Spamville Character Dossier Mk 2

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Spamville Character Dossier Mk 2

Postby Lioconvoy » Sun Nov 25, 2012 6:13 am

It's probably not my place to make this, but since it hasn't been made yet, and Drake mentioned need to do this for his character...

Ellf wrote:This is more of a reference for me and anyone else who happens to drift into Spamville. (Note this is in Other Talk, not Spamville, thus no off-topic here, even though it is about Spamville.) I'll ask everyone who currently is an active member of the Spamming community to post who they are in Spamville here. The format is as follows:
Character Name: (Well, this one is obvious, but put any other names the character goes by, including BD nicknames if you have them.)
Character Race:
Character Gender (Primary):
Character Gender (Secondary): (If this applies)
Physical Description of Character:
General Time of Joining the Spamville community:
Any powers character has: (Be as vague as you want)
Minion Type: (If applied)
Faction during the Brotherhood/Sisterhood war:
General description of character personality:

So here's mine:

Character Name: Lioconvoy (Lio for sort, pronounced loy)
Character Race: Cybertronian
Character Gender (Primary): Male
Character Gender (Secondary): Female, cause by various site gliches.
Physical Description of Character: My primary appearacne is that of Lioconvoy (pronounced more like Leo convoy) from Beast Wars Second. Giant Robot
General Time of Joining the Spamville community: After Ellf Hat tipped CitM, I'm not sure when that was.
Any powers character has: Various Cybertroniontech, verious GIJoe/Cobra Tech. Built in weapons include four missle launchers, six clalw blades, and a portion of the Matrix(Transformers Matrix). Is fully immune to magic and certain forms of alchemy.
Minion Type: Fellow Cybertonions(Mostly Autobot/Maximals)
Faction during the Brotherhood/Sisterhood war: Wasn't present, but I probably would have been Brotherhood since I stood against the Sisterhood's member at another forum.
General description of character personality: Nosey, likes to get invovled in things that don't involve him. Jumps to conclusions. Enjoys setting obvious traps.

And now some more words from Ellf.

Ellf wrote:Now it's your turn. Remember, no Spam, this is Other Talk.

You can find the original topic here, fo so long as the read only area is around.
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Re: Spamville Character Dossier Mk 2

Postby Lioconvoy » Sun Nov 25, 2012 7:02 am


Lioconvoy, my primary character normally talks in a Darkred font. However when Lio is female for whatever reason he'll use #CC0066 (sorry I don't know it's name)

My secondary characters include:

-Usagi: My daughter born from a Himitsu made plushie that got sewn to my arm that took a piece of my soul(spark) when it was separated from me. Usagi was born 15 Jan 2009 and has aged real time. Her powers include limited shape shifting due to nanites within her body, and limited breaking of the fourth wall. Usagi speaks in a Red font. Her appearance is that of a three (almost four) year old little girl with short blue hair and yellow eyes. She will normally wear a white babydoll T-shirt with IAC on the front, blue jeans, and blue Skethers.

-Kimitsu(#20): A female synthoid clone of Himitsu which seems to take a little more after Shinji than the purple one. She is very intelligent and although she started off as an adult, she currently possesses a ten year old body. Kimitsu has no powers of her own, but often carries around random inventions either of her own or Lio's. Kimitsu speaks in a Light Purple(#BF8BBF) In her ten year old body she has strait long purple hair down to the middle of her back a purple eyes. Her attire is a light purple t-shirt, dark purple long lab coat, light purple mini-skirt, and purple flats. (Crytal is often telling her there are more colors than Purple.)

-Cystal: The avatar of my death crystals. Crystal will sometimes appear without my death by using a Red Dwarf model Light Bee. She's a little scattered brained due to being an incomplete A.I., and she can be dangerous if Michel Bay is mentioned around her. She speaks in the same font as the female Lio. Her appearance varies however she is normally a redhead with blue eyes.

-Grimlock: Originally he was normal counterpart of the Transformer of the same name with a personality similar to the Marvel comics version. While his personality is unchanged, his form has changed drastically. No longer a Dinobot, Grimlock now looks much like Winry Rockbell with Edward Elric's automail. She speaks in an orange font (#FF8040)
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Re: Spamville Character Dossier Mk 2

Postby Rei-chan » Sun Nov 25, 2012 11:48 pm

Character Name: Rei-chan, also called Raleigh when in male form and Sir Walter by Acey
Character Race: Currently goddess/demoness(succubus) hybrid, previous incarnation Inidrasil
Character Gender (Primary): female
Character Gender (Secondary): male (can still shapeshift into old form when need be)
Physical Description of Character: Look like Sakura from Card Captors only with the goddess markings on her face. A sideways hourglass being the mark on the forhead. Edit: Can turn into a Hinata look alike thanks to a curse received awhile back. August 8, 2008.
Edit: Goddess of Life, Class Second, Category First, Limited License as of March 18, 2007
General Time of Joining the Spamville community: I believe it was February of 2006.
Any powers character has: About what you would expect of a goddess of life, holdover of shape shifting and an extensive knowledge of magic ((You name it and she can cast it.))
Known Equipment: Nosferatu ((OOC: The blade actually has no name, this was what it was called long ago by its victims.)) - A blade she made long before she came here or even became a goddess. This blade was forged over the period of a thousand years, crafted with care and devotion surpassing that used in the creation of most weapons or items. It has markings and sigils, runes and symbols and other such terms all about the blade and handle, each one dedicated to granting dominion over some field of influence or thing. Six gems, three on either side, line up near the handle of the sword. These 6 hold the absolute essence of fire, water, wind, earth, light, and darkness and are essentially very powerful artifacts on their own. One gem also sits upon the very end of the hilt, but its effects are unknown if it even has any.
Minion Type: anything she can summon up on short notice, monsters she creates as a side business, one familiar named Ebony, Scarlet another familiar, Daughter Litany, Granddaughter Dirge, Elenore experimental weapon, Mower Elenore's right hand man, Azure the Demon Blade, Ainu the Assassin, Kira the Illusionist, Dragon Servant Laran, and a brother sister team that acts as bodyguards on occasion
Faction during the Brotherhood/Sisterhood war: wasn't here for that
General description of character personality: nice if at times a bit distracted, on occasions goes on a spread chaos mentality

