How long was Queen Serenity's reign?

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Re: How long was Queen Serenity's reign?

Postby SethBlade » Fri Sep 21, 2012 6:49 pm

Crescent Pulsar wrote:I don't know much about Yu-Gi-Oh, and I don't recall the Sailor Moon anime specifying when exactly the Silver Millennium took place. However, in the manga, Serenity was present during the formation of the solar system, billions of years ago. For all anyone knows the "Silver Millennium" is a frame of time gauged by the people of Earth and how far their records/memory of the Moon Kingdom went, seeing as Serenity could have set up shop just as soon as the moon had become, well, the moon.

Yes, I did find that a little odd when I read it, because, and I don't know if I'm reading too deeply into it, but it seems to me that the Senshi are sort of like the living avatars/physical manifestations of the power of their planets/moons/stars/whatever, so it isn't specifically stated, but implied that the life of a Senshi, despite not being specifically stated as such, can last for millions, or billions of years.

The Galaxia arc in the manga basically implied that the Outer Senshi never died in the Fall of the Silver Millennium, so they would have had to either been around for three thousand years (if you're working off the anime), or thirty thousand, if you're working off the manga, without having died.

It is also implied through the Sailor Saturn rebirthing process of the Wiseman Arc, that Senshi regularly go through 'cycles' of degeneration to facilitate their long lives, or at least have extremely high levels of regeneration and possible instantaneous reincarnation when being reborn and/or rebirth is not a viable solution.

It's also speculated by many fans that the only way that a Senshi can actually be killed is by either another Senshi, or a Dark Power, since the last parts concerning how Galaxia captured and/or 'killed' (which is still widely criticised) the Outers for their powers.

That said, it would easily be an option if their lives numbered in the thousands, or even millions of years.

Heck, even in the Anime, the confusion is that Setsuna is twenty thousand years old and has stood guard over the Time Gates, implying that, long before the "Silver Millennium" was around, she had stood guard over them since the beginning of the Moon Empire.
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