The Glass House (The RPG)

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Re: The Glass House (The RPG)

Postby Eluuna » Wed Dec 09, 2015 8:26 pm

The room Rosy entered was empty. She placed her saddlebag in the corner, and sat on the bare floor, her large cloak bunching around her. She was aware of the circlet in the closet, but she took a moment to calm her nerves, which were being plucked like a harp. She closed her eyes and leaned her head against the wall, sighing slightly as she did. Her horn glowed, and her magic shot to open the window, alert and tense. Noises sounding like Discord and Usagi's voices entered, but it was muffled, and besides, the cool air was drifting in, and Rosy relaxed. The noises disappeared, and her eyelids opened, glancing slightly around the room. She stood up, going over to the closet. The circlet sat in the middle, and she picked it up delicately. She raised it to her head, feeling slightly silly as she placed it on her brow. She thought of a bed, with green sheets, and sunflowers embroidered on the hem, one like her mother made when she was young, and it instantly materialized, and Rosy yelped, jumping back in surprise. She shakily placed the circlet down, and inspected the bed. It was perfect, identical to the one she had once known. She sat down on it slowly, mouth open in awe.
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Re: The Glass House (The RPG)

Postby Lioconvoy » Thu Dec 10, 2015 1:04 am

Tony didn't know why he didn't notice her before, but after she spoke to Discord, he saw the purple queen. He knew there were once multiple changing queens each hive used to have their own, but Chrysalis slaughtered the other queens to unite the changelings. Was this Chrysalis in disguise or did other queens actually survive? Whatever the case he was staying in disguise for now. He'd have to talk to the adults when he got home. Now there were more important things. What was going to happen to what Discord put in the toaster.

Snare entered the Kitchen and wasn't surprised to see Tony at the toaster. What did surprise him was the female changelings. He thought the Queen was the only female. He'd ask Tony later.


Lio took Usagi to their room. When she awoke he'd scold her, what she did was reckless. Her powers were great but her body wasn't ready to use them she was still just a child.
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Re: The Glass House (The RPG)

Postby Queen Cerali » Thu Dec 10, 2015 9:36 am

Cerali was confused to see discord bowing, but shrugged it off and finished her apple. she turned to the "unicorn" "greetings. I do not believe we have met. I am Cerali, queen of the shifters. who might you be?"
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Re: The Glass House (The RPG)

Postby Prince of the Night » Thu Dec 10, 2015 6:20 pm

When the three reached their room, Luna looked around to the empty room.
Just as she espected, they had to decirate it themselves.

Luna oppened the closet and saw the circlet, then once everything was closed except the window, just as Lio instructed, she thought and soon, a small moon shaped bed appeared at a side of the room. It was the same one Lullaby had back home

Darky blinked in surprised. "Fascinating..." he said as he inspected it.

Lullaby yawned and hopped on the bed, her cute spider plushie in her hooves and soon started sleeping in her bed. She even felt it was the same one
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