Warring Fates 3

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Warring Fates 3

Postby LawOhki » Mon Jun 22, 2015 8:28 pm

Knock knock, who's there? Uhhh me I guess?

If a refresher is needed.

Higurashi Shrine
Later that night

Ranma let his traveling pack fall to the floor with a heavy thud. Kagome was showing him where Genma had been sleeping the past couple nights, and the family had offered to let them remain as long as they liked. 'Nice of em.' Ranma thought, even though he expected his old man to want to begin moving again as soon as possible. The elder Saotome had been very focused every since Jusenkyo about getting to Nerima but had never mentioned why.

Shrugging off the likely inconsequential detail, he addressed Kagome. "Thanks for letting us stay here."

"Oh, it's no problem. We have lots of room." Kagome happily reaffirmed.

“Even for ‘what’s his face’?” Ranma jerked his thumb back towards the doorway where Inuyasha was literally sniffing about and attempting to look like he wasn’t following him around. “He is half demon after all.”

“He seems harmless enough.” The girl answered as though discussing a pet. “And someone with such adorable dog ears can’t be too bad, right?”

“You’re not responsible enough to have pets, boy.” Genma said with as much parental authority as he could muster.

“I’m not a pet!” Inuyasha barked from his position far away and crossed his arms in a huff.

“He’s more of a stray that followed me home.” Ranma joked, enjoying the resulting growl Inuyasha gave him for the stray comment. “He’ll probably get bored and wander off if we just ignore him.”

“That’s too bad.” Kagome sighed sadly before hurriedly pointing towards a closet along the wall. “There should be a couple old futons in there you can use. Why don’t you get yours set up while I go get some snacks? I want to hear all about the past!” The girl hurriedly explained before rushing off without waiting for a response.

“Careful you don’t go soft with her pampering, boy.” Genma warned solemnly.

“I could never go as soft as you.” He shrugged, finding no fault with a nice girl like Kagome wanting to gift him with food. Hopefully there was a lot of it, he was still trying to get the taste of Kaede’s special cooking out of his mouth.


Inside the shrine storehouse

On top of a shelf a small rectangular wood case shifted once and then remained still. Sometime later it shifted again, this time nearly reaching the shelfs edge. A shorter amount of time elapsed before it moved again with more force sending the case over the edge to smash apart upon the floor.


Inuyasha sat against the wall with his arms folded into the sleeves of his haori. So what if he had fallen asleep for a little bit after the annoying ear groping girl Kagome had finished barraging the infuriating Ranma with questions. He deserved his rest too. But that had to have been hours ago because the room was now dark and all the occupants were sleeping.

His eyes easily saw the details of the room, far better than any human could. Not that he would need his night vision to see the faint glow being emitted by the Shikon no Tama resting on Ranma’s chest. The boy was stretched out, arms and legs carelessly going in every direction with a blanket twisted haphazardly over his body.

Without a sound, Inuyasha rose to his feet, and padded his way across the wooden floor. This was his moment. In just a few seconds he would have the Shikon no Tama in his grasp and then he would finally become a full demon. ‘Nothing can stand in my way now!’

Reaching out to take his prize, he was confused why his legs were no longer underneath him, and why he was hitting the wood several meters away. “He-- she-- whatever is awake!” He snarled and leapt the distance between them. This time he saw Ranma’s arm snake out to redirect him to slide face first across the floor to impact into the wall.

Bouncing up to his feet and furiously growling, he would make the human pay for this humiliation. Launching himself across the floor with a single jump, he caught himself shortly out of Ranma’s reach as the other human in the room suddenly sat up and looked directly at him.

“What?” He barked angrily at the interruption.

Genma just narrowed his eyes. “You’re being loud.”

“I don’t care!” He snorted, forgetting that he was trying to stealthy.


Kagome cocked her head to the side in curiosity as she knelt down in front of Inuyasha. Tossed upside down against the shrines sacred tree, he looked like he had been run over by a bus several times. Setting down the bucket of water she was carrying to be used later in a cleansing ritual by her grandfather, she reached out to take Inuyasha’s dog ears between her fingers, and began to knead them gently.

‘Awww, that’s the good stuff.’ She blissfully thought before noticing the golden eyes glaring at her. “Oh-- uh, good morning.” She quickly greeted and jerked her hands away from the hanyou’s ears.

Inuyasha lightly growled and righted himself into a cross legged sitting position with his hands shoved into his sleeves, desperately trying to appear like nothing had been amiss.

“Breakfast will be ready in a few minutes if you’re hungry.” She quickly told him and gathered up her things to go tell Ranma and his father. ‘Phew, that was smooth Kagome, good job!’

