Spamville Character Dossier

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Spamville Character Dossier

Postby Sailor Sedai (Ellf) » Sun Jul 02, 2006 8:07 pm

This is more of a reference for me and anyone else who happens to drift into Spamville. (Note this is in Other Talk, not Spamville, thus no off-topic here, even though it is about Spamville.) I'll ask everyone who currently is an active member of the Spamming community to post who they are in Spamville here. The format is as follows:
Character Name: (Well, this one is obvious, but put any other names the character goes by, including BD nicknames if you have them.)
Character Race:
Character Gender (Primary):
Character Gender (Secondary): (If this applies)
Physical Description of Character:
General Time of Joining the Spamville community:
Any powers character has: (Be as vague as you want)
Minion Type: (If applied)
Faction during the Brotherhood/Sisterhood war:
General description of character personality:
I'll start off

Name: I'll answer to any of the following: Ellf, Keebler, Ellf-chan, Sailor Sedai, Peter, Norm, and Hey You!
Character Race: Well, Acey drew me as a LOTR Elf, but I'd like to say I'm sort of human.
Character Primary Gender: Male, though I appear as a female quite often
Physical description of Character: For my male appearance, look at my avatar, for my female appearance, look at J. C. St. Patrick's drawing of Sailor Sedai, and place me in the same clothing as my male form instead of the Senshi fuku.
General Time of Joining the Spamming community: I've been here since October of 2004, or was it 2003? I've been here since the beginning. I've also submitted fics to the index before there was even a forum.
Any Powers the Character has: I am Aes Sedai in every meaning of the word, Age of Legends Aes Sedai to be more exact. Though I haven't taken the three oaths, every word I say in Spamville is the truth. I also have a backpack that contains loads of items, and I have been known to use the abilities that my Ranma's hold (or will hold) in my fics. Minor note though, As I am Stacy-chan's older brother, I'm kinda a 1st class 1st cat, unlimited with chosen limitations. Considering one of my Ranmas is the source of the One Power, I too am that Source. Because of this, I also hold a backup to Yggdrasil within me.
Minion type: Shadowspawn, all kinds. From the tiniest vermin to the Gholam, I hold control over the Shadowspawn.
Faction during the Brotherhood/Sisterhood war: Well, erm... both... sort of. Ellf is considered the older brother of Stacy-chan, and Peter was a full brotherhood member. Now Ellf and Peter are one and the same and thus both a Brotherhood member and a former Sisterhood supporter. Never was a Sisterhood member.
General Description of Personality: Mostly I am easygoing, though I have bouts of temper that end in me throwing around various bolts of the One Power and killing things. I think I'm the only one who came even close to killing Neko- one time.

Edit: Heh, forgot to add something.
Ellf's Backpack: This backpack is where I store every interesting thing I happen to find, from the smallest item to the largest.... It's basically an infinite pocket reality. Thus why it's very hard for me to find things within it.

Now it's your turn. Remember, no Spam, this is Other Talk. I will also be posting characters who no longer are members of this forum but were beloved members of Spamville.
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Postby Rei-chan » Sun Jul 02, 2006 8:51 pm

Character Name: Rei-chan, also called Raleigh when in male form and Sir Walter by Acey
Character Race: Currently goddess/demoness(succubus) hybrid, previous incarnation Inidrasil
Character Gender (Primary): female
Character Gender (Secondary): male (can still shapeshift into old form when need be)
Physical Description of Character: Look like Sakura from Card Captors only with the goddess markings on her face. A sideways hourglass being the mark on the forhead. Edit: Can turn into a Hinata look alike thanks to a curse received awhile back. August 8, 2008.
Edit: Goddess of Life, Class Second, Category First, Limited License as of March 18, 2007
General Time of Joining the Spamville community: I believe it was February of 2006.
Any powers character has: About what you would expect of a goddess of life, holdover of shapeshifting and an extensive knowledge of magic ((You name it and she can cast it.))
Known Equipment: Nosferatu ((OOC: The blade actually has no name, this was what it was called long ago by its victims.)) - A blade she made long before she came here or even became a goddess. This blade was forged over the period of a thousand years, crafted with care and devotion surpassing that used in the creation of most weapons or items. It has markings and sigils, runes and symbols and other such terms all about the blade and handle, each one dedicated to granting dominion over some field of influence or thing. Six gems, three on either side, line up near the handle of the sword. These 6 hold the absolute essance of fire, water, wind, earth, light, and darkness and are esentially very powerful artifacts on their own. One gem also sits upon the very end of the hilt, but its effects are unknown if it even has any.
Minion Type: anything she can summon up on short notice, monsters she creates as a side business, one familiar named Ebony, and a brother sister team that acts as bodyguards on occasion
Faction during the Brotherhood/Sisterhood war: wasn't here for that
General description of character personality: nice if at times a bit distracted, on occasions goes on a spread chaos mentality

