Ranko with a guy? i dont think so

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Re: Ranko with a guy? i dont think so

Postby Pale Wolf » Thu Aug 18, 2011 6:42 pm

Holy balls, apparently we need to learn the report function better. I only just now found the reported posts here. I think those are the only things anyone's actually used the 'report' function on, most reports have worked by PMing a mod. Apologies for the wait, and I'll deal with it here.

While Lawra's point was technically true, in that it 'I have plenty of X friends' is a common defense brought up by people who act to egregiously restrict the rights of X group, whatever biases Kjyl may or may not have are tangential at best to the matter at hand (for a personal statement of opinion, I'll note that I do not see any particular evidence of such), and an accusation like that does nothing positive for the tone of discussion in what was to start with a flamebait thread.

Argue the points, not the person. Y'all are gonna have to be dealing with each other if you hang out here, civility makes everything in life better.

I'd like to actually discuss this matter myself, since I obviously have my own opinions, but someone'll need to stay outside it, given the apparent flame propensity down here.
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