Water sloshed in her bucket as she rushed around the main shrine building, hearing loud shouting from Ranma and Genma. Her jaw dropped when she finally saw the pair bouncing around the courtyard exchanging punches and kicks at a speed she could barely see. Every jump was impossibly high, easily clearing twice their own height as the pair wearing white gi’s sparred.

“Ooh.” She watched in awe as the pair started to move in her direction. Ranma turned briefly to notice her and was hit by a nasty punch by Genma thanks to the distraction.

“Don’t just stand there, idiot!” Inuyasha snapped angrily and grabbed her by the back of the shirt pulling her backwards.

“Ack!” She shrieked and threw her bucket up into the air a moment before Ranma crashed into her former position.

Ranma sat up and groaned. “Stupid ol’ man, you’ll pay for--.” The boy’s tirade was cut off by the bucket landing over his head, dousing him in cold water. “That.” Finished the now female Ranma from inside the bucket.

“What’s that, boy? I couldn’t hear you?” Genma taunted with his hands on his hips.

“That was so cool!” She exclaimed, instantly at Ranma’s side. “I can’t believe you can do all those jumps and kicks!”

“Stupid old man, fighting dirty again.” Ranma muttered darkly as she pushed the bucket up off her head, black hair sticking wetly to her face.

“And you turned into a girl!” She gasped excitedly and poked at Ranma’s bust.

“Hey!” Ranma swatted her hands away. “Watch it there grabby.”

Inuyasha snorted loudly behind her.

“I came to tell you that breakfast would be ready soon.” She hastily changed the subject.

“We’ll finish this later, Pop.” Ranma warned the empty space where her father had been, the man already gone. The black haired girl sighed. “Hey, you don’t happen to know where my clothes are?”

“My mom decided to wash everything before you left.” She helpfully pointed out.

“Oh, thanks I guess.”

“Hey, where’s the jewel?” Inuyasha demanded irritably.

Ranma sniffed haughtily and stood up. “It’s safe-- and you’re not getting it.” She reached into her loose gi top that had fallen open slightly to briefly pull out the shikon no tama before putting it back.

“Let’s go have breakfast before you make the poor boy’s head explode.” She giggled at Inuyasha’s cross look, and grabbed Ranma by the arm to start heading for her home.

“Head explode from what?” Ranma asked cluelessly, attempting to tie her belt tighter while Kagome was pulling her by one arm.

“You know--.” She drawled suggestively as she drew a hand across her chest, glancing at Inuyasha who looked at her with complete obliviousness.

“Eh?” Ranma scoffed before glancing downwards to stare at her bust for a long moment, her gi still open enough to give a hint of cleavage. “But I’m a guy.”

“Guess that doesn’t matter to him.” She shrugged before continuing dragging Ranma towards her home and leaving Inuyasha standing in place deep in thought. “We should hurry so everyone isn’t waiting on us.”

It wasn’t until they were nearly at the door before Inuyasha yelled at them. “Hey! I’m not attracted to that ugly wench! I just want the jewel!” He angrily protested, having finally figured out what Kagome had been suggesting.

“How dare that-- mutt! Call me ugly!” Ranma fumed.

Kagome snickered.


Later that morning

Ranma yawned heavily and stretched his arms up over his head as he sat crosslegged at the entrance to the Higurashi shrine’s main building. Thick dark clouds had overtaken the sky and a steady rain had been going for several hours. His father had wanted to continue their journey to his unknown destination but the downpour had dissuaded him enough to remain until it had let up.

Settling back into a meditative position, he glanced out of the corner of his eye at Inuyasha sitting next to an inside wall. Inuyasha looked like he was asleep if his eyes weren’t tightly squeezed shut and ears didn’t constantly twitch in response to the steady roar of rain hitting the shrines roof. Ranma rolled his eyes at the half demons continued presence.

‘Maybe if he tried not being such a dick he’d be alright to have around.’ He reasoned, the hanyou would be a great for trying martial arts techniques on.

“So boy, what are you going to do with that?” Genma asked, sitting next to him and eyeing the softly glowing purple sphere resting against Ranma’s chest with obvious greed.

“Well for some reason it was inside of me-- so it’s mine. I also gotta deal with dunces like Inuyasha who want it for power so I have a responsibility to keep it safe.” He answered and tucked it back into his shirt sensing that his father would be better without the visual temptation. “At least until I can figure out what to do with it.”

“I could get twenty thousand yen easy with it and then it wouldn’t be your problem anymore. After everything I had done you would think my only son would feel some sort of obligation to repay his long suffering father!” Genma bemoaned dramatically.

“It’s a priceless magical jewel, not something you hock at a pawn shop!” Ranma snapped in time with Inuyasha stomping on the back of Genma’s head to plant his face in the wooden floor.

