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Postby Chirishman » Thu Jul 06, 2006 7:53 pm

Character Name: Chirishman
Character Race:Chirishman (Chinese/Irish)
Character Gender (Primary): Male
Character Gender (Secondary): Neutral (Bathtubs don't have genders)
Physical Description of Character: 5' 11" with retractable Atlantean wings like Van from Escaflowne. Wears magical armor stolen from Pegasus Cycle and a Hitai-ate Headband with the NERV logo on it and a Ninja mask. Posesses scars like Vash from past forum battles.
General Time of Joining the Spamville community: 22 Jun 2006
Any powers character has: Wu-like regeneration since my laptop has my soul, ADD, Umisenken revised, Advanced Hidden Weapons, the Ability to flick ball bearings with the speed and acuracy of a gun.
Minion Type: I wouldn't call them minions but I have a legion of monkeys who follow me around. They may or may not be trying to kill me but eh, you can't win 'em all.
Faction during the Brotherhood/Sisterhood war: N/A
General description of character personality: Spastic, Slapstic, Random.
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Postby Cyber_Skaarj » Sun Jul 09, 2006 6:21 pm

Character Name: Cyber_Skaarj, Cyber, Skaarj, Cybsie (coined by Acey back when she was Ace), Cybses (used by Bliss)
Character Race: Cybernetic Skaarj Hybrid
Character Gender: No true gender, but responds to male forms of address.
Physical Description of Character: Basically a cyborg version of the Skaarj Hybrid from the first of the Unreal Tournament games, looks kinda similar to the guy in the front of this screenshot, except with red team colours.
General Time of Joining the Spamville community: Around late '04, can't remember the exact time.
Any powers character has:
1) Access to all weapons and powers (including those from mods) in any of the Unreal games.
2) Translocation.
3) Respawning.
4) Ability to use any magic from Magic: the Gathering.
5) Can create random giant cans of fizzy drink to drop from out of the air onto unsuspecting victims (don't ask me where the hell that particular power comes from... 'cos I ain't got a clue).
6) Shamanism Air Magic (from one of Himitsu's crystals).
7) *NEW* Summon Brass Demon Commandos!! (also from one of Himitsu's crystals).
8) *NEW* Permanently enchanted with the Unnatural Selection MtG spell.
Minion Type: Tournament bots (spawned with random difficulty settings, anywhere from Novice to Godlike). Any summonable creature from Magic: the Gathering (though they are very rarely used).
Faction during the Brotherhood/Sisterhood war: Never joined either side, pretty much stayed as a free agent and random engine of violence and destruction up until the New Brotherhood was formed.
General description of character personality: Laid back and pretty much OK guy whilest working (Bartender at Acey's), when not working extremely eager to blow stuff up indescriminately.

(11th March 2007: Abilities list updated)
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Postby Shadell » Mon Jul 10, 2006 2:06 pm

Character Name: Shadell (Sha-chan, Shades-chan)
Character Race:human/nekomata/Goddess of sandwiches/succubus/mazoku/magical girl/genie/kitsune/cyborg/faerie/zombie/water elemental/angel/vampire/probably more that I forgot about.
Character Gender (Primary): Female (Formerly Male... I blame Jusenkyo, because blaming the people responsible might not work out that well for me.)
Character Gender (Secondary): N/A
Physical Description of Character: A bit on the slender side with a tendency to wear all black. I appear mostly human aside from my robotic left arm, the dark ears adorning my head, one feline, the other, that of a fox, as well as the two thin cat tails that are also dark blue in colleration. I do possess one of the bat-wings of a succubus, however the other is of the butterflyish design commonly associated with a faerie. Both my hair and my eyes are very dark blue.

In my cursed form, my body looks the same, except my eyes are yellow and all wings, as well as all body parts that aren't cat/human, are gone. I only have one tail, and odd black lines like the one in my avatar cover my entire body.
General Time of Joining the Spamville community: Beginning of July 2006
Any powers character has: I posses a Mastery over almost all bladed weapons, with a specialty in knives. Additionally I can materialize any simple object at will, however it will possess no innate enchantments unless I add them after creating it. Knife-Chan is the exception. And I am technically still a magical girl. I have NO plans to use those powers though (Except maybe to attack Himitsu) Of course there are a few other tricks, but those shouldn't come into play that much.
AdditionalyI have the standard set of succubus powers (Albeit fairly weak right now) as well as the ability to raise the dead, and I can ostensibly channel Saiden, though I have no training in doing so, and I doubt it would go well if I ever got said training.

Cursed form: I lose all of the above except the age changing, the weapon skill and the ability to materialize weapons. However I gain the ability to use SMT skills (Very few, all endgame) Namely;
Spiral Snake: Huge Physical Damage,
Pierce: Pierce through defenses against physical attacks,
Megidoloan (High powered non-elemental damage, think ultima) and Debilitate (Lower enemies stats by a fair bit).

Additionaly, since I usually have Masakados magatama equipped, I am immune to most forms of attack, though spells that deal damage that would be classified as "Almighty" or physical attacks from gods/demon lords or other insanely overpowered beings, as SMT tended to interpret those as almighty.

Minion Type: Undead Horde/anyone who happens to die and not get revived (In normal form)

SMT Demons (None yet) in cursed form.

