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CTE Crystal Tokyo BESM game v3

Postby Yarrow » Sat Nov 17, 2012 10:48 am

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"When she was born, wolves came to try to raise her as one of their own. Sometimes we wonder if we were wrong to stop them."
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House Rules

Postby Yarrow » Sat Nov 17, 2012 11:01 am

Current Benchmarks: Normal form uses Superhuman, and Senshi form uses Superpowered, as described on page 9 of the game book.

Total ACV and DCV cannot exceed the benchmarks, even when individual attacks add homing, accuracy, etc. or shield adds defense. If the ACV/DCV value does exceed the benchmark, the overflow can be used to offset situational penalties but NOT penalties for defending against multiple attacks

Divine Relationship creates a single pool of up to 6 re-rolls that can be used by normal and senshi form. The attribute may be purchased in either form, but if for any reason, the senshi form is unavailable, so are its contributions to the pool.

Ties in contested attack/defense rolls go to players.

Teleport is a general action, not a move action.

The combined cost of Custom Weapon Variables (Autofire, Insidious, Piercing, etc.) on a single Weapon cannot exceed the benchmark limit for attributes. Standard variables (Area, Range, Duration, Targets) do not count toward this limit.

Extra Actions is generally limited to rank 1 for player characters.

The Targeted variable is not allowed against any categories that would include the vast majority of enemies in the game. For example, droids or 'evil' would not be permitted, but flying creatures would.

Healing skill improves the effectiveness of healing items by 10% per rank of medical skill (max 100%).

Backup rolls are communal property and can be used by any PC who isn't acting against the best interest of the party.
Backup rolls in the party's possession: none

A character's senshi form can regain hit points by any of the normal methods (regeneration, healing attribute, medsprays, etc.), but only when it is the active form. Additionally, if the character has a full eight hours of sleep in normal form, the senshi form will be fully healed.

For attack and defense rolls, a natural 12 is always a success and a natural 2 is always a failure. This does not apply to rolls other than those to determine whether an attack hits or misses.

Wounds caused by weapons with the incurable variable may be healed with Healing or Regeneration attributes of sufficient rank, but not during combat.

The Tangle variable has been modified. When a character creates a Weapon with the Tangle variable he must choose whether it hinders the target's attack or defense more. If the target is successfully hit by the attack, it suffers the following effects based on the rank of Tangle:
rank 1: -1 penalty to attack or defense (as chosen when the attack was created)
rank 2: -1 penalty to both attack and defense
rank 3: -3 penalty to attack/defense (whichever was chosen) and -1 penalty to the other.

Note that the new Escape Artist combat technique will lower the effective rank of a tangle, as may relatively high ranks of Superstrength, Resistance, or Mind Shield, depending on the form of the tangle attack.

The Armour attribute's rank is capped at double the normal benchmark limit.

On a low attack roll, weapons with the Selective variable may still hit someone who is not designated as a target if they are very close to someone who is.

Power Flux

Power Flux: creation - Only as many cp as are granted by the power can exist in items at any given time. Ie - at rank 2, 8cp of created items may exist at once. So long as the same item is being created, there is no flux delay between making one and the next.

Details for explosives creation: minor - explosives with limited variables allowed: area and delay, 1 or 2 penetrating, flare, irritant; major - allows more variables/defects; primal - allows other attributes to be mixed in.


Imbue: a power can be activated for one scene and affects others and self. Only one can be in effect at once and requires concentration (as described in Activation rank 1) during the round it's activated. The cost for attribute is +1 to affect 1 other person, +2 to affect 2-3, +3 to affect 4-6. Effect lasts for 1 scene. Area of effect starts at 3m and can be raised. Effects stack with existing attributes of affected targets, upto the benchmark limits.
Note: The owner of the attribute only gains its benefits when the power has been activated.

Approved Imbue attributes: Toughness, Mind Shield, DR (creates pool of 1 reroll/rank that is shared by all affected people), Heightened Awareness, Land speed, Resistance, Special defense, Special Movement, Unknown power.

New Combat Techniques

Combo Master - On a successful melee hit, the character is able to immediately use an unspent extra action for the round. If all attacks hit and the last exceeds the target number by 6 or more an extra attack is gained. Does not apply to any attacks with autofire and may only be initiated with a normal action on the character's turn. This counts as 3 techniques (6 cp).

(C-C-C-)Combo Breaker - The Combo Master technique is ineffective on the character. (2 cp)

Best Defense - Any attacks made on the character with a natural 2 or 3 on the attack roll automatically miss. Additionally, the character gets a free attack on any opponents in melee range who roll a natural 2 or 3 on an attack roll. The free attack does not trigger the Combo Master technique. (4 cp)

Seize the Moment - After using Divine Relationship to change an incoming hit into a miss, the character gains an immediate free attack. The free attack does not trigger Combo Master. This technique costs 1 cp for every 2 ranks of Divine Relationship (round up) the character has.

Tactical Focus - In exchange for a -3 penalty to ACV or DCV, the character gains a +1 bonus in the other. Benchmarks may be exceeded. The focus may be activated, deactivated, or changed at the beginning of a round as a free action or within a round as a standard action.

Escape Artist - Each rank of this technique lowers the rank of Tangle effects used against the character.

Prioritized Defense - At the beginning of a combat round, a character may specify a number of defense rolls to be committed to use against a particular opponent. These committed defense rolls will be treated as the first defense rolls of the round; defenses against all other opponents will be rolled as if the committed rolls have already been used.

Quick Draw - A character with this technique may make one single ranged attack before combat starts, provided opponents are not poised to attack, with weapons drawn (GM's discretion for opponents with innate weaponry). If opponents are poised, the character gains +6 to initiative for the first round of combat only. This technique counts as three combat techniques (6 cp).

Melee Deflection - Permits defense against melee attacks without giving ground. May not be effective against certain attacks.

Melee Reflection - Allows the redirection of melee attacks against other nearby targets, as the Reflection combat technique.

Death and Unconsciousness
  • A character knocked out in normal form automatically assumes senshi form, unless it is unavailable. If she resumes normal form voluntarily, she will be at 10% max hp. If the senshi form is knocked out, however, the character returns to normal form and remains unconscious.
  • A senshi knocked out after a voluntary transformation will revert to normal form and be in cooldown for a minimum of a minute, even if she didn't spend that long in senshi form, and will be unable to regain senshi form for approximately a day.
  • If a character in senshi form takes enough damage in a single round to reduce it to negative maximum hp, the character dies. A character dropped to negative maximum hp in single round in normal form may or may not die if the senshi form is available.
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"When she was born, wolves came to try to raise her as one of their own. Sometimes we wonder if we were wrong to stop them."
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The Dan and Xui-Fei Show

