak shifts a little to the side giving an impression of somone nibbling on their lower lip.
Commonly used Drow.
Ilharess (Matron),
waeles (idiot),
ji brane' (so annoying),
Yah Usstan daewl Usstan inbalus folbol ulu drital.(God I wish I had something to drink.),
taudl (sorry)

Curse Form

Physical Description of Character:5 feet 2 inches tall(including ears). She appears to be a 14 year old girl with Blue highlighted Black Hair just as dark as her former feathers. She has Cabbit ears and european features but a dusky (Dark as a caucasion can get without a tan) skin tone.

She ended up getting blasted with a 4th I guess curse on top of 3 Jusenkyo ones that made her human then mixxed in Cabbit and finally made her think she's a Japanese school girl. The 4th change was from a "Mahou Shoujo Maker" gun. Raven is from a dimention where there was no Moon Kingdom so the closest space navy in her continuity is Starfleet and she has a Fuku that carries similarities. Front Back A Sigil has appeared that is the symbol for Mars but with 2 rings arround the circle the inner of the rings has a bright dot on it signifying the Moon Phobos.

Phobos Symbol

It's unknown what equipment Raven will aquire but so far she has a bag of holding from Rei that is carrying a few things and her Senshi form has given her a Trek TNG style Tricorder with a light blue casing and the Sigil mentioned earlier on it in metalic bright red on the back.

Character Name:Spokavriel, Spok

Character Race:Caitian <wikipedia link ((This is my first time trying to start out with a non human on a forum.))

Character Gender (Primary):Male

Character Gender (Secondary):Female 8 year old Caitian. Currently also changes size when inconvenient.


Physical Description of Character:Humanoid one head, two arms, two legs and a tail(no it is not prehenstile);
Head shape is a bit off from human having a slightly forword extended catlike nose and jaw not allot but noticable;
Ears are most certainly on top where they should be how anyone can tell where sounds come from with so much head stuck between them. . . .
Canine teeth are slightly larger than say a normal humans but not as not as noticable as Ryoga Hibiki so they tend to be easy to overlooked;
Hair/Fur color could be reffered to as varrying shades of blonde the shorter hair is very bright almost pure yellow while longer hair tends to darken along shades that could be refered to as honey and gold to nearly brown at the darkest;
Blue eyes that have yellows instead of whites and a crescent slit to the Iris;

General Time of Joining the Spamville community: Havn't yet still reviewing Vulcan inteligence reports on the area first. ((Reading what I can of older topics, It's not finished but the characters are now in threads themselves.)) Correction: Sat, May 05, 2007 3:31pm GMT looking for Raven.

Any powers character has:None Just physical abilities. Havn't lived in a cluture with enough belief in Preternatural abilities to explore the posibilities beyond obvious failures in childhood like trying to fly jumping off a bed etc.

Minion Type:None, but I may try to call for backup security from time to time, ((Think of them as TOS redshirts)) if for no other reason than to have enough cannon fodder to escape.
A pet Raven with higher than average inteligence and the ability to communicate may be considered a minnion to some but it's more of a companion.

Faction during the Brotherhood/Sisterhood war: I can't find much information on this perriod of Spamville history It most likely occured before Star Fleet began observations of this planet. Talk of it would seem to indicate the Sisterhood won even if their continued presence is hard to acertain.

General description of character personality: Now here's a tough one because the more I research the more I wonder how I should present myself. I mean it's not like I can say something now and let my changes through research change me so much that this becomes a lie.
I tend to be honest based on my personal knowledge. If there are local laws that conflict with my personal beliefs I ignore them and hope I never get called on it. Outside of an irational hatred of any attempt at bladed Nunchuku ((I've actually lost PC monitors over a friends obsession with the 8-Bit Theater sword chucks. Glass doesn't like blunt object impacts. Although ones with a blade on only one end like wakizashi don't bug me.)) I tend to be easy going.

A bit of backstory.

I'm a Great grandchild of Lt. M'Ress who served on the Starship Enterprise (Quoth Mr Scott "1701 No bloody A, B, C, nor D") and later on the USS Trident. If it wasn't for her time in suspended animation our race may not have been seen in Starfleet beyond the time of the first Enterprise. Mom may know how she got suspended but they never really told me.

Some time after the disappearance of Admiral/Captain Kirk to an energy phenomena, the Kazintis managed to abduct or murder most of the Caitian race. Suprisingly due to fossil evidence the preditory race appears to have been born on our home world of Cait although their time on other worlds predates our ability for stellar travel by more than ten thousand years. Unlike the Vulcan and Romulin question that clearly shows the split in the time of Surak the Caitian/Kazinti split has allot of mysteries with no simple answers.

I grew up on the USS Excalibur NCC-1705-J. Like the Galactically fameous transdimentional Wessley Crusher, I spent almost all my time in Engineering learing all I could about the Technologies that allow our existance in space.
I also became a bit of a history buff studying the Federation as it was back when Starships were in their first generation. (Before replacements with letters appended.) It also didn't hurt to have a living relative from that time.