Wolf-girls with crushes on Shinji (Fenris)

Faction during the Brotherhood/Sisterhood war: NA
General description of character personality: Completely insane, in a good way. Fixates on sharp pointy objects and enjoys attacking people for no reason

Edit: Personality is now accurate
Edit: Added curse form powers
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Postby WG_Writer » Mon Jul 10, 2006 2:22 pm

Character Name: WarGiver (nickname: WarG or Warg)
Character Race: Gundam/human (Gundam form can be full Gundam size or Human size)
Character Gender: Male (when human)
Physical Description of Character: Looks like the Strike Freedom in Gundam form, in Human form I am average height, average build, short blond haired and blue eyed Bishonen
General Time of Joining the Spamville community: Exact beginning, I was here when it started
Any powers character has: Access to Amazon Magics and Gundam Technology and equipment.
Minion Type: Chinese Amazons, and Chinese Amazon piloted Mobile Suits.
Faction during the Brotherhood/Sisterhood war: I sided with the Sisterhood for the most part, but Switched sides after First Impact
General description of character personality: Prefers to cause chaos and let others perpetuate it. Generally Lazy, if I can avoid direct work I will. Enjoys picking on people who can be easily provoked into flying off the handle, such as Himitsu.
Storm trooper effect works against good guys as well.
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Postby stratagemini » Thu Oct 12, 2006 11:04 pm

Character Name: Stratagemini (Stag, Strata)
Character Race: Black Mage
Character Gender: Male
Physical Description of Character: Looks rather like... a Black mage. tall yellow hat, large Yellow Eyes the rest of his face shrouded in shadow (even without his hat) and blue robes.
General Time of Joining the Spamville community: A long time ago in a Spamville far far away. Actually I was around when The Brotherhood was named.
Any powers character has: Er, do I really have to remember them all? Control of hell (I own it), The Mage Star (if it's still around), Black Magic (Including ICE 9), The Infinite Improbability Wand, Various Evil Pie related Powers, and a number of assorted crystals that I haven't used in ages including various plushies Xellos has probably stolen by now. Oh, and the ability to teleport, open portals, and breathe when ejected from airlocks.
Minion Type: Black Mages, they rebel sometimes.
Faction during the Brotherhood/Sisterhood war: Brotherhood, I think I was named commander at one point but it's all pretty hazy. Can you call the Brotherhood a faction? we killed each other more than the Sisterhood.
General description of character personality: A Psychotic blend of Ryouga and Black Mage from 8-Bit theatre with a love of L33T 5h4k35p34r3.
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Postby Metroidvania » Fri Oct 13, 2006 4:09 pm

Character Name: Metroidvania (Met'D-chan, Mets, M-chan, Vania,...)

Character Race: Mistress 9. See avatar or SM. Cursed form is a blond catgirl Hotaru from SM.

Character Gender: Female

Secondary Gender: Still Female.

Physical Description of Character: Basically, what Mistress 9 looked like in SM. Tall, dark purple hair, violet eyes, a black star that comes and goes...

Secondary/Cursed Description: In cursed form, I'm currently a 12 year old catgirl Hotaru, with blond hair, (the reason for that I'll not get into), but originally, my age in cursed form is in the late 20's, around the same age as Mistress 9.

General Time of Joining the Spamville community: July-ish, '06.

Any powers character has: -Control of the Silence Glaive and able to channel pretty much anything through it,
-Bracers that let me channel over a universe worth of acquired power without killing myself (though of note, they're limited to only "arena" category or higher level battles)
-Neko+ and Sith Lord BD plushies and other miscellaneous powers won from Himitsu.....
-Mistress of Shadow Magic.....
-Psychic powers, including but not limited to Telepathy and Pyrokinesis, as well as the occasional claravoyant thought.
-A heck of a lot of Paladin skills, as well as various magic abilities.....
-Proficient in almost all weaponry, but most comfortable with my Glaive(s) or longswords, or my positronic rifle.
-I'm also Death due to a mix up in something similar to the Piers Anthony novel, On a Pale Horse.
-Oh, and I'm pretty well versed in the Force, and dueling with lightsabers, though I tend to use magic more, due to not many others having the Force.
-Neko-Hotaru has the ability, due to an accidental sharing of powers with Shinji, to use Shinji's ofuda.

Update: Conversion into a Demoness Second Class is complete, thanks to Stacy's cursed form (of sorts)

Update: 7/31/07

Recieve Skill: Gôkuryûha - Infernal Dragon Wave
The ultimate attack of the demonic sword, So'unga, Gôkuryûha summons a dragon spirit from hell to annihilate everything in its' path. Devastating on its' own, the dragon's destructive power will only increase in the hands of demons more powerful than So'unga.

More to come as I decipher my presents.

Minion Type: Update: Beyond chibi angel Hotaru (a minor manifestation of my cursed form) and an AU Kiyone from the various Tenchi series, whom is a personal secretary of sorts, I've also unleashed the paladins, the final angel tier, from Disgaea (for PS2). Pray.

Faction during the Brotherhood/Sisterhood war: Wasn't around at the time.

General description of character personality: Mysterious, generally level-headed, a bit of a devious streak, and usually working on my own agenda.
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Postby crystlshake » Tue Oct 31, 2006 6:42 am

Character Name: No others at this time short of abreviated or suffixed versions.
Character Race: Dragon-Half (though the exact type or nature of the draconic influence isnt fully known)
Character Gender (Primary): Male (just add hot water)
Character Gender (Secondary): Female (Other than a shift in gender and coloration there doesnt appear to be any other changes) activated with cold water
Physical Description of Character: Armor composed of worked molted dragon scale. Hair in natural male form is more rigid and with a minor trickle of mana can become rigid and sharp (the reason for the styling). It is unknown if this ability persists in female form. Eyes switch between silver and gold depending on form. Teeth are slightly sharper than human and muscular development in the jaw surpases human limits by at least one magnitude. Tooth composition and bone structure are dense to accomodate the strain of the stronger muscle. Poseses tail and wings, both of which are noticeably scaled and colored. It is unknown if the right hand is similarly adorned as the magically saturated glove has never been removed. Close inspection of the rest of the epedermal layer shows thin scale development that offers far less protection than the more fortified areas like the wings or hair but a little more than human skin.
General Time of Joining the Spamville community: Fairly new to the Spamvillian environment. Joined late April 2006.
Any powers character has: Able to consume mana of various types. Wings are heavily fortified despite their fragile appearence and can deflect most mundane weaponry before mana infusion. Limited flight control. The properties of the wings when infused are unknown. The magical glove seems to be a strong channeling source for casting and defensive containment for incapacitating spells into a compact concentrated form the approximate size of an apple. Has a higher affinity with shadow alighned magic than other types. Able to slip thrue shadows 'shadow gate' with little difficulty. Strong with containment type spells. May be work related. Primary weapon is a scythe with a ringed end to utalize centifugal force. Rumors suggest some affiliation with a black moon and spirits of some kind but are sketchy. Posseses a ship capable of flight that is dry docked due to a 'misunderstanding' with a Pirate theme park.
Minion Type: Unknown, if any.
Faction during the Brotherhood/Sisterhood war: N/A.
General description of character personality: Due to an incident involving a certain mazoku and some love pills has shown a near slavish devotion to Bliss. Deputized by Shadell as part of the Spamville Inquisition occasionally serves Spamvillians with subpeonas. At first possesing a rather downtroden and quiet persona, became noticably more active and outgoing after an incident with a failed attempt at canceling the effect of Junsenkyo buny-girl water by consumption and becoming cursed with a female form. Doesnt seem to exibit different behavior regardless of form for unknown reasons. Immortal Soul was given up as part of a deal with a certain mazoku. Returned 'mostly' in the same condition as it was taken. Has since been behaving oddly.
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Status: Curse-Nyanniichuan
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Postby Siden » Sat Nov 04, 2006 1:47 am

