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Ranma / Sailor Moon / Kamen Rider Wizard concept/other ideas

Postby PepperJAQ » Fri Dec 28, 2018 6:56 am

First? I live! And I finally figured out what was going on with my account XD Turns out I have this thing tied to one of my oldest and nearly unused email accounts. Should fix that later.

Second, been poking at fic writing again between a bunch of other things. Have a few images I want to post in my old lot thing, but have to relearn the codes to get it to look right as well as figure out which site to post for sources. So spoiled on Discord and Tumblr these days with just being able to just stick them up. X3

Anyhoo, so I have a few ideas I'm working on. Really its I have too many plot bunnies. The first I'm going to hit on here is a Ranma Sailor Moon and Kamen Rider Wizard cross. The current working title is: The Final Hope; CONNECT, PLEASE.

Concept/set up/summary/whatever: After Galaxia, things didn't go as the Senshi thought it would. Turns out something shifted time again and Crystal Tokyo may not be a thing. Still, they want to rebuild the Moon Kingdom. After many more years of demon hunting, they eventually make contact with Japanese Parliament and the Emperor himself as Queen Serenity, King Endymion (they are married at this point) and their senshi. With the discovery of the Moon Palace to back them up, they are given their own embassy which doubles as a base of operations to continue to safeguard Tokyo. While all this is happening, other magics are starting to surface again, and the Senshi use the embassy to help coordinate and file away the discoveries.

It's been 10 years since Galaxia at time of the fic's start. Many schools have taken to teaching defense and first aid as general education. Nerima had taken this a bit too much to heart, but they weren't the only ones. (this covers why the hell there even is schools with Martial art Cheerleaders in this time line XD )

While the Senshi are very public, they still have personal lives. Usagi and Mamoru espeically like to keep things on a low(ish) profile. Their child is born and growing, but the mounting pressures of their 'day job' is making it difficult to take care of their child as much as they want to. Once Small Lady gains her powers, it will be another story, but for now they need some help. Pluto gets contacted by her future self with just the perfect candidate... Trouble is, this candidate comes with some baggage.

Pulling some strings, Setsuna shows up at the Tendo Dojo for one Ranma Saotome. She claims that there is a job that 'she' is needed for and that Setsuna is there with the backing of the Emperor himself. When asked what the job is, she states it is classified and on a need to know basis and that none of her friends or family can come do to the very sensitive nature (the usage of the emperor is for the sake of most of the 'country men' backing down their crap... nerima will figure into later story bits but the first several chapters I need them out of the way to get things settled first). When asked how long the job was and how dangerous, they are told at least 2 or more years and the level of danger was uncertain without revealing the nature of the job, but that it wasn't a zero chance of danger.

However, Nodoka is having none of this. She hasn't had her child around for a very long time and she can't bare to see Ranma leave her again for even a year let alone what looked to be =at least= 2. Setsuna considers it and then states that she can come under one absolute condition: She leave her honor blade and all it represents there at the dojo.

I do have a rough scene for that. I'll post it here, but if you want to, feel free to skip past. it is -not- what is going to be in the story, the actual scene will be far more streamlined and much less rambly... I hope (note, all scene markers are also subject to change):
Nodoka tried to be the dutiful wife. Stay quiet, off to the side. But no, she just couldn’t. This random woman, no matter what banner she flew, came to take her Ranma away after she barely got him back. She needed something at least. Still, she was the traditional woman she was, poised and calm.

At least on the outside.

“And how long might this job last?” She was rather proud of herself that she got the nearly the whole thing out without her voice cracking in worry. Only the final syllable gave the barest hint. She wasn’t sure if she was more worried about this Meioh woman hearing it or not.

Meioh-san turned her gaze at the Saotome Matriarch. Everything from the file described her in a way that she expected the woman to stay quiet and respectful given the setting. Granted, she too was a woman, but her authority far outstriped her supposed station. Not that Setsuna agreed with such outdated falderal, but it was no less unexpected. “This is an important and sacred duty she will be performing. We do not know when the window of danger will pass, but the most reliable estimates give a solid 2 years if not 4.”

Nodoka quivered. 2 years. Worse, 4 possible? And they weren’t even sure. True, it could be shorter than that, but then, anyone that would dare threaten the royal family had to be methodical and careful. And that was assuming a single attempt, or that it wasn’t a part of some greater conspiracy. There were too many unknowns. She was too tired, too stressed, far too worn thin after 10 years of waiting. To some, another 2 or 4 might not seem much, but she was fed up with waiting.

Screwing up her courage, pooling every bit of confidence she had, she proved she was every bit Ranma Saotome’s mother. He got his foot in his mouth from his father, but his determination? Nodoka’s line had it in spades.

Sliding partially forward, drawing herself physically into the conversation and just a inch closer then Genma, giving off every bit of an air of authority as she could muster, she spoke her piece, “Then, Meioh-Sama, I firmly request that at least I be allowed to attend. Not only do I have some level of skill that may help my son in this endeavour, but I have been without him for over 10 years and have only just started getting to know him again. My heart can not take another absence. Not 4 years, not 2, not even 1.” She bowed her head to the floor, forehead against the tami mat. “I beg of you.”

Everyone was still. The few that were old enough and well versed in the proper ways of tradition, saw this movie as both improper and brave. Setsuna more so. She was not anticipating this turn at all. Turning away a woman that wanted to meddle? Sure. Turning away the fiancees and fathers just on general principal, let alone the trouble they could cause? Easy. But turning away a heartbroken mother? Even considering the contract? She sighed.

“Saotome-san. I will consider such under one,” she paused, “And let me make this clear, one ABSOLUTE condition. If you can not abide by this, then the answer is no.” Seeing the fear mix with home in Nodoka’s eyes, Setsuna made her decree, pointing at the sword in her hands, “That stays here.”

Nodoka’s eyes widened. Sitting up straight, she looked first to her son, then down to the object in question. The Saotome clan katana. She tried to form words. What should she do? What could she do?

Akane spoke up first, “Auntie, it’s just a sword. Go with him.” She smiled softly. She cared for the dummy, and knew they both needed each other.

Hearing Akane’s words and seeing some of the looks, Setsuna knew that the meaning didn’t quite land fully on the others. Even those not steeped in tradition should have picked up on what that meant. She did note that Ranma was not among that count. “Perhaps I need to be more clear. Nodoka Saotome may come as an assistant to her daughter, but to do so, she must leave the Saotome Honor blade, and all that it represents, behind.” She looked directly into Nodoka’s eyes, “Your honor, your failure, and ALL promises and contracts that are connected with the name and blade stay here.” As Setsuna finished her firm statement, she let herself a small sense of satisfaction as the rest of the eyes in the room widened.

But the greater amount of that satisfaction came from the gears she could see turning behind the auburn haired woman. There was a specific word she included in there as a key of hope for her to latch on to. The message was hopefully clear. A steep price, but a grand reward indeed.


For a moment, it was just her and the sword. Nodoka alone to her thoughts in the crowd contained within the place she had come to call home. Looking down at the sword, Nodoka was caught in the moment she feared most, in a form totally alien to her expectations.

She remembered all those days after making the pact with her husband 10 years ago. She would sit and dream of how wonderful a boy, how MANLY a person he would be. But the cost always came to haunt her nightmares. Raising the sword, letting gravity start to pull the blade down, and the fatal follow through. She wasn’t the same caliber of martial artist as the rest of her family and friends, but she knew that one swing would be clean and smooth.

And one that she would regret. But duty was important to her.


Her failure is not in following through or not with the pact. Her failure was making it in the first place. No mother should kill their only child. And for what? Sure, ‘manly’ was horrifically unclear; But her younger self had thought it was a flexible term enough that it would be easy for even a child that didn’t become the best fighter and ladies man to meet it.

