Ranma... The Planeswalker?

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Ranma... The Planeswalker?

Postby PepperJAQ » Tue Jul 26, 2016 10:13 pm

So, it's been a while since i've been around. Hey again. XD (for those that don't remember me much, I wrote 'Senshi', 'Trapped', and 'Henko No Kaze')

Anyhoo, been poking at my fic ideas again, and recently got back into Magic the Gathering. One thing leads to another of course, and I'm playing with some notes and possibly writing a Ranma the Planeswalker story...

But then the question comes... what colors would represent Ranma?


Color pie theory of Magic the Gathering

Adding info on Planeswalkers here feel free to ask for clarification if needed

Now, I'm almost 100% certain that his/her primary is Red... but Ranma feels very multi colored to me. Some have said RU (red blue) and RW (red white)... but neither feels right. Ranma is moral and he is great on thinking (martial arts wise), but both colors feel very tertiary rather then secondary. I can easily see arguments for more green and black. So I'm kinda stuck on this.

I think eventually he could become a five color planeswalker (could, not will), but right now I'm stuck bouncing between:

Mardu: Red, black, white: Freedom and taking what he needs, but he does have some sense of honor when the chips are down
Temur: Red, green, blue: Survivor and strong sense of ingenuity.
Jund: Red, black, green: Wild, untamed, does what he wants.

I have a hard time seeing him as a two color, but some do have some potential:
Gruul: Red and green: Freedom and nature.
Orzov: White and black: He has honor but is willing to bend it to his needs (not as often as genma... he would be far more black, maybe even lacking white)

Anyhoo, if anyone plays magic, your help would would be great. Those that don't, but at least get the concepts of this color pie, your input can be just as useful and appreciated.
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Re: Ranma... The Planeswalker?

Postby Spica75 » Wed Jul 27, 2016 12:53 am

This is something i´ve never even seen before so basically just taking it on as is(ie never played MTG)...

Anyway, Red/Green/Black in various combinations depending on the day and situation is what i would lean towards i think.
Red for, well pretty much all the descriptions on the wheel, Green´s naive, growth and instinct suits him very well, while Black, well he definitely has a strong selfish streak even if it´s weird and often overridden by something else(usually for Red or Green reasons).

The only part of him that is White is that he protects. But he is pretty much in total opposition to everything else there. And i think his sense of honor and fair play belongs more with the naive of green rather than with white(his notions of them are very childish), or even the selfishness of black(he wants to be better than Genma for example).
Similarly, his blue parts feels a lot more like they belong and are based elsewhere, for example his selfish obsession about being the strongest is why he seeks knowledge, not because of the knowledge and its inherent power itself.

So, Red as primary, Green/Black as secondary would be my guess. Or Red/Green primary with Black as secondary.
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Re: Ranma... The Planeswalker?

Postby Ellen Kuhfeld » Wed Jul 27, 2016 8:13 am

Looking at the chart (and noting that "White" is yellow) I'd say Ranma's orange. Genma, on the other hand, is black.
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Re: Ranma... The Planeswalker?

Postby PepperJAQ » Wed Jul 27, 2016 8:22 am

They kinda do that with white. the cards them selves (in terms of the games) are far more 'white'... and the colors don't actual mix like that. They are stated out. Rather then Purple, it's always just red blue. It's kinda the thing. (though to be honest, it would be kinda cool if they mixed the colors, but from a game stand point, it would just add an extra layer to figure out when casting and what not XD given the basic lands you get for resources only taps for the one color (sometimes two different, but those are special lands) it's easier to look at the card and know that you only need so many of each.)

But yeah, while I wouldn't be surprised that someone could argue more then mono black for Genma, there is zero chance for him to have any white. He professes honor, but only as it serves his needs. Soooo black.

Fortunately, he isn't going to get to become a planeswalker. This fic idea I got has more in common with that one fic 'Realms' (even debating on drawing Usagi into it with a slightly messed up twist on the last battle of the first season of the original anime. XD ) So yeah, a 'Ranma has gone walk about' sorta thing.

(on that note: I'm kinda leaning toward a Red White... with maybe Green? for Usagi if I do drag her in, with a much higher chance of a shift toward either Five color or Colorless down the road...)
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Re: Ranma... The Planeswalker?

Postby Crescent Pulsar S » Wed Jul 27, 2016 3:40 pm

I don't really see much of the black attributed to Ranma. I say that because much of his selfishness stems from emotion or provocation, and is usually trumped -- at some point -- by stronger traits. It's also those things that tend to lead to him acting selfishly without thinking about how it may affect someone else in the first place, rather than being selfish and/or a sociopath by nature. Rather than a pinch of black, I think it'd be more accurate to say that the red part of his nature often interferes with the compass that resides in the yellow, since -- between the various adventures, hijinks and such -- he's otherwise rather peaceful, respectful, helpful and not coming up with any new martial arts techniques. The frequent pressing of his buttons belies the fact that he's rather tolerant and exercises a lot of restraint (gags aside); there are only a few instances where he's pushed to the point where his main objective is being malicious to someone (when Mousse kept making him cry, or when Nabiki had been playing with his emotions for the duration of his engagement to her, for example).

For me, I think it's a decent mix of red, green and yellow, with a small helping of blue and -- potentially -- a smidgen of black. It's really circumstantial, though: red and green appear more prominent, for instance, because of the bias with the story's focus.

Ellen Kuhfeld wrote:Genma, on the other hand, is black.

Well, that's not surprising, since I think "Genma" can mean "black horse."
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Re: Ranma... The Planeswalker?

Postby Dumbledork » Thu Jul 28, 2016 1:29 am

Probably not relevant to the topic, but there is one Planeswalker!Ranma fic. Hasn't been updated in a long while, though.

'Planeswalker' by Uncle Bernie

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Re: Ranma... The Planeswalker?

Postby Hiryo » Tue Oct 25, 2016 4:46 am

I for one would go with all but blue.

Primary: Red & Green & White (There is simply too much Chaos in Ranma and does a lot based on his 'gut instinct', White due him even helping Happosai during Urchin episode and generally upholding the good side)
Secondary: Black (Black due having selfishness and his fear of Neko-ken)

Not Blue since Ranma is not the intellectuell guy. However he could be but would need a lot of learning!
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