Updated: 2007-12-04

Character Name:
Siden Pryde
Siden, Sai-kun (only Bliss), Merc
Character Race:
True Neutral, "Pure Neutral", "Balancer"
Jusenkyo - spring of drowned "Red-Haired Bishonen" with "fire-elementalism" and "martial-prowess" additions.
Character Gender (Primary):
Character Gender (Secondary):
Independent contract worker (aka mercenary) currently under employment by Bliss (aka "Boss")
Physical Description of Character:
Normal Form:
6' 2", average looks with brown hair and an average build. Always wears combat boots and a WWII bomber jacket
Cursed Form:
6' bishie with red hair and slender but muscular build (see avatar for more accurate physical description). Note: Curse currently locked.
General Time of Joining the Spamville community:
Since October 18, 2006
Any powers character has:
Normal Form:
Nigh unlimited amounts of ordinance stored in sub-space pockets; skilled in the use of various weapons; can drive or pilot almost anything.
Cursed Form:
Standard bishie powers (fangirl attraction, sparkly/flowery backgrounds);
Great increase in martial prowess;
Pyrokenisis / fire shamanism-elementalism
Transform into humanoid phoenix
General description of character personality:
Siden is somewhat grouchy and vengeful but is generally good-humoured, a man who is somewhat jaded and always looking to be on the better side of a deal. He likes to have a strong drink after a long job, or a short job, or any job for that matter. Willing do almost any mission, provided he gets paid and it doesn't get him killed; ranging from simple babysitting to high-profile assassinations and theft of world treasures. Has an irrational fear of penguins due to a training incident as a child.
After being away on a training trip for several months, Siden has returned to Spamville more capable of combating its various inhabitants and monsters.

Holy 2x4:
Type: Magical
Form: Wooden 2x4
Damage: None (slapstick)
Special: Blessed; Indestructable; Unblockable
A simple 2x4 that has been imbued with holy energy and can not break.
Volcanic Pike:
Type: Magical
Form: polearm
Damage: High
Special: Indestructable; Fire Element
A polearm with a Damascus haft that shines like obsidian. The foot long blade on the end is deceptively blunt in appearance. The core channels through the surface of the blade when the weapon is thrust and absorbs the heat caused by the massive wind resistance. The generated heat is so strong that within a foot of thrust with the blade it becomes molten and cuts through the air like a hot knife through butter. The change in cohesive state of the blade reduces the weapons wind resistance from excessive during thrust to nothing. When swung horizontally the weapon swings normally for a polearm, receiving no swing speed bonus or detriment. The special construction of this weapons primary striking surface has high heat retention, keeping its molten state for about five seconds under normal conditions. The Volcanic Pike is best utilized for adding to combos and multiple strike techniques. The abysmal strike speed of the first swing when the weapon is 'cold' limits this weapon’s effectiveness in cold environments and for quick strikes. It is said that this somewhat unwieldy weapon has a small but skilled fan base that have developed a fighting style to enhance its strengths and minimize its limitations. The Molten Splash spell and other thematically similar magic and artefacts are believed to have shared origins with this weapon.

Balus Wall (aka Valis Wall)
Bomb Rod)
Blast Ash
Blast Bomb
Blast Wave
Bomb Sprid (aka Bomb Spread)
Burst Flare
Burst Rond
Dragon Slave
Flame Lance
Flare Arrow
Flare Bit (aka Inferno Array)
Flare Lance
Flare Seal
Giga Flare
Mega Flare
Meteor Storm
Prism Sword
Raging Mist
Rune Flare
Spiral Flare
Tetra Flare (desperation / suicide move)
Vice Flare
White Magic:
Healing Stream

Crescent Strike
Demon Fang
Demon Seal
Demonic Circle
Devil’s Inferno
Fang Blade
Hell Pyre
Kaioken (no higher than x3)
Lost Fon Drive
Radiant Howl
Raging Blast
Razing Phoenix
Sonic Thrust
Sword Rain
Tiger Blade

Shtick to get out of damage:
I can't get into heaven and hell keeps kicking me out. The only solution: go back to the mortal realm
Minion Type:
Familiar Type:
Dire Wolf x2: black in colouration and approximately the size of a small horse. Well trained and posses a strong bloodlust.
Rayden Shikodan plushie: Nexus II version
Faction during the Brotherhood/Sisterhood war:
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Spamville Dossier
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Re: Spamville Character Dossier

Postby Lord Aries Greymon » Sat Nov 04, 2006 9:30 am

Sailor Sedai (Ellf) wrote:This is more of a reference for me and anyone else who happens to drift into Spamville. (Note this is in Other Talk, not Spamville, thus no off-topic here, even though it is about Spamville.) I'll ask everyone who currently is an active member of the Spamming community to post who they are in Spamville here.