No, it didn’t turn out that way. Genma had his idea of manly. Her’s wasn’t even a complete picture, more of how she wished her husband was. She would have adored him having some mistresses. She would have enjoyed the companionship. She would have enjoyed him being more forward and energetic with his husbandly duties. But that was what she wanted out of her husband. Not necessarily what ‘manly’ was.

Her failure was over 10 years ago, and she had been paying for it. She was no fool, this woman intended her son to live as a woman in the Imperial Palace. Likely for the entire time. If this sword went with her, with their history, and Ranma’s parent’s mixed ideas of manliness. She would -have- to do what duty calls for. Despite how she saw him as manly even as her ‘Ranko’.

And thus, the alien element. She fears having to pit her heart against her duty in the question of if she could indeed honestly draw her sword against her son. Instead, here she sits, duty and heart warring just to be with him. Her. Nodoka’s child. Leave the sword, go with child.

Keep the sword, loose everything.

It was 2 or more years. But so much changed in 10. So much changed in the year or so she had him back in her life again. And she couldn’t. Her heart could not take waiting again. Not when Ranma was going to do such an Important job. One that might even mean his death for the sake of country.

She reached a decision.

Nodoka stood slowly, walking over to the (door) facing out to the pond. Carefully she unwrapped the sword and scabbard, laying out the long wrapping across the floor in front of her. With meaningful slowness, she drew the blade from the wood container, pacing it over the wrapping and holding up the sword, looking at the edge.

She had cleaned and cared for this weapon, this symbol of promise and home. The heart and icon of honor. Her inspection done, she lay the blade on top of the scabbard. Standing again, she stepped around the obstacle and out on the (veranda), turning to face the gathering, kneeling and placing her forehead against the wood, “As you request, Meioh-Sama. I, Nodoka, am at your service.”

The meaning is clear. Her internal thoughts played out in pantomime with her sword. Her honor laid bare and left behind. Her failure laid bare and left behind. Every promise and contract, laid bare.

And left behind.

Setsuna nodded, “I will accept you as Ranma’s assistant.” She turned, putting power to her voice “However, there are no other positions open. I made this exception only in light of this woman’s sacrifice, both in the past for what she believed was right, and in the here and now for what she knows is right.” She glared at Genma especially, “The rest of you, we know of greatly as well. While I shall overlook a lot of the worst elements here for Ranma’s sake, the simple fact is, we can not allow any of you there. Not fathers, not fiancees, not friends. We know of all the insanity that goes on in this ward. While rather entertaining from the far view of the palace, any of it occurring on palace grounds can not stand. During the next 2 or more years, You will not have any contact with Ranma or Nodoka unless its on the phone or on the street. Do I make myself clear?”

Everyone in the room nodded, scared of this fierce woman.

(note: the mention of the palace was from an earier form of this fic, where I set up all the senshi at a mansion on the same grounds as the Imperial Palace, kinda in line with the concept I was working off inspired by the ending of Ozz's Heir to the Empire... that version, as you can tell from what I said before the above scene, is no longer the one I'm working with, so ignore that. The Senshi at this point in the story -do- have the Emperor's ear though)

Anyhoo... Thing is, Ranma is strong, but needs more then just her martial arts to do the job. This is where the Kamen Rider Wizard cross comes in. I already tested this bit with Ozz. Given how bad I am with info dumbs, I'm actually kinda proud of this next wip. Again though, it is rough and needs some tightening up. But since I don't know how long it will be before I post anything (at least with this story, I want to have at least the first 3 chapters ready to post before I actually do so.)
----rough version of meeting with Koyomi and Wasitora, subject to revision----

Setsuna pointed to the shop door, “In there.”

Ranma gave her new employer an uncertain look, “In there what?”

Turning to the shorter girl, Setsuna smiled enigmatically, “In there you will find help for the Neko Ken.”

“What if I don’t want it gone?” Something about how the taller woman was directing her felt odd. As if there was something more to this then just the Cat Fist.

Humming thoughtfully, Setsuna made a bit of a show of crossing her arms lightly, “Well, given the place you will be working will have 3 cats, it is going to be pretty difficult for you to do your job with them around as it is.” She pointedly looked at Ranma, “But it’s more than that. I know that the power of your berserker state has benefited you a handful of times in the past, but in all honesty, what is different about you aside from the complete lack of control over your actions? Given what I know of your capabilities with ki attacks, I have no doubt with some effort you could figure out the claws.” She let her arms drop, her body language turning more stern, “Nothing about the Neko-ken is special aside from showing what hidden potential you have as a fighter.” She smirked, “Or should I say ‘had’. Your performance record leads me to believe that you could likely match your neko self at this point.”

Stepped a bit closer, she rested a hand on Ranma’s shoulder, “I know it can be scary, both to face your fears and to let go of something that seems so useful, but trust me, to go forward you must go into that shop.” Stepping back, she nodded to Nodoka, “We will wait out here. There are some things I need to discuss with her anyway.”

Ranma turned her attention to her mother who was still standing by the car. Nodoka still knew so little about her, and this was just one of those things. “You are going to tell her about it, aren’t you?”

“Among other things yes. When we get to your new home, I want to be able to move us swiftly to the next step in your orientation, and the less she interrupts with potential questions while I’m answering yours the better. Now, no more wasting time. You either go in or go back.”

Ranma sighed, “Yeah yeah, I’m goin.” It wasn’t like she wasn’t. But there seemed to be even more of a weighty feeling to what was going on then just a simple fear. Something about the vibe the already mysterious enough woman was giving off.

Opening the door caused a cheery bell to jangle, announcing her presence. Stepping through the door, Ranma felt something… shift. It was barely perceptible, like seeing something out of the corner of one’s eye, just out of sight but there. When the door closed behind her, the latch clicked with a heavier clack than she would have expected. It almost was like she was locked in. Rather then bothering to check, however, she figured it would be better to see whatever through.

Still, she made note of that feeling for later.

The space in front of her looked welcoming enough. The walls were lined with tasteful shelving with all sorts of knick knacks, on the left side and to her right, there were a few cases sitting waist high. She couldn’t the two to the left, but the one to her right was close enough that she could see several gem stones and rings arrayed in a pleasing manner.

In front of her was a slightly raised space marked by four small columns containing a couch and a couple of seats around a small table. Likely for guests to wait on special orders or some such, Ranma guessed. At the back of the room to the right was what looked like the sales counter that was currently unmanned, straight ahead was stairs leading up, likely to the floor above, and finally on the left side was a room.

Aside from the fact that the shop was empty, the only thing of real note was the sound of something being rubbed against something else or maybe something being filed down. Wandering around the seating, Ranma followed the sound, leading her to the room on the left. What she saw was both the most mundane and yet terrifying sight to her.

An old woman.

Well, not old old. She looked maybe 50 or 60. Not a rough looking old either. Weathered skin, sure, but she reminded Ranma of someone that had lived a good life. There were plenty of folk on her journeys that had that sort of happy spirit.

Happy, wise, and potentially dangerous given Ranma’s track record for meeting old women in strange places.

The elder woman sat slightly hunched over a work table, tools all around her. Some simple, others strange and unknown to the girl. Diagrams cluttered the walls looking almost like different forms of magic circles that she had scene in various fantasy manga. In her hands was indeed a file, slowly working at a softly glowing gem stone sitting in a clamp.

She hesitated, uncertain if the woman had just not heard the bell or was waiting for her to say something, “U-um…”

“Please have a seat. I’ll be right with you in a moment.” The voice was gentle, almost amused.

