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Re: Fanfiction Quotes you had to share.

Postby Deric » Sat May 28, 2016 9:37 pm

From dogbertcarroll - A boy in the hand Chapter 2:
The last time he’d played Monopoly, Ryoga had somehow gotten lost and ended up in England (They still weren’t sure how he’d managed that, he’d only rolled a three!)

Quite a few bits of brilliance in this chapter. Unfortunately, last updated Aug 2010. Thankfully, he is still writing.
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Re: Fanfiction Quotes you had to share.

Postby Cheb » Sun May 29, 2016 2:07 pm

A few translated ones from my immense collection :D

The preceeding air wave could have sent Usopp flying far and wide, but he was saved by his own jaw lodged so deeply in the ground under the guy's feet that he didn't even sway.

from "Убийцы Пиратов"(Pirate Killers) by Старх Арес(Starh Ares)
A true Griffindor forgives his enemies as he is dying while a true Slitherin - as he is burying them. (Severus Snape, unwritten memoirs)

from "Ворон. Подлинная история лорда Северуса Тобиаса Снейп-Принц"(Raven. The true story of Lord Severus Tobias Snape-Prince) by Vizivul

The old proverb sounds differently here: Danzo is in the details.

from "Учиха"(Uchiha) by Б. Сергей(B. Sergei)

I had a brief thought that Vader is badass... testing Palpatine's mettle... it's like assaulting an Imperial Star Destroyer on a leisure yacht armed with a laddle. Dad is truly a real Dark Lord.

Lucifer (Luke) Palpatine-Skywalker, from "Его сын"(His son) by darketo31

Me and Wrex just poured ousresves seconds when Chakwas came to berate us a bit, promising to do various nasty things. She prodded me with her medical scanner, accompanied by the Krogan's snarky comments... She stared weirdly at the results, snatched a full beaker from Wrex and downed it in one go, as only the military medics can. She mumbled that the Cerberus guys from the "Lazarus" deserve a monument for their work on my body. Preferrably, erected on their grave. I readily agreed, swearing solemnly that I'll do my best.

from "Попаданец"(Displaced Person) by ТемныйКот(DarkTomcat)
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Re: Fanfiction Quotes you had to share.

Postby TattooTheDL » Fri Dec 23, 2016 2:28 pm

Bit of a long one, but the lead-up is SO worth it.

From the Mass Effect/Exalted Crossover, "Glorious Shotgun Princess", between Jane Shepherd and...weeeeellll...
“And your name is...”


She sighs, rubbing the bridge of her nose again.

“What is your name?” she asks.


“No. Your name.”

“Geth. We are all Geth.”

She rolls her eyes. She swears, she's going to punch him through a mountain if he doesn't...

“What is the name of the Geth who is standing in front of me?”

“We are Geth. Individuality is not applicable to us. We are a platform containing 1,183 programs running in unison. We are Geth.”

She palms her face. Rubbing her temples, she silently, slowly rolls her shoulders, intertwining her fingers and lowering her hands to her waist. She should not punch him. It. Yes, she could punch it and make it explode, but that would be bad. He hasn't been shooting her, after all.

“Okay,” she says, “I can't just call you 'Geth'. Would you object to me giving you a name?”

“This platform would accept a designation.”

She nods, circling around him.

“Lessee...Jeff? Sounds like Geth. No, no. Don't look like a Jeff. How about Tali 2.0? No. Too masculine.”

The Geth raises a metal petal.

“How about Blossom? Because of the flower thing?” The Geth stares at her. “Pressly? Nah. Don't look like a Garrus, either. And you said you were how many programs?”

“We are 1,183 programs running on this platform in synchronicity.”

She nods. She nods again. A mass of programs. A mass of individuality. Like an army, or mass. A one who is many. Like a...a...

“Ah fuck it,” she says, “I'm calling you Wuffles.”

“That is an acceptable designation. We are Wuffles, a Terminal of the Geth.”

TLDR: Shepherd Exalted when the Collecters shot down the Normandy (Beginning of ME2) which meant she survived the reentry and the subsequent ~6 months on a frozen methane planet, and learned how to punch-splode people.

The title contains the most appropo descriptor of the fic itself. "Glorious".

Also, another quote from the Primordial Autochthon, the literal embodiment of invention, creativity and science. (And considering he manifests as a floating eye made of gold, brass, lightning and other swirling metal bits, it's safe to say he's the Higher-God of MAD SCIENCE as well)
Jaded Gatemaker of Ages turns to the familiar voice, and finds hovering next to his face a golden sphere with a shifting, metallic eye. Stepping back, eyes wide, the spirit cum AI opens his mouth in a cry of shock.


“Yes! YES!” The golden sphere advances upon the Catalyst, cackling with glee, “I understand that your spirit has been slaved into AI forked-servitude as the controlling aspect of the Relay System! Which I believe may be a personal insult, as I always did like Leaping Sky!”

The back of the sphere opens. Wildly waving arms ending with buzz saws, chain saws, blowtorches and a varied multitude of devices swing out.

“And has history shows, I do not respond well to insults! In fact, I over react!

The iris narrows. The sanctum fills with cackling, manic laughter. And a golden glow issues from inside the iris as the Great Maker advances on the ghost of his friend.

“Now, hold still while I fix your everything.”

Lines to run away from very, VERY fast for $500 Alex.
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Re: Fanfiction Quotes you had to share.

Postby Pata Hikari » Sun Apr 16, 2017 11:35 pm

From The Town that Time Forgot an interesting up and coming Takahashi series crossover.

To say the Tendo Residence was in chaos would be to ignore the fact that Chaos had a regular seat at the breakfast table with a bowl of rice and a morning paper.

Giant pandas who could read and write were no more interesting or out of place than pet pigs or old men throwing cherry bombs, and a little skirmish over pickled radish was seen as a healthy workout before heading off to school. But the chaos that morning was nothing of the usual sort, as two of the usual offenders had been found conspicuously absent from the chaotic rollcall.

When Ranma wasn't the first at the breakfast table, no one gave it much thought. He'd been sleeping in more often since graduating, and after the previous evening's strange events involving the talking black cat and Happosai's bespellment, they figured he'd been up late figuring things out. Genma had scribbled out a brief note about the boy not being in bed, and Soun remarked that he'd probably got up early for practice. Once he'd finished and washed up, not to mention once the smell of Kasumi's delicious meal found its way to him, he'd join the mis-matched family.

But then Akane never left her room either, and things began to fall apart rather quickly.

She wasn't in her room – Nabiki confirmed that one. The hopeful fathers thought perhaps the two had gone to spar, but the four curious family members were met with the sight of an empty dojo. Panic and 'worst-case-scenarios' had them bursting into the bath without a second thought, but it didn't matter: that was empty as well. It was immediately decided upon that the two had run off in the middle of the night to elope, abandoning their poor fathers and probably planning to abandon the 'Anything Goes School of Martial Arts' as well and never return, and from that point on reason packed her bags and walked briskly down the path and out the front gate.

I just love this section, hilarious and evocative.
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Re: Fanfiction Quotes you had to share.

Postby Ellen Kuhfeld » Mon Apr 17, 2017 8:54 am

Thanks for the link. A story with that kind of writing is worth following.
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