Best reason for Pluto being a meddler?

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Best reason for Pluto being a meddler?

Postby Té Rowan » Mon Nov 18, 2013 7:30 pm

Back to where we started....

“I feel pregnant.” The drunken blond woman muttered before passing out.

“You're welcome.” Her equally drunk bed partner said before losing consciousness as well.

“Me too.” Someone else in the room muttered in her sleep while several others just started snoring.


Elsewhere in the time-stream...

“No!” Sailor Pluto screamed. The little bastards had found both the Cheetos and the high explosives.

No good could come from this. She hated babysitting duty. There had to be a way out of this without violating her Oaths.

She just needed to find it.

Sure, I could have put this in the 'Quotes' thread, but I'm reasonably sure others have different ideas for #1 Reason Sailor Pluto Meddles.
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Re: Best reason for Pluto being a meddler?

Postby PCHeintz72 » Mon Nov 18, 2013 8:26 pm

Meh... how about:

Setsuna nodded to herself glad that she was still as competent as always when it came to stretching the truth. Turning her attentions to the, until that point, inactive time gates, she raised her staff and commanded it to come to life.

Slightly alarmed that out of nowhere a maelstrom of colors erupted, leaving behind what she could best describe as some sort of holographic TV. Succumbing to her curiosity she asked, "What is that supposed to be?"

In her wisest sagest sounding voice Setsuna replied, "You are standing where few mortals before you have ever dared to tread. Welcome to the legendary gates of time, Nabiki and be awed in its presence."

"There," Setsuna thought, "Nothing ever impressed a girl more in the Silver Millennium than awing them with the time gates. Now all I have to do is get the gates to show a bit of history and she'll be all set"

Nabiki noticed the flashes across what she guessed to be the screen of the gates and began putting two and two together and despite the fact that she was from Nerima was still able to come up with 4. After taking a tentative sniff to confirm her suspicions she asked with clarity, "You use these to watch porn."

Startled that she had been found out Setsuna reeled in shock, not sure how to respond.

"You do don't you?"

Slightly offended at the accuracy of the statement she replied, "I use it for other things too."

"Still, porn, I mean think of what this baby can do." Nabiki stated as her mind was flooded with the ultimate handicapper for gambling.

As if reading her companions mind Setsuna replied, "I already have more money than what I know what to do with honey, trust me I've been sitting in front of these gates longer than the current incarnation of man has been using fire to cook their food."

Upon hearing what the older woman had said Nabiki's mind cycled through several facts and then went and ran multiple simulations. Having made up her mind she stepped forward, wrapped her arms around the exotic green haired woman and said, "Sailor Pluto, I think that this is going to be the start of a very beautiful friendship." Then as she trailed her hands along the woman's taught torso she purred, "And I can tell you right now that there will definitely be some very favorable benefits."


The above was from chapter 5 of 'festival' by genhoss.
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