LARGE EDIT: Updated this to better reflect current activities, and to better organize.
Character Name: Lord Aries Greymon. I've answered to Aeris, Aries, Lord, and various insults.
Race: Mostly-Human hybrid. Human 58%, Cat 12%, Dragon 10% - 15%, Fairy 10% - 15%. Draconic genes dominant in male form, Fairy in female.
Age: 29 Terran years.
Sex: Base Male, Becomes Female during sneezes. Reverts to male in same fashion.
Eyes: Gunmetal Gray.
Height: 5'11" when male {For those that don't know the symbols, that's 5 feet 11 inches. about average for an American male.} 5' 6" when Female
Weight: 253 lbs. {Pounds} when Male 194 lbs. when Female
Build: Average in Both Forms
Hair Color & length: ###### with ###### bands, approximately shoulder length.
Distinguishing Scars: Vertical Scar through Right Eye. {Iris, pupil, white, all of it} Causes red discoloration of scarred area. Mild Impairment, as Iris contracts and expands sluggishly, resulting in slightly "off" depth perception.
Abnormal Appendages: Triangular Cat ears above and behind Temples, Approximately 3 Foot long Grey Furred tail, retractable claws in Fingertips. Retractable Draconic wings. Right Arm is both Cybernetic and normal Flesh and blood, depending on circumstances. The Cybernetic arm has built in twin repeating blasters, and a plasma cannon. The Flesh-and-blood arm has a few minor scars, but is otherwise the same as the left.
Abnormal Abilities:
Radioactive Fire: All of Aries' Fire Based Spells are tainted with Radiation.
Immune to Radiation: EX: Aries can live on a slab of weapons-grade Uranium and suffer no ill effects, whereas other life wandering nearby dies. Standing in a fire will kill him, but being shot with any manner of laser won't. (Exception: the laser shot causes secondary effects witch could kill, like exploding his jetpack)
Inter-Dimensional Jump: performing a backflip in midair causes Aries to jump into another dimension, and often causes partial amnesia. Leaving one of these jumps usually resembles portal travel, and is highly energetic.
Fault-travel: Aries can "fall" through cracks in surfaces, and out of any other crack. the entry and destination actually being connected simply makes the transit easier, thus a better landing.
Known Spells: Fireball, Flame Wave, Nuclear FireStorm, IceWall, Blast Wind, Light, Summon Furniture, Summon/Create - Tiberium, many versions of Summon Creature - Metroid.
Specialization{s}: Generic Fighter, Tinkerer. Wanderer.
Magical Affinities {in order of strong to weak}: Radiation, Fire, Wind, Light
Armor: None at the moment.
Weapons: Longsword. Blaster Rifle. Hand Grenades. Crossbow with Explosive Bolts.
Other Equipment: Jetpack, an assortment of Traps, a bettered copy of The Spamville Survival Guide, and several bags of holding.
Brief Background:
Ruler of a Rather Large Trans Dimensional Empire, based on Jupiter's Moon Io in his home Dimension. Most excursions to other Dimensions begin and end with Io, as it makes for a particularly good staging ground once in an alternate dimension.
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Postby antimatterenergy » Mon Nov 20, 2006 5:01 pm

Character Name: Antimatterenergy, Anti or AME for short but doesn't really care what you call it.
Character Race: Shapeshifter
Character Gender (Primary): none
Physical Description of Character: natural state is a silver liquid but can become pretty much anything.
General Time of Joining the Spamville community: November 20, 2006
Any powers character has: Recieves powers and abilities of current form. (If Ranma has Ranma's powers if cat has abilities of cat etc...) also has weakness's of current form. Base form has no powers beyond shapeshifting and the ability to pull itself back together no matter how destroyed it gets.
General description of character personality: Child like. Sees attacks and such as playing. Has lots of knowledge on lots of things but has no idea where the knowledge came from and personality is somewhat influenced by form. Considered insane by most standards.
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Postby Tovath » Mon Dec 11, 2006 2:36 am

Character Name: Tovath
Character Race Primary: Human, being related to two gods doesn't change that is far as I know
Character Race Secondary: Kitsune
Character Gender Primary: Male
Character Gender Secondary: Female
Physical Description of Character: 5'9" Messy brown hair
General Time of Joining the Spamville community:Dec 03, 2006
Occupation: Exorcist
Any powers character has:normal powers that are needed for an exorcist(not going to name them all),can seal dimensional rifts, can't be hurt by any weapon that could possibly be used in hunting, can read auras, tell when some one is lieing From Kitsune curse gets foxfire, illusions more control over subspace, shapeshifting and some mind magic
Background: Born to Edmonson Truth and Shelhey Luterin. Shelhy is the niece of the leader of the Dencilyi, who make their livings traveling between the dimensions, as well as being the dauther of the Hunt God. Edmonson is the son of the God called the Truth Warrior. The Truth Warrior was less then pleased about his son getting married and swore revenge (read he knocks Tovath out of heaven with a large mallet every time he sees him) When he was 12 Tovath ran away from home with a friend and was trained as an exorcist by someone named Martin.
Familiar Type: A ninja ice cream eating spider named Bob
Minion Type:a squad of 30 Prinnies
Ship AI: Keiko
General description of character personality: polite unlike many people around here would rather not fight
Note: When he shows up The Truth Warrior acts like an overpowered Kuno
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Postby Draconis Stelanaris » Sun Mar 11, 2007 9:50 am

Character Name: Draconis Stelanaris
Character Race: dragon
Character Gender: male
Physical Description of Character:

Dragon: a western dragon with six swept back horns, perlecent white and silver scales and gold eyes. 25ft long from nose to tail.

Human: White hair, gold eyes, 6ft tall. Thin, dressed in dark green pants and shirt with a black and silver over robe

General Time of Joining the Spamville community: Right befor the ICE9 wasted every thing...

Any powers character has:
Elemental magics
minor Illusions
Shape shifting
Major arcane lore

Crystal Abilities:
#1 spell: Chain Explosion
offensive instant cast. increasing in size and strength for up to 10 seperate explosions, this spell is compatible with any element

Cursed form:
(has taken the form of a 20 year old girl, white hair, gold slit pupled eyes, with dragon wings horns and claws on he hands. and a avrage looking body. Is stll wearing the black over-robe/vest and the dark green shirt and pants)

Minion Type: asorted draconic creatures and golems

Faction during the Brotherhood/Sisterhood war: There was a war? And I missed it?!

