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List Update

Postby Sunshine Temple » Tue Mar 27, 2007 3:04 pm

There's been a few updates since the last time:
4 Fics Updated
2 Possible Fics Found
Honorable Mention Status

"Ranma 1/2 Moon" by resop, "New Lives" by Emma Iveli, and "Tough Luck" by Tommy Oliver Brachio Black. Have all updated and frankly none of them seem terribly good.

One fic that was added and is quite fun is "Chaotic Rebirth" by Trugeta

More information on these can be found on the blog

Two other fics updated but have not yet put Ranma in the uniform
Wild Child by wolf40k
This one is quite rough and short.

The other much nicer Sinom Bre's Hime

Work On the Honorable Mention list has paused pending RL issues.

I'd like to thank iiradned and Metroidvania and the others that write in with tips and notices. It's you guys that keep the list running.

And remmeber the blog is for comments on the fics too.
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