Ranma hoped this was a good sign. She had already had her fill of pain in the ass wize crones as it was. Nodding, she walked over to the couch, sitting with her hands clasped in her lap.

For several minutes, the time wore away with the continued sawing of the file. Rather then being annoying, somehow the sound had a comforting vibe to it. Ranma leaned back, inhaling and the exhaling her worries away for the moment.

The relaxed atmosphere continued for sometime it felt, until the sound of tools being put down clattered delicately followed by clicking of metal together as if a locket or something was being closed. Looking to the work room, Ranma watched as the woman stepped out, the same glow from the gem now in her hand.

She didn’t look to be much taller then Ranma herself, her long hair draped like a curtain around her face, long and silvered from age. Her brown eyes held an inviting warmth. She was dressed in a rather comfy style befitting of someone of her stature, though looking closer, Ranma could see the trim of her dress and even embroidered throughout were small ‘magic’ circles similar to the ones on her wall. Around her waist was a simple belt with a strange buckle in the form of a open right hand made of black metal and outlined with gold trim. A glance at the woman spoke of a kindly grandmother sort willing to offer cookies and a hug on a rainy day. But everytime she looked closer at any one detail, the feeling that she was much more was clear.

“Thank you so much for waiting. You are actually much earlier than I anticipated.” Walking over and taking a seat across from Ranma, the woman smiled kindly, “But then I’m not used to a woman like Lady Pluto making orders.” Bowing, she greeted Ranma, “Welcome to my shop, I am Koyomi Fueki. Please, call me Auntie Koyomi if you would like. It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance.”

Ranma returned the bow, “Ranma Saotome. I was told you could help with the Neko-Ken?”

Koyomi got a thoughtful look on her face, “Well, I don’t know anything about a thing called the ‘cat fist’ of all things. Sounds kinda cute.” The warm smile returned as she leaned forward, “But perhaps if you let me have a look at you, we can see what we can find.”

Nodding hesitantly, Ranma agreed with a simple “Sure.”

“Alright then. Please relax,” Koyomi closed her eyes and pulled out a strange ring from an unseen pocket, fitting it over her right middle finger. Hovering her hand over the odd buckle, the ring shimmered and a voice called out =SCRY - Please=. Opening her eyes again, they glowed with a golden light.

Ranma was a bit unnerved by the way the older woman stared right into her. It made sense of course given that she was obviously using some kind of magic, but it was still no less disconcerting. Still, she tried her best to relax for the time being. A small thought on the fringe of her mind caused her to look back over at the door.

After a few moments, the glow in Koyomi’s eyes faded and she blinked, putting her ring away while making a thoughtful hum or two. “I see. So, she didn’t send me a gate.” Looking back up, her eyes were warm once more, but there was an intensity not there before just under the surface. “She sent a mage. Well, this makes me job both easier in one fashion, and a bit trickier in another.”

“Gate? Mage?” Ranma knew of these words, but ‘gate’ was lacking some context given it’s use and ‘mage’ was just surprising given that Koyomi was obviously talking about her. In way Ranma felt a slight bit if relief at the fact that she was finally hitting that rabbit hole she was expecting. But now that she was going down it, she felt that worry start to creep up again. Her track record with wise crones wasn’t all that great. Even if they seemed to be the nicest granny types.

Koyomi nodded, “Give me a moment.” Getting up, she wandered down the center of her store, to the right of the staircase into the back of her shop. A moment later, she came back with a kettle and some cups. “How do you like your tea, sweetheart.” Setting down the service, she place a cup in front of Ranma and one in front of her, pouring out each and preping them to taste before sitting back down fully.

Ranma looked down at the cup. Hot water. Right now of all times? She was uncertain whether she wanted to chance a reveal. More then Old wise women, she didn’t have much of a good record with folks and their first time with her curse. Best she could hope for was amusement at testing the curse for five or more minutes. At worst? Well, Ranma never tangled with a true magic user before, so at least there was that possiblity.

Seeing the girl’s apprehension, Koyomi smiled, “Don’t worry, child. Jusenkyo’s curse is known to me.” Her smile held a glint of amusement and a similar mysterious bend to it that she had seen in both Kho Lon and Ms. Meioh’s smiles.

“That ‘Scry’ spell tell you?” Ranma hazarded the guess.

“Rather astute. Yes.” Taking a sip, Koyomi gathered her thoughts, “While only really a gleaning into your life before delving into the really important thing, I did get enough to know you are a rather powerful woman. Powerful, cursed in so many fashions, and scared.” Knowing the girl was about to make some sort of protest, she simply held up a hand, “I am not here to argue, sweetheart. This is what I see. And it is the greatest fear that is the reason you were sent here.” Looking Ranma in the eye, she nodded, “Now, please, enjoy some tea while I explain a few things.”

Seeing Ranma pick up her cup and sip, she continued, “I know I don’t have to tell you that magic is real. Your curse is already the strongest proof of that in your life. While magic faded from the world for several ages, once long ago, the entire solar system was filled with it. Even today, thanks the the Senshi reemerging, magic is starting to make a come back.”

Pulling out another ring, she repeated the motions to cast a spell. Ring on hand, hand over buckle, and the words rung out: =CONNECT - PLEASE=. A small glowing red magic circle faded in and floated in the air to Koyomi’s right. Reaching into it, she pulled out a thick book, something the word ‘Tome’ really felt appropriate for. Opening it, she leafed through notes and diagrams, once in a while stopping on something to let Ranma see illustrated examples. “There were once many different kinds of magic. Angelic, demonic, shamantic, alchemical. This ring, is one such magic.”

She held up her ‘connect’ ring, allowing Ranma to get her first good look at the top of it. An amber stone had inlaid silver depicting a dragon’s head and wing coming through a circle. It was set with in a silver rim that connected it to the main ring around her finger.

“Some are born with magic, others can learn in or even gain it by making deals with powerful entities. In the case of Gates, they are in a sort of middle ground, thought I would put it more at ‘born’,” She sighed, “With a cost.”

Ranma raised an eyebrow. Setting down her drink, she wondered aloud, “Seems like you casts those spells really easily. What sort of cost?”

“We are the few in the world born as ‘Gates’. A gate is someone born with magical potential, but this potential is totally dormant until we fall into despair.” She looks at her ring, moving a bit to catch the light, “And when we fall into despair, when we loose the thing that is supporting our heart, a Phantom is born.”

“A phantom? Like a ghost?”

“No. It’s amusing how languages changes or has similar words for different things. A Phantom is a manifestation of magical energies formed from the dark aspects of the host. The full story is a bit more complicated than that, but we have much to go through today, so I’ll just leave it at that.”

She offered more tea before continuing, “The Phantom born begins to destroy the Gate’s ‘Underworld’, a place in your heart where your most cherished memory or desire that supports your heart is held. In very little time, the Gate’s body is destroyed and the Phantom free to wreak havoc as it pleases.” She turned the page to one showing a drawing of a healthy person, then one having several purple cracks over their body, and the third showing a monster of some sort bursting out of the shattered remains.

Ranma’s eyes widened, “But if a Gate is destroyed, how do they get to use magic?”

“I did say it took ‘very little time’. The destruction of the Gate is not instantaneous, even under the most stressed of situations. A Gate has time to find something to hold back their Phantom. Usually it’s a reaffirming of the original Hope, the finding of a new one, or something similar.” Another page was turned, this time depicting something similar, but now with the third was filled with gold in the cracks, and a new forth image with a right hand emblem like the one Koyomi had as her buckle on a now health person. “Whether love, a desire, or just determination, the positive power of the emotion entraps the Phantom inside the Gate and they become a Mage.”