Because of the intrest in what Great Grandma would call the "Intresting Times" I also looked into all the Golden Technologies of the Era and it's amazing how much space they waste. I've made it my personal goal to reuse as much of their gear as possible redesigned internally to correct for such abuse of available space.

My Raven is another mystery I mean yes She is a Raven and from Earth but a classmate at the Academy I hung out with was obsessed with Neogenics.((I like this term better than the Eugenics of Trek not trying for a Marvel/Spiderman cross in background)) If I had known before hand that He was going to experiment in it I never would have egged him on with all the known history of Kahn Singh. I really should have guessed it from when he went on and on about the life and times of Jullian Bashier. But I'm getting sidetracked.

Davison effectively altered her DNA en-embrio so that she grew up with the ingeligence of a Human but it's done something to her Bio-Chemestry beyond just her increased inteligence and Medical would love to try to examine her and determine the kind of energy she is always exhibiting. I've effectively rescued her and have been protecting her from future examination ever since. I do wish she would stop insisting that she doesn't need or want a name though, it's annoying at times how she says
"Being the only one of My kind with inteligence just calling me Raven should be enough. It's not like any others would answer you."

Talking about names given the kind of history I've seen mentioned in the Vulcan reports of the area so far you may get a kick out of how I got mine. My Great Grandmother still has a bit of a crush on her former commanding officer Captain Spock and my Mother always liked going into the Hollodeck to do H-AD&D(Hollo-Advanced Dungeons & Dragons) campaigns. So when I was born they got into a bit of an argument and before they calmed down they had both typed in part of my name But the fighting over the console led to a typo or two because Avariel are the species mom wanted to use for my name and everyone knows Spock isn't missing a c. Dad insisted it be kept because it was unique and to teach them a lesson. I'm just glad grandma wasn't there who knows what would have happened with her expertiece being Xeno-biology.

That's enough about me for now so how about I mention some of my toys. They are custom so I think as long as I don't share the underlying tech I'm not breaking the Prime dirrective.


Tricorder Revised (TOS style appearance)
It has all the standard sensors available in any shuttle craft sensor-aray. There was also space for;
a forcefield generator;
a 40MTQ (Million Terra Quads) Computer core;
a micro Anti-matter reactor (only 90giggawatts);
And a compressed Matter Replicator. It can create objects up to 3 cubic yards but the opening is only the size of the lower bay of the Tricorder.

Best thing about having the replicator is that it includes a pattern buffer so I can even use it to store things in a demolecularlized state. It uses energy but boy does it lighten the load.(max storage capacity about that of 15 camping backpacks or 20 tons whichever comes first)

Next on the Equipment list is my modified Fighting Stave. It's based on traditional fighting staves in that it is 2 metters long half a decimeter in diameter with a hollow core that allowed for small darts and what not to be able to be launched.
It's Carved of Rowan wood that was raised on a high gravity world giving it a measured density of a diamond but not as fragile. Couldn't have even shaped the wood without using laser cutting tools. Weight 250lbs.
I kinda made a modification and reworked the parts that go into a Phaser to fit into that hollow space and it's able to fire a beam up to level 6 disruptive effects. Unfortunately it can't be set for as wide a beam as a typical phaser emmiter settup but the extra energy storage crystals lets me fire beams for a much longer time between recharges.

I'm also proficient at Archery and managed to use the Replicator to make arrow heads that allowed for splitting any shaft from knock to tip. Hard part was practicing to hit the back end of my previous shots.

I have one thing which may be a breach of the PD it's a personal transporter but it wouldn't even work if I didn't have the seccond pattern buffer in the Replicator. The reason for that is you have to have a functioning pattern buffer to transfer to unless the transporter is being left behind.
Think of it this way you have a robot that is designed to take apart and build robots. How can it fully take it's self appart and use it's own parts to rebuild if it only has one of each escential component.
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Postby Comartemis » Mon May 21, 2007 12:13 am

Name: Material-D
Alias: Yami, The Ruler of Discord
Class: Mage Knight
Species: Humanoid Program
Gender: Female
Age: ???
Height: 5’1”
Weight: 126 lbs
Skin: Pale
Hair: Dark Grey
Eyes: Green
Alignment: Lawful Evil

A dark clone of Hayate Yagami created by the Book of Darkness during the events of Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A’s Portable: The Battle of Aces. A sentient program with a physical form, Material-D is a vain would-be monarch determined to conquer the multiverse in her own name… if she can just get her power source to cooperate with her.

Yami is vain, domineering, and childish first and foremost, insisting on being called “your majesty” by everyone who addresses her and becoming irritated when she isn’t shown proper respect. She’s prone to blasting those who annoy her sufficiently with her significant magical powers… or trying to, at least. Artemis typically prevents her from killing people by denying her the necessary spells when she calls them up, or else reducing said spell to a non-lethal level of power. It’s primarily for this reason that Yami has learned a bit of restraint in past months, and now usually only attacks people who deliberately provoke her.