Postby Yarrow » Sun Nov 02, 2014 6:02 pm

<Yarrow> Dan and Xui-Fei find themselves in a small submarine zooming to an unknown location beneath the sea.
<Yarrow> There seems to be an autopilot engaged. It's probably a real good idea not to mess with it.
* Xui-Fei raises an eyebrow wondering where they are going
<Yarrow> Dan: "I notice that you are no longer dead, my friend. Are you a soap opera actor, perchance?"
<Xui-Fei> "temporarly resurected for this I guess" she says eyeing the mic she has
<Yarrow> Dan: "Ah. Well, it is good to have you back!"
<Yarrow> Some sort of hi-tech structure on the bottom of the sea starts to come into view. The sub slows down and gets much quieter.
<Xui-Fei> "looks like we're almost there"
<Yarrow> The sub descends to hug the sea floor as it approaches.
<Yarrow> Dan: "Are you ready, my friend?"
* Xui-Fei smirks, "anytime" she says
<Yarrow> Dan: "While we wait... I challenge you to a game of I Spy!"
* Xui-Fei laughs, "sure go ahead"
<Yarrow> Dan looks around furtively. "I spy, with my little eye--something beginning with W!"
<Xui-Fei> "Water"
<Yarrow> Dan: "A worthy challenger! Your turn."
<Xui-Fei> "I spy with my little eye---something beginning with S"
<Yarrow> Dan: "Hmmm."
<Yarrow> He looks around.
<Yarrow> Dan: "Could it be... a submarine?!"
* Xui-Fei nods, "well done"
<Yarrow> Dan frowns thoughtfully. "I spy with my little eye something beginning with D."
<Yarrow> He hides his mouth behind his hand as he giggles.
* Xui-Fei blinks at that looking around trying to figure out what was so funny....
* Xui-Fei sighs in defeat, "you got me what is it?"
<Yarrow> Dan: "It is I--Hibiki Dan! Er, Dan."
* Xui-Fei blinks then facepalms "figures well played"
<Yarrow> The display on the control panel shows a one minute countdown. You're very close to the structure now.
<Xui-Fei> "well...time to see what our part of this contest is"
<Yarrow> As the countdown reaches zero, there are clunks as the sub docks at an out of the way access point.
<Yarrow> The display flashes a picture of the item you're supposed to recover and a vague location in the structure.
* Xui-Fei memoriezes the item and nods to Dan, "well lets rock and roll"
<Yarrow> Dan: "To infinity and beyond!"
<Yarrow> A hatch opens, allowing access to the complex.
* Xui-Fei smirks and heads in
<Yarrow> Dan follows.
<Yarrow> How are you proceeding? Favoring speed? Caution? Cautiously but relatively quickly?
<Xui-Fei> (Cautiously but relatively quickly)
<Yarrow> You go a while before hearing footsteps approaching from the right at an intersection ahead. It sounds like two people wearing boots.
* Xui-Fei gestures to Dan to hold as she looks around quickly for who is nearing them
<Yarrow> Make a soul check. 2d6+4
<Yarrow> Note: Xui-Fei does not have access to the Divine Relationship attribute due to her temporary demoniacally resurrected state.
<Xui-Fei> 2d6+4
<Luna-P> Xui-Fei, 2d6+4: 10 [2d6=1,5]
<Xui-Fei> (makes sense)
<Xui-Fei> (probably don't make it with that roll)
<Yarrow> Xui-Fei pops her head around the corner and quickly pulls it back. She saw two men in uniforms walking toward the intersection.
<Yarrow> Man, amusement clear in his voice: "Hey, Hiroshi. It looks like your stalker is back."
* Xui-Fei blinks and curses inwardly
<Yarrow> Hiroshi: "Oh, god..."
* Xui-Fei raises an eyebrow at this but listens in more closely
<Yarrow> Hiroshi sighs deeply. "I guess I need to talk with her..."
<Yarrow> They continue walking your way.
* Xui-Fei gestures to dan to hide while she distracts them for Dan to take down
<Yarrow> Dan: "I will be stealthy as the wind!"
<Yarrow> Hiroshi: "What the hell?"
* Xui-Fei will then try to pose as sexily as she possibly can going for the most fanservicey pose she can do
<Yarrow> The two guards rush into the intersection.
<Xui-Fei> (god damn it Dan)
<Yarrow> Init
<Xui-Fei> 2d6+14
<Luna-P> Xui-Fei, 2d6+14: 25 [2d6=6,5]
<Yarrow> 2#2d6+5
<Luna-P> Yarrow, 2#2d6+5: 11 [2d6=4,2], 12 [2d6=1,6]
<Xui-Fei> (seriuosly why couldn't I roll that on the soul roll)
<Yarrow> 2d6+8
<Luna-P> Yarrow, 2d6+8: 13 [2d6=1,4]
<Yarrow> Idol Xui-Fei is up!
<Xui-Fei> "Hi boys" she calls out coyly as she waves at them
<Yarrow> Anything else?
<Xui-Fei> (just a sec need to do something rq
<Xui-Fei> (do they see Dan or did he vanish before they rounded the corner)
<Yarrow> You're not really sure. He was behind you.
<Xui-Fei> (then I hold being a distraction)
<Yarrow> 2d6+8
<Luna-P> Yarrow, 2d6+8: 15 [2d6=1,6]
<Yarrow> 2d6+6-1
<Luna-P> Yarrow, 2d6+6-1: 10 [2d6=4,1]
<Yarrow> Dan rolls past you and cries, "Stealthy Strike!" as he flows into a jumping uppercut that impacts with the chin of one of the guards. You notice his garrotte is wrapped around his fist.
<Yarrow> The guard goes flying back to land in a heap.
<Xui-Fei> (ok just one left or is that one still up?)
<Yarrow> Just one left.
<Yarrow> Hiroshi: "Holy shit!"
<Yarrow> He fumbles with his sidearm.
* Xui-Fei pushes off the wall as she does a front flip kick on Hiroshi
<Yarrow> Roll it.
<Xui-Fei> 2d6+9 Fanservice time
<Luna-P> Xui-Fei, Fanservice time: 14 [2d6=3,2]
<Yarrow> 2d6+6
<Luna-P> Yarrow, 2d6+6: 14 [2d6=5,3]
<Xui-Fei> (I believe I hit iirc)
<Yarrow> Yes. The guard looks up in alarm and stumbles forward, causing Xui-Fei to catch him with a flying sitdown to face instead of her intended kick. He goes down and out. Fanservice++
<Xui-Fei> "Glad to see I still got it..." she smirks
<Yarrow> Kouni's voice in Xui-Fei's ear: "Your mic is your main weapon. Keep using other things, and you'll be disqualified."
* Xui-Fei blinks
<Xui-Fei> "well...looks like I need to figure out what this can do...."
<Yarrow> Dan makes a victory pose.
* Xui-Fei smirks, "come on we need to keep moving who knows how many more patrols there are out there"
<Yarrow> Dan: "Yosh!"
* Xui-Fei continues onward at the same pace she did before she encountered the patrol (Cautious yet quick)
<Yarrow> You head on, making turns according to your mental map of the place.
* Xui-Fei moves onward
<Yarrow> You hear noise from ahead, as if a relatively large number of people are hanging out and chatting.
* Xui-Fei tries to listen in whats being said
<Yarrow> It sounds like off-duty guard. Perhaps in a break room.
<Yarrow> And looking up ahead, you do see light from an open doorway spilling into the hall.
* Xui-Fei moves in to get a closer look threw the crack
<Yarrow> The door is open.
<Xui-Fei> (wide open? or just a crack?)
<Yarrow> Sliding door. Completely open.
<Xui-Fei> (which direction is the door facing in the hallway, side or end of the hallway?)
<Yarrow> Side.
* Xui-Fei approces the door from the same side it's on and will listen in and try to think of some way to dirstact them and move on
<Yarrow> Dan, whisper: "Follow my lead, my friend."
* Xui-Fei nods letting dan do his thing
<Yarrow> Dan creeps forward, and after a quick peek through the door, sneaks past. Hunched over on tippy toes.
* Xui-Fei tries to mimic dan
<Yarrow> You follow Dan, mimicking his pose. You can't help but notice out of the corner of your eye that a pair of off-duty guards in the break room are just staring at you, jaws dropped, as you tippy toe past.
<Xui-Fei> (....doing that pose in my outfit is probably quite fanservicey)
<Yarrow> A moment later, you hear: "Did ... did you just see a pink ninja and an idol sneak by on tippy toes?"
<Yarrow> Other voice: "... hell no."
<Yarrow> First voice: "Right. Neither did I."
<Xui-Fei> (hah)
<Yarrow> You move on. You think you're getting close now.
* Xui-Fei smirks as she continues on
<Yarrow> Hello, what's this flying metal ball about the size of a softball? It seems to have an eye/lens pointing at you.
* Xui-Fei blinks at that
<Yarrow> Dan: "What's that?"
<Yarrow> init
<Xui-Fei> 2d6+14
<Luna-P> Xui-Fei, 2d6+14: 18 [2d6=2,2]
<Yarrow> 2d6+10
<Luna-P> Yarrow, 2d6+10: 15 [2d6=1,4]
<Yarrow> 2d6+10
<Luna-P> Yarrow, 2d6+10: 20 [2d6=5,5]
<Yarrow> The ball shoots a red beam at Xui-Fei from its lens.
<Yarrow> 2d6+8
<Luna-P> Yarrow, 2d6+8: 15 [2d6=1,6]
<Xui-Fei> 2d6+9 yikes
<Luna-P> Xui-Fei, yikes: 20 [2d6=5,6]
<Yarrow> The beam zips by, impacting the wall without damaging it.
<Yarrow> The dynamic duo are up.
* Xui-Fei jumps up and hits the thing with her mic
<Xui-Fei> 2d6+9 melee please hit
<Luna-P> Xui-Fei, melee please hit: 17 [2d6=4,4]
<Yarrow> 2d6+8
<Luna-P> Yarrow, 2d6+8: 16 [2d6=2,6]
<Yarrow> 2d6+8 Dan
<Luna-P> Yarrow, Dan: 19 [2d6=6,5]
<Yarrow> You jump up and slam your mic down on it while Dan hits it with his garrotte-wrapped fist from below.
<Yarrow> 1d100
<Luna-P> Yarrow, 1d100: 73 [1d100=73]
<Yarrow> The floating orb is crushed and falls to the floor, sparking.
* Xui-Fei blinks looking at her mic...."made of stronger stuff than I thought...."
<Xui-Fei> (I need a few minutes to fix some dinner)
<Yarrow> Ok.
<Yarrow> 15 minute break.
<Xui-Fei> (ok back and have food ready to contine when ever your ready)
<Yarrow> Dan looks at the mic and frowns slightly. "What happens if it breaks?"
<Xui-Fei> "no clue honestly"
<Yarrow> Kouni's voice: "Then you're disqualified."
<Xui-Fei> "well..then lets go"
<Yarrow> Dan: "Right! Yosh!"
* Xui-Fei nods and continues to the destination
<Yarrow> 1d100
<Luna-P> Yarrow, 1d100: 68 [1d100=68]
<Yarrow> An alarm sounds. "Intruders are on the premises. Use caution. They are extremely dangerous."
<Xui-Fei> "well they know we're here make a break for it"
<Yarrow> Dan: "The time for stealth is over! YOSH!"
<Yarrow> Male voice from down the hall: "I heard something down that way!"
<Yarrow> Dan, quietly: "Perhaps it's not completely over yet..."
<Xui-Fei> "looks that way"
<Yarrow> There are some loud thuds, and a man in power armor comes down the corridor.
<Yarrow> Man: "Surrender!"
* Xui-Fei looks at the power armor and back at her mic and Screams into it
<Yarrow> The man flings his hand out and huge ripples of distorted air crash into each other midway between the two of them, canceling each other out.
* Xui-Fei blinks
<Xui-Fei> "See if you can disable them I'll try and hold them off long enough for you" she tells dan as she gets ready to try something else with the mic
<Yarrow> Dan: "Right!"
<Yarrow> He charges forward.
<Yarrow> Init.
<Xui-Fei> 2d6+14
<Luna-P> Xui-Fei, 2d6+14: 26 [2d6=6,6]
<Xui-Fei> (....)
<Tetsu> (( nice ))
<Yarrow> 2d6+12
<Luna-P> Yarrow, 2d6+12: 17 [2d6=3,2]
<Yarrow> 2d6+10
<Luna-P> Yarrow, 2d6+10: 22 [2d6=6,6]
<Yarrow> What's Xui-Fei do?
* Xui-Fei starts singing into the mic seeing what different genre's do with it (starting with a ballad first)
<Yarrow> Dan runs forward and leaps at the man with a flying kick.
<Yarrow> 2d6+8+1
<Luna-P> Yarrow, 2d6+8+1: 17 [2d6=4,4]
<Yarrow> 2d6+10
<Luna-P> Yarrow, 2d6+10: 14 [2d6=2,2]
<Yarrow> The man staggers back as it connects.
<Yarrow> He then raises a hand and thrusts it at Dan. Ripples start to coalesce around it but break apart.
<Yarrow> Man: "Damnit!"
* Xui-Fei shifts to a more upbeat song and starts moving along as if she's trying to dance
<Yarrow> Xui-Fei sings and dances.
<Yarrow> 2d6+8+2
<Luna-P> Yarrow, 2d6+8+2: 17 [2d6=6,1]
<Yarrow> 2d6+10
<Luna-P> Yarrow, 2d6+10: 17 [2d6=5,2]
<Yarrow> 2d6+8+2
<Luna-P> Yarrow, 2d6+8+2: 20 [2d6=5,5]
<Yarrow> 2d6+10-1
<Luna-P> Yarrow, 2d6+10-1: 16 [2d6=6,1]
<Yarrow> Dan grabs the man by the front of his armor and buries a fist in his stomach. Then he does the same with the other fist.
<Yarrow> The man collapses.
<Xui-Fei> (they down?)
<Yarrow> Down.
<Xui-Fei> (the two men in power armor?)
<Yarrow> There was just one.
<Xui-Fei> (ah)
<Xui-Fei> "Ok lets haul ass"
<Yarrow> It does make you wonder who he was talking to, though...
<Xui-Fei> "there'll probably be more of them waiting for us lets get going Hibiki"
<Yarrow> Dan: "Right!"
<Yarrow> He starts rushing ahead.
* Xui-Fei is right behind Dan
<Yarrow> You turn a corner and come face to face with two guards.
<Yarrow> Guard 1: "It's the intruders!"
<Yarrow> Guard 2: "We're no match for them!"
<Yarrow> Guards: "We're DOOMED!"
<Yarrow> They sink to their knees.
<Yarrow> A nearby door slides open and three men in long green coats stride out. One's holding a boom box, which he turns on and puts down.
<Yarrow> Green 1: "Don't give up!"
<Yarrow> Green 2: "You can do it!"
<Yarrow> You realize they're a cheerleading team.
* Xui-Fei twitches
<Yarrow> The cheerleaders start dancing and shouting encouragement.
<Yarrow> The guards rise to their feet.
<Yarrow> Guard 1: "Yes! I can feel my confidence returning!"
<Yarrow> Guard 2: "We can do this!"
<Yarrow> Init!
<Xui-Fei> 2d6+14
<Luna-P> Xui-Fei, 2d6+14: 20 [2d6=5,1]
<Yarrow> 2d6+10
<Luna-P> Yarrow, 2d6+10: 18 [2d6=6,2]
<Yarrow> 2#2d6+8+6
<Luna-P> Yarrow, 2#2d6+8+6: 25 [2d6=6,5], 19 [2d6=1,4]
