My somewhat late introduction

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My somewhat late introduction

Postby Quickshot0 » Mon Jan 18, 2010 1:33 pm

Hi hi! Sorry I was a bit late, but some how I managed to tally miss there being an introduction part in this Forum. No idea how I did that though, it's kind of prominent now that that I look through it myself, well maybe it being near the bottom didn't help though. Still, to introduce myself, as you can obviously see I'm Quickshot, the 0th version of this fellow at that.

So yeah, I've been aware of this board for some months, but never really needed it, until a little while ago when I ran in to a Sailormoon/Ranma crossover which had a rather interesting concept and then managed to slowly but gruelingly totally ruin it, don't ask me which one it was, I've done my best to erase it's name and location from my mind, so I never need see it again. Any way, after that I figured I had to be able to do a better job at that concept then that hack. Of course after a bit I discover that I didn't know enough about some things to decide how to totally work it in to the canon storyline... or how much of the canon storyline I exactly want to keep.

So yeah, that's why you ran in to me asking some questions already, I've read the forum rules as well already, though there are enough that I'm sure some have slipped my mind again. I'm betting if I'm just polite and avoid double nesting, that I should be mostly fine though. Maybe I'll read them again some time soon as well. :oops: Oh yes, I already have a account, which I guess I'll be using to eventually post it. That will be when I get around to writing enough of it to be worthwhile posting that is I guess, my computer broke down recently which didn't help in this matter... In any case, I guess I could post the general idea in the ideas section some time soonish and see what everyone thinks then.

And... that was a rather long introduction I guess, well hope you folks don't mind having me around. :)
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Re: My somewhat late introduction

Postby Spokavriel » Mon Jan 18, 2010 1:42 pm

Welcome, seems you came here for help with work and not much idea toward play. While many can attest it is addictive and doesn't help so much with getting chapters done Spamville is an area for fun. And if you ever want to join us down there a couple threads to give you a heads up exist in the Other Talk board. The Spamville Do's and Dont's and the Character Dossier. I kinda wish everyone in the Dossier were still active but that would be extremely chaotic beyond what has been seen in a long time.

Hope you are enjoying the site and it's better late than never to introduce yourself.
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Re: My somewhat late introduction

Postby Rei-chan » Tue Jan 19, 2010 4:27 pm

Welcome QuickShot0 to Fukufics. Hope you enjoy your time here.
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