Edit: Rank up.
Edit: Equip profile added.
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Postby Lioconvoy » Sun Jul 02, 2006 9:32 pm

Character Name: Lioconvoy (Lio for sort, pronounced loy)
Character Race: Cybertronian
Character Gender (Primary): Male
Physical Description of Character: Lioconvoy (pronounced more like Leo convoy) from Beast Wars Second. Giant Robot
General Time of Joining the Spamville community: After Ellf Hat tipped CitM, I'm not sure when that was.
Any powers character has: Various Cybertroniontech, verious GIJoe/Cobra Tech. Built in weapons include four missle launchers, six clalw blades, and a portion of the Matrix(Transformers Matrix). Is fully immune to magic and certain forms of alchemy.
Minion Type: Fellow Cybertonions(Mostly Autobot/Maximals)
Faction during the Brotherhood/Sisterhood war: Wasn't present, but I probably would have been Brotherhood since I stood against the Sisterhood's member at another forum.
General description of character personality: Nosey, likes to get invovled in things that don't involve him. Jumps to conclusions.
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Postby Stacy » Sun Jul 02, 2006 10:05 pm

I'm not really the most active (damn my lack of time), but here's a description:
:: Character Name ::
Stacy Hitarumonwa, Mom for some
:: Character Race ::
Goddess, Succubus, Catgirl Primarily
:: Character Gender ::
Female, and proud of it!
:: Physical Description of Character ::
She stands at 5 feet, 8 inches tall, with a figure worthy of a goddess. Her skin has a very light tan. Her hair is down to the small of her back and blonde, and generally left hanging free behind her. Her right eye is red and her left eye is blue, though they can change color at times, and when her powers are at max, both eyes achieve the same color. She also has the standard goddess markings adorning her face.
And, being a succubus, she likes to dress in sexy and revealing outfits.
:: General Time of Joining the Spamville community ::
Used her divine powers to start the danged thing.
:: Any powers character has ::
Um... wow.... wear to start. ^_^;;
Edit: Goddess of Life, Class 1, Category 1, Unlimited License
Shapeshifting into any species and gender, ever. Most Ninja techniques. Time manipulation. Teleportation. Manipulation of Gravitational fields. Transmuting stuff without a circle. Advanced subspace manipulations. The Jusenkyo magic set. The succubae magic set. The goddess magic set. Anything ever done in a Mel Brooks film. Everything involving Life, including the giving, the restoring, and the taking of. Lots of other stuff.
:: Minion Type ::
Horny Bisexual Catgirls
:: Faction during the Brotherhood/Sisterhood war ::
:: General description of character personality ::
Generally cheery. She likes getting Himitsu engaged to people. She also has an obsession with changing people into girls, as she thinks girls are better. She's also lonely, not fitting in much with anyone. Her age is well over 300 billion, though she prefers to look around 18 years old.
I'm probably missing some stuff, but there you go.
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Postby Light02 » Sun Jul 02, 2006 10:15 pm