Edit: Found my original character data.
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Re: Spamville Character Dossier Mk 2

Postby CRBWildcat » Mon Nov 26, 2012 8:01 am

Name: Callista Ophelia Wilson-Metallium

Race: Human

Gender: Female

Physical Description: Has the body of Tomo Takino. Usually wears blue jeans and sweaters, even in summertime, and only makes exceptions where temperature extremes are concerned. Wears Kaoru's PPGZ transformation belt at all times. Is never seen without her purse and shopping bag.

General Time of Joining the Spamville community: Late April 2007 or thereabouts

Any powers character has: EXTREME SHOPPING TEMPERED WITH OCCASIONAL NARCOLEPSY! ... Er-hem... is able to transform into Innis, the Mirage of Deceit. Drank one of Rei/Raleigh's Mind potions elsewhere, giving her complete control of her own mind; combining this with the previously-listed power has turned her into a reality warper in her own right. Possesses a cyborg costume given her by Bliss that allows her to fly, shoot rockets, and fire elemental bullets. Otherwise, she relies heavily on technology (including her purse) and such to get the job done.

Minion Type: Felinoids and caninoids, most of whom have their own special abilities.

Faction during the Brotherhood/Sisterhood war: None. Arrived well after it ended.

General Description of Character Personality: Is nice for the most part as long as her shopping sprees aren't interfered with, her tastes aren't offended, a lack of common sense is displayed... She has an innate fear of offending her friends too highly, and goes to great lengths to avoid doing so. At the same time there have been signs that being the adopted daughter of Zelas has effected her sanity more than anticipated...

As of 8/16/2017, Callista is now the leader of the Brotherhood in everyone's absence. Be. Very. Afraid.

Commonly Seen Equipment

Taser Ring -- Received from Camk in 2008. Electrifies anyone who thinks that the cute shopper would make an easy mark.

Hair Decs -- Shaped like little yellow clips. One magnifies Callista's superbly awful singing voice, while the other calls down a "low-power" shot from a home-based superweapon, the Cosmetic Moonlight Blaster.

Purse -- Is, in actuality, Shape-Shifter in its default form. As a drawback for granting Calli its versatility, it is bonded to the core of her being and can never be separated from her for long.

Shopping Bag -- Seems larger on the inside, but not to hammerspace levels of ridiculousness.

PPGZ Transformation Belt -- Initially received from one of Blossom's death crystals in 2007. Wearing it isn't necessary for Calli and Kaoru to switch control, just required for Kaoru to transform.

Soda Storm -- The one-size-fits-all name for Calli's wide array of explosive soda pops. Effects vary from thermal detonations, healing, to even temporary removal from reality. She usually has 6-8 bottles on hand at any given time, including at least one Dr. Pepper.


Name: Kaoru Matsubara, alias Buttercup

Race: Human

Gender: Female

Physical Description: See the avatar.

General time of joining the Spamville community: Late summer of 2007. See below.

History: Due to events related to Himitsu, a stray Phoenix Down, and a transformation belt that Callista obtained from a death crystal, Kaoru is now a permanent resident in her brain. The two of them can switch places and bodies between them at any time. It should be noted that her memories of the time between the final battle with Him and her merging with Callista are completely fogged over.

Powers: All of her known abilities from the D! PPGZ series. Also, Kaoru has a custom Fairy Leviathan costume obtained from Bliss; wearing it when she transforms will cause both powersets to stack.

Of note is that she has an upgraded form of the Graviton Drive attack, the Graviton Raceway, which can actively pursue a ground-based opponent instead of travelling in a straight line.

Minion type: None.

General Description: Pretty much a match for her in-series traits. If her and Callista were a comedy duo, she would be the straight man.



Aldonza Karate
Red/bat-eared fox caninoid; good-natured anime fan; wind elementalist and kick boxer; teen human cursed form. Very outgoing, and has a global social network of over 70 friends.

Zapana Zquor
Gray timber wolf caninoid (with jet-black fur, granted); currently atoning for past misdeeds; genetically altered super soldier and fire elementalist. Has become much friendlier and easier to talk to in recent years, although with her planet-smashing strength that might not always be a good thing.

Ambush Cat
Black Maine Coon cat/felinoid/Masu; unpredictable; demigod[dess] of sneak attacks. Has an adult human form, Amber, which she always uses when she's home with her family.

Risk and the Game Masters
Human; species of others vary. Rank 'S' reality warper. Prior experiences with a Spamville-esque universe in her youth has made her wary.

Saturn Eunice
Red fox caninoid; Jedi swordsman; loves running the ragged edge of disaster. Has mastered some water-element techniques in case his connection to the Force is ever nullified. Is known as "Darth Kakashi", much to his chagrin, for never being seen without his technique book in public.