Yami regards the world as being hers for the taking, and multiversal conquest is #1 on her list of things to do. Despite her obvious evil intentions, however, Yami isn’t completely inhuman; she considers acts of petty cruelty to be beneath her and will frequently act in defense of her “subjects”, if only so they can keep serving her and/or stroking her ego. She also has a bit of a soft spot for Artemis, and will (very reluctantly and very infrequently) refer to him as her Knight.

Being born from the Book of Darkness and based on a powerful mage, Yami possesses tremendous innate magical power, and at maximum output is easily capable of leveling a small country on her own. Her actual magical knowledge, however, is actually very limited; most of it is recorded in the Book of Discord and safeguarded by Artemis. Though Yami is capable of performing nearly any type of magic in existence, she dislikes getting her hands dirty and prefers to stay out of melee, specializing in long-distance bombardment and shooting spells, as well as healing magic and area-of-effect spells.

Download: Yami is capable of absorbing magical knowledge from her opponents with cooperation from Artemis. This is a special attack that requires direct contact between Yami and her opponent; upon activation, Yami drains the target’s mana supplies into the Book of Discord, while Artemis uses the connection to scan the target’s mind and copy all magical information he finds into his own pages. All magical knowledge stolen in this way can then be used freely by Yami and Artemis, providing that they have any necessary prerequisites (summoning spells can’t be used without the necessary contracts, for instance).

Mistress of Discord: Yami is connected to a powerful source of chaos magic as embodied in the reformatted Book of Discord, and possesses the necessary alignment to use chaos-based spells such as the Ragna Blade or the Giga Slave. Further, Yami shares Artemis’s immunity to all forms of mind control and similar forms of external control such as the manipulation and imposition of fate.


The Book of Discord:
Originally an inferior copy of the Book of Darkness (which was itself the corrupted form of the Tome of the Night Sky), Yami’s tome became a powerful artifact in its own right when Yami absorbed Artemis into it and exposed the book to Artemis’s innate chaos energies. The Book of Discord is a techno-magical computer of sorts that takes the form of a medium-sized hardcover book with infinite pages contained within it; those pages record all the magical knowledge that Yami acquires or that Artemis steals, in addition to the knowledge that was recorded in the original Book of Darkness. The book’s most valuable trait, however, is the infinite supply of magical energy that Artemis’s spirit provides simply by dwelling in the book. Yami is unable to cast all but the most minor spells without tapping into the book’s archives.

Yersiniakreuz: Yami’s staff, a copy of Hayate’s original Schwertkreuz. Like the original, Yami mostly uses her staff as a symbol of her power, as a magic focus, or as a blunt instrument.

Barrier Jacket: Yami’s outfit is composed of magical energy and offers her a degree of protection comparable to battleship armor. While appearing to be a set of elaborate but otherwise mundane clothes, Yami’s barrier jacket is an anchor for several layers of passive shields and barriers that blunt incoming attacks of all types and give her a degree of toughness far beyond normal humans. These fields can also be reconfigured at will to boost her strength or speed or offer her immunity to environmental hazards such as heat, toxic gasses, hard vacuum, etc.

Name: Alex Altmann
Alias: Artemis, Knight of Discord
Class: Warmage
Species: Human/Humanoid Program
Gender: Male
Age: ???
Height: 6’2”
Weight: 149 lbs
Skin: Pale
Hair: White
Eyes: Red
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

A rather ordinary young man who got himself caught up in Yami’s story one night when he found her at death’s door in his backyard. Offering to help anyway he could, Yami rewarded his kindness by absorbing him into her copy of the Book of Darkness… which did not go as planned when his soul refused to be subsumed into the book’s archives and instead merged with the device’s rudimentary AI, making himself the administration program of Yami’s primary weapon.

Alex has been Yami’s long-suffering servant ever since she absorbed him into the Book of Discord. Oddly, he doesn’t resent her for this, but also doesn’t put up with her crap very easily and likes to make life difficult for her when it suits him. When the chips are down, however, he sticks with his mistress no matter what kind of trouble she’s gotten herself into. For this he has earned a degree of Yami’s respect.

While he was originally a nice and normal young man, Artemis has recently been getting very very bored of being a weapon of mass destruction and not getting to destroy anything, so he’s intentionally redirected Yami and himself to one of the few universes where death isn’t permanent so as to allow he and his mistress to cut loose and wreck some shit without consequences.

Being the administration program of a powerful magical tome has its perks. Artemis can use any spell in his archives with Yami’s assistance, and can pull off minor cantrips (such as levitating himself) and defense/support magic without her input. He can also deny Yami access to any spells in his archives or adjust the power of said spells more or less at will, in addition to various other functions relating to his administration powers.

Guardian Knight: Artemis has the ability to assume the form of a humanoid program similar in nature to the one that Yami possesses. In this form he appears as a moderately tall man dressed in black and red armor (see provided image). This armor is his own personal armed device, Rampart, and enhances his ability to use defense and support magic in defense of his mistress. This form is also capable of acting as a Unison Device, merging with Yami to provide her with a significant power boost. At present, Artemis is unaware that he is capable of any of these abilities.

