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Postby Scratx-chan » Sat Sep 06, 2008 5:01 pm

Karei wrote:In that case, someone should ask him for permission to adopt his abandoned fics.

Especially his SM/WoT crossover. I think it has too much too potential to just leave it out in the cold to die. :cry:

I would hope Fire would at least re-archive his material somewhere. There is nowhere I know of that has everything he had back when the Wayback Machine archived his website. The Wayback Machine won't live forever, either, which is another reason why he should, IMO. His writings are too good to lose to web-rot.

That said, the idea of someone else continuing his work (with his permission) is slightly iffy. Few people are capable of doing so with similar standard of quality, and I personally would prefer no continuation to his unfinished fics rather than a sub-par one.
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