Closing the book and sending it back through a new portal, she leaned back and took a calming breath, “And this is where things get strange. For me, it was the loss of my father that drove me into a deep despair and the memory of a promise we made together that I still wanted to fulfill, even if he wasn’t going to be there to see it, that bolstered my heart. Hope is the strongest power our kind of Mage can posses.” A troubled look crossed her face, “But for you?”

Ranma watched as she paused, clearly wrestling with something before taking a sip of her cooling tea, “Tell me, sweetheart, how does one get this ‘Neko-Ken’?”

The younger girl paled, “W-well. I was about six at the time, I think. Pops read a stupid training manual and didn’t bother with reading the whole thing through and finding the damn warning before doing it to me.” Her fear turned to anger for a moment as she pressed on, “Just dig a hole, fill it with starving cats, wrap the trainee in fish food product, and toss them in. Leave them in there a while and see if the desired result happens. Rinse repeat till you b-” Ranma paused. “Break their mind.”

Koyomi nodded sadly, “You seem to have gleaned the same thing I did. Given the shape of your Phantom and your fear, I believe this is what may have happened; You were in the depths of despair. Maybe it was feeling like you were failing your father. Maybe it was a feeling of betrayal at what your father did to you, the cats, or both. Maybe it was something else. Perhaps you were even calling out for someone and they wouldn’t come. A friend, your mother, someone. But whatever it was, your heart fell to despair.”

“T-then why am I not dead and a Phantom in my place?” Ranma held a hand over her heart, a feeling of foreboding swirling inside.

“You found your thing. You found the thing that would bolster your heart and contain your Phantom.” Koyomi’s warm eyes filled with sorrow at remembering what she saw inside this sweet, powerful girl. She held on for a moment more, but finally had to tell her what it was.


Before she could even stop Ranma, the younger girl was already in denial, “No, I’m not afraid of anything!” The strength of her conviction was marred by the shiver that quaked her body.

Leaning forward and placing a calming hand over Ranma’s quivering one, Koyomi smiled despite the sadness, “We are all afraid of something. It’s just yours was more powerful the the despair. I don’t know exactly what happened, but the feelings and images I saw tell me you grabbed on to your fear tight. Either you were so afraid of the cats finally ending your life, or maybe not seeing your mother again. But whatever it was, it was stronger then the sense of betrayal you felt.”

Giving Ranma’s hand a squeeze before moving back, Koyomi continued, “Thing is, the fear not only held the Phantom at bay, it warped her. She is unlike anything I have seen before. You and her are very special.”

Ranma nodded, still shaking a little. Both from the reminder of her fear and the revelation of where it came from. There was an unasked question hanging in her mind, “So, in that case, why can’t I use magic?”

Taking another calming sip of tea, she steadied herself for the the next step, “Two reasons. First and simplest is that you don’t have the tools to do so. We Mages with magic born of Phantoms need a medium to perform magic through.” Reaching back into her pocket, she pulled out the glowing object she had earlier and a copy of the strange buckle she wore.

Once both were placed on the table in front of Koyomi, Ranma could see the odd object at last; a ring. This one was a rather large ruby inset in a slightly oblong silver setting. Along one half of the outer setting, a gold band was attached on pins, implying it could move. “This is your rider buckle and first ring. It is known as ‘Flame’. You’ll understand if you can get through the second reason.” Seeing Ranma start to reach for them, she held up a hand, “Please, wait for me to explain the second reason first.”

Ranma moved her hands back reluctantly. Learning these spells could be really nifty in a fight, especially with a spell called ‘Flame’. Still, she would wait just a little longer.

Satisfied that Ranma had listened, Koyomi finished her explanation, “When you first use that ring, you will be taken to your Underworld. You will face your Phantom. You will face your fear, and you will make peace with it. Because the other reason you can’t use your magic is because you fear it’s source. Not in a ‘healthy respect’ fear. An honest, debilitating fear. When you blackout, it’s your phantom taking control. It seems to be a limited control but it’s enough. If you tried to use any magic right now either it would fail or you might just fall completely to your Phantom as the barrier of fear you have unwittingly constructed fails catastrophically.”

Ranma gazed at the ring with no small part of apprehension now. “So… then how?”

Koyomi’s smile returned with full force, “Normally, sweetheart, I would train you in your powers, a few pointers, some advice. But no. You are already accustomed to power. But to overcome your fear, you have to just dive in at the deep end. This would have been your third ring after your ‘driver on’ spell and the ‘connect’ spell you just saw. No point if you can’t use a normal spell yet, and too much a chance that one of those attempts to cast could kill you out right.”

Looking at the ring on the table and then back up to the kindly old woman, Ranma wondered aloud, “Just how much did you see with that ‘scry’?”

“Enough.” Koyomi replied enigmatically, “I saw a child tossed in a pit of vicious claws more then once. I saw a girl crying for her mother while being yelled at by an uncaring oaf. I saw a dragon smashing against a memory, purple cracks all around before being drowned in a darkness and bound in chains of fear. I saw the dragon take hold and fight her way out only to find her power diminished and her senses dulled, and then put to rest. And… I saw a spark of something amazing in a pool of water.”

Ranma slouched in exasperation, “Damn it, there it is. You are a nice old lady, Ms Fueki, but damn it I knew the riddles were going to drop sooner or later.” Her only answer was an amused chuckle.

“Well, Ranma. Are you ready?”

The girl on the spot looked again at the door, uncertain of many things.

Noting Ranma’s attention, Koyomi laughed again, “Oh, so you did sense my wards. I thought you would. If you think the door is locked, it is not. I could have locked it even now if I thought you falling to your Phantom was a danger.” Her eyes, while still gentle, held Ranma’s firm with a confidence that was as unshackable as Ranma’s own. “But I know you can do it. Now. It’s time.” She pushed the two objects toward the young mage.

Hesitating, Ranma slowly picked up the buckle first, then the ring. Not sure exactly how this would work, she just placed the buckle over her tummy. The sudden appearance of a simple leather belt around her waist, locking the ornament in place, was a bit of a surprise.

“Don’t worry. That strap forms if you have no belt already. It can attach to any belt and will not weigh it down. The belt won’t break easily either. What you have on you is a rather resilient artifact.” Her smile turned slightly sardonic, “One might say you would die before it breaks.”

“G-good to know,” Ranma’s nerves were already a bit frayed at what she learned and what she had to look forward to. Looking at the ring, she noted again the odd golden bit. Using her finger, she gently moved it, finding it easily clicked into place over the ruby. It did not go directly across, but rather came down at an angle from both ends to the center with a small oval hole allowing the ruby underneath to shine through. Giving it a good look now, she noted that there were features etched into the ruby. Along with the band it looked like a girl’s face wearing what might be a tiara. A simple tiara, but one reminiscent of the senshi. “Why does it look like this? Why not an actual flame or something?”

Clearly amused, Koyomi helpfully replied, “I’ll explain after you come back.”

Clearly unamused, Ranma just gave the woman a half-lidded look before slipping the ring onto her middle finger. Taking a deep breath, she placed her hand over the buckle.


And then all was black.

End chapter


(missing scene: Nodoka is informed by Setsuna about the neko ken)



She was home.

That’s what every feeling told her. But this was a home she didn’t remember. Before her, she saw a house she was in before it was trashed by her would be suitors. Her mother’s home. And there, sitting at the table was a boy and her mother, smiling. The most carefree smiles she ever did see on either face.

But it was a moment frozen. All around her were cracks. Not purple, not gold. Just, cracks. As if everything were made of stone.

“Welcome to the memory that supports your heart. Frozen in time. Neither held up by hope or fallen to despair.” A voice from behind her spoke. It sounded strange to her ears in more ways than one.