Character Name: Light, Miho-chan (cursed form)
Character Race: Masu hybrid simular to Ryoko (though not related)
Character Gender (Primary: male
Character Gender (Secondary): female/succubus
Physical Description of Character: Light-kun looks like Mirai Trunks though with black hair (though none of the Sayian powers). Miho-chan well looks like Mihoshi with batlike wings
General Time of Joining the Spamville community: Late '05, early '06
Any powers character has: Light has access to a weapons pocket filled with the latest and greatest gagets made by Washu herself. Miho-chan powers of the succubi, and the standard equipment given to any Galaxy Police Detective.
Minion Type: can summon chibi versions of himself but really doesn't want to use them
Faction during the Brotherhood/Sisterhood war: none missed out on the fun
General description of character personality: Light is generaly easy going and a bit of a pevert, will go after Mokori when the call needs to be answered. Miho-chan has a splintered personality one is Mihoshi herself with her dreaded Mihoshi factor as well. and Succubi Miho-chan with Light's personality and a overactive libido.
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Postby Scratx-chan » Sun Jul 02, 2006 10:46 pm

Character Name: Scratx, Phoenix Senshi
Character Race: Human (or Catgirl)
Character Gender (Primary): Female
Character Gender (Secondary): Male (birth, and not gone)
Physical Description of Character: Standing about 1.6m tall, she has short black hair and brown eyes. She is quite good-looking, too. As Phoenix Senshi, she is clad in a red and yellow Fuku, with red bows, red low-heel boots that go nearly as high as her knees and a tiara and earrings sporting firedrops. She also has a grandiose pair of red and gold wings, each spanning fifteen feet. Her hair is also red, as well as her eyes being golden.
General Time of Joining the Spamville community: Hmm, about now.
Any powers character has: Get the arbestos suit if you want to duke it out with her. And pray she doesn't bring out a nasty spell.
Minion Type: None, except the odd summoning.
Faction during the Brotherhood/Sisterhood war: None as of yet.
General description of character personality: I'll leave that for the reader to figure out. :)
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Postby J. St.C. Patrick » Mon Jul 03, 2006 1:22 am

Character Name: J. St.C. Patrick, Pat, Patty, Uncle Patty, St Patrick (once by Stratagemini)
Character Titles:
Director of Forum Arts and Culture (bestowed by Black Dragon)
King of ... Stuff (bestowed by Black Dragon and Contraversial Matt)
The Ever Ubiquitous (bestowed by Acey)
Character Race: Human
Character Gender (Primary): Male
Character Gender (Secondary): Male
Physical Description of Character: 6'4", Brown hair with beard and mustache, grey eyes, wears paper crown with STUFF written on it. (see Avatar)
General Time of Joining the Spamville community: about two or three days after the boards first went up in 2004, before there was a Spamville.
Any powers character has (Be as vague as you want): Very Vague. Mostly Bardic. Have a denial shield taken from Black Dragon. Very large supply of... Stuff, which I keep in ...Stuff Space.
Minion Type: Several plushies, A brass demon or two.
(Describes/ animates DES's doings but does not really control him)
Faction during the Brotherhood/Sisterhood war: The Brotherhood attempted to recruit me, with a personal plea from Black Dragon, though I never attended the meetings. I indirectly caused B.D.'s death by starting piefight at Brotherhood HQ, wherein a Black Mage assassinated BD with Belzeblueberry pie. Declined offer of post as Brotherhood Bard. Was awarded title of Director of Forum Arts and Culture
General description of character personality: ...
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Postby Bliss » Mon Jul 03, 2006 2:50 am

Character Name: Bliss, Chibi-Bliss, Bliss-chan
Character Titles: Spammater Rank D, Universal Translator, Princess of Nyx.
Character Race: Blonde Fox-Cat Girl, Silver Haired Cat-Girl
Character Gender(Primary):Female
Character Gender(Secondary):Female(?)
Physical Description of Character: Check my Avatar for curse form description. Has multiple forms based on the personality manifested.
General Time of Joining the Spamville community: I think around January 2006.
Any powers character has (Be as vague as you want):Vague. Can pull various....stuff out of...somewhere. My powers lie in the realm of 'Bliss' and it's various incarnations---Euphoria, Ignorance, Content etc. But I choose not to exercise my powers. Has alchemic powers without the need of a transmutation circle, Gomu Gomu no Mi. Various 'cursed costume sets', Punishes Bad Jokes with a Paper-fan. Shapeshifting powers
Minion Type: Bliss Clones, Devil-Bliss, Angel-Bliss, but the last two almost never make an appearance. Rabid Exploding Penguins---'Prinnies', and Zombie Celestian Shock Troops
Faction during the Brotherhood/Sisterhood war: Joined well after the conflict was done....merely heard the legends and stories
General description of character personality: I love my Neko-chan! Blonde, perky, overenthusiastic, and a bit oblivious, and absentminded. Although in moments of lucidity, I love to cause Chaos and spread mischief.
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Postby Neko- » Mon Jul 03, 2006 4:40 am