General description of character personality: Rathe laid back, has a tendency to stay in the background and observe. Nice guy exsept when attacked.
I'll fill this out more later...
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Postby Dumbledork » Fri Mar 16, 2007 12:36 am

Character Name: Dumbledork

Character Race: High Elf/Drow hybrid in male form; Magical Girl in female form

Character Gender (Primary): male

Character Gender (Secondary): female (Jusenkyo cursed aquatransexual due to magical backlash while trying to tap into the Chaos magic inherent to the Pools of Sorrow)

Physical Description of Character:
Male form -> height: 1.83 m, 65 kg, age: 135 years, appearance: check avatar
Female form -> height: 1.69 m, 49 kg, age: looks like 16, appearance: check avatar

General Time of Joining the Spamville community: march 2007

Any powers character has:
1) Male form -> Usual racial abilities of high elves and drows, mastery of every mage job in any Final Fantasy game (White Mage, Black Mage, Red Mage, Time Mage, Blue Mage, Summoner,...); discovered a new mage job after experimenting with Jusenkyo waters (and unfortunately gaining his curse): Rainbow Mage. The Rainbow Mage blends all the other mage jobs together into a supreme mage job and allows the use of stronger versions of known spells (examples of enhanced spells: Holy Storm, an evolution of Holy; Meteo Storm, an evolution of Meteo; a hundred thousand needles, an evolution of one thousand needles; new summons like Omega Weapon,...), entirely new spells (dimensional and planar travel, teleportation, death gaze, chaotic storm, vorpal wave,...), and the watching of the Time Gates (but no way of controlling them)

2) Female form -> mainly sonic powers (effects of the voice: entrance, hypnotize, sleep, befuddle, shatter almost any matter depending on voice pitch, deafen) and a successful idol singer (don't ask, it was just for the money).

3) Applicable to both forms -> immortality (after pissing off gods and demons alike and becoming persona non grata in both Heaven and Hell); character can still be killed but will come back to life immediately and can regenerate any damage received. Furtermore, the male form can't use the female form's powers and vice versa.

Minion Type: Summon monsters from Final Fantasy (although gods and demons aren't pleased that the character can still use them after what happened)

General description of the character's personality: doesn't take well to orders, and is rather independent. Even if he doesn't like his female form he's able to pull a Lina Inverse if he hears any negative comments about his female form's modest assets. Always helps his friends in need, but is ruthless towards his enemies. Loves action and is a weapon of mass destruction.
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Postby Darth Thanatos » Tue Apr 03, 2007 8:19 pm

Exposure to Jusenkyo water has provided DT with two personalities, none of them will willingly change forms to the other.
(Hot water version, i.e. Original)
Character Name: Darth Thanatos (pre-test name: Dark Schneider), Darthie, Darkie, Thanny, DT, the Annoyance,
Character Race: Humanoid, subspecies DarkSithian
Character Gender: Male
Occupation: Emperor of DarkSith
Marital Status: Married. (Wife: Darth Eros (pre-test name: Pirotess))
Physical Description of Character: Average build, average height, brown eyes, black hair. His normal clothing is the standard DarkSithian robe, black or brown, with a lapel pin depicting a Smiley ( :) ), whereas any other DarkSithian would wear a DarkSith flag instead.
General Time of Joining the Spamville community: (research)
Any powers character has:Any Force related ability, active or passive, Light or Dark side, with different degrees of mastery. Most, though, range from "Superb" to "Ungodly". But, for instance, his active Sensing abilities are "normal", and his passive ones, "good". Besides his Force abilities, he relies basically on technology for anyhing else, with two exceptions: access to StuffSpace (unlimited) and magic, Esdee realm. Due to his alter ego, he cannot stay dead. As he can feel pain and suffer, his avoiding (parry, evade, dodge) abilities are "Ungodly". Besides that, he is subject to slapstick physics. He is a very good strategist and tactician, but if present, he leaves strategy and tactics to Fleet Admiral Darth Nautas, who is better on both accounts (his only defeats came at the hands of people like Justy Ueki Tylor, Yang Wen-li or Reinhardt von Lohengramm) on space battles and Darth Gladius, Army General, for ground battles.
Minion Type: None, actually. He has subjects, not minions, and tends not to involve them in his antics. If any kind of battle is about to take place and he is involved, he can deploy (via Burroughs drive) an (almost) unlimited number of (almost) any tech level troops.
Faction during the Brotherhood/Sisterhood war:None.
General description of character personality: Annoying and insulting are his most perceivable traits. If he opens his mouth for a second, he sounds like a pompous ass. Beyond that, it confirms he IS a pompous ass. Though noticeably heterosexual, he is not a molester, but will treat all females with some contempt. Any advance by a female will be firmly rebuked. By DarkSithian standards, he is a pervert ("staying faithful to his wife? Not good, not good..."), but as the Emperor, he gets away with it. Another way of thinking of him is like a Q, minus omnipotence and omniscience.

(cold water version, i.e. "Cursed" version)
Character Name: Dark Schneider, DS, the Unkillable Cockroach, "Eekk! Pervert!",
Character Race: Humanoid
Character Gender (Primary): Male
Occupation: Warlock
Marital Status: Single and permanently horny.
Physical Description of Character: Tall, muscular, with white hair
General Time of Joining the Spamville community: 2007-03-21
Any powers character has: (in progress)
Minion Type: His awesomeness makes him no need for minions.
Faction during the Brotherhood/Sisterhood war:None. Wasn't there.
General description of character personality: He is arrogant (in progress)
Ne volnuites, Aeria Gloris

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Postby CRBWildcat » Fri Apr 27, 2007 11:15 am

Callista O. Wilson Metallium

Alias: Also answers to 'Curtis' or 'Callie', but will deck anyone (other than Zapana) who calls her 'Ophelia'.

Officially entered Spamville: Late April 2007.