Turning around, Ranma saw herself staring back. This Ranma had one hand to her chin and the other holding her elbow. She looked in thought, or perhaps confused. Or maybe both, but also irritated. There were small differences. Rather than her unique blue eyes, this Ranma had orange-red orbs, and her nails looked like polished rubies.

Ranma put up her guard, “Okay, so Koyomi said I had to face my fear.”

The Non-Ranma grinned, teeth fairly sharp looking, “Oh? You fear me, little snack?” The body shimmered and swelled. In moments, instead of a girl Ranma’s size, she was faced with a large Black cat with draconic wings, with gold bands around it’s arms, and segmented armored scales going down her back. Ranma hoped back, as if to protect her childhood self and her mother from the monster that appeared in her home. She stood ready until she noticed something, but was interrupted from examining the feeling in full by laughter from the beast.

“You are very amusing, child.” She laughed a bit more before becoming irritated again, “if only you weren’t so damn frustrating!”

The roar at the end of the statement should have caused Ranma to quake with fear. Sure, in the real world she actually had no trouble with big cats. For some reason it was just the small, house cat variety that cause her to sweat. But this was the source of her fear, so she should be afraid. Right?

“I’m not afraid of you?” Ranma started it as a knee jerk statement and ended it with a curious questioning.

The amusement returned to the beast’s face, “You think I -am- your fear? Interesting. No kitten, I am not your fear.” She layed down. The memory around them fading away into a darkness, only their direct space having any sort of light for them to see each other. With the change of scenery, came the revelation of chains binding the cat dragon. “In fact, it is your fear that binds me.”

Ranma nodded, “Makes sense I guess given what Ms Fueki said. So, you are my Phantom then?”

The beast nodded it’s head, “That I am kitten. I am Wasitora, the Nekoru Queen. Or at least I have been since you bound me here.” At Ranma’s confused expression, she sighed with slight exasperation, “I was born from your despair as a dragon, but your fear was focused through the form of a cat and twisted me into this.” She sits up, indicating her body, “Though, I will say, I do approve of the change in shape and title. One of these days I would love to know what part of you thought this up. Subconciously of course, but you still came up with this.”

Ranma nodded with uncertainty, “Right… So if you aren’t my fear, what is?”

Wasitora leaned in close, “Normally I would just love to destroy you and blast out of here… But to be honest, I just want these fucking chains of me already. Over 10 years of binding. That is nearly my entire existance as a phantom, you know that, right? Can you imagine from the moment you are aware till now being tied down and looking at the same two memories for ages, with the only respite being the times when you Gate’s mind breaks enough for you to have a blurry look outside?”

Looking at the self proclamed ‘queen’, Ranma felt almost a kinship with her. “When I went cat all the time, I never seemed to hurt anyone much, but I would always win against anything that was trying to hurt me.” She looked down, “Or so I’m told… if that was you, then why?”

Wasitora laid back down, using her large paw to scratched under her chin in a very human like manner, “Too be honest, the first few times, I tried to kill your father. No matter how different our aims are, I think we can both agree he deserves punishment. The next few times, it was more I didn’t care and was just happy to be out a bit. There was no enemy or friend. Just fun and warm laps. I have become rather cat like since my binding, and the burry nature of the possession of your body left me with less then my whole awareness. But, it was fun.” She actually smiled a bit at some of the memories playing in her head.

Those same memories floated around them like little videos. The time when Ranma-cat nuzzled Akane’s cheek with a cat-kiss caused Ranma to blush.

“The last couple of times though, I know who was the one that was the enemy. And yet, my feelings were filtering through yours. Killing wasnt’ quite on the menu.” Wasitora’s face split in a toothy grin, “But maim?”

Ranma gave the beast a peculiar look, “You don’t seem very evil to me.”

The Phantom did it’s best to shrug, “Look, I’m not saying that if you should ever fall to despair that I won’t hesitate to tear you inside out and escape, leaving nothing behind.” She held up a paw, “I’m just saying I want these fucking chains off me already. It’s been a constant pain.” She gazed down at the small girl, “Which is why I’m willing to help you, kitten. I don’t care at this point if leading you to your fear will finally send you into despair or hope, just as long as it gets resolved.”

Ranma looked around, “What do you mean ‘lead’, you are bound and I see nothing around.”

Wasitora gazed at the girl with wide eyes before shaking her head, “You see so bright one moment and a dullard the next. Look, I’m going to lead you by helping you remember.”

“I remember enough of the pit.”

“The pit alone will not do it. Tell me kitten, what do you remember about the cats around you?”

The mage paused for a moment. What did she really remember? “It was deep. The only light was from above. The cats…” Something about the cats.

As she was trying to remember, the cave formed around them. Between them was a small child wrapped in fish sausages. Ranma looked at all the cats. Slowly, the memory moved. Cats clawed at the child, trying to remove bits of food to take away from the body. Some scratched the child, some bit into the child’s flesh. Blood, cuts, tears.

A hand came down and gripped the child pulling them out. A child was tossed in after. Fish cakes bound to their body. More scratching, biting and fighting among the cats. Around her some cat’s bodies lay about. Some looked like they died from fighting for food, others from starvation. There were so many cats and not enough food.

This repeated several times before the pair’s eyes. Both feeling horror at what they were seeing. Each time, more dead cats, more new cats. The fresh ones having more strength making little work over the ones from previous attempts. And the child still getting hurt.

After a while, the cries of the child for help changed. The child became nearly numb to the bites and scratches. The child wimpered, but no longer cried. Instead, a little voice mewled out hoarsely, “momma, I thought you loved me… you promised to save me… you said you would always be there…” Purple glowing cracks started to form.

The child looked out, both Ranma and Wasitora following the gaze, seeing the moment from before, now moving. A little boyish looking child sitting with Nodoka, smiling, “Mama, you are so brave and strong.” In front of the child were little crayon sketches of two stick figures with swords. “You always help me when Daddy scares me and when the bullies at school try to hurt me.” A little calico kitten played by the child’s side.

The mage looked upon her younger self. Something about the memory felt off to her. Not wrong, but like something was slipping her attention at the moment.

Hugging her child to her, Nodoka smiled “I’ll always protect you if you need it, until the day you can stand on your own.” She smiled down at little Ranma, “And even then, I’ll still stand by your side.”

The whimper came back, “mama…. you promised…” More cracks in the child’s body formed.

And then a cat came over, scratching at the child’s neck, catching a spot that had not yet been dulled to feeling as much as others. The child hissed in pain. So much pain, so many cats, so many bites and scratches. The child growled, breaking her bonds even as Draconic wings burst from her back and part of her face fell away to reveal the monster within.

The child gripped the kitten that had caused them pain. Gripped tight. So tight.

Ranma and Wasitora heard a snap.

Cracks all around filled with a black ooze dripping form the child as the broken form of the kitten fell to the ground. A very familiar calico kitten.


Little Mick, that kitten Momma had given Ranma to care for. Ranma could remember it now. Her mother had made her promise to keep the kitten safe, to treat him with kindness.

Shame, and then fear. Fear at killing a friend. At breaking a promise. If momma found out, she would be angry. So angry. The child forgot the despair she felt at momma not showing. Instead it was all fear.

Fear at the sight of one cat dead. Little Ranma looked around. Another cat. And another. Some starting to decay. She was the cause of all this. She hurt these cats. She broke her promise.

Curling up into a ball, she shivered and cried out, first in screams, then in terrified mewls, and finally, with all the cracks sealed in black, her wings contained, the body of little Ranma stood on all fours and lept out of the pit.

Everything faded away.

The mage was on her knees, shaking, looking at the only thing of the memory left; a calico kitten she had snapped the neck of. Reaching down, Ranma picked up the body and held it close. Tears fell down her cheeks. “I was never afraid of cats…”

Wasitora nodded, “You were afraid of your mother. That she wouldn’t love you any more.”

