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Postby toushin » Mon Nov 30, 2015 10:33 pm

taking WG_Writer's advice i decided to repost my idea in this sections using his specifications.

In the near future, the Japanese National Police Agency covertly establishes the Super Normal Defense Force aptly named Minkei or Private Police in order to stem out rampant crimes that involved meta-human criminals and powerful martial artist. Minkei's recruitment methods favour ability and as such are willing to take in anyone that displays the aptitude to handle the work.

Minkei follows Commander Daizo Uehara, Ranma Saotome, Ryu Kumon, Natsume and Kurumi Tendo their cases and interactions. The character interactions both within and without Minkei are a prime story focus as is the roller coaster ride of her developing relationships, the way they handle life in the differing worlds of high school students, martial artist and Minkei officers.

That is basically the hastily rewritten plot of Zero In which I felt perfectly summarized my idea. This is a combination side story of Dark Titans and a continuation of Big Trouble In Little Tokyo depicting Ranma and the gangs exploits both during and after the Titans go to the X-com universe. The premise is since the SNDF is stationed in the Shinjuku ward this fic will use elements and characters from Get Backers. Before anyone says anything I know that the nature of the Getbackers universe means that a full crossover would be impossible but it is possible to take various elements from it or use expy’s.

for a complete outline go here
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Re: Minkei

Postby WG_Writer » Tue Dec 01, 2015 11:31 am

If this is a GB cross then what layer is it crossing with? The real world, their world, or some simulation in IF?

What does the name mean? Most government bodies have a habit (not sure about the east Asian area.) of making the name include some acronym or some underlying meaning.

Largely you have a decent plan, but I do have a concern. Can you handle it. I tried with a plan this loose yet planned out, Siren's Calling. The first part ended up a mess and the story is over all only a third done. So I ask again, is this something you can handle.

your link is good guideline of a plan, but I feel a little lost as I have not read the reference material I recommend having a prologue that both introduces the new story to new readers and ensures that old ones do not feel its a waste.

Next is the hardest part for me to say. Eliminate unneeded crossovers. Keep just what is absolutely required. Its a Ranma Fic so we can assume people know who Ranma is. But can we assume that people who are going to read this will know the other crossover characters?

I am not saying that your plan is bad, I just think it needs a little more refinement in terms of what you really want each arc to be contain.

(Another tip, make sure your arcs are complete before posting on ff.net. Your reviewers will give advise that will not reflect your work as a whole. we all fall into that trap)
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Re: Minkei

Postby toushin » Wed Aug 16, 2017 6:38 pm

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