Thaddea "Thunderball" Visello
Mutant felinoid; human as Thaddea; 2nd strongest mortal force in Callista's home universe; multi-element user. A Batman fan, and a professional bounty hunter: two things that go disturbingly well together.

The Harrison kids
Eebon [felinoid], Echo [Black Maine Coon], Elk [catboy], Ellen [human], and Ezekiel [normal form is male human]. Varied personalities, with powers even more so.

Yours truly. Is a clone of Callista's original human male self.

--EDITED on 9-13-2019: I removed some characters from the list that I either wasn't using or were just taking up extra space. On the off-chance that anyone's interested in reading more about my characters in greater detail (or are just bored enough to do so), I have more comprehensive profiles of them located on this page at MSF.--
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Re: Spamville Character Dossier Mk 2

Postby DrakeSpyker » Tue Nov 27, 2012 9:58 pm

I currently only possess one character. There are others planned, and I'll update the dossier as I make them.
Black(#000000) or Pale Grey(#BBBBBB)
: Narration/Fourth Wall speak
Indigo(#4B0082 or color=indigo): Drake Spyker
Name: Drake "Earmuffs" Spyker
Race: Mobian (Tarydium Construct)
-- Subspecies: Twintail Fox
Gender: Male
Personality: Upbeat/Chaotic. Generally anything he does is meant to amuse himself or in the interest of amusing others, though if it's done to someone, that someone probably wasn't the target audience.
Physical Description: Drake is a slight bit more humanly built than most Mobians, and stands at an unusual height of six feet. His fur is mostly indigo, with white as a secondary color and light purple highlights in some places, like his hair or the tops of his ears.(avatar does not currently reflect the ears.) He's most often seen wearing a denim jacket with a white T-shirt and blue jeans.
Equipment: Drake's equipment varies greatly. He can use a wide variety of tools, but usually sticks to a sniper rifle and various monitor powerups.

== Special Powers and Abilities ==
Flight: Being a twintail, Drake is capable of flight, and can usually carry others around while doing so. The exact limits of this ability have not yet been touched upon, nor have I really taken the time to sort it out.
Lightning element: Exact nature unknown. Drake rarely demonstrates this ability, implying that he either doesn't have much control over it or simply doesn't have enough raw power to use it often.
Respawn: Drake can be killed rather easily most of the time, but death is just a major inconvenience to him more than anything. After a short time, with more violent deaths typically causing a longer delay, he'll respawn somewhere nearby. If he's dropped one or more Death Crystals and even one of them is still out or in it's menu, he'll respawn with whatever afflictions were present at the time of his death, usually basic things like being set on fire or cursed. Speaking of, curses themselves will travel through the respawn proccess, but the trigger responsible for making them work will not. He can still assume cursed forms either by concentrating on doing so, or by an outside force calling the cursed form to front.
Chaos Abilities: Due to the nature of his existence, Drake can't use the Chaos Emeralds (or any direct source of Chaos energy, regardless of whether it's Sonic-related or not) on himself without exploding. (Tarydium and Chaos energies don't get along.) The properties of this explosion aren't always the same, but he's been known to level an area the size of a football stadium with just one Chaos Emerald.

== Minions ==
Badniks(robots, occasionally AI-driven): Drake managed to hijack one of Eggman's badnik factories, as the Doctor has so many that he wasn't likely to miss one. The plant now produces whatever Drake believes is necessary for the task at hand.
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Re: Spamville Character Dossier Mk 2

