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Re: This just bugs me

Postby Spica75 » Sat Jan 10, 2015 8:08 am

- I liked the original Buffy Movie, but despised the series with a passion.



Even the guy who made both considers the movie the "practise run".

While i don´t mind the movie, it´s way below in quality.
So why the passionate despising? Sure the series has plenty of flaws as well, but overall it was excellent. Though if you haven´t seen beyond 1st season, that may not be obvious, since you find much of its flaws in 1st and 2nd season.

For anime, I liked
- Tsukihime
- Hellsing
- Hellsing Ultimate
- Vampire Princess Miyu
- Princess Ressurection

Aaww... Not Karin? :P
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