Looking up, Ranma gazed into the beast’s eyes, “How does something that’s supposed to be made from my darkness understand that?”

The Phantom lowered her head, “Because I am your darkness. I have been bound by this fear for so long, I know it inside and out, but I’m no longer a part of you. Not directly at least. I separated the moment you felt despair at feeling like your mother abandoned you. This fear came after that, but it’s a fear based around something you felt before. Something I don’t even think you have noticed yourself yet.”

Ranma continued looking at the kitten. Digging into the earth, she made a makeshift grave, burying the body. “I fear her. I still do. For so many reasons now. It’s so complicated.” She paused, a pause that Wasitora could feel. “But… But this fear was based on the terror of a child. I…”

The memory of a certain pot of sauce a little child Ranma mixed extra ingredients into floated by. Ranma remembered how she had messed up Ukyo’s sauce that she made as a kid as a part of her training. It was like that all over again.

No, worse. It happened before. Maybe…

She looked up as Wasitora, “I think I know how to fix this. And…” her voice quivered, “And either I’ll be a mage or you will get your wish and be free of my body.”

Wasitora leaned back, her ears up in curiosity, “Ooooh? Do tell, kitten.”

Ranma just smiled the grin she flashed at the turning point of all her battles.


Ranma slumped forward for a moment and then raised her head, again in the shop with Koyomi in front of her. “Ms. Fueki, can… can I invite my mother in here?”

Receiving a nod, Ranma stood up and walked over to the door, opening it with no issue. She stuck her head out and saw Ms Meioh and Nodoka chatting, her mother looking worried and a little teary eyed. “M-momma” Ranma tried to speak loud at first, but her voice caught. Clearing her throat a little, she tried again, “Mom!” Seeing her mother look up, she waved her over.

Stepping in side, Ranma lead her mother toward the seating area, “What is this about, Ranma?”

Sitting down, and waiting for her mother to do the same, she looked to Koyomi, “Can I have a moment, Ms Fueki?”

The matronly woman stood, smiling, “I’ll get a fresh pot for the both of you.”

Ranma waited until she was gone and turned to her mother, “M-mom… I need to tell you something. I’m… I’m sorry.”

At her mother’s confused look, Ranma slowly recounted the torture of the supposed Neko-ken ‘training’. Near the end of it, Nodoka nodded sadly, “Yes… Ms. Meioh was telling me about that outside. I… was having a hard time believing that Genma could do such a thing. But it’s nothing you have to apologize for.”

“Mom…” Ranma hung her head in shame, “At the end, when one of the cats bit me, I…” Ranma stopped. She couldn’t speak. She shivered and wrapped her arms around herself, curling up on her corner of the couch.

Nodoka slid over and put her arms around her child, “Please, Ranma, I’m here. I want to understand, I want to help, but you have to tell me.” For once, something felt familiar between the both of them. A connection that was lost long ago.

“I killed… Mick.”

Nodoka stilled for a moment.

“He bit my neck and I hurt so much and it just was too much and I lash out. And… and” There was no stopping the tears now. There was no ‘I’m a man dammit’ moment. There was just too much raw emotion in her from reliving the torture.

Softly, Nodoka spoke while still holding her child tight, “Ranma, tell me, do you remember how many times Genma threw you in?”

“I… lost count.”

“And how many cats did you hurt?”

“So many died because of me.”

“Ranma,” She drew her daughter’s chin up directing Ranma’s gaze to her own, “From what I’m understanding a lot of cats fought over food and some died from starving. That was Genma’s fault,” it took every effort to keep the growl out of her voice. While this was worse than any hair brained bs her husband pulled before leaving or even anything she had heard reported, right now Ranma needed her more then she needed her anger. “How many cats do you remember hurting?”

“J-just Mick.” Ranma’s lip quivered. She was facing judgment. Any moment now, her mother would find a weapon and beat her into a bloody pulp. She could feel fear and despair in equal measure.

Dark, seething cracks started to form in her skin, a dark essence draining out, leaving a purple glow. Nodoka stared at what was happening. The last several years of reading about the Senshi saving people and the various monster attacks across Tokyo, a few even her friends getting caught up in, she feared for her child, but she pressed through. Ms. Meioh even said something odd might happen but to just follow her heart.

“Ranma, when people are put in inhumane situations, they do things they never meant to do. Do you think Mick would have wanted to hurt you?” Seeing the slow shake of the girl’s head, she continued, “And did you ever want to hurt him?” another slower shake. “Ranma, what you did was wrong, but under the circumstances, understandable. I am surprised you weren’t driven permanently mad by the whole thing.”

Leaning forward and pressing her forehead to Ranma’s while still hugging her tight, “Ranma, I have watched you ever since you can back into my life, even when I thought you were just Ranko. There is a reason I declared you a ‘man among men’. I still have much to learn about you. But on the subject of willingness to hurt others, I know you well. You try your best to help even your enemies.”

Pulling Ranma into a deeper hug, tucking her child’s head under her chin, she could feel her own tears gathering at the corners of her eyes. “Ranma, you have one of the kindest hearts I know. I’m sure Mick understood you never meant to hurt him. And I understand that too. I accept your apology, Ranma.” Kissing the top of the girl’s head, she rubbed Ranma’s back while the girl broke down completely even as she watched the purple cracks shimmer.


Ranma was standing there, again in the room with her younger self and her mother and little Mick.

Purple cracks everywhere, the place was falling apart. She could feel her heart about to shatter, Wasitora behind her breathing down her neck. And then she heard those words.

“I accept your apology, Ranma.” The cracks stopped, the last remaining whole bit was around little Mick. Everything was nearly dust. A golden light burst out of Ranma’s soul, washing away all the tears in her heart, leaving her whole again.

Nodoka her child to her smiled “I’ll always protect you if you need it, until the day you can stand on your own.” She smiled down at little Ranma, “And even then, I’ll still stand by your side.”

Ranma turned around, facing Wasitora. The black chains were gone and the beast was laying there, licking a massive paw. The Queen Phantom looked at Ranma, “Too bad. You almost fell. But here you are. Whole and a proper Mage.”

Ranma nodded, “I… I think I found my hope.”

Wasitora chuckled, “OH? Do tell, kitten.”

Looking back at the pair drawing while Mick played about, Ranma smiled, “That I can be that person she would be proud to stand beside.”

Laughing, Wasitora stood up, “Indeed. You have my magic now, and I’m fine with that. At least I’m not tied down any more. But take heed, kitten; your heart will be tested again in the near future. Better find a stronger hope then that or I’ll devour you and take my place in the sun.”

Ranma felt her awareness drawing back away from her Underworld; but one thing caught her notice just before returning to the outside world.

Why did she keep thinking of her younger self as a girl?

The following scene will be Ranma receiving a few more rings to use her powers proper. For this fic, I will be making the Rider powers into a Senshi style (for that fuku flavor XD) though due to that creative choice, I'm going to have to change the hero name.

Setsuna also informs Ranma that she must keep these powers a secret for as long as she is able. The fun part of this is she actually won't know why. Future Pluto, however, told her to do so, partly because there are moments where the secrecy is going to come in handy... but mostly because future pluto enjoyed the look on everyone's faces at the reveal. XD Why can't future pluto have some fun?

So, when Ranma arrives at Usagi's home (which, while they are keeping a low key life, isn't a small place by any means), she is told of her new job: Small Lady's nanny and protector. With her mother as an assistant.

one of the things I like about this cross is that it also gives Ranma magic outside of the hero form. It's just a neat bonus that most of my other ideas don't get.