<Yarrow> Xui-Fei is quick to act, but one of the guards is nearly a blur, as full of confidence and determination, he draws his pistol and fires at Dan.
<Yarrow> 2d6+6+6
<Luna-P> Yarrow, 2d6+6+6: 14 [2d6=1,1]
<Tetsu> (( hah ))
<Yarrow> Free DR
<Yarrow> 2d6+6+6
<Luna-P> Yarrow, 2d6+6+6: 20 [2d6=6,2]
<Yarrow> 2d6+8
<Luna-P> Yarrow, 2d6+8: 16 [2d6=2,6]
<Yarrow> Dan gets hit by a red beam of light. It looks a bit painful.
<Yarrow> Guard 1: "Yeah!"
<Yarrow> Xui-Fei is up.
* Xui-Fei starts singing and dancing a very encouraging song
<Yarrow> The other guard fires at Dan.
<Yarrow> 2d6+6+6
<Luna-P> Yarrow, 2d6+6+6: 22 [2d6=4,6]
<Yarrow> 2d6+8+4
<Luna-P> Yarrow, 2d6+8+4: 15 [2d6=1,2]
<Yarrow> Xui-Fei's still getting the hang of it.
<Yarrow> Dan gets shot again.
<Yarrow> Dan charges forward!
<Yarrow> 2d6+8+4
<Luna-P> Yarrow, 2d6+8+4: 19 [2d6=1,6]
<Yarrow> 2d6+8+4
<Luna-P> Yarrow, 2d6+8+4: 22 [2d6=5,5]
<Yarrow> 2d6+4
<Luna-P> Yarrow, 2d6+4: 8 [2d6=2,2]
<Yarrow> 2d6+4
<Luna-P> Yarrow, 2d6+4: 15 [2d6=5,6]
<Yarrow> And leaps into the air, spinning around, catching one of the cheerleaders in the side of the head with a foot and another in the face with a garrotte-wrapped fist. They both go down.
<Yarrow> Guard1: "What?! No! You're supposed to use your cheerleader to counter ours--not attack them!!"
<Yarrow> Dan: "HA! Any fool knows you fight fire with WATER! And Hibki Dan is the ultimate WET BLANKET!!"
<Xui-Fei> "Go dan" she says as she does a flip before continuing back into her song
<Yarrow> With the guards' cheering bonus vastly diminished, Dan goes first and takes out the last cheerleader.
<Yarrow> Guard 1: "All is lost..."
<Yarrow> Guard 2: "We're done for..."
<Yarrow> They both collapse and pass out.
<Yarrow> Dan looks at them, looks at you, then shrugs. But still gives a victory pose.
<Xui-Fei> (complete with the thumbs up?)
* Xui-Fei returns the Thumbs up, before running up to Dan, "lets get going we still have that item to get!"
<Yarrow> Yep.
<Xui-Fei> (either way...moving on?)
<Yarrow> You rush on, you're very close now.
* Xui-Fei continues on with a determined look on her face
<Yarrow> You both dash into the target room. It's large and open.
<Yarrow> Dan: "Yosh! We must look for the item!"
* Xui-Fei nods as she looks around the room just in case any ambushes are planed
<Yarrow> A black circle appears on the floor in front of you, and a golden pentagram appears in it.
* Xui-Fei blinks
<Yarrow> Golden light geysers up and a woman rises from the floor.
* Xui-Fei raises an eyebrow
<Yarrow> She looks a lot like this: (Link: http://i78.photobucket.com/albums/j96/L ... 76-883.jpg)http://i78.photobucket.com/albums/j96/Light02/Anime-Girls-anime-girls-14194788-576-883.jpg
<Xui-Fei> (....really I'm fighting Reika?)
<Yarrow> She glares at Xui-Fei hatefully. "So, I finally get the chance to prove you're not so great!"
* Xui-Fei blinks
<Yarrow> A man's voice calls from off to the side: "Hibiki! I want a word with you!"
<Xui-Fei> "and you are?" she asks completely confused
<Yarrow> You glance in that direction and see a man who looks an awful lot like Dan.
<Yarrow> Dan growls, "Garcia! I've had enough of you running around as me!"
<Yarrow> They charge each other.
<Yarrow> Woman: "I'm Reika. And I'm not your damned fill-in--I'm the newer and better model!"
<Yarrow> And this will be concluded next session.
<Xui-Fei> (have to say...Well played)
<Yarrow> The fans demanded it.
<Xui-Fei> not suprized
<Yarrow> Well, they didn't actually, but it's definitely something they'll love to see.
<Yarrow> (If they had thought it'd be possible, they would have demanded it.)
<Xui-Fei> (indeed)
<Xui-Fei> (and definatly got something to ask when i see the others again if Xui makes it through it)
<Yarrow> Yep.
<Yarrow> Dan's fun.
<Xui-Fei> yeah espically when i figured out sorta how mic worked
<Yarrow> All right. Dan & Robert are off fighting. Xui-Fei and Reika are squared off.
<Yarrow> Whatcha say/do?
* Xui-Fei looks at Reika kinda confuses
<Xui-Fei> "my replacement?" she asks
<Yarrow> Reika: "That's right. After you got yourself killed by a minion."
* Xui-Fei readies herself for anything
<Xui-Fei> (how is she dressed, is she simiularly dressed as Xui?)
<Yarrow> She's dressed ... however Reika normally dressed. As there's no real description on the character sheet, I can't really say what that is.
<Xui-Fei> (ah...ok)
* Xui-Fei raises an eyebrow, before screaming into her Mic hoping to throw Reika off guard for a bit to figure out what she is gonna do
<Yarrow> 1d100
<Luna-P> Yarrow, 1d100: 62 [1d100=62]
<Yarrow> Reika frowns and wiggles a finger in one ear.
<Yarrow> And then she pulls out a submachine gun with an H on it.
<Yarrow> Init.
<Xui-Fei> 2d6+14
<Luna-P> Xui-Fei, 2d6+14: 21 [2d6=2,5]
<Yarrow> 2d6+14 Reika init
<Luna-P> Yarrow, Reika init: 18 [2d6=2,2]
<Yarrow> Xui-Fei is up.
<Xui-Fei> (also remind me how this battlefield is set up and iirc I can't use my hads thanks to that damn mic)
<Yarrow> It looks like the control room for the undersea complex. Various control panels, displays, and such around. Lots of open space, lots of cover.
<Yarrow> Xui-Fei must use the mic as her main weapon, but she doesn't have to use it exclusively.
<Yarrow> And she didn't get in trouble for smacking someone with it. Just make sure it doesn't break.
* Xui-Fei rolls up close and smacks Reika with her mic
<Xui-Fei> 2d6+9
<Luna-P> Xui-Fei, 2d6+9: 11 [2d6=1,1]
<Xui-Fei> (fuck....thanks Luna)
<Yarrow> Aaaand, Luna-P declares her intentions early.
<Tetsu> (( hah ))
<Xui-Fei> (and once again proven Luna P hates me)
<Tetsu> (( you do have DR ))
<Yarrow> Actually, she doesn't.
<Tetsu> (( huh ))
<Xui-Fei> (nope)
<Xui-Fei> (I'm techinally a demonic resurection no access to DR)
<Xui-Fei> (I'm triple fucked)
<Tetsu> (( means that she's the same ))
<Yarrow> Xui-Fei makes a wild swing with her mic. Reika doesn't even have to dodge.
<Yarrow> Reika: "HA! What a--"
<Yarrow> And then she drops to her knees covering her ears along with everyone else in the complex as the mic strikes a control panel and sends horrible, screeching feedback through every speaker in the structure.
<Yarrow> Round destroyed by Xui-Fei. Start again from the top.
* Xui-Fei blinks
<Yarrow> Xui-Fei was also affected.
<Xui-Fei> (yeah inknow)
* Xui-Fei shakes her head clearing the cobwebs from the feedback, "well that was different..."
<Yarrow> Reika: "You moron!"
<Yarrow> Xui-Fei is up.
<Xui-Fei> "hey if it works don't fix it" she says as she starts singing and tries to dance attack Reika
<Xui-Fei> (how do you want me to roll that?)
<Yarrow> Um. Roll normally. I'll factor in any modifiers.
<Xui-Fei> 2d6+9 melee Dance Dance
<Luna-P> Xui-Fei, melee Dance Dance: 11 [2d6=1,1]
<Xui-Fei> (What the fuck Luna)
<Tetsu> (( uh... ))
<Yarrow> Reika jumps back as Xui-Fei sings and moves in for an attack. Xui-Fei trips on something and the mic slams into a control panel. Xui-Fei is now the most hated person in the complex. Some cracks start to run through the large windows to the sea.
<Yarrow> Reika: "What the fuck is wrong with you?!"
<Xui-Fei> "I have no clue" she says stunned as the next person
<Yarrow> Reika: "No wonder they fucking let you die--you destroy everything you touch!"
* Xui-Fei raises an eyebrow, "ever considered Decaf?" she says before trying again
<Xui-Fei> (if a thrid snake eyes hit I'm done)
<Xui-Fei> 2d6+9 dance dance melee come on luna-p
<Luna-P> Xui-Fei, dance dance melee come on luna-p: 14 [2d6=1,4]
<Xui-Fei> (finally something that wasn't Snake Eyes)
<Yarrow> Reika fires off a burst from her ecchi gun as Xui-Fei moves in.
<Yarrow> 2d6+10
<Luna-P> Yarrow, 2d6+10: 15 [2d6=2,3]
<Yarrow> Roll defense and then resolve your attack.
<Xui-Fei> 2d6+9 dance Dodge
<Luna-P> Xui-Fei, dance Dodge: 16 [2d6=6,1]
<Xui-Fei> (I think I've resloved that defense)
<Yarrow> Xui-Fei shimmies and shakes, avoiding the hail of bullets.
<Yarrow> 2d6+10
<Luna-P> Yarrow, 2d6+10: 19 [2d6=4,5]
<Yarrow> Reika jumps back again, half-raising her hands to her ears as she does so.
<Yarrow> Xui-Fei is up.
* Xui-Fei continues her impromptu dance number
<Xui-Fei> 2d6+9 dance dance melee
<Luna-P> Xui-Fei, dance dance melee: 14 [2d6=1,4]
<Yarrow> 2d6+10 defense
<Luna-P> Yarrow, defense: 19 [2d6=3,6]
<Yarrow> Btw, the hand holding the mic is clad in MJ's glove, so you have a +1 to defense rolls.
<Yarrow> Reika: "Eat this!"
<Yarrow> 2d6+10 bullets
<Xui-Fei> (ok)
<Luna-P> Yarrow, bullets: 17 [2d6=1,6]
<Xui-Fei> 2d6+10 dance dodge
<Luna-P> Xui-Fei, dance dodge: 15 [2d6=3,2]
<Xui-Fei> (....well that be a hit)
<Yarrow> Xui-Fei gets hit with a burning green bullet. She's down to 43 hp.
<Yarrow> Next round. Xui-Fei regenerates 10 hp.
<Xui-Fei> (53/85)
* Xui-Fei shakes her moneymaker as she attacks Reika again
<Xui-Fei> 2d6+9 Dance Dance Melee
<Luna-P> Xui-Fei, Dance Dance Melee: 15 [2d6=3,3]
<Yarrow> 2d6+10
<Luna-P> Yarrow, 2d6+10: 17 [2d6=5,2]
<Yarrow> Reika: "That's pathetic! I used to wonder why you died when you did... Now I'm wondering how you lived that long!"
<Yarrow> Reika talks instead of attacking.
* Xui-Fei uses that opening to attack again as she continues to dance
<Xui-Fei> 2d6+9 dance mf'er dance
<Luna-P> Xui-Fei, dance mf'er dance: 20 [2d6=5,6]
<Yarrow> 2d6+10
<Luna-P> Yarrow, 2d6+10: 20 [2d6=6,4]
<Yarrow> Reika: "And your dancing *sucks*!"
<Yarrow> That's a hit.
<Yarrow> What is Xui-Fei singing, anyway?
<Xui-Fei> (if Xui knew english I'd be singing Beat it by Micheal Jackson)
<Yarrow> (Xui-Fei: "...you love me...")
<Yarrow> What's she trying to do to Reika?
<Xui-Fei> (she spins into Reika on the heels of her toes exentding to a full on spin kick (not sure how else to discribe what I pictured))
<Yarrow> *bonk* "Ow! That stung."
<Yarrow> Reika: "A little."
* Xui-Fei smirks at that "there's more where that came from,"
<Yarrow> Reika puts her gun away and pulls out a pair of tonfa.
<Yarrow> #2d2d6+10
<Luna-P> Yarrow, #2d2d6+10: 19 [2d2=1,2]
<Xui-Fei> (.....)
<Yarrow> Let's try that again.
<Yarrow> 2#2d6+10
<Luna-P> Yarrow, 2#2d6+10: 21 [2d6=6,5], 22 [2d6=6,6]
<Xui-Fei> (double fuck)
<Yarrow> I blame Ellf for this.
<Xui-Fei> 2#2d6+10 dodge (one to avoid one to prevent triple damage)
<Luna-P> Xui-Fei, dodge (one to avoid one to prevent triple damage): 22 [2d6=6,6], 20 [2d6=5,5]
<Xui-Fei> (....)
<Xui-Fei> (well...)
<Yarrow> Xui-Fei ducks under the swing of the first tonfa, then takes she second square to the side of the head. She goes streaking back, smashing through a few control panels.
<Yarrow> 94 damage
<Yarrow> Reika stares for a moment. "Um..."
<Xui-Fei> (yeah Xui's down...again unless your allowing Mjollnir to appear)
<Yarrow> Reika: "Ha! I knew you were no match for me! A joke, my ass!"
<Yarrow> Reika struts around, celebrating.
<Yarrow> 1d100
<Luna-P> Yarrow, 1d100: 19 [1d100=19]
* Dood[A] is now away - Reason : Molesting Misc Things
<Yarrow> A piece of debris falls onto Xui-Fei's mic. Everyone is sent cringing again. And one of the windows breaks. Seawater floods in. Reika runs around frantically, trying to fight the water and find a working control panel to seal off the opening.
<Yarrow> Reika: "Why the hell isn't this automatic?!"
<Xui-Fei> (I'd laugh if Xui's first crit botch runied said controls)
<Yarrow> Reika: "Damnit! Where's the backup control panel?!"
<Yarrow> Body check, Xui-Fei.
<Xui-Fei> 2d6+8
<Luna-P> Xui-Fei, 2d6+8: 18 [2d6=6,4]
<Yarrow> The cold water and Xui-Fei's regeneration brings her around a bit early.
<Yarrow> She's at 10 hp and awake.
<Yarrow> Reika's still rushing around.
* Xui-Fei blinks at looking around as well
<Yarrow> It's a lot wetter and the place is a bit trashed. You feel like you were responsible for much of it, and not in a good way.
* Xui-Fei twiches gets up to look for a way to stop the water
<Yarrow> You assume that's what Reika's trying to do. You see Dan and his double fighting in the distance.
<Yarrow> Want to use a medspray?
<Xui-Fei> (yeah)
* Xui-Fei will use the large healing medspray
<Yarrow> Xui-Fei's restored to full. Hm. You don't remember them being quite *that* strong. Maybe the producers upgraded them to be more in line with your current strength?
* Xui-Fei blinks at that and makes note of that for later as she goes to find a way to close that damn hole
<Yarrow> Reika: "Aha!"
<Xui-Fei> (she found it?)
<Yarrow> She pushes a button and a metal shutter slides across the hole.
* Xui-Fei blinks
<Xui-Fei> "now if your done running around like crazy I believe we have some unfinished business Kid"
<Yarrow> She slaps her hands against each other. "Well, that takes care of that."
* Xui-Fei she says as she relaxes herself in neutral stance