Knight of Discord: Prior to his absorption into Yami’s Book of Darkness, Artemis was a Dreamer, a person whose soul has been touched by the Sea of Chaos and been fundamentally altered by the experience. Artemis is naturally immune to all mind-influencing effects such as spells and psychic attacks, and all attempts to control him by external concepts such as fate fail automatically. In addition, his soul contains a tiny sliver of the infinite power of the Sea of Chaos, which altered Yami’s Book of Darkness replica into the Book of Discord and provides it with a limitless power source.

Self-Defense Program: A holdover from the original Book of Darkness. If Artemis is ever destroyed, the magical essence that powers the book will immediately act to recreate his physical form. Stopping this process is nigh-impossible, and would require that the book be completely reformatted, something that can only be done by Artemis.


Artemis’s armed device, a technomagical weapon designed to enhance his magic usage, like a high-tech stave or magic wand. Rampart takes the form of a suit of jet black armor studded with red crystals and spiked shoulder pauldrons. Rampart mounts a CVK-72 cartridge system, which allows Artemis to make use of special cartridges consisting of pure magic compressed into a form like a shotgun shell. Using these cartridges gives Artemis a significant boost to his magical ability for three of his own posts per cartridge. In addition, Rampart comes with a program called the Juggernaut System, which converts all magical power Artemis processes into kinetic energy, effectively granting him high-level telekinesis at the cost of temporarily making pure spellcasting impossible. This is used as a countermeasure for opponents possessing technology or abilities granting anti-magic capabilities.

Knight Armor: A set of magical clothing identical in function to Yami’s barrier jacket. Artemis’s knight armor takes the form of a skin-tight black bodysuit which he wears under his armor as an added layer of protection, along with either a cape or a scarf – both the same shade of red as the jewels on his armor – depending on what he feels like. The defensive fields provided by this armor coupled with the physical protection provided by Rampart makes Artemis extremely difficult to hurt by any means.
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Postby Seraphim » Mon May 21, 2007 7:21 am

Character Name: Seraphim Rose
Character Race: Diclonius
Character Gender (Primary): Female
Character Gender (Secondary): Female...?
Physical Description of Character: Short and slender, short and spiky at the back, pink long and angled forward at the sides, a-symmetrical bangs, grey-and-brown eyes (Has a type of Heterochromia), and fair skin, freckles and rosy cheeks that make her look 'cute' much to her eternal annoyance/amusement. Diclonius horns. Black vestigial wings.
General Time of Joining the Spamville community: May 2007
Any powers character has: Manga Lucy level vectors, Disgaea-type Fallen Angel, knows all Disgaea-type magic.
Minion Type: None
Faction during the Brotherhood/Sisterhood war: ?
General description of character personality: Generally laid back, though she easily bored and distracted, prone sudden outbursts of random affection in the form of hugs, very short tempered, either reacts by fuming quietly, shouting at the sources of her annoyance, or, if they have the right anatomy, smacking them upside the head.

Not easily enraged, though which is good, cause mass carnage enevitably ensues.

Other personalities/minions

The Icon of Hate ~ 'Apate' - Her 'evil' side, an Azula-esque, sadistic manipulative bitch.

The Icon of Joy ~ 'Euphrosyne' - Her 'good' side, [[more to come....]]
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Postby Fenris » Mon Oct 15, 2007 10:10 pm

Character Name: Fenris (Will also answer to Fenrir, and will murder anyone who calls me mut, dog, pooch, etc.)
Character Race: Half frost-giant/Half god? Giant god-eating wolf
Character Gender (Primary): Female,
Character Gender (Secondary): Originally was male... Doubt that it will ever come up again.
Physical Description of Character:Click here. Same as avatar but not cropped)

Will revert to a wolf form if sufficiently provoked.

General Time of Joining the Spamville community: Early October 2007
Any powers character has:

Pure physical might is almost limitless. Raw speed and power are inordinately high. Also, agility and balance far surpass any mere human, but they are significantly greater in full wolf form, allowing for much more efficient use ofpower and speed.

General description of character personality: Violent and aggressive, with a tendency toward arrogance. On the other hand, unable to take a compliment and easily flustered. May go berserk, or at least act quite bizarre, if exposed to Shinji.
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Re: Spamville Character Dossier

Postby LiliandraNadiar » Sat Jan 05, 2008 6:58 pm

Character Name: Liliandra Nadiar, Lili, Lil-chan. (once known as Mirai-Phoenix, Mirai and Lightbulb Girl)
Character Race: Goddess of Chaos and Mischief 2nd Class, Unlimited.
Character Gender (Primary): Female
Character Gender (Secondary): See above
Physical Description of Character:
^-- Default appearence.
General Time of Joining the Spamville community: Spamville? Back before there was a Spamville, Spring/Summer '04 before I left for a couple years.
Any powers character has: Altering things around in a manner that causes chaos, mischief, or otherwise entertains me.
Minion Type: Whatever's convenient at the time, generally nothing.
Faction during the Brotherhood/Sisterhood war: Sisterhood, technically. Union member of Base Support (I changed lightbulbs and generally turned up where ever it was inconvenient.)
General description of character personality: Cheerful, mock-serious at times, vaguely lecherous, always gutter-minded, closet romantic, slightly (ok, more then slightly) random and perverse. You know, almost a female version of Xellos. >.> :P
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Postby Mendokusee » Fri Jun 06, 2008 3:12 pm