Notes for future ideas on the fic:
Eventually Nodoka gaining wizard powers.
Ryoga as Kamen Rider Beast (the Phantom contained in the belt devours the curse and he doesn't get lost as easily. Because a pain in the butt ally)
Eventually, Ranma loosing the curse, and having to come at a cross roads of what that means for His/Her personal identity, let alone the powers. (for those not in the know, I'm a trans woman, and will be drawing off of some of my own feelings about that for this fic. that should give you and idea of what was going on in the second wip stuff above as well as my future intention toward this and really most of my ranma fics X3 )
All the 'style changes' for Ranma's powers are going to have her eye color as well as Hair color and style change for each form (as I oft like to do for Rider/senshi stories with ranma... at least what I like to do in the planning of them, is go with 'manga' black hair for Ranma Chan rather then the 'anime' red. Similarly, I like going with PGSM style hair colors for none transformed senshi as well. Gives a stronger sense of 'disguise' and magic when they are in their senshi forms XD )
There will be a dark rider to match against Ranma

Wizard's first fight
Haruto's first henshin to 'Flame Style'

As this part of the post is getting super long, I'll ear mark the next part for other ideas and give this a bump when I actually have something in it XD
Ranma/Senshi variant on Kamen Rider Wizard Flame style. Very much first draft. so much I don't like about this image, but wanted to get the idea across a little at least... assuming this actually uploads XD
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Re: Ranma / Sailor Moon / Kamen Rider Wizard concept/other i

Postby PepperJAQ » Fri Dec 28, 2018 6:56 am

I've been on a Rider kick whenever I come back to Ranma/Senshi crosses over the last few years. And while some of then, I use the straight up Rider powers for ranma (see 'Wild Rider'. hoping to finally update that one soon T3T ), I do plan some level of 'senshi'-fying the rider powers, at least when used when Ranma is in Girl Type. Granted, some of my ideas might not be 'fuku' in the strictest sense for some folk, but still...

Anyhoo, I'm going to post a few ideas here, just to keep from making a bunch of threads because 1) I dont' want to clutter the forum and 2) I'm not sure how active I or this community is/will be. So figured make things easy to find. Or something like that.

UnTitled Ranma/SailorMoon/KamenRiderOOO fic: Based loosely on Sunny's own Strained Harmony as a base... sorta.

Concept: Monsters known as 'Greeed' escape their long captivity. Four of them go on a short rampage after getting out, but then start to hunker down to get their core medals back (of which each has 9) and cultivate more Cell Medals (that they use for power). The fifth, known as 'Ankh' only having 2 of it's original 9 and due to the method of their sealing is left as only a right hand that floats about, decides to find some other method of getting back it's cores and what it will do next.

A chance presents itself when one of the Yummy (monster of the week created by inserting a core medal into a human. This medal then multiplies the desire of the person, producing more Cell medals. That is the most common way at least) attacks Ranma and Kasumi. Kasumi is wounded, alive but barely. Ankh offers Ranma the chance to fight back.

Ranma, finding she is having trouble kicking this monster to the curb, accepts the offer. It is given in the form of the 'OOO driver' a device invented by the same ancient alchemists that created the Greeed. Using three core medals, she transforms into Kamen Rider OOO (or at least my 'senshi'-ish take on that XD) and takes out the Yummy.

After the fight, Ankh decides this human could be useful to finding it's other core medals as well as mabye getting the medals from the others, since it isn't too fond of them. It possesses Kasumi's body, keeping her alive, but also a hostage.

Ranma is happy that Kasumi will survive, but the now female Ankh poses a severely troubling issue... It's clear from just a few minutes of conversation with Ankh that there is ZERO chance that she could pass off as Kasumi. And there was -no- way she was going to deal with Mr Tendo's anger at this situation. Instead, she leaves a message later that night at the dojo reassuring that things are alright, but that for a time, she will be away. She leaves the message super vague and shakes any pursuers.

Trouble is, after escaping Nerima, Ranma has to deal with the fact that they can't just stay on the streets and no way is she going to force Kasumi to rough it, even if she is being possessed by a bird brained jerk (Each greeed has an animal motif through their powers. Ankh's is birds), and so starts looking for a job and a place to stay...

This is where the Strained Harmony comes in.

Differences to Strained: 1) closer to canon at the start, in that all 4 outers live at the same home, and that it is infact a house. (maybe I missed it, but the last time I read Strained, it seemed Setsuna and Hotaru lived in an apartment. one that was implied to be very very high class one, like a penthouse suite sort of deal, but still an apartment... but maybe I misread or something, in case i didn't though, covering my butt here. XD) 2) an extra guest...

Before the Solar Eclipse, Setsuna finds that they do need some help with Hotaru. Trouble is, she isn't too keen on just getting anybody, and she doesn't want to bother Usagi and her group as they have their own lives and issues to deal with. But her future self tells her to just put a request in the wrong space of the news paper. The right person will find it.

And so, ranma finds it. The offer for a Nanny. Thing is, she isn't quite so sure. Ankh isn't the nicest being in the world... but they were getting desprate. After getting Ankh-Kasumi a new outfit (ankh's possession already having changed her hair), and getting a disguise of her own, she shows up on Setsuna's door step.

There is plenty of room, and Ranma finds ways to make Ankh helpful.

Thinking about tossing the actual fourth season stuff (or playing around with it?) in lew of the Greeed stuff...

... not sure what else to write at the moment, but just wanted to get this idea down...

Lets see...

There is an old one I'm digging up again that I named 'Stained Glass Soul'. One of the few that I plan on crossing over with the first ten Heisei riders, this one would be a Ranma/SM/Kamen Rider Kiva story. Basically completely replacing the third season of SM.

Fangires are the new enemy, save the Inners aren't going to feature much at first. Instead, Setsuna has taken up a job as head of the 'Wonderful Blue Sky Organization'. The same organization that Kasumi's mother belonged to and to which Kasumi also works with.

Turns out, Kasumi is a fighter after all, she just doesn't advertise in order to keep the bigger evils far from home. Let Ranma have his silly battles, she was hunting humanity endangering, stain-glass skinned, monsters of the night.

It was during one of these battles that Ranma finds out about her night adventures and offers to help. At first she is reluctant, but goes with it. When Setsuna finds out, she offers Ranma the 'Ixa Driver'to allow her to be come 'Sailor Ixa', a device that was used by Kasumi's mother and to which Kasumi felt belonged to her. For some reason, Setsuna kept telling her she wasn't ready for it yet. This causes friction between them for a time.

Eventually as the Fangire threat gets stronger, two more fighers are recruited, Haruka and Mitchiru and given their own drivers (their forms mimic the senshi Setsuna knows them to be). The turning point comes when the main generals begin making more open moves.

The big push of both sides is finding the lost power of the Fangire, the Silence. Setsuna wants to keep it locked away forever, the Fangire King wants it to rid the world of humans and finally remake their lost home... The kingdom of Saturn.

I've got a lot more thoughts on this one, especially where 'Kiva' fits in all this XD (if you know of Kamen Rider Kiva, and given the details I have already set up, it might be obvious where I'm going with this XD).

When I get more written out for this one, I'm definitely give it its own thread.