Postby Lord Aries Greymon » Wed Nov 28, 2012 6:18 pm

Primary Character
Character Name: Lord Aries Greymon. I've answered to Aeris on several occasions, though I'm fairly sure those were merely mis-pronounciations
Race: Mostly-Human hybrid. Human 58%, Cat 12%, Dragon 10% - 15%, Fairy 10% - 15%. Draconic genes dominant in male form, Fairy in female.
Age: 29 Terran years.
Character Gender (Primary): Male, changes gender during sneezes.
Character Gender (Secondary): Female, changes gender during sneezes.
Eyes: Gunmetal Gray.
Height: 5' 11" when male {For those that don't know the symbols, that's 5 feet 11 inches. about average for an American male.} 5' 6" when Female
253 lbs. {Pounds} when Male.
194 lbs. when Female
Build: Average in Both Forms
Hair Color & length: ###### with ###### bands, approximately shoulder length.
Distinguishing Features: Multiple, subdivided below for ease of reference.
Scars: Vertical Scar through Right Eye. {Iris, pupil, white, all of it} Causes red discoloration of scarred area. Mild Impairment, as Iris contracts and expands sluggishly, resulting in slightly "off" depth perception.
Partial Fur: Aries' upper arms and Upper legs are fur covered, even when female. Coloration is semi variable based on gender. Male= black female = red.
Partial Scales: Aries' face and lower legs are partially scale covered, with the largest scales on the face. coloration is a marbled dark blue, with streaks of dark orange
Cat-boy: triangular Cat ears above and behind temples (no human ears), an approximately 3 foot long gray furred tail, and retractable claws in fingertips.
Semi-Retractable wings:
Abnormal Appendages:
Variable Format Right Arm: due to a slight accident in controlling his DIM-Jump powers, Aries wound up with his right arm occupying the entirety of an alternate dimension.
Aries built a temporary replacement, and learned how to recover his "real" arm. The mechanical arm has built in twin repeating blasters, and a plasma cannon. With a force-of-will, Aries can shift his arm from "real" to replacement, and back again.
Abnormal Abilities: Multiple, subdivided below for ease of reference.
Radioactive Fire: All of Aries' Fire Based Spells are tainted with Radiation.
Immune to Radiation: EX: Aries can live on a slab of weapons-grade Uranium and suffer no ill effects, whereas other life wandering nearby dies. Standing in a fire will kill him, but being shot with any manner of laser won't. (Exception: the laser shot causes secondary effects which could kill, like exploding his jetpack)
Inter-Dimensional Jump: performing a backflip in midair causes Aries to jump into another dimension, and often causes partial amnesia. Leaving one of these jumps usually resembles portal travel, and is highly energetic.
Fault-travel: Aries can "fall" through cracks in surfaces, and out of any other crack. the entry and destination actually being connected simply makes the transit easier, thus a better landing.
Known Spells: Fireball, Flame Wave, Nuclear FireStorm, IceWall, Blast Wind, Light, Summon Furniture, Summon/Create - Tiberium, many versions of Summon Creature - Metroid.
Specialization{s}: Generic Fighter, Tinkerer. Wanderer.
Magical Affinities {in order of strong to weak}: Radiation, Fire, Wind, Light
Armor: None at the moment.
Weapons: Longsword. Blaster Rifle. Hand Grenades. Crossbow with Explosive Bolts.
Other Equipment: Multiple, subdivided below for ease of reference.
A battered copy of The Spamville Survival Guide
Several bags of holding
A Jetpack: Sufficient thrust to lift One-Half ton. Duration of approximately 37 minutes
Multiple grenades
A handheld multi-dimensional Scanner/tricorder
A set of Reading glasses with an integrated GPS/Compass in the nosebridge
A VF-1J Valkyrie, with FAST Pack components and additional parts from a VEFR-1
Locations owned: A section of Space in the L5 lagrange point of sufficient volume to house One Death-Star Mark 1 plus a 20 kilometer exclusion zone around said Death-Star. Space-Station currently missing, assumed destroyed.
A Street-Corner Automobile Repair-shop, currently missing, location occupied by a Slip-Space portal
A 12 acre field containing a cliffside Base, and a 6 acre field containing a hillside MissileBase
Brief Background:
The shadow Emperor of a Large Trans-Dimensional Empire, based on Jupiter's Moon Io in his home Dimension. Currently in Spamville for an undisclosed reason, though rumors occasionally indicate that he's recovering from a psychotic break.

Secondary Character(s)Character Name: Lilliandra AKA Robo-Girl-Aries
Character Race: Synthoid
Character Gender: Female Humanoid Frame with Female Humanoid Mind-State and Male Humanoid Memory-State
Physical Description of Character: Think something like Klan Klein in Macross Frontier, or ThunderBlast for overall look in Mechagirl form
Height: Approximately 6' 9"
Weight: 3-eighths of 21.5 tons, divided by 10
Eye Color(s): Hazel
Hair Color(s): Azure #007FFF with Cyan highlights #00FFFF
Distinct Markings: The following markings can be found running down the outside of both legs, across the upper surface of the left wing, and on the under surface of the right wing:
GHI Flight-13889
CID 1864-HM-RVF25
General Time of Joining the Spamville community: Not Applicable / Character Generated Within Spamville
Any powers character has: Multiple, powers subdivided below.
Innate Abilities:
Unassisted Flight: max altitude of 5,683 feet.
Limited RADAR envelope: max range currently unknown, exceeded 1.2 miles.
Infra/Ultra-vision: sees full standard Human color spectrum, along with Infra-Red and Ultra-Violet.
Partial Shape-Shift: Can Shape-shift portions of her body [lower arms, upper legs, head] into (and back from) alternate mechanical forms.
Known Spells: None
Weaponry: None
Armor: Integral 1/16th inch Beryllium/Carbon alloy plating. Multiple unidentified compunds/elements are allso present.
Minion Type: No current Minions associated with Lilliandra
Faction during the Brotherhood/Sisterhood war: Not Applicable. Lilliandra was not present as a living entity for that conflict.
General description of character personality: Clinical, introverted, and brusque.
at her best, Lilliandra is nearly as outgoing as Aries on his worst days.
at her worst she is all but indistingushable from a passive-aggressive Protocol Droid™.

EDIT LeGrande: Okay, I've gone and added Lilliandra to my newly placed Secondary Character list, and have saved that to a file.
Allso, I spent 3 hours working up her character profile and doing research to get it about-half-right. allso learned that Beryllium is toxic to humans. Good thing she's not human, ey?

OTHER GRAND EDIT: I've re-organized Aries a little, and finally written down some other distinguishing features I'd partially forgotten about.
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Re: Spamville Character Dossier Mk 2

Postby AshK1980 » Wed Dec 12, 2012 7:00 pm

Erika Civilian School uniform
Erika Civilian Usual Outfit
Neo Mew Mint Form

Name: Erika Elaine Aizawa/Neo Mew Mint
Codename: Neo Mew Mint or just Neo Mint
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Height: 6'2"/5'10"

Other known Family Members: Mint Aizawa(Mother)
Other stats: Erika used to be known as Erik, until she as Erik had to protect his/her mother by taking up the Mantle of Neo Mew Mint the Ultramarine Lorikeet MewMew.
Personality: Every Bit like her Mother Mint Aizawa. Very Snobbish and stuck up at times, but can also be a good friend.
Alignment: Good

Sailor Ganymede Senshi Form
Name: Sailor Ganymede
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Bio: Sailor Ganymede is another of the forms obtained by Erika/Neo Mew Mint. One night Erika fell asleep in her house and managed to be brought into a dreamscape where she gained the powers of Sailor Ganymede the Senshi of Rock.