<Yarrow> She looks and Xui-Fei, then whips her head to look at the spot Xui-Fei was lying.
<Yarrow> Reika: "Oh, fuck me..."
<Xui-Fei> "that's right..." she smiles evily and starts singing again
<Yarrow> Init.
<Yarrow> 2d6+14 Reika
<Luna-P> Yarrow, Reika: 19 [2d6=4,1]
<Xui-Fei> 2d6+14
<Luna-P> Xui-Fei, 2d6+14: 26 [2d6=6,6]
<Yarrow> That's where you get your natural 12?
<Xui-Fei> ( (Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ySWlFHU2GrE)https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ySWlFHU2GrE <---song Reika's singing it's from 1992 by L'Arc-en-Ciel in japanese)
<Yarrow> Ok. What's Xui-Fei doing?
<Yarrow> Reika: "Nothing you can do? You've got that right!"
* Xui-Fei continues dancing as she sings attacking Reika as she goes
<Xui-Fei> 2d6+9 come on keep the streek
<Luna-P> Xui-Fei, come on keep the streek: 13 [2d6=2,2]
<Xui-Fei> (...really luna)
<Yarrow> Maybe she thought you were referring to the earlier streak...
<Yarrow> 2d6+10
<Luna-P> Yarrow, 2d6+10: 15 [2d6=3,2]
<Yarrow> 1d100
<Luna-P> Yarrow, 1d100: 81 [1d100=81]
<Yarrow> Reika: "What a loser."
<Yarrow> She jumps back and to the side.
<Yarrow> Robert, from the distance: "Haohshoken!"
<Yarrow> A blue wall of energy slams into Reika, knocking her back.
<Yarrow> Reika: "Watch what you're doing, you idiot!"
* Xui-Fei smirks taking advantage as she continues singing and danceing
<Yarrow> Reika fires a pistol at Xui-Fei.
<Yarrow> 2d6+10
<Luna-P> Yarrow, 2d6+10: 15 [2d6=1,4]
<Xui-Fei> 2d6+10 dance dodge
<Luna-P> Xui-Fei, dance dodge: 14 [2d6=2,2]
<Xui-Fei> (ow)
<Yarrow> The bullet impacts lightly against Xui-Fei's shoulder.
<Yarrow> Reika: "Huh? Oh, right... Reduced velocity so they don't go through an exterior wall and kill us all..."
* Xui-Fei blinks
* Xui-Fei continues on her makeshift concert and danceroutine
<Yarrow> 75/85
<Xui-Fei> 2d6+9 dance fighting
<Luna-P> Xui-Fei, dance fighting: 12 [2d6=2,1]
<Xui-Fei> (really Luna....)
<Xui-Fei> (Robert's done more damage than Xui has)
<Yarrow> Hm. No BD for Reika.
<Yarrow> 2d6+10
<Luna-P> Yarrow, 2d6+10: 20 [2d6=5,5]
<Yarrow> Reika smirks and performs a split to duck the kick.
<Yarrow> Reika: "Glub."
<Yarrow> She awkwardly splashes back up and back.
<Yarrow> Next round. Xui-Fei's up.
* Xui-Fei continues her assult (if it one could call her contantaly missing an assult)
<Xui-Fei> 2d6+9 Dance Dance Revolution Combat!!!!
<Luna-P> Xui-Fei, Dance Dance Revolution Combat!!!!: 11 [2d6=1,1]
<Xui-Fei> (Damn it Luna)
<Yarrow> 1d100
<Luna-P> Yarrow, 1d100: 21 [1d100=21]
<Yarrow> Xui-Fei tries to land a vicious kick. It connects! With a control panel... The shutter over the broken window retracts.
* Xui-Fei blinks
<Yarrow> Reika: "Damnit!"
<Xui-Fei> "we....looks like we are on a timelimit now...as much as I hate to say that"
<Yarrow> Reika: "Fine. Let's go for sudden death--yours!"
<Yarrow> She swaps her pistol for the tonfa and leaps in.
<Yarrow> 2#2d6+10
<Luna-P> Yarrow, 2#2d6+10: 20 [2d6=4,6], 18 [2d6=5,3]
<Xui-Fei> 2#2d6+10
<Luna-P> Xui-Fei, 2#2d6+10: 17 [2d6=4,3], 14 [2d6=2,2]
<Yarrow> Second one should be at -1
<Xui-Fei> (17 and 13 either way both hit)
<Yarrow> 76 damage after armour.
<Xui-Fei> (ow...)
<Yarrow> Reika: "Just fucking die already!"
<Yarrow> Next round.
<Yarrow> Xui-Fei regenerates a bit and is up.
* Xui-Fei uses the medium medspray
<Yarrow> 1d100
<Luna-P> Yarrow, 1d100: 49 [1d100=49]
<Yarrow> +60 hp.
<Xui-Fei> (cool)
<Yarrow> 2d6+10
<Luna-P> Yarrow, 2d6+10: 18 [2d6=2,6]
<Xui-Fei> 2d6+10 dodge
<Luna-P> Xui-Fei, dodge: 22 [2d6=6,6]
<Yarrow> Reika: "Wimp! Die!"
<Xui-Fei> (boom)
* Xui-Fei flips over Reika's tonfa strike like she was doing a flip in her dance scene kicking Reika in the back of the head as she sails over her
<Yarrow> Xui-Fei gracefully sidesteps, and Reika's tonfa sails past her--to strike deep into the heart of a sparking control panel.
<Yarrow> Boom.
<Yarrow> Roll your attack.
* Xui-Fei blinks
<Xui-Fei> 2d6+9
<Luna-P> Xui-Fei, 2d6+9: 18 [2d6=6,3]
<Yarrow> 2d6+10-6
<Luna-P> Yarrow, 2d6+10-6: 7 [2d6=2,1]
<Yarrow> You've heard of getting caught between a rock and a hard place, but apparently that's nothing compared to getting caught between an explosion and a kick to the back of the head.
<Yarrow> Reika goes flying to land unmoving and face down in the water about 5 meters away.
* Xui-Fei pants abit as she lands finishing her song
* Xui-Fei looks around
<Xui-Fei> (still in combat mode mentally)
<Yarrow> Water is rushing in through the window. Dan and Robert are still fighting in the distance.
<Xui-Fei> "Oi Hibiki need some help?" she calls out as she runs over to the two fighting
<Xui-Fei> (btw was I able to tell Reika's style was some form of the Saikyo school?)
<Yarrow> Not the way she was using it...
<Xui-Fei> (either way heading to help Hibiki if he needs it)
<Yarrow> Dan throws a punch at Robert, who blocks it, directing it into a control panel. Suddenly all the lights in the room turn red and a female recorded voice says, "Self destruct activated. T minus 90 seconds."
<Yarrow> Dan/Robert: "You idiot!"
<Xui-Fei> "umm....Dan I think we better make a run back to our sub then..."
<Yarrow> Dan: "Right!"
<Yarrow> Dan starts running to the exit of the room, Robert right behind him.
* Xui-Fei nods and heads at fullspeed the exit
<Yarrow> The three of you run toward the the mini-sub. An alarm blares and the voice updates the countdown every 15 seconds. Bulkheads start to slowly descend at major intersections.
* Xui-Fei keeps going
<Yarrow> Robert slips and falls before a bulkhead that's most of the way down. Dan stops and pulls him through before they both continue running.
<Xui-Fei> (brb)
* Xui-Fei desperatly keeps moving as she doesn't want to be here when this place goes up
<Yarrow> You briefly encounter some guards running for what you assume are their own emergency escape routes, but they don't engage you.
<Yarrow> You reach the mini sub with 20 seconds to spare. It zooms away at full speed.
* Xui-Fei collaspes in a seat...
* Xui-Fei still holding the mic, "ok that was tougher than I figured"
<Yarrow> Dan: "Safe!"
<Xui-Fei> "that was to damn close"
<Yarrow> Explosions bloom across the complex and the sub goes tumbling, bouncing the three of your around for far too long.
<Xui-Fei> (blast wave underwater of course,)
<Xui-Fei> "ugh...."
<Yarrow> Dan, one of his fans somehow in his mouth, groans from where he's doing an impromptu headstand in a corner.
<Yarrow> Robert, rising unsteadily to hands and knees. "This sucks..."
<Xui-Fei> "least you two only blew up one thing...I had a string of badluck"
<Yarrow> Robert: "Yeah? Well, I don't even know where the hell I am or how I got here!"
<Xui-Fei> "well can't help you on the where but the how I have a guess..."
<Yarrow> Robert: "I blame Hibiki."
<Yarrow> Dan: "... I fight on!"
<Yarrow> He rights himself and spits out the fan.
<Xui-Fei> "Not in the Minisub damn it"
<Yarrow> Dan: "Oh... Right."
<Xui-Fei> "if he's still around AFTER we are returned he's all yours but untill then please...don't"
<Yarrow> Robert: "So, what's going on?"
<Xui-Fei> "Long story short some person magically brought us all to that place for something"
<Yarrow> Robert: "I'm guessing they wanted it destroyed."
<Xui-Fei> "who knows exactly"
<Yarrow> Dan: "And destroyed it is! Victory!!"
<Yarrow> He poses.
<Xui-Fei> (Robert should notice Xui is speaking with traditional Male pronouns in his Japanese)
<Yarrow> Enh. He deals with lots of weirdos. :)
<Yarrow> 20 minute break.
<Xui-Fei> (cool cool I can start fixing dinner then)
<Yarrow> Robert: "Great... Did *you* want it destroyed?"
<Xui-Fei> "again we don't know"
<Yarrow> Robert: "So, you just got in a sub for no good reason and decided to wander around that place...?"
<Xui-Fei> "no we were teleported into this sub"
<Xui-Fei> (least I'm recalling that being the case)
<Yarrow> Robert peers at a panel on the sub, opens it, and pulls out a beer, which he begins drinking.
<Yarrow> No specific goals or anything...?
<Xui-Fei> "just we were sent to find something...that was brought up in this sub and a location in the place we just went to.."
<Xui-Fei> (you didn't really discribe what we were sent to find)
<Yarrow> Robert: "Ok. Did you at least get it?"
<Xui-Fei> "didn't really have time to grab it thanks to you two triggering the self distruct"
<Yarrow> Dan/Robert: "It was his fault!"
<Yarrow> Dan, smugly: "Anyway, I got it."
* Xui-Fei blinks
<Xui-Fei> "wait...how!?"
<Yarrow> He holds up what looks like a glass orb about 2 inches in diameter, with 1up inscribed within.
<Xui-Fei> (....)
<Yarrow> Dan: "I saw it while we were fighting."
* Xui-Fei twitches
<Xui-Fei> "well...."
<Yarrow> Dan: "Victory!"
<Yarrow> He waves fans.
* Xui-Fei sighs
<Yarrow> Each person glow golden and Xui-Fei and Dan find themselves back where they started.
<Yarrow> Kouni: "Congratulations. The orb, please."
* Xui-Fei gestures to Dan to hand it to Kouni
<Yarrow> (Dan tosses it to Kouni. She just stands there motionless and watches as it hits the ground and smashes.)
<Yarrow> Kouni takes the orb and inspects it. "That's the item..."
<Xui-Fei> "so what now we wait?"
<Yarrow> Kouni: "Well, first we need to settle the question of your ... unorthodox uses of your item. Judge?"
* Xui-Fei raises an eyebrow
<Yarrow> She turns to the side where a bald man a bit past middle age in a referee's outfit is standing. He looks thoughtful for a few moments.
<Yarrow> Judge: "I'll allow it!"
<Yarrow> Kouni: "Congratulations!"
<Xui-Fei> (thanks Mills)
<Xui-Fei> (Good fight good night fokes)
<Yarrow> Kouni: "Why don't you go see your fans while you wait."
<Xui-Fei> "can I let go of this mic now or do I still have hold it?"
* Xui-Fei says gesturing to the mic she was given when she was rezed
<Yarrow> The mic vanishes.
* Xui-Fei nods and heads over to talk to some of her fans
<Yarrow> Woman: "You're awesome, Xui-Fei! I loved how you beat down that rabid bitch!"
<Xui-Fei> "umm thanks" she says sheepishly, "didn't think I'd pull it off"
<Yarrow> Woman: "Yeah. She got some lucky hits in at first!"
<Yarrow> Girl, blurting in: "What's it like being dead?"
<Yarrow> Dan goes around, posing and giving out autographed photos of himself.
<Xui-Fei> "kinda weird honestly" she says signing stuff as she is handed things
<Yarrow> Woman: "Sign my chest?"
<Yarrow> She lifts her shirt.
* Xui-Fei blinks at that taking a deep breath and signs it as well
<Yarrow> Other woman: "Xui-Fei! Sign my *whisper whisper* with your *whisper whisper*?"
* Xui-Fei goes beat read at that one
* Xui-Fei is really unsure how to handle that one
<Yarrow> When Xui-Fei pauses, she wiggles her chest and hips.
<Xui-Fei> "you do know I'm married right?" she asks
<Yarrow> The woman just smiles and nods.
* Xui-Fei blinks at that
<Xui-Fei> "let me think on that one ok?" she says very nerviously
<Yarrow> Woman: "So long as you don't go running off while you think."
<Yarrow> She puts her arm through Xui-Fei's.
<Xui-Fei> (any hint as to who this girl is?)
<Yarrow> Just some fan.
* Xui-Fei sighs
<Xui-Fei> "ok...."
<Yarrow> Another woman: "I'll help!"
<Yarrow> Man: "Me too!"
* Xui-Fei eyes widen at the man's offer, "umm no....the offer was nice but no thank you...."
<Yarrow> Woman2: "Yeah, two's her limit!"
<Yarrow> She takes Xui-Fei's other arm.
<Xui-Fei> (why am I suddenly picturing old Jake and Chance from the start of the game right here)
* Xui-Fei blinks trying to remember why this feels familar
<Yarrow> They move in close and press against Xui-Fei.
* Xui-Fei still has a strong sense of deja vu
<Yarrow> Unless Xui-Fei stops them, they begin to take liberties.
<Xui-Fei> "please not in the middle of the audiance..." she says blushing like a tomato
<Yarrow> Woman1 coos: "But everyone would *love* to see you..."
<Xui-Fei> "they might but I won't.." she counters
<Xui-Fei> (meanwhile thinking Shari for the love of god hurry up....I can't stall them much longer)
<Yarrow> Woman2 flashes a look at the other one. "That's fine. Let's go somewhere private."
<Yarrow> Woman1 looks at woman2 and then at Xui-Fei. "Yeah, that's fine. We don't want to make you uncomfortable, hon. Just the opposite, in fact..."
* Xui-Fei sighs as she's hauled off
<Yarrow> Does Xui-Fei actually let them have their way with her?
<Xui-Fei> (she'll hold them off as long as possible)
<Yarrow> Unless she's going to use more effective methods, I'll take that as a yes.
<Yarrow> Ok. Xui-Fei manages to hold them off for a while before she's overrun.
<Xui-Fei> (and now Xui has a reason to be idle while waiting for Shari and Jenna to finish)
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The Jenna and Shari Show

