Blacksmith Clan

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Blacksmith Clan

Postby toushin » Wed Dec 07, 2016 3:27 pm

I like to expand the concept of the Magami clan

Maybe even out of the limitations of the original idea at eventually

Remember while the brothers are based off of characters from Get Backers the clan is based off of a character from Samurai Deeper Kyo Julian. I realized was that Julian had 9 kids 3 sons and 6 daughters if you add in Masamune that would be two apprentices. So it would be impossible for Ryouma and Ayame to be the only direct ancestors there would be multiple, plus sub clans, those related to gained and passed down weapons and those related to students

Ideas I kind of had was Anri was Julian’s son and he had 12 kids Kiki Shkizaki from Katanagatari could be one of them and his Deviant Blade’s could be based on him and his siblings.

Arai Shakkū and Gein could also be connected Arai most likely as a descendant maybe through one of Julians daughters. The clan Gein came from could have been the wielders of the armor sword which is why they mastered the art of mechanics.

I was also thinking of replacing Bushido with Mifuna as he was the first character i pictured upon learning about Meisai Tsuruga and Tsurugi

As for the brothers themselves I was thinking that after their defeat they would try more old school tactics Ryouma was easy have him become some kind of chimera being

Just haven’t fully fleshed out the mechanics of it.

As for Ayame at first I was thinking of turning him into a metal elemental but after reading The Sacred Blacksmith I think Demon Weapon would be better

This is also why I asked about as I can see Ayame turning himself into that.

To that end I came up with a technique called weapon soul however in thinking it up I came up with two variants which one do you think is the best.

The first is the soul is the blue print of the body so by manipulating the soul you should be able to alter the physical characteristics of the body. Sort of like Fullbring for Bleach. Thinking it up actually caused me to remember Human Saiyajin.
It looks more like an aura trigger.

Each time you go Super you are pooling energy into certain places in your body like you were flexing a muscle. It was just like Kakorotto's and his own. There was nothing magical to make them grow or become altered in any way. It was the natural state of their souls that forced their change in their physical bodies. Ranko's natural form was that of a small redhead because that is what was reflected within her soul, inscribed in the smallest particles of her ki.

All of that changed as Ranko did. A new layer was placed on top of the base ki. Vegita's hair wasn't golden until his ki coated it so thickly that it was no longer distinguishable. The same went for Ranko's tail, eyes, and claws. Her soul had expanded and pushed forth her ki consequently. The human body wasn't made to contain that much ki, so her spirit fashioned her a new one.

Ranko's transformation was not a simple sharpening of her soul to draw upon purer energy; it was a complete change in the form of her soul.

That was the thing with ki. People thought it was attached to the soul and every time you used it you were stripping away a part of your very soul.

That wasn't true at all, though ki and soul were affected by one another in different ways.

The soul, that curious unseen thing, is like a bow. To gathering strength or energy required the soul to be able to bend. Of course, the farther you can bend the bow the more power you had, but you could only bend the bow if had the strength to bend it. Ki is the arrow. Ki without a bow is useless, likewise, a bow without an arrow is equally as useless. Well, actually you can make a pretty good campfire with a bow. But the analogy still stands.

From the other direction a person cannot have a soul without ki. If Ranko ever used up all of her ki, impossible considering she would be rendered unconscious before being able to dig that deeply, her soul would no longer have enough power to tie it to her body. And when the bow breaks, the cradle will fall. A soul was attached to the body's energy and without ki it sought out the next most compatible source of energy; what most referred to as heaven.

The use of ki was important to martial artists as it could improve the clarity of someone's soul, making it easier to gather energy, a requirement since ki builds on itself every time it is used. This is the reason people like Cologne and Happousai are the way they are. Three hundred years of using ki had sharpened Happousai's soul so much he was the embodiment of lechery. His entire life had been directed towards perversion that his soul had been permanently disfigured by it. Cologne was more stable in that she didn't depend on emotions to touch her ki. Hence the Soul of Ice was one of her most devastating techniques. She didn't distort her soul by having emotions clinging to it. Her soul was broader for that reason.

The technique acts kind of like this. Ayame manipulates his soul to take on the form of traditional weapons and this would cause his well of ki to grow to accommodate.

The second variant is also from Bleach Baishin merged with his Zanpakuto allowing him transform his arms into blades. So instead of using the Secret of Steel to communicate with the spirit weapon he would absorb it and affix it to his sword.
Which one do you think is better?
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