Sailor Ganymede's Attacks consist of:
Level 1: Ganymede Rock Throw Trample
Level 2: Ganymede Rockstorm Smash
Level 3A: Ganymede Rock Wave Wallup
B: Ganymede Rock Slide Wave Wallop(Mixture of Rock Wave Wallop and the Pokemon Attack Rock Slide. Takes out even more monsters at once.)
Talisman: Meteor Hammer, Talisman Attack Ganymede Meteor Hammer Mash.

Holiday Erika
Only used around the Holidays, this form is the form Erika shifts into when the holiday season comes around.
Bunny Girl Form
Bunny Erika. Her bunny ears are the source of this form. When she puts them on she becomes a bunny girl, when she takes them off she reverts to her base form.


Holiday Lavender
Lavender has access to this form only during the Holidays.
Neko Lavender.
Not much is known about this form at the moment since she just obtained it, but hopefully more will be found out.

Name: Lavender

Age: 18

Height: 5'5" Weight: 120 lbs.

Powers: Ability to create clones so she can be in more than one place at once.
Shoots Raw Purple Energy from her hands that creates pose-happy Lesbian Cute, Busty Teenage Girls.
Weaponry and accessories: Twin Katana Blades, Twin Wakasashis, Chemelon Bazooka, Purple Armor that can be summoned at will.

How she transformed: Opening Triple L Restaurant after inventing the Chemelon(Mixture of a Checherry and a Cocomelon) with Lost and Loid/Lorelei Purple Energy(Mixture of Red and Blue Energy) seemed to surround the Restaurant and Grocery. Any and all people that enter the Grocery may be surprised that they might if the eat a Chemelon or Drink Chemelon Juice or get exposed to raw Purple energy will be turned into Busty, Pose-Happy, Lesbian Teenage Girls. Or they could choose any of the other many Transformative Fruits and Juices which are also provided by the Restaurant and Grocery.

Other forms obtained:

Bunny Lavender
This form was obtained in Circe's Restaurant. Her ears are the source of the transformation. She has the ears on she is a bunny girl she has them off she is in her base form.


Name: Erin Schatsiek/Lawrence
Age: 22
Gender: Female
RP Affiliation: None at the moment.
Muffin Room Affiliation: Various Threads.
Additional Powers: Can create Shadow Clones more powerful than Naruto's so they don't poof as easily.

Satoko Sayomi Tanaka Civilian Form
Eternal Sailor Solaris
Satoko Sayomi Tanaka/Eternal Sailor Solaris
Age: 18
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 120 lbs
Hair Color: Blond
Eye Color: Brown
Bio: Once known as Satoshi Sakaki Tanaka, Satoko fell into Jusenkyo and gained a curse of the Spring of Drowned Girl. However this caused several ancient memories to surface into Satoshi's mind whenever he was Satoko she remembered memories from the Silver Millennium. Due to a recent upgrade from one of her Solaris Court members in her home dimension she is currently stuck female and is happy to be one. She prefers to be female and will continue to do so even when she is done being stuck. For more details about Satoko refer to Galactic Guardians, Galactic Guardians A, New Lives Galactic Guardians, New Lives Galactic Guardians A and Galactic Senshi.
Galactic Guardians, Galactic Guardians A, Galactic Guardians S, New Lives Galactic Guardians:
New Lives Galactic Guardians A, New Lives Galactic Guardians S, and Galactic Senshi:
Attacks for Eternal Sailor Solaris:
Level 1: Solaris Solar Beam Blast
Level 2:Solaris Plasma Blast
Level 3A: Solaris Solar Flare of Fate
B: Solaris Solar Sunspot Smash (Even More Powerful than Level 3A Attack takes out a ton of monsters at once!)
Level 4A: Solaris Solar Flare Storm Smash(A storm of Solar Flares, Sunspots, Rays that can take out several monsters at once. Even more powerful than Scepter 4 attack)
B: Solaris Eternal Solar Storm Smash!(Basically all of the attacks from Level 1 through 4A Combined. Takes a ton of energy for her to use)
Scepter 1: Solaris Cosmic Star Blast
Scepter 2: Solaris Starlight Cosmic Star Blast
Scepter 3: Solaris Shooting Star Cosmic Meditation
Scepter 4: Solar Flare Sunspot Storm Smash(Can't use this very much because it weakens her seriously).
Scepter 5(Healing): Solaris Bronze Crystal Healing Wave Activation
Talisman Attack: Solaris Aiku Blade Slash
Transformation Phrases: Solar Prism Power Make Up! Solar Crystal Power Make Up! Solar Crisis Make Up! Solar Eternal Make Up!

Color Chart wrote:Erika Elaine Aizawa/Neo Mew Mint's Color
Sailor Ganymede's Color
Lavender's Color: I use the same color for most of her forms except for Bunny Lavender.
Bunny Lavender's color
Erin the Espeon's Color
Satoko Sayomi Tanaka/Eternal Sailor Solaris' Color

I know this is far from all of my forms, but sense I can't copy and paste from the Read Only Character Dossier, I had to copy and past from my character sheet over at MSF.

Thanks for the heads up CRBWildcat! I didn't realize that my pictures were taking up so much room in my post. Hopefully it's a lot better now.
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Re: Spamville Character Dossier Mk 2

Postby KonokoHasano » Fri Dec 14, 2012 9:10 am

Okie dokie now, let's get this a flowing.