Right, let's add something here then:

Character Name
Neko- (I refuse to listen to Henchkittygirl or Henchkitty, but some do call me that, and in most cases the urge is just too much to not react. I have basically given up on getting that nickname to ever disappear)

Character Race
Cat. Or catgirl when in cursed form. Used to be an avatar for Stacy, but that's been removed, so all the perks that came with the Avatar status (transformation, Goddess-like abilities and the like) have been removed. Poor me.

Character Gender (Primary)
Male. And that will always be male!!! Despite what some people say! The fact I usually wander around as a catgirl is mostly because of the added benefits of thumbs, subspace, and female wrath. I still am very much a guy thankyou!

Character Gender (Secondary)
Female. Damned curse is to blame for that... And Stacy a bit for trying to keep me girl as much as she can.

Cause of curse
Himitsu tried to use my feline persona as a shovel to get into hell. I chomped down on a root that was conviniently located beneath me. Himitsu decided to dragonslave the root, which subsequently went off in my mouth, which caused me to jump in the nearest source of water and drink it to cool things down. Strat however somehow had contaminated the water with girl-water due to a faulty ICE9 spell or something. Drinking and being dunked in the cursed water kinda caused me to end up as a catgirl.

Physical Description of Character
As a cat... Black. Something akin to this:


As a catgirl... Look at my avatar, or open the full scale version here:


General Time of Joining the Spamville community
Umm... Now this is guessing a bit... Oh wait... I still have the original post of signing up. Tuesday october 26th 2004 at 13:53. Not sure if that was the original, or post hacker-thingy, but it's as good a guess as any.

Any powers character has: (Be as vague as you want)
Cat persona has no special powers. Other then nigh immortality due to a falsified stampcard with it's 9 lives on it. No invunerability, just unkillable. Ability to talk, comment and such is included. Due to some very distant (pre-fukufics) harassment I ended up skinned, and had a nigh indestructable asbestos fur made. So I'm pretty much fire resistant nowadays too. After getting my nails clipped one too many times on the forum I actually got adimantium claws. Age? Who knows. Heck... I even lost count. Not as old as Stacy tho.

The catgirl however... Received a subspace pocket as part of her curse which holds just about anything from carpeting to the Titanic. Unfortunatly weapons, explosives, or anything directly meant as a lethal cannot be pulled out from that bit of subspace. Still need to get some lessons from Stacy in subspace mechanics to correct that.

Horny Bisexual Catgirls

Just to get things clear: I do NOT fall in the category of Stacy's minions!

Hot and cold water allow for unwanted changes. The cat-form has no access to any of the catgirl powers. Subspace is locked away.

Recent discovery showed that claws do come with the catgirl. These however are regular claws in contradiction with the cat-guise.

Minion Type: (If applied)
I don't need minions. Too much fun to do it yourself! Besides... abusing others minions *cough*Himitsu*cough* is much more fun.

Faction during the Brotherhood/Sisterhood war
I never was a part of this war. However in the new evolution of the war currently erupting in Spamville, Himitsu claims I'm part of the Brotherhood. I see myself however as a neutral party in the conflict, but when faced with a choice who to aid in the war, the fact that Himitsu is leading the Brotherhoord, and my dislike of the Purple One, I will oppose the Brotherhood (while still not neccesarily aiding the Sisterhood or whatever party the Brotherhood opposes at that moment).