Personal theme: Weird Al Yankovic's "Fat"

Character Race: Was previously a mutant felinoid, but was restored to a human form by Stacy in early-to-mid July 2007.

Character Gender: Female (was originally male)


Physical Description: Seventeen-year-old human girl. Short to mid-length brown hair, brown eyes, and the cuteness factor of a kitten. A bit chubby, although it's not apparent. Is never seen without either her purse---which presence is permenant---and her shopping bag. Has a tendency to wear either green or gray, with slacks and sweaters preferable, even in summertime.

Special Abilities: Has a constant desire to shop. Able to spot deals a mile away, can haggle with the best of them, and cut in line without complaint. If the situation gets too dangerous for her to handle, she is capable of switching at will into Innis, the Mirage of Deceit, thanks to one of Artemis's crystals. Due to her dislike of combat and Innis's capabilities (including eye beams that trap the target in their own mind with their greatest fear, recently gained from a crystal), she generally prefers not to use it.

Callista's primary means of self-defense are normal 20 oz. Mountain Dew bottles that were changed from the transfer into Spamville, and have now become decent explosives. The abilities of these bottles change depending on what flavor is tossed. Two-liter bottles have a shorter range, but stronger effects.

Her standard set of equipment can be found here. Not included on this list is a denial shield, obtained some months ago from Crescent.

Not long ago, Callista was temporarily turned into a Delcatty by a revenge-driven wrestler wizard. Her known moves, the number of which are limited only by her imagination, include Iron Tail, Charm, and Grass Knot, amongst others. Time will tell if she will keep this transformation on hand for Innis's sake.

Transformation: Callista's alternate form, Sailor Zeta; with the exception of Kaoru's PPGZ belt, everything is the same as in the picture. It is of note that her transformation is technological instead of magical in nature, due to her reliance on the former. Known attacks include: Zeta Disk Shuriken, in which she throws a set of sharpened 5.25' floppy diskettes; Zeta Doughnut Emblazon, consisting of doughnut holes fired with enough force to punch through steel; and her desperation attack, Zeta Faygo Carbonation, which uses one of her stored suicide drinks to fuel a Wave Motion Gun-esque beam.

Minion Type: Despite the changes that have happened, she is still in charge of S.I.D. to a certain degree. Therefore, she can still--thanks to a comlink stowed on her person--ask for reinforcements in the form of various felinoids and caninoids, each with their own special abilities and personality. She controls a space fleet as well, although her ships are often times hindered by her dislike of combat.

Brief background: Was originally a human child, but after meeting several felinoids was transformed into one by a strange, glowing material. Started a crime-fighting organization shortly after turning felinoid; focus is primarily on her home state of Michigan. Gave the go-ahead to establish an outer space fleet a year later, in part because the group includes some sci-fi fanboys (and also because a rival of mine beat me to it). Was transformed into a human by Stacy, and later gained a split personality disorder (as well as a slight age reduction) from a faulty resurrection, much to Himitsu's chagrin. Recently regained her 17-year-old form due to a combination of a reset button and a death crystal obtained elsewhere.

Also, the Game Masters of her universe have allowed her to keep these forms for the purposes of her visits to Spamville. However, to prevent further instability to Callista's being, Jusenkyou-style curses have a very nasty effect when applied to her and to anyone from her home universe who joins her.

Fleet flagship: Information on Callista's flagship and fighter of choice are found here. On a side note, she has a copy of Megas in her possession.

General description of character personality: Has an extreme love of shopping, to the point where she is quite literally addicted. Has a constant desire to look cute, and absolutely adores cats. Is almost always seen eating something. Will not get involved in stuff that goes against her personal code of ethics, and will chew out anyone who violates that code in her presence. Values her friendships and alliances highly. Is afraid of offending those she respects. Loves puns. Is smarter than she seems on first glance. Has an ungoing rivalry with Yukari Yakumo.

Kaoru Matsubara, a.k.a. Buttercup

Abilities: Possesses tremendous strength, capable of wielding an extremely heavy Daruma Otoshi hammer with no trouble; can swing the hammer fast enough to launch sonic attacks. Flight capable. Also possesses a Fairy Leviathan costume given to her by Bliss, and can stack it with her transformed state to gain access to both power-sets at once. It should be noted that she the distinction of being immune to memes and their effects. How this is possible is unknown, although it is suspected that it comes from the nature of her connection to Callista's life.

Physical Description: See the avatar.

Brief history: In summer of 2007, Callista received a PPGZ-style transformation belt as a crystal prize; however, she decided to leave it in her apartment while she decided what to do with it. A short time later, Himitsu raided said apartment. In so doing, he tossed the aforementioned henshin belt onto a discarded Phoenix Down; all it took was a few of Callista's cells to trigger a merging (and de-aging Callista by several years). Because of this situation, everything that is Kaoru lurks at the front of Callista's mind, and the two can trade places at any time. Time will tell what effects Callista's age-up will have on her.

Personality: Is tomboyish, and generally prefers to stay out of the limelight. Prefers outdoor activities and sports. Has a short temper, although not quite as short as Zapana's. Sometimes doesn't know what to make of her host.

LC and DC
General Description: Light Copy and Dark Copy, respectively. These two represent the good and bad sides of Callista's personality, and one will occasionally show up in person...or to be more specific, in crystal. LC is friendlier and very polite, takes her time to think things through, cries when she eats chocolate (especially Cadbury cream eggs), and will never instigate or provoke a fight by any means. DC is highly aggressive and rude, is rather hot-blooded (so to speak), and afraid of love and cuteness (and by extension, Shinji).

The duo's bodies are human-shaped, with Delcatty characteristics: tan-cream body fur with white (LC) or black (DC) ears, collar, and tails. Both of them were turned into these by Circe, DC because she deserved it and LC by request. Both of their powersets differ; LC's powers revolve around her preference for strategy and pacifism, while DC prefers brute force and reducing the enemy's defenses. In addition to this, DC has a fondness for explosive weaponry and can often be seen wielding Fighting Fefnir's Knuckle Busters whenever she shows up.