Character Name: Konoko Hasano
Character Race: Were-rabbit --> Humanoid Gardevoir Vampire --> Eldritch Abomination
Character Gender (Primary): Female
Character Gender (Secondary): Can become male if she wants.
Physical Description of Character:
General Time of Joining the Spamville community: Um... well... 2009. ^^;
Any powers character has: Konoko is pretty much capable of mucking about with reality on a whim. She doesn't exactly abide by physics of any kind, and can go about ignoring if she so desires. Primary powers in general include psychic and vampiric powers, as well as shapeshifting.
Minion Type: No minions, but she can create as many clones as she wishes
Faction during the Brotherhood/Sisterhood war: Not present
General description of character personality: Rather impish in general. Konoko likes to just pop in and out of places and innocently tease those she considers friends. She is also a mother and cares deeply for her family. She can generally be easy going, but can get annoyed rather easily. She can also be a bit on the lazy side.

The Hasano Clan: The clan of which Konoko is the head of, and includes a bunch of family members including Konoko's children.
Usagi Hasano: Konoko's daughter and part of a set of quadruplets along with Eiko, Aki, and Shinobu. She is generally down to earth for the most part, and is an anime/manga fan who also has a love of video games and cosplay. She dabbles some in sorcery as well.
Ritsu Hasano: Usagi's younger sister. She is a scientific genius in the body of an 11-year-old. Ritsu has an incredible fondness of squirrels and dabbles mainly in robotics and technology, though she branches out with other things. Ritsu is a technopath and is capable of manipulating technology, as well as can merge with it. She is also capable of eating anything and storing it within herself, reproducing it whenever she wants.
Eiko Hasano: Part of the set of quadruplets with Usagi, Eiko tends to be shy and reserved, though also is no slouch when it comes to being able to fight and weaponry. She has the body of an eight-year-old. Originally this was due to being stuck as a kitten for years, but has been retconned a bit to be that her were-rabbit side basically caused her aging to rapidly slow when she was young.
Aki Hasano: Part of the set of quadruplets. Aki is Usagi and Eiko's brother, but dresses up and looks like a girl. He acts incredibly childish and cute, preferring to refer to himself in third person. Like his mother, Aki is capable of screwing with reality, mainly doing this in order to cause sparkles or hearts to appear around him. Has an empathic link with Shinobu
Shinobu Hasano Last part of the set of quadruplets. Shinobu is one of the sisters, but dresses up and looks rather boyishly. She's incredibly strong and short tempered, not to mention that she can be on the cynical and sarcastic side. Has a love of sports, and shares an empathic link with Aki.
Hayato Hasano: Younger than the others, Hayato is Konoko's son. He tends to be somewhat on the bratty and arrogant side, and has a huge love of computers and video games.
Uzuko Hasano: A Bubblegum Fairy who happens to be the youngest child of Konoko's, created when Konoko and Mischa were both bubblegum fairies and chewed together. She is energetic and happy.

Konoko's Parents: Sachiko and Yasuo Hasano
Konoko's Grandparents: Meiru and Goro Hasano
Konoko's Siblings: Mei, Kodo, Kai, Suimei, and Ana
Konoko's Nieces: Kurina, Ayumi, Mira, Reba, Emi, Meiru, Amae, Zenhoshi
Konoko's Nephews: Koda, Seikichi, Tsuyoshi, Zack

Other Characters
Will be dealt with some other time.
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Re: Spamville Character Dossier Mk 2

Postby Neko- » Sun Jan 06, 2013 9:52 am

Okay... I'll copy and update my bit from the original dossier:

Character Name
Neko- (I refuse to listen to Henchkittygirl or Henchkitty, but some do call me that, and in most cases the urge is just too much to not react. I have basically given up on getting that nickname to ever disappear)

Character Race
Cat. Or catgirl when in cursed form. Used to be an avatar for Stacy, but that's been removed, so all the perks that came with the Avatar status (transformation, Goddess-like abilities and the like) have been removed. Poor me. You are allowed to pity me for that. Alright, that's enough pitying... ENOUGH I SAID!!!!

Character Gender (Primary)
Male. And that will always be male!!! Despite what some people say! The fact I usually wander around as a catgirl is mostly because of the added benefits of thumbs, subspace, and female wrath. I still am very much a guy thank you! Go too far in pushing me into a feminine corner, and you will feel my wrath... Or my claws at the very least. Really.

Character Gender (Secondary)
Female. Damned curse is to blame for that... I blame Himitsu and partially Stratagemini for that disaster. Which is also why I hate Himitsu. Oh, and I blame Stacy a bit for trying to keep me girl as much as she can.

Cause of curse
Himitsu tried to use my feline persona as a shovel to get into hell. I chomped down on a root that was conviniently located beneath me. Himitsu decided to dragonslave the root, which subsequently went off in my mouth, which caused me to jump in the nearest source of water and drink it to cool things down. Strat however somehow had contaminated the water with girl-water due to a faulty ICE9 spell or something. Drinking and being dunked in the cursed water kinda caused me to end up as a catgirl.

Physical Description of Character
As a cat... Black. Something akin to this:


As a catgirl...


General Time of Joining the Spamville community
Umm... Now this is guessing a bit... Oh wait... I still have the original post of signing up. Tuesday october 26th 2004 at 13:53. Not sure if that was the original, or post hacker-thingy, but it's as good a guess as any. My posting kinda died down somewhere in 2009 or so, but I still tend to browse the site. I'm not nearly as active as I used to be. That might change tho.