Name: Mendokusee, usually referred to as Mendo
Character Race: Human - Ninja
Character Gender (Primary): Male
Character Gender (Secondary): Female (Alternative persona triggered by contact with metal)
Physical Description of Character: Looks much like Nara Shikamaru from the manga series Naruto. Shikamaru
General Time of Joining the Spamville community: End of May, beginning of June 2008
Any powers character has: Basic shinobi skills, such as seen in the manga series Naruto. Trademark technique: Kage Mane no Jutsu
Minion Type: None
Faction during the Brotherhood/Sisterhood war: Was not a member during the time the war took place, currently an inactive Brotherhood member.
General description of character personality: Generally friendly, usually very loyal to comrades. Would have you believe he's completely apathetic and indifferent, but acts on things far to much for that to be so. Seems to have a general dislike for anything which has to do with the Warp.
Other info: Originally from MSF and followed Caprice through her Box'o Stuff.

Spammer Rank 3, Appointed by... Caprice I think. I no longer remember.
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Postby tristar » Sat Jul 12, 2008 11:33 pm

Character Name: Tristar or T
Character Race: Cybertronian(decepticon)/super pretender
Character Gender (Primary): Male
Character Gender (Secondary): Shell is male
Physical Description of Character: A giant dark blue mech that’s looks eeriely like a shadow fighter from Robotech Shadow chronicals. Wears the decepticon insignia has single burning red optic. On his sides he wields a pair cybertronian sabers. Shell appears to be a human male with white pants dark blue eyes and wears a long blue leather duster and holds katana on his right side. Has unrully black hair tied in lions tail that reaches to the floor.
General Time of Joining the Spamville community: July 2008
Any powers character has: a master of sword art of metallinko that looks frightiningly like the Hiten Mitsurugi style. Has a level of control of gravity enabling his to small degree effect time and space. (mech and shell).

Fragments of the norse metal Uru was used in the making of his shells Katanna which is named Raiden. The sheeth his made from an ancient cherry tree whose wood is said to seal demons. Somehow got hands on The Dark Kabuto Zecter and can call the hyper and perfect zecters.(all above is for shell only)

Has pair fusion rifles and arsenal of other weapons but, mainly relies on pair of energo swords and fusions rifles can call down and air strike from Sky fortress Bahamut(never has yet though). Can transform into a Shadow fighter (mech for only)
Minion Type: Search drones look like small melon sized well melons!
Faction during the Brotherhood/Sisterhood war: wasn’t here….
General description of character personality: An observer first warrior second. Somehow gets sucked into chaotic events usaully blames Kami-sama or some other deitie.
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Postby Terra Hitarumonwa » Fri Aug 01, 2008 9:30 pm

WOW! I laughed so hard at some of these posts just from remembering things... Well, on to my character!

Character Name:
Terra or Terror (My brother, BD, gave me that one)

Character Race:
Umm... Human? Maybe?
Edit: Oh yeah, I think I'm also a succubus, a Goddess, a catgirl, and probably something else I'm not thinking of right now...

Character Gender (Primary):

Physical Description of Character:
Just look at my avatar, you sillies!

General Time of Joining the Spamville community:
Late 2003, early 2004? I think? I know I was here to help form the Sisterhood and probably even be one of the causes of the War :p

Any powers character has:
Well, I'm Stacy's daughter, Sunny's neice, BD's Sister, and Himi-chan's first wife... I probably have a few powers hidden away somewhere.

Minion Type:
I don't... remember having... minions... But I think I can probably make some *ebil smiles!*

Faction during the Brotherhood/Sisterhood war:
*yay! woo! go girl power!*

General description of character personality:
Bubbly? Yes, I'll go with bubbly. That's a cute word [giant pink demon head]AND DON'T YOU FORGET IT![/giant pink demon head] *giggles*
Terra Hitarumonwa
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Postby Taylor Dar » Thu Aug 07, 2008 10:58 pm


Character Race: Human/Half angel.

Character Gender (Primary): Male

Character Gender (Secondary): female (depending on what happens)

Physical Description of Character: average height, red hair

General Time of Joining the Spamville community: 2008, quite late.

Any powers character has: magic

Minion Type: Goelems!

Faction during the Brotherhood/Sisterhood war: ...N/a?

General description of character personality:
Easy going, quite opptemistic, generally happy, but when angered he is quite a fireball.
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Postby Crescent Pulsar » Sat Feb 07, 2009 4:52 pm

I do this so that I may spread my vile evil. Because you can't be evil without being vile. That's just how I live. :wink:

Now, for business!

Character Name: Whatever people want to call me. Works for me either way.

