The Melancholy of Tsukino Usagi

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The Melancholy of Tsukino Usagi

Postby Nekomata-sensei » Sat Apr 11, 2009 7:06 pm

It just came to me suddenly, out of the blue, partly inspired by the Giving Sailor Moon the Bhepin treatment thread and some thoughts that evoked for me.

Sailor Moon's powers easily edge into reality warping, given the way she re-sets reality after the defeat of Beryl, bringing everyone back a year with no Beryl and stuff, or the way her powers just develop as she needs them.

This would be a slightly AU fic, but was inspired by me thinking that even without her reality warping, Haruhi is damn awesome, just such a ridiculous, cool, and amusing personality, and how it would be somewhat interesting to Bhepin treatment Usagi by making her more like Haruhi, with the senshi serving a role similar to Itsuki's organization, meant to keep her happy so she doesn't re-write the universe.

The idea for this fic requires going back quite a bit. The idea is that the Silver Millenium was founded by a powerful mage, Queen Serenity the 1st. In a power grab of unprecedented proportions, she went to the Galaxy Cauldron, the origin point of the universe, and drew out the power of the Ginsuzishou, creating it, and accidentally it's counterpart, the Black Light Gem, due to the universe's natural balancing factors.

The Ginsuzishou allowed her to selectively warp reality at will, and vastly improve her powers, she managed to make herself near immortal, and colonize the solar system, escaping the bounds of earth for not just herself, but others as well, creating live-able pocket dimensions bound to the gravity wells of the various planets or celestial bodies and linked to a degree to the natural mana flows in those planets for power.

On the outer edges of the Solar System she trained armies of powerful warrior mages and created magi-tech space-ships to guard her empire, and even the gate of time, monitored and guarded by some of her most trusted agents, which served as an anchor to prevent other people from using time traveling magic, and allow her to detect time-travelers and counteract them by sending other travelers to catch them, preventing them from going back and destroying the start of her kingdom, and creating a limited anti-time-travel ward. Although the mechanics of time were never completely understood, so it was an imperfect defense.

The problem was, that while she'd managed to greatly strengthen herself with the Ginsuzishou, her body wasn't really adapted to channel and control it's energies, and while she managed to get close, her ability to perfect it was limited by her lack of cosmic awareness or existence and understanding of such forces, as well as clinging to her own humanity, subconsciously afraid to ascend to something greater, or questioning her own worthiness for such.

Interest of other forces, specifically the early formations of beings like Metalia and Chaos drawn by the imbalance inherent in what Serenity was doing to the universe and her little section of it caused Serenity some trouble, and she realized both the imperfections of the use of the Ginsuzishou as a weapon by her, as well as the terrible power of the beings attacking, and that without it her people would stand no chance against them. She doesn't understand that it is her actions using the Ginsuzishou and creating it that have drawn these creatures here, as she doesn't truly understand that concept of natural balance.

Serenity comes up with a plan, while she is potentially immortal, she has no true desire to live forever, as the pain of the guilt off her own actions forging her empire has begun to build up, but she doesn't want it to just die with her, instead, she plans to have an heir, a daughter. Serenity happens to be nearly a violent feminist, and a lesbian, so the idea of being with a man in order to get a child disgusts her. But she has another plan, she'll use the Ginsuzishou in order to _create_ a daughter, and this child will have the Ginsuzishou as a part of their soul, and they will be created so that they can use it's power without as much harm as she does, possibly without any harm at all. The daughter is a virtual clone of her, but even more perfected than she managed to make herself with the Ginsuzishou's power.

Serenity starts noticing something dreadfully wrong right away, not only does she begin to lose her own control of the Ginsuzishou, but reality has begun to warp in wild and chaotic ways to suit the whims of the unborn child within her as it develops. Realizing the terrible mistake she has made, but unwilling to destroy the child, she modifies and restricts the power of the new child as much as she can, placing mental barriers and warping things so that using the power _seems_ to exhaust her, even though she can actually counteract it and it won't kill her, and using the spiritual resonance of the moon's mystical energy flows and it's capitol in order to place a stronger limit on the powers by focusing them in a certain way.

Serenity then realizes that she still needs more defenses for the universe against her child's ridiculous powers. She returns to the Galaxy Cauldron as soon as her daughter is born, and nearly kills herself re-writing an aspect of the universe, draining most of the chaos from people's souls and causing them to crystallize and be given a bit of defense against Usagi's power, this Chaos only feeds and strengthens the entity of Chaos she'd driven off previously, and Metalia, it's servant. Serenity then, in order to protect the universe's planetary bodies and laws of physics and such, and various aspects of the universe, creates the senshi, souls of planets given form, which grant their planets a resistance to the Ginsuzishou's reality warping, and whose forms are given similar resistance, and powers resemble the way she focused and limited Usagi's powers, and because of her own weird focus, she causes them all to be female humanoid forms, and encourages the creation of humanoid life-forms throughout the universe for them to be born among on planets that support life.