Any powers character has: (Be as vague as you want)
Cat persona has no special powers. Other then nigh immortality due to a falsified stamp card with it's 9 lives on it. No invulnerability, just near unkillable. They still haven't figured out how that stamp card works, and as long as they don't, it's unlikely I'll be permanently indisposed :)

Ability to talk, comment and such is included. Due to some very distant (pre-fukufics) harassment I ended up skinned (and yes, that hurt... quite a lot actually), and had a nigh indestructible asbestos fur made. So I'm pretty much fire resistant nowadays too. After getting my nails clipped one too many times on the forum I actually got ademantium claws. Age? Who knows. Heck... I even lost count. Not as old as Stacy tho.

The catgirl however... Received a subspace pocket as part of her curse which holds just about anything from carpeting to the Titanic, a 2:1 scale of Mount Rushmore, a flea circus, and the Taj Mahal. Unfortunately weapons, explosives, or anything directly meant as lethal cannot be pulled out from that bit of subspace. Still need to get some lessons from Stacy in subspace mechanics to correct that.

Nor for those reading the old thread, there is a comment about Stacy's minions being (and I quote) 'Horny Bisexual Catgirls'. Just to get things clear: I do NOT fall in the category of Stacy's minions! I'm not horny (well, no more that normal, or what I deem normal), nor am I a minion. That also goes for Himitsu who often refers to me as 'Henchkittygirl' when in catgirl-form, or 'Henchkitty' when in cat-form. I am not his minion, if anything I will be his undoing!

Hot and cold water allow for unwanted changes. The cat-form has no access to any of the catgirl powers. Subspace is locked away. Which does tend to allow for a more vulnerable me in some cases... Then again, I'm smaller, do have the fur and claws, so I'm not a kitty to tackle on a whim.

Recent discovery showed that claws do come with the catgirl. These however are more of a grown nail claw in contradiction with the cat-guise. Non retractable, and not as sharp or long as the cat-persona. I still could do pretty decent amounts of damage with 'm.

Minion Type: (If applied)
I don't need minions. Too much fun to do it yourself! Besides... abusing others minions *cough*Himitsu*cough* is much more fun.

Working in the kitchen of Acey's place. My kitchen is holy. Mess with it, and you will die. Horribly. Painfully too. The wards on Acey's do protect the kitchen somewhat, in sofar that just staff can enter behind the bar and thus access the kitchen doors. Himitsu seems to find ways to get around that every now and then tho, and he's even managed to sneak Akane into my kitchen once. The results... were not pretty. The food got out, ate half the kitchen, melted away part of the floor, and went on a rampage through Spamville. Ever since then Akane is fully banned from ever using my kitchen.

Faction during the Brotherhood/Sisterhood war
I never was a part of this war. However in the new evolution of the war currently erupting in Spamville, Himitsu claims I'm part of the Brotherhood. I see myself however as a neutral party in the conflict, but when faced with a choice who to aid in the war, the fact that Himitsu is leading the Brotherhoord, and my dislike of the Purple One, I will oppose the Brotherhood (while still not necessarily aiding the Sisterhood or whatever party the Brotherhood opposes at that moment).

General description of character personality
Pretty relaxed... Unless Himitsu's involved, for the Purple One must pay for his role in cursing me! Not averse of causing some chaos, just as long as I don't get involved in the results of that chaos. I just like to watch the fireworks. Too bad I usually end up strapped to said fireworks...
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Re: Spamville Character Dossier Mk 2

Postby camk4evr » Sat Jan 12, 2013 3:47 am

Character Name:Camk4evr. Also been called Cam and Camk
Since I'm feeling much too lazy to create a new dossier profile, I'll just copy and paste my old one:

Character Race: Elf
Character Gender (Primary): male
Character Gender (Secondary): no secondary gender so far
Physical Description of Character: An elf with short, messy (not dirty just won't stay combed), brown hair, brown eyes covered by blue mirrorshades and a tendency to wear black (shirt, shoes, pants, gloves, and overcoat)
General Time of Joining the Spamville community: I believe it was spring of 2005 when I joined but I lurked off and on since the beginning
Any powers character has: Magic, teleports by snapping fingers, subspace access (like everyone else) generally accesssed through his overcoat, can stand/walk/run on ceiling, walls, and other surfaces as though they were the ground
Minion Type: Mostly humans but have access to boomers, bolos, and
other things which haven't appeared yet (probably never will really)
Faction during the Brotherhood/Sisterhood war: wasn't a member then
General description of character personality: I prefer to not become involved in the fighting in spamville and remain neutral in most conflicts, as I view the insanity of spamville as both entertainment and an opportunity to earn money- usually by selling weapons of various kinds but does dabble in other ventures (ie installing security systems, teaching, gambling, and selling videos of the events that occur). However if you attack me (or my food), annoy me, (ie sing Barney songs) or if I get bored (haven't had a chance) I will respond in an appropriately destructive manner (ususally I use Dragon Slaves but I've used bolos, firearms, a dalek, explosives and warships before as well)
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Re: Spamville Character Dossier Mk 2

Postby Circe » Wed Feb 13, 2013 12:09 am

So, hey, I guess I might as well repost this. A long time later...

Circe speaks in an orange font.

Character Name: Circe

Character Race: Human Caucasian

Character Gender (Primary): Female

Character Gender (Secondary): N/A

Physical Description of Character: A picture's worth a thousand words...

General Time of Joining the Spamville community: Early November, 2009

Any powers character has: MAGIC!

...Okay, to be a bit more specific, Circe has training in many fields of magic, though she's more proficient in some (summoning, transformations) than others (healing). In addition, recieved laser vision from Ambush Cat some time back, and shapeshifting abilities from a genie. She also carries a few pieces of magical equipment and some more specific powers, as follows:

Lightsaber: A gift from Aldonza. Has three modes: Standard, whose name says it all, really, and which has a green blade. Practice, which has a blue blade and greatly weakened cutting strength, for training sessions. And Ultra, with its silver blade, which greatly increases the lightsaber's power, at the cost of some of Circe's life force. It also has an energy conversion function, which allows the wielder to increase their offensive power for the sake of defense, or vice-versa.