Character Race: Thing/It/Stuff/???? (/Profit <_<; )

Character Gender (Primary): I usually assume a female form by default, due to the kind of environments I tend to find myself in, but my gender isn't set in stone.

Physical Description of Character: For simplicity's sake I tend to look like a naked human female with various traits. My form is much more than simply mutable, however: I can appear one way to one person and entirely different to another person at the same time.

General Time of Joining the Spamville community: I don't really know what this means. I've been in and out of it since before the time I suggested the name "Spamville." O.o

Any powers character has: I'd rather not say. Is that vague enough? XD;;

Minion Type: Random stuff.

Faction during the Brotherhood/Sisterhood war: Sisterhood. (Was it a war? Really? It was too fun to have been a war... ;p)

General description of character personality: Random mix of IC and OOC.

(Looks like there're other things I could list, that were added after the first one, but I don't think they'd improve upon the trend you already see here, so... I guess this will do. ^^)
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Postby Feng » Tue Mar 03, 2009 1:58 pm

NAME: Feng

Character Race: Chibi

Character Gender (Primary):

Character Gender (Secondary): N/A [?]

Physical Description of Character: Feng is a slim guy who is always wearing an untidy blue suit. Feng maintains his red hair in a loose ponytail. The goggles do nothing.

General Time of Joining the Spamville community:
March of 2009

Any powers character has:
- Deep Pockets [Good for holding random junk]
-Can open pickle jars! [A valuable life skill!]

Minion Type:

Faction during the Brotherhood/Sisterhood war: Feng was not present at the time. Chances are he would have been neutral like Switzerland.

General description of character personality: Feng is a bit eccentric, not to mention opportunistic. He'll do anything to make a buck, even sell an ice cream sandwich to an Inuit during a blizzard. Unfortunately he's also not the most dedicated person in the world and will easily ditch one plan for another. He also capable of getting lost very easily...
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Postby talonhunter » Tue Apr 28, 2009 10:29 pm

Character Name: Talonhunter,Talon

Lets see here...since I have limit access at the moment, I need to make the best of it...

MId purple...Talonhunter
Violet...GizMoon...(Flying Mooncat/Princess)
Orange...GizMio...(Plushie sized ex Cat human Hybrid)
Pastel Blue...Miku
Silver grey...Haku
Sunburst Yellow...Neru
Lite Blue...Kaito
Lime Green...Starship Ai Delphi

Character Race: Anthropamorph

Character Gender (Primary): non discript...Looks to be a male/female hybrid

Physical Description of Character: Non discript,(can't tell anything under that Leather duster) Shoulder blade length blond /white hair, worn in a pony tail under a black fedora (kinda a cross between the shadow and Carmine San Diego)

General Time of Joining the Spamville community: Just Recently seen, lurking for years

Any powers character has: Unknown, but music seems to follow me everywhere I go with songs getting stuck in the heads of people who annoyme or just look like they need something stuck in thier heads for a while

Minion Type: Winged Catgirls
1 (GizMoon)...Recently effected by a translation error, is the more emotional pieces of the two surviving pieces. Transforms into a moon princess type... Can no longer revert to winged cat form

2 (GizMio)...Recently effected by a translation error, is more angry and confrontational of the two surviving pieces. Currently a Plushie sized Human, catgirl hybrid, has human girl curse. Can transform back back to Winged cat form with water application, but also has a living plushie form as well.
Faction during the Brotherhood/Sisterhood war: Saw it, but was too self absorbed in my own problems to worry about it

General description of character personality: Easy going and casual, but an enigma that cant be quantified or understod, but is felt when gone.
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Re: Spamville Character Dossier

Postby AshK1980 » Mon Aug 03, 2009 5:51 pm

Color Chart wrote:Erika Elaine Aizawa/Neo Mew Mint's Color
Holiday Erika's Color
Erika's Squirrel Girl Form color.
Sailor Ganymede's Color
Ninja Erika's Color
Princess Erika's Color
Knight Erika's Color
Bunny Erika's Color
Sinister Erika/Mistress Ganymede's color
Maid Erika's Color
Lavender's Color
Bunny Lavender's Color
Erin the Espeon's Color

Here are the three pics of all of my main characters forms:

Erika Elaine Aizawa School Uniform.
Erika Elaine Aizawa Casual Clothes
Neo Mew Mint
Sailor Ganymede
Erika's squirrel girl form.

Erika's squirrel Girl form was acquired when she used Konoko's death crystal in the Work Sucks sometimes thread. she has yet to try it out. When I have Squirrel Girl Erika speak I use Brown text

Erika's Holiday Form.
This form was acquired over at MSF via help from Santa-Chan.
Here is the first three pics together:

Name: Erika Elaine Aizawa/Neo Mew Mint
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Race: Human
Powers: Neo Mew Mew. Has the ability to talk to birds.
Personality: Easy going also a bit snobbish at times.
Other Notes: Is the oldest daughter of Mint Aizawa. At one time was male, but it's getting harder and harder for her to think that she used to be male. Seems to be turning into something like her mother Mint Aizawa.

