As the World Dies Trilogy

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As the World Dies Trilogy

Postby mondu_the_fat » Sun Jun 30, 2013 4:23 am

Yay, more free zombie books courtesy of googleplay.

Thelma and Louise. With Zombie Apocalypse. That pretty much sums up these series of books.

Writing is ok. Characters are likeable.

However, if you're after a zombie story, this kinda falls flat on its face.
1) Apocalyptic Zombie fics are all about scarcity of resources and how the characters deal with it. Unfortunately, the series of books is scarce on scarcity. In Texas, approximately 500 people are left. One year later, THE INTERNET IS STILL UP. Electricity is never cut and everyone enjoys air conditioning. Not only that, all the refrigerators throughout the state (or at least, every one we see) are up and running, which means frozen food is simply a matter of finding a store that hasn't been emptied. Ammo? They find a hunting and for at least the next 2 years they don't run out of bullets and manage to train sharpshooters.
2) The third book deals with a massive push of zombies. How did they resolve that? With the worst case of dues ex machina I've seen.

SPOILER - Show Spoiler
THE GHOSTS OF THE DEAD COME BACK and mess around with the zombies. At least one character (who happened to be the best sharpshooter) had her cancer instantaneously healed by her dead husband. Nearly every hidden plot is foiled by the ghosts, and zombie activity are revealed by the ghosts as well.

Seriously, WTF? It's a zombie fic and you pull that off? Its like watching Ranma, then suddenly Captain America from the future drops by and solves the entire fiancee mess and warns Ranma of his upcoming opponents. And Captain America can heal cancer. Then Captain America disappears "I didn't solve your problems! I just gave you a fighting chance!"

The main characters are all capable of judging a person's personality on first sight. The 3rd/4th time that I read a line that went "The moment I saw him, I knew he was the leader and that I'd spend a lot of time with him. I know he''s senstitive and kind and can manipulate the weak mayor to do his bidding" I wanted to retch.

Aside from those, the books aren't bad.

Or maybe that's just because I just read Zombie Dawn Outbreak, which is effing horrible.
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Re: As the World Dies Trilogy

Postby frice2000 » Mon Jul 01, 2013 7:12 am

Read this some time. Good author.
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