General description of character personality
Pretty relaxed... Unless Himitsu's involved, for the Purple One must pay for his role in cursing me! Not averse of causing some chaos.
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Postby Valkyrie Ice » Mon Jul 03, 2006 8:09 am

Character Name: Valkyrie Ice, Val-chan, Chibi-Val (sd type), Li'l Val (Kawaii girl type), various shapechange names.
Character Race: Demon Goddess. Really. Mom Mara used to be a demon in my time line, but became a goddess and hooked up with Mama Urd, who's a goddess but half demon., so I'm a pure bred Demon Goddess. Technically I'm 3/4 demon, but I'm not bad, just drawn that way.
Character Gender (Primary): Succubus... which is not really either and a whole lotta both, especislly since I'm a bisexual shapechanger with a weakness for hot lipstick lesbians and cat and bunny girls. (Hey Stacy! send a few dozen of your henchgirls my way!!! I'm horny!
Character Gender (Secondary): (If this applies) I refuse to admit to having one!!!!! (however, since he's finally made an appearance... Incubus/God. Named Ecchi, for very good reason. If you're female, or change into one, RUN. Run fast! Run very very far away. Ecchi cares nothing for age! Ecchi cares nothing for aliveness! Ecchi cares only that you are female!!!! and thus MOLESTABLE!!!!!!. (Warning. Ecchi exceeds all parental ratings. Almost every thing Ecchi does WILL have Censor Bars across it for the protection of your sanity.))
Physical Description of Character: Check out Val's Art thread in the Art section, or look at my avatar.
General Time of Joining the Spamville community: Oh I'm a new girl in town
Any powers character has: (Be as vague as you want) Goddess of Mischief, First Class, Probationary (pending review by Uncle Loki)
Powers. Time rewind up to five minutes, any spell used in a Squaresoft game, infinite cloning, Size changes, teleporting, and reality manipulation. Other powers as needed to commit mischeif.
Minion Type: (If applied) Horny Bisexual Bunny Girls! And this was before I knew Stacy had a monopoly on horny bisexual catgirls, or I would have some of those too. *pout*
Faction during the Brotherhood/Sisterhood war: Arrived after the carnage.
General description of character personality: Ohh, tough one. Horny girl looking for a good time? Troublemaker out to cause havok? I'm many things, BUT I AM NOT A SLIMY SOULSUCKER!!!!!! I eat libidos. with chocolate.
CALLING ALL SUCCUBI Come join the fun at Club Dante! Where Succubi are free to be Succubi!!!
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Postby Pale Wolf » Mon Jul 03, 2006 10:31 am

Hm... Well, I've had at least two distinct 'selves', and I'm not sure whether I'm going to have another when I get back to Spamville... So at the moment, this is mostly a historical document :) My second self went around mostly on IRC, so there won't be many records.
Character Name: Pale Wolf. My first nickname was 'Angel Lady', Pat used to call me Pallida Lupa, Rez called me Loopy, people in general call me Wolf or Pale. And what was it Truk called me...? Albino!
Character Race: Version 1: Fallen Angel
Version 2: Vampire
Character Gender (Primary): Female
Physical Description of Character: Version 1: Long blonde hair, dressed in black, black wings, carried a scythe and sword.
Version 2: Pale curvy black-haired/red-eyed vampire chick. Never did decide what I was wearing...
General Time of Joining the Spamville community: Whoa. Way back when. Late 04, I think.
Any powers character has: Pale_Wolf_1.0: Existing on the astral plane, so nigh-indestructible, used shadow-clones to interact with the world. Had a wide array of dark/light magic spells hijacked from an original fic I'd been working on, specializing in sealing and that one world-buster that I pulled out a few times.
Pale_Wolf_2.0: Obscenely hard to kill. Not hard to hurt, just that I was still alive even when a puddle of goo. Works well with regeneration. And Marble Phantasm (creating anything that exists in nature), even if I tended to forget myself and manifest nukes at point-blank range...
Minion Type: Pale_Wolf_1.0: Never really managed to get any...
Pale_Wolf_2.0: Random semi-obscure anime/game characters.
Faction during the Brotherhood/Sisterhood war: ... I think I was the only one who actually fought for the Sisterhood back there... Card-carrying member of the Sisterhood.
General description of character personality: ... You know, I don't describe how I act, I just do it. You guys try!
Additional... uniquenesses: Was the priest at Stacy's wedding (what ever happened to Jamie?). Contested Black Dragon's takeover of Heaven (tried to take it over myself) and lost. First one to get taken down by the plague of Chaos Frogs. I can claim the unique distinction of being directly responsible for a faceless minion (Literally. He (at the time, that was the appropriate gender) was a Final Fantasy Black Mage) of Stratagemini's becoming an active spam-poster.
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Postby Acey » Mon Jul 03, 2006 1:17 pm