Sailor Ganymede is another form of Erika Elaine Aizawa/Neo Mew Mint. However I am going to use a different color to portray her when she is in Senshi form. Sailor Ganymede, since she is also Erika, her age is also 16. Her ribbon and eyes change color slightly when she is in Senshi form.
Attacks used by Sailor Ganymede:
Level 1: Ganymede Rock Throw Trample
Level 2: Ganymede Rockstorm Smash
Level 3A: Ganymede Rock Wave Wallup
B: Ganymede Rock Slide Wave Wallup(Mixture of Rock Wave Wallop and the Pokemon Attack Rock Slide. Takes out even more monsters at once.)

Ninja form of Erika. This form was obtained in Circe's Eatery.
Princess Erika
This form was also obtained in Circe's Eatery. She also purchased a necklace from Circe's shop. When she wears the Star Necklace Locket she has this form. When she takes it off she reverts to her base form.
Knight Erika. Erika also obtained this form in Circe's restaurant.
Bunny Erika. This form was also obtained from a drink of Circe's in her restaurant. The Bunny Ears are what turns Erika to and from the form.
Maid Erika. This form was obtained in Circe's restaurant. When in this form she has the compulsion to clean up every mess that is made. Her black and white Frilly headband is the source of this form.


Holiday Lavender Form was acquired after drinking a Holiday Special from Circe's Eatery.
Name: Lavender
Age: 18
Race: Human
Powers: Avatar of Purple if she so desires she can transform anyone she wants into a Cute Busty Pose-Happy Lesbian Teenage Girl.
Personality: Friendly and outgoing can be a ditz at times.

Bunny Girl Lavender.
This form was obtained in Circe's restaurant.


Name: Erin Lawrence
Age: 17/22
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 120
Hair: really light purple but not quite White.
Species: Espeon Hybrid
Status: Married to Leo/Lila.
Can switch from 22 to 17 at will. She uses her 17 year old form to work in Lavender's restaurant and grocery.
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Re: Spamville Character Dossier

Postby Cheb » Mon Aug 03, 2009 6:52 pm

2 Erika Aizawa. Did you know your avatar breaks the forum rules, being 559x1024, 229 Kb? The limit, last I checked, is 140x225, 100K.
Not to mention that ugly line the unregistered gif animator left in the upper left corner.

Try using this one (correct size, 21K).

2 Everyone: Use the right soft for editing your graphics (TheGIMP is 100% free). It's not Photoshop but it' close enough, especially for non-professionals.
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Re: Spamville Character Dossier

Postby AdmiralTigerclaw » Fri Oct 16, 2009 9:48 pm

Eh, since someone said to.

NAME: Thomas Johnson
RANK: Fleet Admiral
CALLSIGN: Tigerclaw
POSITION: Fleet Command, GCFA Third Interdiction Fleet.
AGE: 25
SNLF Classiffication: 6 (Thermodynamic Anomally or 'Zeropoint' )
Theme music-
GCFA Naval Anthem: Visions Above
EMBLEM: Galaxy Command Fleet Authority Naval Crest

EDUCATION & TRAINING: Bare handed Close Combat Arts (Demon Foot), Sword Play (1000 Divine Winds), GCFA Basic combat training, GCFA Magical Arms and Tactics Training, Astral Physics (And required prerequisites), Subspace Engineering, Hyperspace Mechanics, GCFA Command School, Officer's Combined Arms Strategy and Tactics Course.

The Long and Short of it:
Any history reguarding this Naval commander must first touch upon what he is. Thomas 'Tigerclaw' Johnson is first and foremost, a supernatural entity. Going by the classification charts depicting them, he is a type SIX Supernatural Lifeform. Dubbed more or less, a 'Zeropoint'. As such, he has a very rare and dubious natural ability. The ability to, at will, violate the first law of thermodynamics. He can create energy from nothing. Do not confuse this with generating, or tapping into great amounts. He LITTERALLY creates energy from no quantifiable source. It does not tire him, it has no known limitations. He is a walking source of infinite power. Likewise, it is speculated that if he learned to do so, he could also DESTROY energy. (This is however, unconfirmed. Though the implications of the ability to destroy energy itself are disturbing.)

Delving into the history of 'Tigerclaw', we discover that his life was pretty much shaped by this 'ability'. At an early age, he was already the target of the less savory types of the universe, wanting to either claim him, or destroy him as a threat. It was the first incident that showed what his power was. While attacked, he accidently released the power in the form of Raw Pulse. (In Astral Physics, a Raw Pulse is defined as pure unleashed electromagnetic, gravitational, strong, or weak forces.) The raw pulse rated roughly 53 megatons, and destroyed everything around him. Including everything he held dear.

Out of fear of his own powers, he fled as far as he could, and was taken in by a martial arts master under the hopes of learning something, most students aren't really looking for. Control.
He learned to focus himself, to retain his control and with enthusiasm, learned techniques and mastered them as a way to substitute his destructive raw power with the precision of pure skill.