Postby Yarrow » Sun Nov 02, 2014 6:03 pm

<@Yarrow> Shari and Jenna find themselves standing in a desert by an outcropping of rock. There is a pyramid not too far away, with guards patrolling outside it. There is a large entrance visible on the side facing them. The outcropping conceals them from view of the guards.
<Jenna> (How many guards can we see?)
<@Yarrow> 4 at the moment.
<Jenna> "Hmm...?
<Jenna> *...
* Jenna whispers, "We need to take them out so that we can get in..."
<Jenna> (Do they look human?)
<Shari> "Well yes, not all at once. lets go around the side "
<@Yarrow> It's hard to tell from that for. Humanoid, certainly.
* Shari says quitely
* Jenna nods.
<Jenna> (Is there something we can hide behind so they can't see us?)
<@Yarrow> There is some scrub you could hide behind if you lie flat.
<Jenna> "Let's hide behind the bushes and see what the rest of this building looks like."
<Shari> "Won't help it they got good noses or eats, but sure"
* Shari moves along stealty, in the desert. in her normal clothes
* Jenna crawls forward as low as possible, trying not to be seen.
<@Yarrow> You make it to the scrub and watch the pyramid and guards.
<Jenna> (Can we see any side entrances?)
<@Yarrow> Not on this side.
<Jenna> (Any more bushes we can hide behind?)
<Jenna> (or rocks?)
<Shari> "We're going to end up fighting sooner or later"
* Jenna whispers, "How do you want to do this? Attack together or from either side?"
<Jenna> "Or another suggestion, if you have it."
<@Yarrow> There is a little bit of cover that isn't great. You might be able to use it to get to the next side if you time things well.
<Shari> "Sneaking along works, lets see how far we can go, adjust for how long it takes them to move around"
* Jenna whispers, "Okay."
* Jenna will try to time it right to get to the next bit of brush.
<Jenna> (When opportunity presents itself)
<@Yarrow> Roll 2d6+best stat.
<@Yarrow> Each of you.
<@Yarrow> Not you, Tetsu.
<Jenna> 2d6+9 body
<Luna-P> Jenna, body: 16 [2d6=1,6]
<Shari> (looking up my best stat
<Shari> 2d6+11
<Luna-P> Shari, 2d6+11: 14 [2d6=2,1]
<Shari> (realy? thanks luna
<@Yarrow> Jenna stealthily hurries to the next bit of cover. Shari quickly follows close behind.
<@Yarrow> Everything looks good, when suddenly Shari's gun vents a jet of supercold air into Jenna's backside, causing her to jump a meter in the air and shriek.
<@Yarrow> What does Jenna do?
* Jenna tries to get back under cover if no one has noticed her.
<@Yarrow> Body roll.
<Jenna> 2d6+9 body
<Luna-P> Jenna, body: 20 [2d6=6,5]
<Shari> "I didn't hit anything.. we should move'
* Jenna will try to get to more cover if there is some
<@Yarrow> Jenna immediately hits the sand. A pair of patrolling look around wildly before one mutters and the other says, "Damned vultures..." They resume their patrol.
<Jenna> (Have we seen any other entrances?)
<@Yarrow> You're still only on the second side. Try to sneak to the third?
<Jenna> (If there's cover, yes.)
* Shari checks Jenna's rear for any damag
<@Yarrow> Visually or tactilely?
<Shari> (both of corse, You don't skip out on some ones health)
<@Yarrow> While the team is pinned down by the slowly passing patrol, Shari starts to feel up Jenna's backside.
* Jenna blinks but doesn't say anything.
* Jenna waits for the patrol to pass by.
* Shari tells her "no damage" once the patrol is past and they are moving again
<@Yarrow> Does she stop inspecting at that point?
* Shari does
* Shari moves to the next side with jenna?
<Jenna> (Yes, cover permitting)
<@Yarrow> Ok, make another set of rolls, please.
<Jenna> 2d6+9 body
<Luna-P> Jenna, body: 15 [2d6=3,3]
<Jenna> dr
<Jenna> 2d6+9 body
<Luna-P> Jenna, body: 15 [2d6=4,2]
<Jenna> (huh)
<@Yarrow> Shari too.
<Shari> 2d6+11
<Luna-P> Shari, 2d6+11: 16 [2d6=3,2]
<@Yarrow> You both manage to take cover on the backside of the pyramid (Shari refrains from groping it). You see a small opening in the middle.
<Jenna> (How big is it, and is it guarded?)
<Shari> "Considering our luck. This ends trapped more then the front."
* Jenna whispers, "Quite possibly."
* Jenna whispers, "So which way should we go in?"
<@Yarrow> Well, compared to the front entrance, this opening in the middle of the backside is small. It's basically a normal sized doorway. There are two guards playing a game with bones near it.
* Shari hmms
<Shari> "We are going to have to fight or bribe em.. no way to distract in this open area"
* Jenna whispers, "Bribe them with what?"
<Jenna> (Can we tell if they're human and which gender they are?)
* Shari rasies an eyebrow at that
* Jenna whispers, "Candy bars?"
* Jenna whispers, "So should we try bribery first?"
<@Yarrow> You can't really tell if they're fully human, much less their gender from this range.
* Jenna whispers, "I'm not sure what they would want, though..."
<Shari> "Candy? Really? Lets move closer"
* Jenna whispers, "After you."
* Shari moves closer to the pair to see if there's a way past them
* Jenna follows if there's cover.
<@Yarrow> You get closer and can see that they do appear to be both human and male.
<@Yarrow> One looks up at you. "Habib, did you order whores?"
* Jenna blinks.
<@Yarrow> Habib looks up too. "...maybe?"
<Shari> "Lunch break, we're you're releafe"
* Jenna nods.
<@Yarrow> Habib leers. "We could definitely use some relief!" His eyes run up and down your bodies.
<@Yarrow> 2d6+4
<Luna-P> Yarrow, 2d6+4: 8 [2d6=1,3]
<@Yarrow> His partner is also busy eying the two of you. "How much?"
* Jenna exchanges glances with Shari.
<@Yarrow> (Shari, whisper: "You keep them busy for an hour or two while I slip inside.")
<Shari> "Im a bit high quilta you know. Not sure to rear guards could afford it"
<@Yarrow> Partner: "No problem. We'll get a couple of the others and split the price."
<Jenna> (Do they seem to be eyeing Shari more than Jenna?)
* Shari grins,
<Shari> "Why don't you show us inside insted out here in the hot sun and wind?"
<@Yarrow> Nope.
<@Yarrow> Habib: "Heh. Sounds good to me. How many more do you think we'll need?"
<Jenna> (Who was that remark directed to? Shari?)
<@Yarrow> Either of you.
* Shari tilts her head,
<Shari> "Well i duno, you boys don't look like you'll last long but if you really wana share it shouldn't be to many." (if jenna wants to do something else she should, like backstab one of them)
* Jenna conjures ice rocks to fall on their heads.
<@Yarrow> 1d100
<Luna-P> Yarrow, 1d100: 1 [1d100=1]
<Jenna> (oh crap?)
<@Yarrow> Jenna waves her wand and ice rocks appear above the heads of the guards.
<Jenna> (Do they fall on their heads?)
<@Yarrow> 2d6+5
<Luna-P> Yarrow, 2d6+5: 11 [2d6=2,4]
<@Yarrow> Yes. They go down and out.
<@Yarrow> 1d100
<Luna-P> Yarrow, 1d100: 30 [1d100=30]
<@Yarrow> Too bad you didn't check for patrolling guards first, though.
<Jenna> (Oops)
<@Yarrow> Patrolling guard: "Intruders! Attackers!"
<@Yarrow> He and his partner run toward you.
<Shari> "Well.. not as fun as what i was going to do"
<@Yarrow> Patrolling guard 2: "They're disguised as whores!"
* Shari slips into the door way with jenna?
<Jenna> (If we can?)
<@Yarrow> It seems to be closed and locked. There is a keyhole.
<Jenna> "Look for keys, Shari. I'll try to hold them off."
* Shari shurgs and strips the guys searching for them
<Jenna> (Init?)
<Shari> "This isn't even my best dress.. whores my ass"
* Jenna fires at the oncoming guards with her wand, trying to freeze them.
<@Yarrow> 1d100
<Luna-P> Yarrow, 1d100: 84 [1d100=84]
<@Yarrow> The wand bucks in her hand and a vast sheet of snow and ice blankets the desert in the direction Jenna pointed. It begins to snow.
<@Yarrow> 2#2d6+5
<Luna-P> Yarrow, 2#2d6+5: 13 [2d6=3,5], 14 [2d6=5,4]
<@Yarrow> Roll your attack at +10
<Jenna> 2d6+10 attack roll
<Luna-P> Jenna, attack roll: 20 [2d6=5,5]
<@Yarrow> The guards are frozen solid.
<Jenna> "Blimey..."
<@Yarrow> Shari finds a key.
* Jenna stands watch to see if any other guards approach.
<@Yarrow> (Link: http://www.vintagecomputing.com/wp-cont ... _small.png)http://www.vintagecomputing.com/wp-content/images/costumes07/adventure_small.png
<Shari> "Well i got.. something"
<Shari> "Lets head in"
* Jenna nods.
<Jenna> "See if it works..."
<@Yarrow> The key opens the door.
<Jenna> "Ok, let's go."
* Shari heads in with jenna
<Shari> "Really jenna did you have to ice them? "
<@Yarrow> You walk in to find lots of stone stairs leading down.
<Shari> "Woah,"
<Jenna> (Several different stairways?)
<Shari> "Guys are a bit tackless, but can't blame them for enjoying the view if they are on duty out here"
<@Yarrow> Just one at this point.
<Jenna> "Right...so I should have just knocked them out, then..."
<Jenna> "Let's find out where the stairs go...maybe they'll lead us to what we're looking for"
<Shari> "Well thats probly a lot nicer then what i was planing"
<Jenna> "What were you planning?"
* Shari skips down the stares while keeping an eye out for magic
<@Yarrow> 1d100
<Luna-P> Yarrow, 1d100: 23 [1d100=23]
<Shari> "Getting them distracted with sex and applying some murder directly to the forhead.'
<Jenna> "The gun?"
<@Yarrow> Shari's gun goes off. The bullet grazes Jenna's temple.
<Shari> "Oh right im supposed to use that"
<Shari> "Like that! wait.."
<Jenna> "Ow!"
<Shari> "I wasn't even near that trigger thing"
<Jenna> "Not on me!"
<Jenna> "It seems that just thinking about using the item triggers it..."
<Jenna> "Even if you don't pull the trigger on yours...."
<@Yarrow> 1d100
<Luna-P> Yarrow, 1d100: 9 [1d100=9]
<@Yarrow> You walk down the stairs.
<Shari> "Val did seem ditirmened now to let me around any guns."
<Jenna> "I can see why..."
* Shari heads in more?
<Shari> "So what do we need to find"
<Jenna> "Kouni said something about a control unit."
<Jenna> "Maybe it's for an android?"
<Shari> "Lets search around and see what comes up"
* Shari seachs around?
<Jenna> "Okay..."
* Jenna searches too.
<@Yarrow> You reach a landing. The stairs continue down or you can explore this floor.
<Jenna> "Where do you think they'd keep this thing?"
<Jenna> "Maybe we should look here?"
<@Yarrow> Mummy, slowly lurching toward the stairs from the floor: "Unnnnh."
<Shari> "After we get that thing i guess?"
<Jenna> "Right."
* Shari trys to shoot it!
<@Yarrow> 1d100
* Jenna tries to freeze it.
<Luna-P> Yarrow, 1d100: 58 [1d100=58]
<@Yarrow> 1d100
<Luna-P> Yarrow, 1d100: 56 [1d100=56]
<Shari> (luna has a heart of non commetment)
<Jenna> (So it seems)
<@Yarrow> You're never sure just what happened, but you know it involved a huge explosion and that there is no longer a landing, or floor, for that level. There's a huge boom as the upper part of the pyramid settles. You can no go: down, up.
<@Yarrow> *now
* Jenna blinks.
<Jenna> "Um...try the next floor down and hope we don't find more mummies?"
* Shari blinks and fixs her hair
<Shari> "I had no idea they came in explosive"
* Shari heads down lower
* Jenna follows.
<@Yarrow> You reach the end of the stairs in a square room with a door on each wall. They're each labeled with a symbol: air, water, earth, fire.
<Jenna> "Hmm..."
<@Yarrow> Ok, 15 minute break.
<Shari> (sure,
<@Yarrow> Ok. Whatcha doing?
* Jenna looks to see if the doors have keyholes.
<@Yarrow> You don't see any.
<Jenna> "Um, Shari...what do you think of these doors?"
<Jenna> (Anything else about the doors that is noticeable?)
<@Yarrow> They're stone.
<Jenna> (So no keypads or the like?)
<@Yarrow> Nope.
<@Yarrow> There are no keypads attached to the stone doors.
<Jenna> (Or next to?)
<@Yarrow> Or next to.
<Jenna> (Shari?)
<@Yarrow> Nor to Shari.
<@Yarrow> Shari: "Um. Pick one. Not fire."
<Jenna> "Press the symbol?"
<Jenna> "How about water?"
<@Yarrow> Shari shrugs. "Sure. Why not."
* Jenna goes over to press the water symbol.
<@Yarrow> The door slides into the ceiling. A blue corridor is revealed.
<Jenna> "Shall we?"
<@Yarrow> Shari raises an eyebrow. "Here? Now?"
<Shari> (sorry, im a bit spacy in the hread tonight)
<Jenna> "Explore the corridor..."
<@Yarrow> Shari: "Um..."
<Jenna> "Or should I press another symbol?"
<@Yarrow> Shari: "Oh. You mean really explore the corridor. Okay."
<Jenna> "Yes..."
<@Yarrow> Shari: "Water's fine."
<Jenna> "Let's go."
<@Yarrow> Shari: "Yah."
<@Yarrow> Shari starts walking forward.
* Jenna follows.
<@Yarrow> You find yourselves walking through water. It just covers Jenna's feet so far. Shari just flash freezes the spots under her feet and walks on the water. The small patches of ice melt as soon as she steps off them.
<Jenna> "Hmm..."
<Jenna> (How wide is the corridor?)
<@Yarrow> Wide enough for the two of you to walk abreast, if you don't mind being a bit cozy.
<Jenna> "I'm not sure how deep this water will get..."
<Jenna> "I could try freezing it, but I can't walk very well on ice..."
<@Yarrow> Shari: "Make ice skates?"
<Jenna> "Ok..."
<Jenna> (How high is the ceiling?)
<@Yarrow> Nine feet.
<Jenna> "Maybe you should fly up a bit while I freeze the ice..."
<@Yarrow> Shari shrugs. "Maybe I should freeze the ice?"
<Jenna> "Also, I'm not sure how well I can control this wand..."
<Jenna> "Maybe...would your gun be able to do that?"
<@Yarrow> Shari: "Guns can do that sort of thing?"
<@Yarrow> She shoots the water.
<@Yarrow> 1d100
<Luna-P> Yarrow, 1d100: 23 [1d100=23]
<@Yarrow> It's not very effective...
<@Yarrow> Shari: "Guess not."
<Jenna> "Okay, maybe you should try it the other way and I should create ice skates afterward."