Character Name
Ace originally, but just about everyone started calling me Acey at some point; Blondie; Acey-oneechan; Acey-obaasan.
Character Race
Character Gender
Physical Description of Character
5'4", blue eyes, loose wavy blonde hair, pale, nice figure ~^
General Time of Joining the Spamville community
Let me remember... I first encounted the board in November '04, spent December lurking and joined in Jan '05. Didn't become especially active in Spamville until a few months after that.
Any powers character has: (Be as vague as you want)
Can cook upside down and underwater... and even in regular environments too! Has a personal 'grillspace'. Possesses a liquor license.
Standard NWC physical abilities; also fire and heat resisitant (thanks, Mitsu! ^^). Have a strange ability to survive situations I should have no right to without resorting to godmodding. Very good tracker when Mitsu's concerned; and have little problem following him in or out of hell.
Have explicit knowledge of the legendary Amazon Uberglomp and also have various spatulas including the classic Uber spatula and the surprisingly versatile grapple-spatula. And also have a special attack I've only ever used once - the Tentou Hiryu-Hera Bachi Dageki.
Minion Type: (If applied)
Hmm, my Mitsu plushie? Linda the make-believe vampire parrot? I wouldn't count employees as minions...
Faction during the Brotherhood/Sisterhood war
Pulled a Switzerland.
General description of character personality
I'd like to think enterprising, optimistic and generally upbeat... epecially when Mitsu's around. Really like positve turnover. ^^
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Postby Himitsu » Mon Jul 03, 2006 1:34 pm

Well, since I basically have two different characters, I'll post two profiles.
Character Name: Himitsu, Jester, Xellos, Mitsu, you bastard, YOU!!!, purple menace, purple one, Fruit cake, that guy you have nightmares of, the mazoku...I'm not going to bother with the rest.
Character Race: Mazoku.
Character Primary Gender: Male.
Character Secondary Gender: Well, I'm a shapeshifter like all Mazoku, so I could go female if I wanted too and the situation called for it, which is like once in a blue moon.
Physical description of Character: I'm way to lazy to do that. Just look at the avatar! Although now I aparently have a catlike aura and manifest a purple cat tail and cat ears a random moments thanks Stacy's and Warg's meddling. DAMN YOU!!
General Time of Joining the Spamville community: When the Brotherhood was formed(I was one of the Founding Fathers). Basically the begining of the Great Sisterhood/Brotherhood War.
Any powers character has: That's a secret....that most of you probably already know.
Minion Type: Oh boy, have I got a list for you! I've got enough cannon fodder and bungling minions to fill a planet or two! Brass Demons, Brass Demon Lawyers wearing 10,000 dollar business suits, Brass Demon Commandos, Mafia Brass Demons, Mafia Black Mages, Black Mages(I just say Stag ordered it, they'll believe anything),Space Marines(inherited from BD), Stormtroopers(inherited from BD), Ninja Raptors with Lasers on their heads, Rednecks stolen from Contra(they'll do anything for booze anyway),Chaos Frogs, Bloodthirsters and plushies forged and given life on the Cosmic Plushie forge! I'm pretty sure I forgot a couple too.
Faction during the Brotherhood/Sisterhood war: Brotherhood of course!
General description of character personality: Can I just say homicidal maniac and be done with it?
Anyway, on to the 12 year old, stupid hot water!
Character Name: Shinji, Shaoran, and Shin-ron.
Character Race: Human.
Character Gender: Male.
Physical Description of Character: He looks just like Shaoran Li. Here's a couple pictures causing I'm lazy. One. Two. Three. Four.
General Time of Joining the Spamville community: See above.
Any powers character has: Wields a magical sword that can channel and amplify his magic that he can also summon at will. Elemental magic which he uses by using Ofuda. Kidou and Ninja techniques taught to him by Ellf-sensei. He's a genius child prodigy especially when it comes to mechanics with the ability to build anything out of anything with anything. If it's broke, he can fix it. He's a master martial artist(having had to give up on practicing Brat-fu since he's to old now) and Swordsman. He can take quite a beating, but is still limited to how much he can take by the fact that he is human and a kid at that. He currently shares a mental and emotional link with Metroidvania's cursed form Hotaru and therefore shares some powers with her as well.
Minion Type: Legozilla, Prinnies, Robozilla and any toy he can get his hands on and give life too.
Faction during the Brotherhood/Sisterhood war: Neutral.
General description of character personality: Himitsu in generally in control of Shinji until after a couple of post, at which point Shinji finally is able to take over. Generally he doesn't really care that he "blacks out" and pops up in different places when hit with cold water. He's love fighting and explosions and is easily angered and prone to violence. However, unlike Himitsu he is actually quite peaceful, honorable, nice and on the side of good until you piss him off(which isn't that hard to do). Heavan help the person that messes with friends and family.
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Postby camk4evr » Tue Jul 04, 2006 2:47 am

