So I want to mess with the Seahorse universe again...

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So I want to mess with the Seahorse universe again...

Postby Vahn » Mon Jun 09, 2014 5:23 pm

But I don't want to mess with Seahorse itself per say. Lately all I have been writing is comedies, action, dark action and more brutalize fighting. It's time for a Shoujo story, I read Seahorse again the other day after like three years of not reading it and was surprise by what I wrote. Kinda like "Whoa shit, did I write that for realz?" I am not sure how most fanfic authors are but after I am done with a chapter editing and what not I tend to not really look at it any more as a story but at what I did wrong.

Anyway I probably will go back and edit and iron out the little kinks I saw in it the other day. However while reading it I was kinda inspired.

So here my little problem, right now Warp and Hawt:SS are with my editors. I myself have a bit of free time and the idea for a story in my very own Seahorse universe won't leave me alone.

HOWEVER, I am not writing a sequel to the story. Like Micheal Fetter A Sitch in Time, I finally concluded that it's a good end where it is at and everyone could just fill in the blanks with their imagination. I do however remember my original purpose of writing Seahorse that was to A> Make Michiru and Ranma work and B> hope I to see more Ranma/ Michiru fics out there. I haven't seen any at all.

So here my dilemma, I don't want to write something in the Seahorse universe and have people think that it's a sequel. The story that I have in my mind is pretty much dramatic , light hearted and serious emotional fucking all around. I want to try and write messy love.

After having recently watched and then study up on White Album 2, I think I am aiming for something like that while at the same time a dash of Slice of Life in it. The premise of my idea is well, it uses the same character but a key event from the original Seahorse was changed causing a different path of a sort down to open. I also plan on cameo some OMG for plot devices.

But at the same time I don't want people to think that "Oh sweet! Seahorse 2 Finally!"

After the light stuff I been writing I guess I want to tackle darker tones just like in a Shoujo story that make you want to grab your hair in frustration. So how should or could I differentiate that this is not a Seahorse 2 story even though I am actually using the basis of Seahorse FOR the story itself. Like the events in Seahorse is canon in the new story except for certain key points.

And unlike Seahorse where I kind of tone down the magical girl and action part, I plan on shining a light on pretty much both side with the Senshi, my OCs of Michiru's friends, Nerima Wrecking Crew the works.

So how should I best go about it so there'll be no misunderstanding?
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