<@Yarrow> Shari: "Ok. You want me to do it now?"
<Jenna> "Sure."
<@Yarrow> Shari freezes the water. Jenna's feet are now frozen in it.
<Jenna> "I think we have a problem... "
<@Yarrow> Shari: "Pull them out. You're a super soldier ant, right?"
* Jenna tries to pull her feet out of the ice.
<@Yarrow> Crack. Crack. Crunch.
<@Yarrow> Jenna is now free!
* Jenna tries to create ice skates for her feet with her ice wand.
<@Yarrow> 1d100
<Luna-P> Yarrow, 1d100: 45 [1d100=45]
<@Yarrow> Jenna's feet are now frozen in the ice again!
* Jenna tries to get her feet out again.
<@Yarrow> Crack. Crack. Crunch.
<@Yarrow> Jenna is now free!
<Jenna> "I think I'd better just walk..."
<Jenna> "Help me if I start slipping."
<Jenna> "Let's walk."
<@Yarrow> Shari: "Ok~"
<@Yarrow> You walk on. It's not that slippery until water rises over the ice. Then it's very slippery.
<Jenna> "Oh dear..."
* Jenna does her best to try to keep her balance.
<@Yarrow> Body check.
<Jenna> 2d6+9
<Luna-P> Jenna, 2d6+9: 14 [2d6=4,1]
<Jenna> dr
<Jenna> 2d6+9
<Luna-P> Jenna, 2d6+9: 15 [2d6=3,3]
<@Yarrow> Slip, slip, windmill, windmill, SPLASH.
<Jenna> (How deep is the water she ends up in?)
<@Yarrow> Only a few inches.
<@Yarrow> 1d100
<Luna-P> Yarrow, 1d100: 33 [1d100=33]
<@Yarrow> Well, Jenna breaks through the layer of ice below (which was weakened by the warm water flowing across it).
<@Yarrow> So, she's sprawled on her backside in water that's about 6 inches deep.
<@Yarrow> 1d100
<Luna-P> Yarrow, 1d100: 13 [1d100=13]
* Jenna tries to get up
<@Yarrow> She managed to keep her wand held high, though.
<Jenna> (Does Shari do anything?)
<@Yarrow> She stifles a laugh.
<Jenna> (Does Jenna succeed in getting up?)
<@Yarrow> Roll body.
<Jenna> 2d6+9
<Luna-P> Jenna, 2d6+9: 12 [2d6=2,1]
<Jenna> dr
<Jenna> 2d6+9
<Luna-P> Jenna, 2d6+9: 15 [2d6=5,1]
<@Yarrow> No.
<Jenna> "Shari, could you help me up?"
<@Yarrow> Shari: "Um...ok!"
<@Yarrow> She takes Jenna's hands and flies up, pulling Jenna to her feet.
<Jenna> "Thanks."
* Jenna tries to walk again, holding onto the wall.
<@Yarrow> Body check.
<Jenna> 2d6+9
<Luna-P> Jenna, 2d6+9: 16 [2d6=5,2]
<@Yarrow> Shari holds Jenna up.
<@Yarrow> Shari: "Maybe you should just let it get deeper and swim?"
<Jenna> "Okay..."
<Jenna> (Has the water been getting deeper?)
<@Yarrow> It seems to get deeper as you move forward.
* Jenna will let the water get deeper and then swim.
<@Yarrow> Jenna carefully moves on with Shari's help.
<@Yarrow> The water steadily gets deeper. And then suddenly gets much deeper and Jenna can swim.
<@Yarrow> 1d100
<Luna-P> Yarrow, 1d100: 24 [1d100=24]
<Jenna> (What does Shari do?)
<@Yarrow> Jenna fully submerges and proceeds to swim as Shari flies above the water.
<@Yarrow> And then Jenna's wand submerges. And the entire body of water freezes with Jenna within.
<Jenna> (Is Jenna conscious?)
<@Yarrow> Shari: "Ah...oops?"
<Jenna> (Oops is right)
<@Yarrow> Body check, DC 18.
<Jenna> 2d6+9
<Luna-P> Jenna, 2d6+9: 13 [2d6=1,3]
<Jenna> dr
<Jenna> 2d6_9
<Luna-P> Jenna, 2d6_9: 16 [2d6=1,6]
<Jenna> 2d6+9
<Luna-P> Jenna, 2d6+9: 15 [2d6=2,4]
<Jenna> 2d6+9
<Luna-P> Jenna, 2d6+9: 14 [2d6=4,1]
<Jenna> 2d6+9
<Luna-P> Jenna, 2d6+9: 18 [2d6=5,4]
<@Yarrow> Jenna is conscious, for now. This all seems very familiar somehow.
<Jenna> (Can Jenna see the top of the ice?)
<@Yarrow> No, she's facing down.
<@Yarrow> She was swimming, after all.
* Jenna will try to punch her way out.
<@Yarrow> Body check. DC 24.
<Jenna> 2d6+9+6
<Luna-P> Jenna, 2d6+9+6: 25 [2d6=4,6]
<Tetsu> (( thank God for super strength, eh? ))
<Jenna> (Yep)
<Jenna> (And good rolls)
<@Yarrow> With a might show of strength and luck, Jenna bursts free!
<@Yarrow> Shari: "Huh."
<Jenna> "That was too familiar..."
<@Yarrow> Shari: "So... no more swimming?"
<Jenna> "You got that right!"
<Jenna> "Let's keep moving..."
<@Yarrow> Shari: "Well, at least it's not slippery now."
<Jenna> "True."
<@Yarrow> You move on, walking (or in Shari's case, skating) on the ice and eventually come to a huge open chamber. Floating in the air, moving in a wide circular pattern, are large golden ice crystals.
<@Yarrow> Shari, looking up: "Wow..."
<Jenna> "I wonder what those are for...any idea, Shari?"
<@Yarrow> Shari: "Dunno. I'll scout up top."
<Jenna> "Okay..."
<@Yarrow> Shari flies up into the air, among the crystals. And a moment later comes rocketing back down like a meteor, a golden aura trailing behind her and smashes into the ice.
<@Yarrow> Shari: "...ow."
<Jenna> "What happened?"
<@Yarrow> Shari: "They don't like flying."
<Jenna> (How high up are the crystals?)
<@Yarrow> About 3 meters.
<@Yarrow> That's the lowest one.
<Jenna> (Could Jenna jump that high?)
<@Yarrow> Let's see, she has 5 ranks of jumping, allowing her to jump 300x her normal amount... She just might be able to do it.
<Jenna> (What do I roll?)
<@Yarrow> Nothing. You'll have to pick it up next session.
<Jenna> (Ah)
<Jenna> (Hopefully DCG will actually be able to play.)
<Yarrow> You're standing on the ice. Above you, chunks of ice float in slow circles at different levels in the massive chamber. Yep, it's what you feared most--a jumping puzzle.
<Jenna> (Does Jenna notice a pattern by which she could grab at a crystal?)
<Yarrow> They're relatively slow-moving. She could just use her mighty super soldier aunt jumping ability.
<Shari> "Huh, thats impressive and annoying"
<Jenna> "Yes..."
<Shari> (no flying?
* Jenna is going to try and jump up and grab a crystal.
<Yarrow> Shari tried. Got shot down.
<Yarrow> And what? Dangle from it? They're around 4` in diameter.
<Jenna> (Are they hanging from something?)
<Shari> "So where's the next part we have to get to?"
<Yarrow> No. Hence the floating.
<Jenna> (Could Jenna try to grab one and drag it down with her? She does have super strength.)
<Yarrow> Since when does superstrength equal control of gravity?
<Shari> (why are we focused on the crystals?)
<Jenna> (They could be part of the control unit. Then again, maybe not)
<Jenna> "I wonder...are those part of the control unit?"
<Jenna> "Or are they there for show?"
<Yarrow> You can't see the ceiling of the chamber.
<Jenna> "Are they magical, Shari?"
<Shari> "Are the flying giant crystals magic? Im going to go with yes."
<Jenna> "Do you think we need them?"
<Shari> "Why are you focsed on them?"
<Jenna> "Because they could be part of the control unit..."
<Jenna> "Unless you think we should explore other passages and come back..."
<Shari> "I think they might be there to make us walk parts of this. We can all ways come back"
<Jenna> "All right...let's go back and pick another passage."
<Shari> (does it look like there's a path up?)
<Jenna> (And no swimming this time!)
<Shari> (some one said jump puszle, i would assume that means places to jump to)
<Jenna> (And there aren't, are there? Jenna is pretty good at jumping, though.)
<Yarrow> <@Yarrow> Let's see, she has 5 ranks of jumping, allowing her to jump 300x her normal amount...
<Jenna> (And how high up are the crystals?)
<Yarrow> <Jenna> (How high up are the crystals?)
<Yarrow> <@Yarrow> About 3 meters.
<Yarrow> <@Yarrow> That's the lowest one.
<Jenna> "Let me try to get one crystal first and see how that goes...."
* Jenna is going to try to jump up and grab the lowest crystal.
<Yarrow> Using the tiniest fraction of her mighty strength, Jenna jumps up and grabs the nearest floating chunk of ice.
<Yarrow> Roll a body check. No superstrength bonus.
<Jenna> 2d6+9 body
<Luna-P> Jenna, body: 16 [2d6=4,3]
<Shari> (just what is the layout of the room?)
<Shari> (why are we focused on floating cystals we can't stand on?)
<Jenna> (Because Jenna thinks they're part of the control unit.)
<Jenna> (Or might be)
<Yarrow> Tunnel back the way you came, huge roughly circular chamber with floating ice platforms and the ceiling out of sight above.
<Yarrow> Jenna holds on without difficulty.
<Jenna> (So it's carrying her along with it?)
<Jenna> (Or she's just floating up there?)
<Shari> "You might want to just cross the platforms"
<Yarrow> So... She's dangling from a floating chunk of ice. Her groin around the level of Shari's face.
<Shari> (what are they floating on?
<Yarrow> Air.
* Jenna will try to climb up and see what's above.
<Shari> (ohdear, whats bellow?0
<Yarrow> The frozen lake(?) Shari's standing on.
<Yarrow> Jenna climbs onto the top of the ice platform. The view is pretty much identical to the view from the floor.
<Jenna> (Still can't see the ceiling,right?)
<Jenna> "Not much to see up here..."
<Shari> "It looks like a jump puzle, there's nothing up there to get?"
<Jenna> (Is there anything above the ice platforms?)
<Jenna> (And are they all on the same level?)
<Yarrow> Like I said, the top of the chamber is out of sight from the floor, and apparently, from the lowest level of ice chunks.
<Jenna> (How high up is the next level?)
<Yarrow> No. They're at different levels, going up out of sight.
<Yarrow> About 3.5 meters.
<Jenna> "It is a jump puzzle...sort of. These platforms just keep going up and up, and then I can't see the ceiling."
<Jenna> "Should I go higher?"
<Shari> "Can you survive a fall?"
<Jenna> "It depends on how far I fall..."
<Jenna> (How much could she survive?)
<Yarrow> Pretty far.
<Jenna> (She could go up another level or two and not risk much of anything, right?)
* Shari shrinks and trys to fly to jenna
<Shari> ?
<Yarrow> 1d100
<Luna-P> Yarrow, 1d100: 69 [1d100=69]
<Shari> "This looks like a test to put your training to use"
<Yarrow> Shari makies it.
<Jenna> "Maybe...."
<Shari> "And i can follow.. but not lead"
<Jenna> "Right."
* Shari leands on jenna's shoulder
<Jenna> "I'm going to try to go to the next one."
<Shari> "Don't worry, ill cheer you own while looking down your top"
* Jenna tries to jump to the next level up
<Yarrow> Body check.
<Jenna> 2d6+9 body
<Luna-P> Jenna, body: 19 [2d6=5,5]
<Yarrow> Again using the tiniest fraction of her jumping ability, Jenna jumps up to the next highest chunk of ice, landing on it securely. Shari gives a little squeal and slips down between Jenna's breasts.
<Jenna> (Do the ice platforms still go up out of sight?)
<Yarrow> Yes.
<Jenna> "I still can't see the top of the room..."
<Jenna> "How far should I go up?"
<Jenna> (Can Shari even talk from in there?)
<Shari> "We're exploreing! get up there"
* Jenna tries to go up three more levels, one at a time.
<Jenna> 2d6+9 body
<Luna-P> Jenna, body: 15 [2d6=3,3]
<Jenna> 2d6+9 body
<Luna-P> Jenna, body: 21 [2d6=6,6]
<Jenna> 2d6+9 body
<Luna-P> Jenna, body: 16 [2d6=1,6]
<Yarrow> Jenna makes three tiny hops (for her) and goes up three more levels. Wow, that's a tall chamber. It looks like there's *some* sort of light waaaay up there.
<Jenna> "I think I see a light at the end of the tunnel...waaaay up there."
* Jenna hops up three levels.
<Yarrow> One at a time?
<Jenna> (Yes)
* Shari does some exploring
<Jenna> (Of what? Or whom? :-))
<Shari> (her current location?
<Yarrow> Shari finds nothing she didn't expect to.
* Shari gives proper incentives to help jenna's progress
<Yarrow> Well, if Jenna's going to continue to slowly traverse the ice chunks, roll 3 more rolls for the next 3 levels.
<Jenna> d6+9 body
<Luna-P> Jenna, body: 13 [2d6=3,1]
<Yarrow> How much 'incentive' is Shari giving?
<Shari> (clearly not enought, must try harder)
<Yarrow> Ok, Jenna makes the first jump. Roll the 2nd at -1.
<Yarrow> As Shari gives more incentive.
<Jenna> d6+9-1 body
<Luna-P> Jenna, body: 17 [2d6=4,5]
<Yarrow> Jenna sticks the landing.
<Jenna> (Can Jenna see the top of the room yet?)
<Yarrow> No.
<Jenna> "All right. Shari, I'm going to jump several levels at a time. I need to do this by myself."
<Jenna> (Does Shari stop giving "incentive"?)
<Jenna> (Next time, Jenna will jump three levels at a time if Shari stops giving incentive.)
<Jenna> (How many could she safely do at a time?)
<Yarrow> So, just a tiny portion of her ability instead of a minuscule one?
<Jenna> (Would seven be doable?)
<Yarrow> Maybe 30? More if she's willing to risk crashing into a far away one.
<Jenna> (Ok, since there are so many, she'll do 30 at a time.)
<Shari> "ok"
<Jenna> (Hopefully make this go faster.)
<Yarrow> Finally. I mean, ok.
<Yarrow> Roll a body check.
<Jenna> 2d6+9
<Luna-P> Jenna, 2d6+9: 15 [2d6=1,5]
<Yarrow> Marshalling her strength, Jenna makes a mighty leap upward. The platform she launches herself from shatters form the force. Jenna zooms upwards, landing on a platform high above. Yep, there's definitely something lit way up there.
* Jenna will make another 30 level jump.
<Yarrow> Roll it.
<Jenna> 2d6+9 body
<Luna-P> Jenna, body: 14 [2d6=1,4]
<Yarrow> Jenna skids a little on the ice but manages to stay on the platform.
<Yarrow> Hey, it looks like there's some sort of balcony way up there.
* Jenna will make another 30 level jump unless the balcony is closer.
<Yarrow> It's probably around 70 levels away.
<Jenna> (Ok, two more level 30 jumps and then see how far it is.)
<Yarrow> Logic suggests it'll be around 10 levels away.
<Jenna> (Right. Then a 10 or so level jump.)
<Yarrow> Roll the first 2.
<Jenna> 2d6+9 body
<Luna-P> Jenna, body: 12 [2d6=2,1]
<Jenna> dr
<Jenna> 2d6+9 body
<Yarrow> Note: It's the landing that you're rolling for.
<Luna-P> Jenna, body: 15 [2d6=2,4]
<Yarrow> What with the platforms being ice and all.
<Jenna> 2d6+9 body
<Luna-P> Jenna, body: 15 [2d6=4,2]