Character Name:Camk4evr. Also been called Cam and Camk
Character Race: Elf
Character Gender (Primary): male
Character Gender (Secondary): no secondary gender so far
Physical Description of Character: An elf with short, messy (not dirty just won't stay combed), brown hair, brown eyes covered by blue mirrorshades and a tendency to wear black (shirt, shoes, pants, gloves, and overcoat)
General Time of Joining the Spamville community: I believe it was spring of 2005 when I joined but I lurked off and on since the beginning
Any powers character has: Magic, teleports by snapping fingers, subspace access (like everyone else) generally accesssed through his overcoat, can stand/walk/run on ceiling, walls, and other surfaces as though they were the ground
Minion Type: Mostly humans but have access to boomers, bolos, and
other things which haven't appeared yet (probably never will really)
Faction during the Brotherhood/Sisterhood war: wasn't a member then
General description of character personality: I prefer to not become involved in the fighting in spamville and remain neutral in most conflicts, as I view the insanity of spamville as both entertainment and an opportunity to earn money- usually by selling weapons of various kinds but does dabble in other ventures (ie installing security systems, teaching, gambling, and selling videos of the events that occur). However if you attack me (or my food), annoy me, (ie sing Barney songs) or if I get bored (haven't had a chance) I will respond in an appropriately destructive manner (ususally I use Dragon Slaves but I've used bolos, firearms, a dalek, explosives and warships before as well)
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Postby Dragon Man » Wed Jul 05, 2006 3:12 am

Character Name: Dragon Man, Ember in dragon girl form, Draco in chibi form
Character Race: Cyborg dragon, dragon girl, chibi dragon
Character Gender (Primary): male
Character Gender (Secondary): female
Physical Description of Character: Normal form is a metal red dragon, cursed form is a red headed girl with dragon wings and tail dressed in Xena armor.
General Time of Joining the Spamville community: Mon Apr 24, 2006 12:00 am
Any powers character has: fire breath in both forms, fire proof, stuff space armory and garage, flight in both forms. normal form can use Magic, female form can use the Force.
Minion Type: 343 Guilty Spark
Faction during the Brotherhood/Sisterhood war: not present, but would have tried to stay neutral and survive
General description of character personality: Dragon man:Calm, but with a whacky sense of humor that can lead to weird attacks or actions. Ember is a non typical magical girl and will quite cheerfully shoot the villain in the head while they're doing their gloating or maniacle laughter.
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