Zapana Zquor (Spamville version)

The second-in-command of Callista's flagship and of Spamville operations. A wolf caninoid with telescopic eyesight and superb hearing, and latent fire abilities (with dark energy to enhance its power if need be). Has almost obscene strength and speed, although the former wasn't voluntarily gained. Has a short temper, is quick to insult anyone she doesn't respect (and sometimes even those she does like, in Callista's case), and is the Deadpan Snarker of the group. Is by far the oldest of the group, excepting Thaddea.

Ambush Cat (Spamville version), alias Amber Harrison

Callista's ace in the hole. Not a true felinoid, he's more of an oversized Black Maine Coon. Because of his sheer creativeness and unpredictability, his presence in Spamville is restricted to crystal construction and non-combat areas (except where deemed permissible by his bosses). Is a bit of a trickster at heart (although he prefers pranks). Loves nothing better than to pounce on someone without warning, a la Hobbes. Has recently acquired a human persona. Has five kids, and is very protective of them.

Eebon: Female BMC felinoid kitten. A bit naive, and has the tendency to say "Gaw" at the end of most of her sentences.

Echo: Male BMC domestic cat. Has grown more intelligent thanks to the efforts of Rei and her familiar. Has a tendency to turn up in odd places via his shadow-port.

Elk: Male catboy. Very hyperactive, and rarely ever sits still. Amber dreads the day that he gets his hands on any coffee or soda pop.

Ellen: Female human. Very quiet and cautious, although she has started to become a bit more outspoken recently. Arguably the smartest of the foursome. Is starting to get the hang of paper manipulation.

Ezekiel: Started life as a male human, but has a tendency to change gender and species (human, cat, catboy/girl, felinoid) once a week.

Saturn Eunice (Spamville version)

Callista's bodyguard during important situations. Was born on Kittenoa, but was raised on Corellia and Coruscant due to a dimensional anomaly. Is one of his universe's few survivors of Order 66. Is a Jedi Master specializing in swordplay and healing. Takes great delight in overcoming the odds. Engage at your own risk.


One of the Game Masters of Callista's home universe. Much of what is said about her can be said about the rest of the Committee: her past is a complete mystery, she has an obsession with games (board games, i.e. Aggravation or Scrabble, in her case), is omnipotent (but not omniscient), and likes to dress in blue and white. Otherwise she resembles a 30+ year-old version of Callista (in reality, she is at least five centuries old), and keeps most of her powers stored in dice that she can summon and recreate at will. Is in charge of the menus in Callista's death crystals, and her obsession with gaming is often reflected in them.

Thaddea Vincent

Little blonde-haired girl in a long-sleeved blue tunic and a funny little hat. She certainly doesn't seem dangerous, but her mannerisms and steel will point towards a much more dangerous side of her...



Following is a list of all the "alternate universe" counterparts of Curtis Wildcat and Callista that I have made up since their respective creations. Any counterparts that have actually visited Spamville, even briefly, will have their names bolded.

Curtis Wildcat #1 --- The base Wildcat from which the majority of dimensional counterparts stem. Has no extra abilities beyond his speed and his diamond-cutting claws. His crime-fighting organization is confined to Earth, and his only major opponents have been Quarter's Legion and Shan, both of whom are either no other longer enemies or have already been captured. (1)

Curtis Wildcat #2 --- See CW #1. The organization has entered outer space, but has no real "fleet" to speak of, consisting only of the Wild Saturn and a small task force.

Curtis Wildcat #3 --- See CW #1. The Super-Cats have fought against the Sailor Scouts in the past due to misunderstandings on both sides, and are now considered their allies. The threats of tiberium and the Brotherhood of Nod were both dealt with. Curtis started using a shape-shifting sword as a weapon after all the fighting was said and done.

Curtis Wildcat #4 --- See CW #2. The Super-Cats' fleet has expanded beyond the immediate solar system, with Shan being a more major threat and the Galactic Empire discovering the uncharted territory of the Milky Way. Both threats are now negligible.

Curtis Wildcat #5 --- See CW #4. The Game, featuring Curtis and Admiral Oakon as major players, was initiated by the Game Masters. In 2002, the Game ended and both people went their separate ways. Curtis possesses Shape-Shifter in this universe.

Curtis Wildcat #6 --- See CW #5. Following the end of The Game, the Super-Cats started facing more and more threats, ranging from the Borg and Baroque Works to Brain Cat's Armada and Yuri.

Curtis Wildcat #7 --- See CW #1. Curtis was killed by a lightning bolt, causing the Super-Cats to split apart into several factions shortly after its founding. The mute Aldonza Carrot, who put in an appearance at Spamville in the fall of 2010, is from this universe.

Curtis Wildcat #8 --- See CW #6. A clone of Curtis was interdimensionally transported by the Lord of Nightmares shortly after said clone's birth. He now qualifies as a standalone counterpart, as he resides in the Sea of Chaos as part of an experiment, negating the powers of Phibrizzo and being forced to watch bad movies alongside him and Clawshu Mewkubi. (2)

Curtis Wildcat #9 --- See CW #6. Curtis discovered the universe of Spamville and became a frequent visitor. Tends to come off as a jerk without being antagonistic.

Curtis Wildcat #10 --- See CW #9. During the threat of Baroque Works, Curtis was turned into a human girl by a strange crystal in Spamville. This has led directly to:

    Callista O. Wilson-Metallium #1 --- A shopaholic and irritant to clerks and shopkeepers everywhere. Has trouble dealing with both her humanity and her feminity, but is ultimately accepting of them both and has no desire to return to her original male form.

    Callista O. Wilson-Metallium #2 --- Was transformed into a mazoku by Himitsu following the "she made Zelas cry" debacle, and actively controls the Brotherhood in his absence. Has assumed the name "Ophelia". Control of the Super-Cats was wrested from her by her former second-in-command.

    Callista O. Wilson-Metallium #3 --- See COW-M #1. Her Spamville is the primary target of a mysterious reality warper who intends to reshape the multiverse to her will. A lot of the people who have participated in Spamville since its founding are still present in some way. This is the universe depicted in the "Spam Sandwich" game.

