Teen Titans and the Lost Boy

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Teen Titans and the Lost Boy

Postby mondu_the_fat » Thu Jan 25, 2007 11:39 am

I was a fan of the 80's teen titans, but have been unable to watch the newer animated series. I wasn't sure I even wanted to watch it, as it may disillusion me of a childhood memory.
Boredom led to to try to read "Teen Titans and the Lost Boy". Who knows? Maybe it won't be so bad.
I didn't stop reading it until I reached the end, a total of about 7 hours straight (considering I usually spend 15-30 minutes at time reading fanfic).
The grammar and spelling are ok. Some formatting problems as scenes are divided with only a slash. It kinda drags on the first couple of chapters as the text gets too descriptive at times; a few seconds of real time gets dragged on over several paragraphs (not usually a bad thing, its just too often). A quarter of the way through, though, the plot proves to be a bit more complex. It isn't bad, but not particularly very original (something which was pointed out later in the story).
What kept me glued to the the fic was seeing how Ryoga's and Jinx's relationship would turn out. I loved how it developed (even if it got too sappy at times.) I was rooting for her all the way to the end. I also liked how Nabiki was portrayed -- a intelligent antagonist that did not stoop to stereotypes (except for the "Nabiki keeps the dojo afloat" thing, but it was only mentioned in passing). Even Kasumi the reforming villain gets some good bits in.
Overall one of the more enjoyable reads.
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