Finally, I actually have an idea for a possibly non Senshi cross with Ranma and Kamen rider. DRIVE. But it's sorta nebulous and I might want to still add in Senshi for the fun of it... The idea would involve a Slightly older Ranma as a police officer, basically taking the place of Drive's main protagonist. What is odd about this one for me is that Drive is a kamen rider odd man out. Only two riders do I know of drive cars. Kamen Rider Black RX (which became 'Masked Rider' here in the states in the 90s. Power Ranger Fans might remember this, and Drive. For some reason I have an easy time seeing Ranma ride a motorcycle then driving a car... *shrugs*). The idea only just started taking shape last night though, so this is all I got at the moment...
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Re: Ranma / Sailor Moon / Kamen Rider Wizard concept/other i

Postby Dumbledork » Fri Dec 28, 2018 11:48 am

Never watched Kamen Rider, but I've read a few Ranma/Kamen Rider crossovers, and there are some good ones. I really like your idea and I hope you'll post a complete chapter soon.
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Re: Ranma / Sailor Moon / Kamen Rider Wizard concept/other i

Postby Ellen Kuhfeld » Fri Dec 28, 2018 2:15 pm

Well-written, and interesting. Needs proofreading, but don't we all? I know nothing about Kamen Rider, so I'll have to trust you on that.

... for those not in the know, I'm a trans woman, and will be drawing off of some of my own feelings about that for this fic.

Good heavens, I think at least a third of the fan-writers working with Ranma these days are either trans, or have multiple personalities. It comes with the territory. I could give you such a list! But that's each person's choice to reveal.
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Re: Ranma / Sailor Moon / Kamen Rider Wizard concept/other i

Postby PepperJAQ » Fri Dec 28, 2018 5:24 pm

Dumbledork wrote:Never watched Kamen Rider, but I've read a few Ranma/Kamen Rider crossovers, and there are some good ones. I really like your idea and I hope you'll post a complete chapter soon.

Ellen Kuhfeld wrote:Well-written, and interesting. Needs proofreading, but don't we all? I know nothing about Kamen Rider, so I'll have to trust you on that.

The story is coming along, I'm just having difficulty with the first Queen scene. The plan is to have Queen Serenity (Usagi) show up in Pluto's room for a break. They have snacks and tea together and Pluto informs her that she has a solution to part of her problem with taking care of Small Lady, she just needs to call in some favors. I know how I want the scene to go, just having some difficulty writing it. I might post my work in prog on that later (heading out to the movies with a friend in a bit)

After that it's just picking an entry point on Ranma. I'm thinking about doing the 'day in the life' thing. Not too short hand, but most of my fics tend to take Ranma out of Nerima and many of them don't do much with it, so I figure a change of pace would be nice.

And then Setsuna shows up 'under the authority of the government and blessing of the emperor' (because she is going in her 'civilian' form to keep exactly what is planned under wraps) and take Ranma (with nodoka in tow).

The plan currently is to post on both FFnet and AO3 (since I do have an account there now, might as well start using it) after I get 3 chapters done (so folks have more to read). But yeah, as I get chapters done, I'll post them here.

Also, I'm trying to make it so you don't have to have seen any Kamen Rider series I use for a fic. I think this so far is one of my better successes as I tend to chat a lot with Ozz and usually I do poorly on explaining or working it into the story, but this time he was like 'I get it, totally makes sense, was clear' (paraphrase). I included the vids more for examples of what the future will -sorta- look like XD I mean, that was my main reason for posting the whole Neko Ken and Wasitora stuff. I'm actually rather proud of it. X3 Hopefully I get the rest of the first 2 chapters together soon (since the Neko ken stuff is alredy like a full 1/3 of what I planned for that chapter, with it ending at them getting to Usagi's home and learning the 'true' nature of the job: Chibi Usa's Nanny (badass nanny, but *shhhh* is secret)

Ellen Kuhfeld wrote:"... for those not in the know, I'm a trans woman, and will be drawing off of some of my own feelings about that for this fic."

Good heavens, I think at least a third of the fan-writers working with Ranma these days are either trans, or have multiple personalities. It comes with the territory. I could give you such a list! But that's each person's choice to reveal.

Ranma was one of the many things that helped me realize myself. It was actually really amusing when I came out to my brother. Given my love of Ranma 1/2 fan fics that do locks or are Ranko/RanmaChan-centric, as well as how often I would pick girls for my game avatars. It wasn't definitive, but it was one of those things where the sheer level of it made him wonder. XD Most anti-climatic coming out.

And while frustrating that the gender stuff in Ranma is treated basically as a joke and as an excuse for Rumiko Takahashi to write a boy and girl as the same lead, there is so much left open that really, Ranma is one of those fertile ground things. By no means the only one, but definitely a fun one.

It's also why I tend to default to refering to Ranma as 'she/her' often despite that -not- being his canon gender. God what I wouldn't do to have her curse. T3T Hey, Herb? Yeah, don't mind me, just borrowing the ladle. XD

In all seriousness though, I've been very scared about putting myself out there. IRL, I'm still mostly in the closet and the frustration of it can build up a bit. But I'm thankful for those friends and family that are in the know, and I'm basically fully out on the net now. Finally came out on Facebook a while ago and while I don't really use it, the support was heart warming.

Anyhoo, got a movie to go to, then more writing to do. X3 Thanks for the nice comments. even if small, validation is always a nice feeling.
*sends much good vibes to friends*
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Re: Ranma / Sailor Moon / Kamen Rider Wizard concept/other i

Postby Spica75 » Sun Dec 30, 2018 1:57 am

In all seriousness though, I've been very scared about putting myself out there. IRL, I'm still mostly in the closet and the frustration of it can build up a bit.

You're the only one with the actual right to define who you are. There will always be people that can't handle it, but fortunately, most people will accept it more or less easily(though there's often a fair level of shock involved that can raise the level of initial reaction, before people can adjust and comprehend properly). Be yourself.

as well as how often I would pick girls for my game avatars


I nearly ALWAYS do that if i can. Though that's because i usually like the look better, and because it is long since by now a time honored tradition to do it, i started doing it back in the 80s after my friend couldn't understand "why ever!?!" i did it the first time on some C64 computer game(where the difference was barely noticeable anyway, lol).
So, just had to keep doing it to mess with him. :P

And i suspect my friend would have a reaction of "uh huh, so what else isn't new" if i ever "came out", similar to your brother.
Despite the fact that i'm a solidly straight male. I've always focused on the fact that i am ME, not what gender i am, so i've never had to face your issue(that's also part of why i ended up interested in and researching gender differences, looking at what is cultural and what isn't, and oh dear is that a HUGE landmine once you start looking (just as one tiny example, when the idea of colourcoding by gender was introduced, pink was for boys, blue was for girls, today that's almost total blasphemy...)).

God what I wouldn't do to have her curse.

Heh, i am completely straight and STILL think that would be worth quite a bit! 8)
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Re: Ranma / Sailor Moon / Kamen Rider Wizard concept/other i

Postby PepperJAQ » Sun Dec 30, 2018 2:06 am

Spica75 wrote:Heh, i am completely straight and STILL think that would be worth quite a bit! 8)

Oh totally understand that. Like I said, those factors aren't a difinitve proof of being Trans (or even gender fluid and the like)... But it's one of those things where in hindsight I am like "Huh... why did it take me so long?" XD

I do have to say though, I have been generally very blessed in a lot of communities and circles I travel in to have acceptance and support.

That aside, extra fun thought for the main point of this thread: Sooo, the original concept for this Wizard fic had a Ranma/Setsuna pairing. Trouble is, with how I've changed the SM timeline, it feels a bit odd to have the two together. Buuuut, i'm debating on doing a Nodoka/Setsuna pairing. Probably will start with just Nodoka being an ear for Setsuna to vent a little with. Sure, after her reincarnation she is closer in age to the other senshi, but she still feels like the older, more responcible of the crowd, but with Nodoka around, she at last has another 'adult' to chat with (Nodoka does seem rather young for being a mother as well. Honestly feel like she would be in her early 30's...)

Next time I post, hopefully I'll have more actual scenes to show off XD
*sends much good vibes to friends*
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