    C.L.A.R.I.S.S.A. --- Was cursed and locked in the body of an android by Shadell and Metroidvania. Her primary mission is to eliminate anyone who she deems idiotic, including her aforementioned "creators".

    Callista O. Wilson-Metallium #4 --- A much more assertive and brash variant; is in her early 20s, and became known as Callista Verlander after her marriage. On her Earth, she plays in the WNBA for the Tulsa Shock. Most of those people from her Spamville have reputations as either idiots or pricks, with herself as one of the latter.

    Callous O. Sylph -- See COW-M #1. Due to events set in motion by Shadell, Callista and Circe were combined into the same body. Their appearance and personality are split in half, with one person's physical characteristics taking up one side and the other person's taking up the other, and neither side can stay in control of the body for more than a few seconds. The lone plus side of this is that Kaoru was separated from Callista's mind immediately prior to the incident, allowing the hammer-user to be her own person.

Curtis Wildcat #11 --- Possesses no major abilities beyond superspeed and sheer guts, and is actually one of the more minor members of the Super-Cats. The Zapana Zquor of his universe is known to be extremely shy and rather cowardly, although Curtis and several others have had some success in drawing her out of her shell.

Curtis Wildcat #12 --- See CW #4 and #15. Has several Pokemon (Snorlax and Scizor) to aid him in his crimefighting work, and occasionally visits the various islands to attend the tournaments.

Curtis Wildcat #13 --- See CW #3-4. Curtis orchestrated a series of friendly fights amongst the individual Senshi, with the winner fighting against himself and a hand-picked set of Super-Cats; Sailor Moon was ultimately victorious. From that point on, tag team matches and occasional tournaments between them became fairly common.

Curtis Wildcat #14 --- See CW #4, #8, and #13. Due to events revolving around the repercussions of Carlos Cosmos' rivalry with Ryoko, Curtis and the Super-Cats became allies of Tenchi Masaki and his clan.

Curtis Wildcat #15 --- See CW #5 and #12. Curtis and several others are allies and friends of the Samurai Pizza Cats, having assisted them in fights against Quarter's Legion and relatives of the Big Cheese after the comet attack.

Curtis Brown --- From a world of anthropomorphic cats and other critters. Aside from him being a fan of comic book superheroes and having Circe the Cat as a roommate, little is known about him.

Curtis Benson #1 --- Is an ordinary human being, fat, nearsighted, and has trouble sticking with a diet.

Curtis Benson #2 --- See CBe #1. Is a part-time resident of one Phibrizzo Kaden's mind. Unlike what is depicted in some fanfiction, he is more than just a voice in said mind; he has his own chamber in which he lives and keeps an eye on things in the outside world.

Curtis Benson #3 --- A brown tabby felinoid and resident of Kittenoa; lives a more or less ordinary life as a classmate and neighbor of Teasy Melika. Has no superpowers.

Curtis Benson #4 --- A part-time Duel Monsters player. Has entered several regional tournaments, but is not quite good enough to reach the semi-finals in any of them. Much to the surprise of him and the others at Fukufics, Maxamillion Pegasus is well aware of Spamville's denizens.

Callista Ruby --- A teenage superheroine known as Sailor Ganymede. Has ice powers focusing around her flute. Is somewhat scatterbrained and ditzy. Has a VERY eccentric mother.

Callista Ruby #2 --- The current arch-nemesis of her world's Sailor Senshi. Is a mild threat compared to most that they have faced, but is strong enough to keep the heroes on their guard. Has no real long-term goals aside from ensuring that her favorite ice cream parlor doesn't get destroyed as a result of her attacks.

Callista Wilson --- A redheaded, enthusiastic and absent-minded teenager from Nimble Leaf's world. Has a job as a papergirl, and often has to deal with such things as runaway lawn mowers, breakdancers, and oversized dust devils in her line of work. This has given her the ability to go just about anywhere on her bike, even some places that should be outright impossible to reach by pedalling alone. Is best friends with a skateboarder named Awesome Earl.

Calico Bridges #1 --- A normal-type Pokemon trainer from Black City and member of Unova's Elite Four, having replaced Shauntal. Despite her strength, her negative virtues---laziness and uncaringness for few things beyond alcohol---have deprived her of that extra 'oomph' needed to become the Champion.

Calico Bridges #2 --- A second-year duelist at Duel Academy. Is currently in the Ra Yellow dorm. Favors a Water deck.

Calico Bridges #3 --- See CBr #2. Has tri-colored hair (orange, black, and white). Is actually royalty, but keeps her status hidden from her classmates in order to better focus on her dueling.

D.F. --- Short for "Get that D--- Fairy Out of the Kitchen!". Works as one of Remilia Scarlet's many fairy maids, but like the rest of said maids is a few sandwiches short of a picnic. Has a cowardly streak.

Kurthish --- A mazoku from the universe of CW #8, created by Phibrizzo before his imprisonment. He has the distinction of being able to resist positive feelings and emotions that are used against him. Has a substantial amount of power, but still ranks well below Xellos on the totem pole. He and one of his fellow mazoku were both "convinced" to keep outside threats from harming Lina Inverse after their boss was taken away.

Risk --- Experienced Spamville in her youth, but did not enjoy it as much. Due to as-of-yet unknown circumstances, the person who would later become Risk attained high-level reality warping powers---and, in turn, immortality---and later traveled the multiverse, eventually forming the Game Masters with some that she met along the way.

Total variants: 35

(1) Quarter's Legion is the Kittenoan equivalent of the Legion of Doom, as seen in the old Superfriends cartoon, and as such consists of a half-dozen of the most notorious and dangerous criminals of his (Quarter's) generation; they were captured and "brought down to normal" not long after their first encounter with Wildcat. Shan was originally a schoolmate of Curtis's that got mutated as well, choosing to oppose him for the sake of a childish rivalry; his attacks grew more infrequent as they both grew up until finally they stopped altogether.

(2) The "kat" (as in "Swat Kats") version of Washu, to put it simply. The one in the Sea of Chaos is, too, a clone.
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