* Shari cheers while enjoying the ride
<Yarrow> Jenna is now within an easy jump of the balcony that runs around the chamber. The ceiling is ice that has some sort of light source behind it.
* Jenna will jump onto the balcony.
<Yarrow> Whee.
<Jenna> (What do we see on the balcony?)
<Yarrow> Jenna's on the balcony. The floors and walls are made of some polished white stone. A golden decorative railing runs around the huge drop with the floating ice chunks. A corridor leads in one direction.
<Jenna> "Now that we're up here, we should see what's down the corridor..."
<Jenna> "Shari, are you going to stay in my shirt?"
<Shari> "Maybe?"
* Shari wiggles
<Shari> "You'll have to pull me out"
<Jenna> "It might be better if you came out..."
<Jenna> "Do you want to?"
<Shari> "Sure, like i said i need a lift out"
* Jenna gets Shari out of her shirt.
* Shari did need a hand out, and returns to her normal size, to strech once free.
<Yarrow> While Jenna's fishing around in her cleavage, a large mummy lumbers out of the corridor.
<Yarrow> Mummy: "Uhhhh! ... Uhhh?"
<Jenna> (How far away is it?)
<Yarrow> About 7 meters.
<Jenna> "I think just one of us should shoot it this time..."
<Shari> "So how huh.. sure"
<Jenna> "I'll do it."
* Jenna shoots an ice ray at the mummy.
<Yarrow> Init.
<Jenna> 2d6+14 init
<Luna-P> Jenna, init: 19 [2d6=1,4]
<Yarrow> 2d6+4 Mummy
<Luna-P> Yarrow, Mummy: 14 [2d6=6,4]
<Shari> 2d6+9
<Luna-P> Shari, 2d6+9: 16 [2d6=2,5]
<Yarrow> 1d100
<Luna-P> Yarrow, 1d100: 49 [1d100=49]
<Yarrow> 2d6+12
<Luna-P> Yarrow, 2d6+12: 18 [2d6=4,2]
<Yarrow> The beam doesn't seem to penetrate the wrappings.
<Jenna> "Blimey...:
<Jenna> "Maybe you should try, Shari."
* Jenna murmurs, "I can't believe I just said that..."
<Shari> 2d6+12 gun stuff!
<Luna-P> Shari, gun stuff!: 17 [2d6=4,1]
<Yarrow> 1d100
<Luna-P> Yarrow, 1d100: 51 [1d100=51]
<Yarrow> 2d6+12-1
<Luna-P> Yarrow, 2d6+12-1: 21 [2d6=5,5]
<Yarrow> Shari misses completely, destroying a brick in the wall.
<Yarrow> Mummy: "Meh..."
<Yarrow> The mummy crosses about half the distance and throws a punch at Jenna.
<Yarrow> 2d6+14
<Luna-P> Yarrow, 2d6+14: 20 [2d6=4,2]
<Jenna> 2d6+10 defense
<Luna-P> Jenna, defense: 17 [2d6=6,1]
<Jenna> dr
<Jenna> 2d6+10 defense
<Luna-P> Jenna, defense: 14 [2d6=3,1]
<Shari> "knock it off the ledge?"
<Jenna> dr
<Jenna> 2d6+10 defense
<Luna-P> Jenna, defense: 19 [2d6=5,4]
<Shari> (gota get my leg done after this fight)
<Jenna> (I'll keept that)
<Jenna> (*keep)
<Yarrow> 1d100
<Luna-P> Yarrow, 1d100: 35 [1d100=35]
<Yarrow> Body check, Jenna.
<Jenna> 2d6+9 body
<Luna-P> Jenna, body: 20 [2d6=6,5]
<Yarrow> The punch is about a meter short of Jenna. Somehow, the kinetic force of it reaches her just fine, though.
<Yarrow> 60 dam before armour.
<Yarrow> Jenna manages not to get knocked off the ledge.
<Jenna> (How far away from the ledge is the mummy?)
<Yarrow> You're between it and the ledge.
<Jenna> (Can I move past it?)
<Yarrow> You can try. It doesn't seem to be very fast.
* Jenna will try to move past it so she can try to get it off the ledge.
* Shari helps with her gun?
<Yarrow> 1d100
<Luna-P> Yarrow, 1d100: 29 [1d100=29]
<Shari> (ment shotting on my turn.. ohdear
<Yarrow> Shari fires. The recoil throws the gun. The laser beam strikes the mass of ice above the center of the chamber and somehow melts it. Water comes rushing down, obliterating the ice platforms and making the open central area impassable.
<Jenna> "Oh no...."
<Yarrow> The mummy groans.
<Yarrow> Suddenly, its chest starts to squirm and bulge.
<Shari> "Warning shot!"
<Jenna> (Whose turn is it?)
<Shari> "unn.. might want to get away from that"
* Jenna moves away from the mummy.
<Yarrow> Pink ... worms? spear its chest from the inside and tear it open. Wait. Those were fingers. A girl jumps out of the wrappings as they collapse.
<Yarrow> Girl: "I wait 400 years for a decent challenge and I get *you* losers?!"
<Yarrow> Girl: "What the fuck is wrong with you two? Are you incompetent?!"
<Jenna> (What does she look like?)
<Yarrow> Somewhere in her teens, a bit scantily clad in silk, jewels, and gold. Blond hair. Yellow-green eyes.
<Shari> "Not normaly, Second time using a gun. It's upside down isn't it?"
* Shari turns the gun around. Now holding it upside down
<Jenna> "No, Shari, you had it right the first time..."
<Yarrow> The gone goes off and Jenna takes a bullet to the knee.
* Jenna curses.
<Shari> (well shit, she has to retire now)
<Jenna> (How bad?)
<Yarrow> She won't be moving well until at least a round passes, with her regen.
<Shari> "Why where you waiting around for that long in bandages any way?"
<Yarrow> Girl: "You're menaces with those things! Put them down and fight me for real!"
<Jenna> (The conditions were that we had to use our given tools to fight, right?)
<Yarrow> Yes.
<Jenna> (Or we'd be disqualified.)
<Jenna> "If we do, the person who sent us here will disqualify us and make us return..."
<Yarrow> The girl rolls her eyes and intones: "You are hereby given permission to fight without using those weapons."
* Jenna looks at Shari.
<Jenna> (Is the voice familiar?)
<Yarrow> Other than belonging to the girl in front of you, no.
<Jenna> (What does Shari say/do?)
<Shari> "Probly a trick. If she's been here for so long waiting how would she have any say in us showing up?"
<Yarrow> Girl: "It's no trick! You're pathetic like this!"
<Jenna> "I know, I know...I'd rather not use this...weapon. Did someone tell you to wait here?"
<Yarrow> The girl crosses her arms and taps her foot. "We are *not* discussing our histories! I feel for that *once* and it's not happening again!"
* Jenna blinks. "Huh?"
<Yarrow> Girl: "No, I'm not explaining, either!"
<Shari> (gota get my leg redone soon ish)
<Yarrow> Ok. Don't delay on our account, if you're putting it off.
<Jenna> "Shari, she's right about us sucking with these weapons...it seems we're in a catch 22 here."
<Shari> "Well we got no real reason to trust you.. asisde the nice surprise of a cute girl jumping out like that'
<Jenna> "Right. And you don't trust us, either."
<Yarrow> Girl, smiling: "You think I'm cu--NO! I'm here to fight, not talk!"
<Jenna> "And if you defeat us, what will you get?"
<Yarrow> Girl: "Satisfaction."
<Jenna> "And if we defeat you?"
<Jenna> "What will we get?"
<Yarrow> Girl: "Satisfaction? And the joy of not getting the crap beaten out of you?"
<Jenna> (And we're not allowed to trade items, are we?)
<Yarrow> No.
<Yarrow> (Jenna: "What happens if we lose?"
<Yarrow> Girl: "Nothing. There is nothing at stake and no threat, beyond the shame of defeat.")
<Shari> "Your rather well dressed for a fight.. princess or something?"
<Yarrow> Girl: "Yes..."
<Yarrow> Girl, slyly: "But if you want to know more, you have to fight me."
* Jenna is still holding the wand.
* Shari looks at all the water and ice..
<Jenna> "Any ideas, Shari?"
<Shari> (ok getting my leg redone, it's been bleeding to much. Choice is jenna's in how they fight, shariw ill assist.. while enjoying the view? heh)
<Yarrow> How long do you think it'll be?
<Yarrow> Because we can take a break.
<Jenna> (Can Jenna do judge opponent?)
<Yarrow> Yeah. She's a bit better than each of you normally is.
<Yarrow> About equal to your senshi form, more or less.
<Shari> (10-20 min range)
<Jenna> (And what are our chances of winning with our current tools?)
<Shari> (i can't do it myself, so have to do it while i have help(
<Yarrow> Ok. 20 minute break.
<Shari> (back, sorry about that.
<Jenna> (I understand.)
<Yarrow> Feel free to comment on the situation, Shari.
<Shari> "Wet T-shirt contest"
<Jenna> "What?"
<Shari> "I mean, i guess we could have a real fight. But it might void the trip jenna, Can't be sure"
<Jenna> "I know. That's the problem."
<Jenna> (How does our potential opponent react to that?)
<Yarrow> Girl: "Oh, no! I feel for the 'show off your breasts' trick *once*--never again!"
<Yarrow> *fell
* Jenna says to the girl, "And you might have to wait another 400 years for an opponent if we get whisked away."
<Yarrow> Girl: "I'll have to wait just as long if you're not a challenge."
<Jenna> "Let me try something..."
* Jenna tries to get the ice wand to change into an ice gun.
<Yarrow> Jenna's arm freezes over.
<Jenna> "That...d-didn't work..."
<Yarrow> The girl smacks her forehead.
* Jenna tries to break the ice off her arm.
<Shari> "Some ones done that before? Well i guess im not that spechal"
<Jenna> "If we defeat you, do you know what's down this corridor?"
<Jenna> "Could you tell us?"
<Jenna> (Does Jenna succeed in getting the ice off her arm?)
<Yarrow> Girl: "Why wouldn't I know unless you defeat me? Did you freeze your brain?"
<Yarrow> 1d100
<Luna-P> Yarrow, 1d100: 74 [1d100=74]
<Yarrow> She's still working on it.
* Jenna continues to try to get the ice off her arm.
<Yarrow> She eventually gets it off.
<Jenna> "So...what do you think, Shari? Continue to use our, *ahem*, given tools?"
* Jenna shakes her arm.
<Yarrow> (Shari blushes. "Well, if she's willing...")
<Shari> "It's your prize jenna, i got no problem with playing a real game of smash face and not with these things. But what we get done might not count. I guess we should do something more fun then stumpling around lost."
<Jenna> (What are the chances we'll win if we continue to use the tools?)
<Yarrow> (36+2x%)
<Jenna> (I don't know what the "x" stands for. If it's a low number, those odds aren't good.)
* Jenna thinks a moment, then sighs.
<Jenna> "I'm sorry, but we'll have to continue to use the tools."
<Jenna> (Has Jenna regenerated by this point?)
<Yarrow> Yes.
<Shari> "Ok if you want. We'll save kinky sex games for later"
<Yarrow> Girl: "Well, I suppose we can do the kinky sex games first..."
<Yarrow> 2d6+13 @ Jenna
<Luna-P> Yarrow, @ Jenna: 22 [2d6=4,5]
<Yarrow> Roll defense, Jenna.
<Yarrow> (Jenna: "Too kinky! Too kinky!")
<Jenna> 2d6+10 defense
<Luna-P> Jenna, defense: 15 [2d6=4,1]
<Jenna> dr
<Jenna> 2d6+10 defense
<Luna-P> Jenna, defense: 16 [2d6=1,5]
<Yarrow> Not good at math?
<Jenna> one more dr
<Jenna> (er, never mind. I'll let that stand.)
<Yarrow> The girl leaps forward in a blur and slams a fist into Jenna's chest. While Jenna's briefly stunned, she skips to the side to strike with a knee, but Jenna's recovers in time to prevent the 2nd attack (Combo breaker).
<Yarrow> 55 damage after armour.
<Yarrow> Jenna's up.
* Jenna tries to freeze the girl.
<Yarrow> 1d100
<Luna-P> Yarrow, 1d100: 66 [1d100=66]
<Yarrow> Roll to hit.
<Jenna> 2d6+10 ice attack
<Luna-P> Jenna, ice attack: 19 [2d6=4,5]
<Yarrow> 2d6+12
<Luna-P> Yarrow, 2d6+12: 22 [2d6=4,6]
<Yarrow> The girl dances out of the way. Shari's up.
* Shari applys gun to the problem
<Shari> 2d6+12
<Luna-P> Shari, 2d6+12: 20 [2d6=5,3]
<Yarrow> 1d100
<Luna-P> Yarrow, 1d100: 90 [1d100=90]
<Yarrow> Shari's shot hits a tiny, very well concealed button in the wall. There's a surge of magic and a very well-built man with the head of a jackal and wearing only a loincloth and sandals appears.
<Yarrow> Man: ~*Who has disturbed my rest?*~
<Yarrow> The girl immediately points to Shari.
<Yarrow> The man looks at Shari. ~*Why*~
* Jenna blinks.
<Shari> "Oh sorry, we're having a bit of fun and i was tyring to use this thing here.. Can't get it to work right"
<Yarrow> Man: ~*I understand. Now die, all of you.*~
<Yarrow> 2d6+20
<Luna-P> Yarrow, 2d6+20: 27 [2d6=3,4]
<Yarrow> Defense rolls, everyone.
<Yarrow> 2d6+12 girl
<Luna-P> Yarrow, girl: 17 [2d6=1,4]
<Jenna> (Can I use the shield)
<Yarrow> Yes.
* Shari poofs the hell outa the way
<Jenna> 2d6+10+5
<Luna-P> Jenna, 2d6+10+5: 24 [2d6=6,3]
<Jenna> dr
<Jenna> 2d6+10+5 please let this work
<Luna-P> Jenna, please let this work: 24 [2d6=5,4]
<Jenna> 2d6+10+5 defense
<Luna-P> Jenna, defense: 25 [2d6=6,4]
<Yarrow> 1d100
<Luna-P> Yarrow, 1d100: 90 [1d100=90]
<Yarrow> Shari: roll defense anyway.
<Shari> 2d6+12
<Luna-P> Shari, 2d6+12: 21 [2d6=3,6]
<Yarrow> A blast of pure magic erupts from the man, slamming into Jenna and the girl. When it strikes Shari, her form shatters into ice--and the magic surges to the spot where the real Shari reappears.
<Yarrow> You may use DR if you wish.
<Yarrow> Though, you will need a 12 to evade.
<Shari> (nah
<Yarrow> 1d100
<Luna-P> Yarrow, 1d100: 92 [1d100=92]
<Shari> (im sure that would have worked well..)
<Yarrow> 100 damage to everyone after any reductions.
<Shari> (pfft)
<Yarrow> Jenna goes down but avoids going off the balcony.
<Yarrow> The girl and Shari both stay up.
<Yarrow> 1d100
<Luna-P> Yarrow, 1d100: 18 [1d100=18]
<Yarrow> The man vanishes, leaving 3 giant scorpions behind.
<Yarrow> 3#2d6+8
<Luna-P> Yarrow, 3#2d6+8: 13 [2d6=1,4], 13 [2d6=4,1], 12 [2d6=2,2]
* Shari sqeecks a "ow~" looking rather malled up
<Yarrow> The girl looks rather beat up, too, but not as much as Shari.
<Yarrow> The scorpions look just fine.
<Jenna> (Of course)
<Yarrow> Girl: "Menaces, the both of you!"
<Yarrow> 2d6+13 Girl @ scorpion
<Luna-P> Yarrow, Girl @ scorpion: 20 [2d6=4,3]
<Yarrow> 2d6+10
<Luna-P> Yarrow, 2d6+10: 19 [2d6=3,6]
<Yarrow> 2d6+13 Combo master
<Luna-P> Yarrow, Combo master: 24 [2d6=5,6]
<Yarrow> 2d6+10
<Luna-P> Yarrow, 2d6+10: 16 [2d6=2,4]
<Yarrow> 2d6+13 Combo master bonus
<Luna-P> Yarrow, Combo master bonus: 16 [2d6=2,1]
<Yarrow> 2d6+10
<Luna-P> Yarrow, 2d6+10: 17 [2d6=1,6]
<Shari> "Not normaly this badly"