Touhou Cards: A deck of cards based on the spell cards from the Touhou Project game series, all fully funcitonal.

Mood Ring: Like any mood ring, this ring changes color to reflect Circe's mood. However, should any form of energy be channeled through it (electricity, magical, whatever), it fires off a blast of colored energy, which causes a transformation in whoever it hits. The sort of transformation depends on the color.

Pokédex: Obtained from one of Blossom's death crystals, along with six Pokéballs. In addition to the usual functions, the Pokédex can match people up with a Pokémon that matches with them, and the Pokéballs can be used to transform people into either their Pokémon, or a hybrid of it and a human.

Indigo Eyebeams: A power gained from one of Lio's death crystals. When Circe uses these, the target blasted by her eye beams must speak in knock-knock jokes for the next hour.

Break Storm: A desperation attack gained from one of Callista's death crystals. By conentrating, she can convert certain energies within her body into ki, which forms into a battle aura around her. She then holds to fingers in the air to great a giant explosion around herself, with a 200 meter radius.

Elemental Boost: A gift from Ambush Cat. This ability allows Circe to boost the power of any spells or powers of a given element for a brief period, while at the same time blocking off her access to other elements for the effect's duration. As a minor side-effect of this ability, the color of Circe's hair and clothes will change to reflect her current color - red and orange for fire, tan and brown for earth, etc.

Minion Type: Circe has a small army of highly skilled and dedicated maids at her disposal. Most of the time, though, they're all looking after her gi-huge-ic mansion outside Muffinville.

Faction during the Brotherhood/Sisterhood war: The what now?

General description of character personality: Circe has some pretty major self-esteem issues, owing to constant, almost entirely undeserved mockery from her peers in Muffinville. Once, she would have flown at you in a blind rage for even suggesting that you might not be giving her your full respect. She's mellowed out a bit in recent times, though it'd still be a bad idea to push her, lest she turn you into a maid and force you into her service.


Circe's Sailor Soldier form, Sailor Umbriel

* Transformation pen: A standard issue Sailor Soldier transformation item. Circe's is activated with a cry of "Umbriel Power, Make Up!"

* Shadow Pinion: Circe throws a needle of dark energy at the enemy's shadow, immobilizing them.

* Umbriel Death Slicer: A curved blade of dark energy appears in the air before Circe and flies at the enemy, slicing through them.

* Umbriel Shadow Blazer: Circe presses a palm against the ground, causing a trail of black flame to erupt from the ground before her and snake its way over to the enemy.

* Death Hole Obliteration: A black hole appears and sucks in the enemy.
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Re: Spamville Character Dossier Mk 2

Postby talonhunter » Thu Aug 15, 2013 10:17 pm

Big time transfer here, I'll edit more later an adding new characters here...

Character Name: Talonhunter,Talon

Lets see here...since I have limit access at the moment, I need to make the best of it...

MId purple...Talonhunter
Violet...GizMoon...(Flying Mooncat/Princess)
Orange...GizMio...(Plushie sized ex Cat human Hybrid)

Silver grey...Haku
Sunburst Yellow...Neru
Lite Blue...Kaito
Lime Green...Starship Ai Delphi


Character Race: Anthropamorph

Character Gender (Primary): non discript...Looks to be a male/female hybrid

Physical Description of Character: Non discript,(can't tell anything under that Leather duster) Shoulder blade length blond /white hair, worn in a pony tail under a black fedora (kinda a cross between the shadow and Carmine San Diego)

General Time of Joining the Spamville community: Just Recently seen, lurking for years

Any powers character has: Unknown, but music seems to follow me everywhere I go with songs getting stuck in the heads of people who annoyme or just look like they need something stuck in thier heads for a while

Minion Type: Winged Catgirls
1 (GizMoon)...Recently effected by a translation error, is the more emotional pieces of the two surviving pieces. Transforms into a moon princess type... Can no longer revert to winged cat form

2 (GizMio)...Recently effected by a translation error, is more angry and confrontational of the two surviving pieces. Currently a Plushie sized Human, catgirl hybrid, has human girl curse. Can transform back back to Winged cat form with water application, but also has a living plushie form as well.

(New) type Felinian, stands about 4 ft 2 inches tall, long black silky fur with a pink nose. Is a command cargo master on the Felinian federation ship Kerad Guild. Found herself deposited in spamville when she was knocked thru a portable portal by a broken fork lift. Thinks Neko~ is some kind of Felinian royalty.


Faction during the Brotherhood/Sisterhood war: Saw it, but was too self absorbed in my own problems to worry about it

General description of character personality: Easy going and casual, but an enigma that cant be quantified or understod, but is felt when gone.
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Re: Spamville Character Dossier Mk 2

Postby Neko- » Fri Aug 16, 2013 3:06 am

talonhunter wrote:Thinks Neko~ is some kind of Felinian royalty.

I get confused with the mass of personalities some of the people on here have, so I'm adamently sticking to one. The above should however... possibly prove... interesting... :lol:
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Re: Spamville Character Dossier Mk 2

Postby Lioconvoy » Thu Feb 05, 2015 6:15 am

I can't believe this was on page two. I could have sworn the the archived version was sticked. Then again it's not like there's been much FFRP is Spamville lately.
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