The Greatest Style

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The Greatest Style

Postby toushin » Sat Dec 08, 2018 6:30 pm

What do you think is the most powerful martial arts style in the series?

I think that Martial Arts Calligraphy might be the most powerful style in the series.

It’s never really used a lot so I never really thought about what it could do until I read the Dark Titans fanfic. The Kimen School is a more secret branch of the art is using special ink patterns on the skin to aid in the channeling of internal ki. Shigenosuke was a radical within his strange school of martial arts. He believed that the art of calligraphy could be used more directly. He traveled the world, studying foreign arts: tribal tattoos from the South Seas, war paint from ancient Europe and Africa, and the writings of the Near East. He refined his art and returned to Japan, only to be deemed an outcast and a heretic by his school. He tried to create a branch of the art, but something went wrong. Shigenosuke went into self imposed exile. No one heard from him in half a century.

The Sakai School is the art of ink manipulation and animation. An ancient art passed down the line of the Sakai family for generations, meant to entertain, but it could do great harm as well making it dangerous, both to the practitioner and the bystander.

The Utada School of Martial Arts Calligraphy went extinct in the Meiji Era. Practitioners would mix their blood with their ink and then try and imbue themselves with the power of the symbols they drew. Involves increasing user’s or their allies… Because by mixing elements from your blood into the ink, it will become attuned to you and be unusable by anyone else. The Utada School can also be used to seal objects. Unfortunately the style became debased and amoral, like a cult. Which was why it was wiped out.

That caused me to look into it more not only do you have the Mark of the Battling Gods you have Rakkyosai and the guy from the anime who can attack with brushes and ink as weapons. There’s also the panda doodle. The instances shown in the series are short and played for comedy but each are extremely powerful.

I came to the conclusion that this is the most powerful style in the series after reading Gun x Clover and Twin Star Exorcist. When you see Dead language and spirit charms in actions you start to realize just what this style can do.

Any form of magic or technique that involves the use of seals or art can be applied to this style. We have transmutation circles and arrays from Fullmetal Alchemist for example. Even the use of magic itself Magic Seals are a visible manifestation of energy being collected by a mage when casting a spell. When you take that into account you could do something like inscribe a technique onto a person allowing them to perform it without having to master it. This is why I say Gun X Clover is in the Ranma Universe as Sayuri Higuchi’s tattoo’s are basically hidden weaponry seals.

Clow read could be from that same clan as the person who drew the panda. Combine how magic works with from the TYPE-MOON universe (magecraft, magic circuits, magic crest) with the magic from Twin Star Exorcist and you have an explanation for how abilities of the Twelve Guardians. What if they were crest that are past down from student to master.

There being twelve masters of Martial Arts Calligraphy is an interesting concept.
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