“The jewel is mine, touch it and I’ll kill you!” Inuyasha barked as he purposely ground his foot into the back of Genma’s head.

“Neither of you two idiots are getting it!” Ranma yelled and punted both of them out into the rain before snorting in disgust.

“Bitch!” Inuyasha spat, struggling to crawl out from under Genma’s now substantial panda bulk.

#That was uncalled for boy!# Genma signed while making no effort to get off of Inuyasha.

Ranma was about to retort that it didn’t feel like enough but held off, noticing a woman wearing a white kimono with an umbrella watching the proceedings from the gateway dividing the main shrine building off from the courtyard.

“Goodness, what is a panda doing here?” The woman questioned without much concern, stepping back out into the rain to make a wide arc up to where Ranma was.

“Don’t be fooled it’s just a curse. That’s really my idiot dad.” Ranma answered while waving his hand dismissively.

“And the hanyou? Is he some relation as well?” The woman asked without missing a beat as she folded her umbrella.

“No, definitely not a relation.” Ranma replied barely noticing how still his father was as Inuyasha tried to gather the leverage to throw him off.

“Hmm.” The woman peered at him intently. “You seem familiar but the Higurashi’s don’t have a son as old as you.”

“Huh? Oh I don’t live here, I’m just passing through with my old man. Did you want the priest? I’ll go grab him for you?” He offered and half turned away from the doorway. She reminded him of Kagome’s mother and if she knew how many kids they had, he assumed she must be a relative of theirs.

“You forgot this!” Inuyasha yelled and dropped a sopping wet Genma on him.


“Well would you look at that?” Inuyasha taunted, his eyes locked onto the shikon jewel that had popped out of Ranma’s shirt to lay just out of reach. Purposely elbowing the fat panda in the head again so he’d stay down, he turned a victorious smirk downwards at Kikyo’s reincarnation as Ranma’s curse triggered from the dripping wet panda.

“Don’t move, hanyou.” The new woman ordered, pulling out four paper ofuda from her sleeve.

“Stay out of this, old woman.” He barked dismissively, not caring at all what some human had to say now that he was so close to getting the jewel.

“As you wish.” She raised her left hand up into a hand sign and threw the ofuda at him.

He frowned and calmly pulled the sticky paper from where it had come to rest across his face. Looking at what was written on the talisman he dropped it in disgust before slowly picking off the next on his left shoulder. Not even bothering with the other two he leveled an annoyed glare at the human.

“Ah-- that should have put you to sleep.” She absently explained, blinking several times in a way that reminded him far too much of that annoying wench Ranma. “It must be because you’re only a hanyou. It would have worked on a real demon.”

“Live and learn.” He shrugged and held up his right hand, brandishing his claws. “Then die because I’m sick of putting up with you annoying humans getting in my way.”


“No!” He cried out in alarm as the rosary around his neck became impossibly heavy and slammed his face painfully into the floor. Head spinning, he shakily drew back up to his hands and knees trying to regain his feet.



Ranma snorted as she used the subjugation beads to drop Inuyasha back to the floor a second time, the floor protesting the abuse with an audible crack as something unseen gave way. Hurriedly scooping back up the jewel to return it to around her neck, she addressed the woman who had stepped in Inuyasha’s way.

“Thanks for distracting him. Inuyasha’s such an idiot I almost forget he’s dangerous.” She bowed her head, watching out of the corner of her eye to make sure Inuyasha was going to stay down.

“Where did you-- get that jewel? Young-- man?” The woman asked in confusion.

“Magic curse, like the panda.” She quickly explained her cheeks feeling warm out of embarrassment that someone was paying attention to it.

“Like-- panda?” The woman turned slightly towards the large black and white shape.

#Hello someone else’s wife# A wooden sign casually peaked up from the bulk of Genma’s form. Ranma narrowed her eyes dangerously at her father, not liking how he was acting one bit. #The boy lies#

“As for this.” She patted the jewel resting against her chest. “That’s sort of complicated.”

“We should start with introductions then, as we were so caught up earlier in the hanyou’s rude antics. I am Saotome Nodoka from the Nishimura Shrine and I am very interested in hearing the story.” The woman greeted with a polite bow.

“Wow, what a coincidence. I’m Saotome Ranma. And that dumb lug acting like he’s a panda is Saotome Genma.” She replied with her own polite bow.

Genma sat up and urgently shook a new sign. #That’s not my name! Lies!#

“That is such a weird coincidence. You have the same names as my son and husband.”

“Idiots.” Inuyasha mumbled into the floor.
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Re: Warring Fates 3

Postby LawOhki » Sat Apr 14, 2018 8:03 pm

Revised and altered direction of things. Updated first post to reflect full chapter as of now.
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