However, even this wasn't enough. He understood that despite all his training, his trill abilities were those of POWER. There was only one real place where that skill was of any real use.
Thomas Johnson, joined the Galaxy Command Fleet Authority, with backing from his master in the hopes of becoming a protector of the people.
The story here is long, complicated, and full of thrills. But through time, effort, and a little 3rd party subterfuge, he rose to become the youngest fleet commander in history at the age of 25. His tale becomes more encompassing as he brings to light events on a scope more epic than that of a mere galactic nation, and a history spanning twenty thousand years before him. A coalition of Elder Gods from this time worked to manipulate the galaxy to the bring of total war just to destroy him, and only through the friends he earned along the way, and the very thing he valued most when everything else was in ruin... control, were the only way he could conquer his foes.

As a personality, 'Tigerclaw', as he preffers his callsign, is a rather practical, borderline chivilrous minded person. He values the lives of the people, his crew, his soldiers, his FRIENDS, above political biggotry and double talk. He despises liars and loathes the petty and the cruel.
He is not without a weakness. He will make The Call, if he feels he must make it, and will use overwhelming force beyond what is required to win.
He often is at war with himself over this, trying to exercise strict discipline over his ability to win through brute force, in order to protect the lives of those who don't desserve to be caught in it. As a result, he is often noted to seem indecisive when pushed to the edge, looking for an excuse, ANY excuse, not to open a 'Can of Whoopass' . It is said that his desire to remain in strict control leaves him slightly stressed out, seemingly distant, and rather concious of things that can go catastrophicly wrong. And a minor psychological distrust of objectives being completed without either his supervision, or his direct interference.

In fact, he has a startling tendancy to interfere directly, often by going right into the thick of a situation on his own, thought not without planning.

Tigerclaw has been quoted as saying:

"It takes skill to win, power to destroy, and wisdom to know when."

As a trained expert in combat arts, he is well versed in a technique known as Demon Foot. This fighting style pretty much dedicates all motions in combat as products of footwork, and has grounds in perfecting the foundations of excelent mastering of body control. As a product of its more extreme training methods, Tigerclaw is masterfully arborial in capability. Maintaining completely stable footwork in locations such as rails, tops of polls, tree branches, fences, and other precarious perches, as if he were standing on solid ground. It is to say, he could engage in full speed combat on a tight rope and not even waver. The focus of this technique makes his abilities on regular fighting surfaces lightning fast, often able to remain in control of his motions at speeds that most others only manage to reach at the peaks of their performance.
The style is not without it's drawbacks however. The focus on precision and speed means little developement for raw power. However, considering his natural 'talent', the issue is moot.

His swordmanship in One Thousand Divine Winds is of similar nature. Precision, speed, and control. Fluid motion and speed of motion are important factors he tries to keep in mind at all times.

As it is required by GCFA combat courses, he is trained in Astral Physics, the Science of Magic Itself. He knows how to read, recognize, and understand what a spell is an how they function, and how to apply this function to conventional physics. He has plenty of training and experiencing in combining magical combat techniques in with conventional fighting styles and intermixing them in a fight. (This is a required course.)


- 'Tigerclaw' has in his posession, one of the few surviving Relic Weapons from the (barely mentioned) galactic war of 20,000 years ago. The Cygnus. Known in some circles as the Relic Buster. Ever wonder where people got this idea that a japanese Katana could 'cut through a tank'... look no further. This weapon may be where it came from. Cygnus, as a relic, is of course, not your average Katana by any stretch of the imagination. It is neigh indestructable (Which is par for Relic Weapons) and posesses the curous property of strike amplification and a monomolecular edge that never dulls. In lamens terms, it can amplify any raw power focused through it, be that physical strength, or magical force. Coupled with the cutting ability of the monomolecular edge, it can, with little more than a light toss, pierce capital starship grade construction and armor materials, and can physically damage other Relic Weapons. Tigerclaw earned this weapon from his master, and was told never to lose it, for it is worth more than even a capital starship.

- Another item of interest, is something dubbed a 'spell phone'. A rather silly pun he admits, but the device does match the description. The small, flipphone device he carries acts as both a cell phone, a powerful long range communicator (compared to local earth standard), and a digital book containing a number of spells and formulae he uploads into it from time to time. Since he doesn't really rely on memorizing every spell he's ever seen, but knows that they can be useful, he stores them here for refference purposes.

- The final item may seem like a fashion statement, but don't be mislead by his seeming desire to wear sunglasses in the middle of the night. These are military grade field sensors with 'lense' displays. They contain a compact sensor suit comprised of astral field sensors, EM Multifield scanners, and a small analysis computer. They are powered by body heat, and contain an interface that has to be tuned to interact with the mental pattern of the user. (VIA electrochemical signal sensors in the 'arms' of the glasses just in front of the ear.)
This device provides the user with an interactive, digital reprisentation of their environment, complete with the ability to display infrared, night vision, and other complex sensor pickup overlays. The device itself is extremely expensive, and requires tuning for functionality.
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