<Yarrow> The girl slams a fist into a scorpion, and while it's dazed, blasts it with an axe kick. She finishes up by backflipping off of it, but it manages to interpose a pincer, avoiding damage from the last move.
<Yarrow> Shari's up.
<Shari> (is it cold enought to heal up?)
<Yarrow> Yes, at the end of the round.
* Jenna lies there motionless.
<Shari> (i think one of the rules was we had to find it as a team?)
<Yarrow> You're not sure about that. You did see that when Tetsu was disqualified, the whole team was, though.
<Shari> (ug, not sure what to do. Don't wana wreck things)
<Jenna> (I think they're pretty well wrecked.)
<Jenna> (already)
<Yarrow> (Shoot Jenna. It's the only thing left to try.)
<Jenna> (What?! Although that might just work...)
<Shari> 2d6+12 shoot stuff
<Luna-P> Shari, shoot stuff: 14 [2d6=1,1]
<Shari> (uhoh)
<Tetsu> (( oh dear. ))
<Yarrow> Using DR?
<Shari> 2d6+12 sure, but whats the point?
<Luna-P> Shari, sure, but whats the point?: 22 [2d6=6,4]
<Jenna> (As Taps plays in the background...)
<Yarrow> Ok. Um, aiming at a scorpion, the girl, or Jenna?
<Yarrow> Or did you get confused into thinking this is a Persona game and are aiming at yourself?
<Jenna> ((Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WChTqYlDjtI)http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WChTqYlDjtI)
<Yarrow> (Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qafnJ6mRbgk)https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qafnJ6mRbgk
<Shari> (scorp, aiming at jenna would be a bit much)
<Yarrow> 1d100
<Luna-P> Yarrow, 1d100: 33 [1d100=33]
<Yarrow> 2d6+10
<Luna-P> Yarrow, 2d6+10: 12 [2d6=1,1]
<Yarrow> The scorpion explodes.
<Yarrow> (Into a thousand normal sized scorpions.)
<Shari> "Hey it worked! i think.."
<Yarrow> Next round.
<Yarrow> Shari regenerates 20.
<Jenna> (Do I regenerate?)
<Yarrow> Yes.
<Yarrow> The girl attacks the undamaged scorpion.
<Yarrow> 2d6+13
<Luna-P> Yarrow, 2d6+13: 19 [2d6=3,3]
<Yarrow> 2d6+10
<Luna-P> Yarrow, 2d6+10: 20 [2d6=4,6]
<Yarrow> And misses.
<Yarrow> Shari's up.
<Yarrow> One scorpion is undamaged, one is badly damaged.
<Shari> 2d6+12 again
<Luna-P> Shari, again: 21 [2d6=4,5]
<Yarrow> Target?
<Shari> Scorp
<Yarrow> Which one?
<Shari> (unhurt one?)
<Yarrow> Ah, trying to blow it up too.
<Yarrow> 2d6+10
<Luna-P> Yarrow, 2d6+10: 19 [2d6=3,6]
<Yarrow> 1d100
<Luna-P> Yarrow, 1d100: 81 [1d100=81]
<Yarrow> 1d100
<Luna-P> Yarrow, 1d100: 96 [1d100=96]
<Yarrow> Hits, damages it.
<Yarrow> It attacks the girl.
<Yarrow> 2d6+10
<Luna-P> Yarrow, 2d6+10: 12 [2d6=1,1]
<Yarrow> 2d6+13 BD
<Luna-P> Yarrow, BD: 20 [2d6=1,6]
<Yarrow> 2d6+10
<Luna-P> Yarrow, 2d6+10: 15 [2d6=4,1]
<Yarrow> It stabs the floor with its stinger, and she axe kicks it in the head.
<Yarrow> The other scorpion runs over to Jenna and stings her in the side before turning to face the two standing opponents.
<Yarrow> The girl continues to attack the other scorpion.
<Yarrow> 2d6+13
<Luna-P> Yarrow, 2d6+13: 19 [2d6=4,2]
<Yarrow> 2d6+10
<Luna-P> Yarrow, 2d6+10: 13 [2d6=2,1]
<Yarrow> 2d6+13 Combo Master
<Luna-P> Yarrow, Combo Master: 15 [2d6=1,1]
<Yarrow> Dr
<Yarrow> 2d6+13 Combo Master
<Luna-P> Yarrow, Combo Master: 24 [2d6=6,5]
<Yarrow> 2d6+10
<Luna-P> Yarrow, 2d6+10: 18 [2d6=3,5]
<Yarrow> 2d6+13 Combo Master bonus
<Luna-P> Yarrow, Combo Master bonus: 21 [2d6=6,2]
<Yarrow> 2d6+10
<Luna-P> Yarrow, 2d6+10: 13 [2d6=1,2]
<Yarrow> The girl kills the scorpion with three crushing blows.
<Yarrow> Shari's up.
<Jenna> (How much damage did I take?)
<Yarrow> Not enough to kill you, but you won't be waking up for a while.
<Shari> "Well you crunch bugs rathre well"
<Shari> 2d6+12 shooty thing
<Luna-P> Shari, shooty thing: 18 [2d6=4,2]
<Yarrow> Girl: "Annoying intruders, too."
<Yarrow> 1d100
<Luna-P> Yarrow, 1d100: 95 [1d100=95]
<Yarrow> 1d100
<Luna-P> Yarrow, 1d100: 80 [1d100=80]
<Yarrow> Tempted...
<Shari> (fucking really?)
<Jenna> (To do what? Uh oh)
<Yarrow> To have her hit the same spot on the wall.
<Shari> (we'll just end up spending another week in here..)
<Yarrow> Actually, if you summoned *him* again, you'll just be dead.
<Jenna> (I figured that...)
<Yarrow> Suddenly all the lights in the room turn red and a disembodied female voice says, "Self destruct activated. T minus 5 minutes."
<Shari> (hows that better!)
<Yarrow> Girl: "What the hell is that?!"
<Jenna> (You might escape...)
<Shari> "Im really not good with these things.."
* Jenna continues to lie there.
<Yarrow> The place rumbles and shakes and a stone block falls from the ceiling and crushes Jenn--er, the scorpion.
<Shari> "Mabie we should run?"
<Yarrow> Girl: "I hate you both!"
<Yarrow> She stomps down the corridor.
<Yarrow> Jenna twitches.
<Yarrow> The girl drags her wrappings after her.
<Jenna> (Um, Shari?)
<Shari> "Is that the way out?"
<Yarrow> Girl, calling back: "Screw you!"
<Jenna> (Am I going to wake up before the self destruct?)
* Shari hefts up jenna to run with
<Shari> "Later?"
<Shari> (just how far back is our way out?)
<Yarrow> Shari picks up the super (heavy) soldier and staggers a bit.
<Yarrow> Well, right now, it's through a solid waterfall that Shari would not be able to fly through.
<Shari> (looks like it filled up the bottom of the place as well?)
* Shari moves as best she can with jenna down the hallway
<Yarrow> Shari isn't really sure how far Jenna jumped, as she was ensconced between Jenna's breasts for that trip.
<Shari> "Damn it, i need to make a temp fairy spell.."
* Shari trys to wake jenna up with some slush to the face
<Yarrow> Shari staggers down the hallway. After a while, she finds the girl in a set of rooms packing.
<Yarrow> Jenna starts to come around.
<Shari> "How many mummie outfits you have?"
<Jenna> "Ummmm...."
<Yarrow> But she seems rather groggy and a bit delirious.
<Yarrow> Oh, when Shari puts her down, she limps severely. Probably due to a scorpion sting to the leg and a bullet to the knee.
<Jenna> "Wha....who...."
<Shari> (walk it off!)
<Yarrow> (She walks the leg off. Thump.)
<Shari> "We gota get out of here" (no other paths around?)
<Yarrow> The corridor continues.
<Jenna> (Is Jenna still out of it?)
<Yarrow> Her condition is as I described.
<Jenna> "ooo...Mum, do I have to go to school?"
<Jenna> (Is Shari supporting her?)
<Yarrow> The girl looks up. "You'll have a much better chance of making it out if you leave her behind."
<Jenna> "Wesley beat me up..."
<Shari> "Well ya. But im a better friend then that"
<Yarrow> The girl gives Shari an unfriendly smile. "Good."
<Yarrow> The girl gathers her luggage. "Have fun dying."
<Yarrow> She starts walking off at a pace Jenna will never be able to match.
<Jenna> "Margaret?"
<Yarrow> 1d100
<Luna-P> Yarrow, 1d100: 11 [1d100=11]
<Shari> "I really just needed the proper direction to go in,"
* Shari make.... (whats going on now?)
<Tetsu> (( pft. If the girl's name was Margaret that'd be fnny ))
<Yarrow> Nothing.
* Shari make's an ice sled to put jenna on and gives moving
<Yarrow> Well, that's using your head.
<Shari> (only said we can't use out pwoers in a fight.. heh)
<Yarrow> If you want to do something that your given item can do, you must use your item to do it.
<Jenna> "Did they close the school?":
<Shari> "Yep, hang on, time for the ride home"
<Yarrow> 2d6+9
<Luna-P> Yarrow, 2d6+9: 12 [2d6=1,2]
<Jenna> "Quinn? Quinn, no! Get out of there! GET OUT OF THERE!"
<Yarrow> Shari starts to catch up to the girl.
<Yarrow> The girl notices them. "Great..."
* Jenna screams.
<Jenna> "Quinn? Quinn?!!
* Jenna starts sobbing and screaming.
* Jenna then falls silent.
<Yarrow> Girl: "You know, maybe putting her out of her misery would be the merciful thing to do."
<Yarrow> Disembodied voice: "T minus 3 minutes."
<Shari> "Just an off day, ever one has em"
<Yarrow> Girl: "Well, the exit's just ahead. Before we reach it, there's just one thing I want to say to you."
<Shari> "More power right?"
* Shari saps her wings out and Gooooos
<Yarrow> Girl: "Nah..."
<Yarrow> 2d6+13 @ Shari
<Luna-P> Yarrow, @ Shari: 20 [2d6=1,6]
<Yarrow> Girl: "You destroyed my home, you stupid bitch!"
<Shari> 2d6+12
<Luna-P> Shari, 2d6+12: 18 [2d6=1,5]
<Shari> 2d6+12
<Luna-P> Shari, 2d6+12: 22 [2d6=5,5]
<Jenna> (oops)
<Yarrow> Shari gets a free attack (StM).
<Shari> "Better check yourself mummie, I've been taken it easy on you for ever one watching at home"
<Shari> 2d6+12 Nove, Chains and all
<Luna-P> Shari, Nove, Chains and all: 21 [2d6=5,4]
<Shari> (nova,
<Yarrow> 2d6+12
<Luna-P> Yarrow, 2d6+12: 21 [2d6=5,4]
<Yarrow> DR
<Yarrow> 2d6+12
<Shari> (ohmy)
<Luna-P> Yarrow, 2d6+12: 21 [2d6=5,4]
<Yarrow> Again.
<Yarrow> 2d6+12
<Luna-P> Yarrow, 2d6+12: 17 [2d6=2,3]
<Yarrow> Hits.
<Yarrow> The girl growls.
<Yarrow> Shari's up.
<Shari> (zooms past?)
<Shari> (or is this running battle?)
<Yarrow> Shari zooms past.
<Yarrow> Taking Jenna, right?
<Shari> (yes)
<Jenna> (I hope so!)
<Jenna> (whew)
<Yarrow> A moment later, she hears a roar of rage and the sound of shattering ice.
* Shari snorts and turns the hallway behind her into icespike city
<Yarrow> Shari goes around a corner and gets a bit further before reaching a barred metal and enamel portal.
<Yarrow> It looks like it may be the way out.
<Yarrow> And from behind, she hears what sounds like a cannonball smashing through ice spikes.
<Yarrow> If you want to try to get the portal open, roll a mind check.
* Shari looks at the portal.. and hall way.. and makes the floor one long path of ice.
<Shari> 2d6+9
<Luna-P> Shari, 2d6+9: 16 [2d6=1,6]
<Shari> (mind)
<Yarrow> The girl ricochets off the wall at the corner and wall bounces at Shari.
<Yarrow> Init.
<Shari> (really?)
<Yarrow> Yeah, she has wall bounce.
<Jenna> (I've never heard of that before.)
<Shari> (ahh shame, that would have been amusing)
<Shari> 2d6+9
<Luna-P> Shari, 2d6+9: 18 [2d6=6,3]
<Yarrow> p55 of the pdf
<Yarrow> 2d6+15
<Luna-P> Yarrow, 2d6+15: 25 [2d6=6,4]
<Shari> (mind roll not high enought?)
<Yarrow> Not to get it instantly. And she took the time to ice the floor too.
<Yarrow> The girl goes straight into a flying kick.
<Yarrow> 2d6+13
<Luna-P> Yarrow, 2d6+13: 21 [2d6=3,5]
<Shari> 2d6+12
<Luna-P> Shari, 2d6+12: 22 [2d6=4,6]
<Jenna> (nice)
<Yarrow> Shari manages to just slide out of the way.
<Yarrow> Shari's up.
<Shari> 2d6+12
<Luna-P> Shari, 2d6+12: 18 [2d6=4,2]
<Yarrow> 2d6+12
<Luna-P> Yarrow, 2d6+12: 24 [2d6=6,6]
<Yarrow> The girl easily bounces out of the way and pauses for a moment to pointedly look at Jenna's form on the sled and give Shari a nasty smile.
<Yarrow> She launches herself in Jenna's direction.
<Yarrow> 2d6+13
<Luna-P> Yarrow, 2d6+13: 20 [2d6=1,6]
<Shari> "I guess standing around in old bandages is a great workout"
<Shari> 2d6+12 wall o ice?
<Luna-P> Shari, wall o ice?: 16 [2d6=1,3]
<Shari> 2d6+12 wall o ice?
<Luna-P> Shari, wall o ice?: 18 [2d6=4,2]
<Shari> (bah)
<Jenna> (How much damage did I take?)
<Yarrow> Shari throws up a wall of ice in a desperate attempt to shield Jenna--and is thoroughly surprised when the girl twists in mid-flight to kick Shari in the side of the head.
<Shari> (can't have anything awesome going on)
<Yarrow> 2d6+13 Combo master
<Luna-P> Yarrow, Combo master: 16 [2d6=1,2]
<Yarrow> dr
<Yarrow> 2d6+13 Combo master
<Luna-P> Yarrow, Combo master: 24 [2d6=6,5]
<Yarrow> Roll defense, Shari.
<Shari> 2d6+12
<Luna-P> Shari, 2d6+12: 19 [2d6=3,4]
<Yarrow> 2d6+13 Combo master
<Luna-P> Yarrow, Combo master: 19 [2d6=5,1]
<Yarrow> Roll defense again.
<Shari> 2d6+12
<Luna-P> Shari, 2d6+12: 20 [2d6=5,3]
<Yarrow> The girl kicks Shari in the head, and while Shari's disoriented, bounces off the wall and knees her in the other side of the head. Her attempt to grab Shari and slam her into the floor as she lands on the sled misses, however.
<Shari> (i see a rather big problem with giving luna more chances to screw us over)
<Yarrow> Shari's at 12 hp after that exchange.
<Yarrow> Disembodied voice: "T minus 1 minute."
<Yarrow> Girl: "Fuck. I don't have time to deal with you anymore."
<Yarrow> She turns her attention to the door. You can either let her be or attack her while she's not focused on you.
* Shari watchs how she opens the door?
<Shari> (kinda pissed off now)
<Yarrow> You watch her work the mechanism. She throws the door open and hurls herself through it, not even bothering to slam it in your face.
* Shari moves out with jenna?
<Yarrow> Shari launches the sled out. Aaah! Agony! The pain! Fucking sun... Especially reflecting off all that ice Jenna made earlier.
<Yarrow> Still, Shari's on her element now, and if she wants to vacate the area, she can do it quickly.
<Yarrow> Going in the same direction or a different direction from the girl?
* Shari does so with jenna
<Shari> (different direction i would guess, at lest thill shari's healed)
<Yarrow> Even when fully healed, a fight would be iffy. Especially if Shari has to use the gun most of the time.
<Yarrow> Shari zooms away. After a little less than a minute, the pyramid turns into mud and just collapses on itself. You're pretty sure anyone inside is dead.
<Yarrow> And anything that was in there is irretrievable.
<Shari> "Well that sucked.. moody mummie. Not my falt she hasn't got laided in 400 years."
<Jenna> (Is Jenna conscious?)
* Shari fixs her nose and checks on jenna
<Yarrow> Vaguely.
<Tetsu> (( welp. guess Jenna doesn't have the item. ))
<Yarrow> Shari and Jenna return to the starting site.
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