This will eventually spark off a senshi war, which is encouraged by chaos, especially revolving around it's own power grab of Galaxia, the senshi of the Galaxy Cauldron.

Serenity returns to her kingdom, and trains and guides the senshi she discovers that have formed there in order to prepare them to serve as the guardians of her daughter and keep her happy and satisfied with the universe so she doesn't selectively re-write it according to random whims.

Then, despite the tenuous political situation, she doesn't stop, and even encourages the budding romance between her daughter and the Earth prince Endyminion. Endyminion is the master of the Kinsuzishou, a rather rough attempt to duplicate and counteract the Ginsuzishou by his father the King of a great Kingdom on Earth and his royal mages. He has no idea of the true origins of the Ginsuzishou, so he can't truly replicate it or get anywhere near it's power, but it is the result of all the greatest magical research of Earth and that he could steal from the Silver Millennium, as well as some of his intel on the senshi and Usagi, created to resonate with the soul of his son, and be an artifact only he can use, and a sort of modification/enhancement of his son's own heart crystal, and impressive artifact, but nowhere near the power or capability of the Ginsuzishou, although it does prevent a senshi from forming on Earth, by drawing up together the power that would otherwise coalesce into the form of a senshi eventually.

Beyrl was a vain princess of another Kingdom of Earth, who had been raised with the intention of marrying her to the prince Endyminion in order to unify the Earth into a single kingdom in a power-grab by her parents. There was no actual arranged marriage, as the Endyminion's father disliked her parents, finding them morally abhorrent, and her and annoying witch, but she still came to believe that Endyminion was her destined husband, and became obsessed with marrying him and ruling the Earth. She became insanely jealous when Serenity the 2nd began falling in love with them and they began to court one another, and wished to kill Serenity the 2nd, destroy her kingdom, and take Endyminion for herself.

She delved into dark magic in order to seek power, and wound up contacting Metalia, who warped her in order to bring about the end of the Moon Kingdom, giving her the power she needed, and using her as a tool against her natural enemy the supernatural order of the Moon Kingdom.

Serenity wound up sacrificing herself to seal Metalia and Beyrl's forces, and send her daughter and senshi to be re-born in the future on Earth, realizing after the destruction of the colonies how poorly defended they were being subspace pockets that were easy to destroy and slaughter her people. Only Pluto, who was stuck guarding the time gates, survived this.

Serenity sent them to be re-born in a way that would allow them to stop Beyrl's return, and her daughter would be able to destroy Metalia, and had Pluto prep the Moon Cats to be their guides, since Pluto would not be able to spare time away from guarding the gate that much, keeping the cats in stasis.

Come the distant future, and after Usagi re-writes reality after the defeat of Beyrl and Metalia. New attacks begin and the moon cats restore the memories of the senshi.

Partly due to vauge memories and guesses, partly due to readings and recordings of the mercury computer, and partly by her own deductions, Mercury recognizes the incredible danger of Sailor Moon's powers, and warns the other senshi of them, that she shouldn't have been able to survive that level of reality warping, and apparently the life draining effects of the Ginsuzishou recorded in history are entirely fake and simulated in Usagi's mind for Serenity, and some top-secret files she's uncovered left for her by Serenity reveal this and the true purpose of the senshi to keep Serenity the 2nd from randomly re-writing the universe to suit her whims by keeping her happy and from realizing the mental blocks that keep her from using her powers freely.

This brings about a theme similar to the Melancholy of Suzimiya Haruhi, possibly done from Ami's perspective as narrator rather than Kyon, with the senshi trying to both combat the forces of darkness, and reduce the reality warping that has begun to increase around Usagi, by keeping her as happy and content as possible. Unfortunately, their enemies seem determined to cause Usagi a lot of upset, as do the people around them, like Usagi's parents and teachers pressuring her about her poor grades. On top of this, Ami is trying to increase Usagi's subconscious grasp of reality and morality, her maturity, and increase her mental development so that when she does use her powers it is less dangerous, and there is less terrible risks if she realizes them, but is trying to balance it against making Usagi get upset with more schoolwork type stuff, and keeping her happy and content.

Incidents have begun happening that they are trying to counteract and keep Usagi unaware of where reality is being modified on a small scale according to her whims, things like Naru gaining temporary senshi-like powers, or all the ice cream labels at the Crown Arcade being reduced in price to something Usagi can more easily afford with her allowance, or Luna facing ridiculous amounts of bad luck trying to wake Usagi in the mornings, since she doesn't want to be disturbed and imagines these things happening at previous times.

Beware the Melancholy of Tsukino Usagi! :twisted:
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Postby Sky » Sat Apr 11, 2009 7:55 pm

I like this idea, and it's quite fascinating, but a few things came to mind:

- Part of what makes Sailor Moon is the interplay between the characters. This means that Rei is going to have to tone down her attitude towards Usagi (which could leave her a little bitter), and everyone who is in on the mission to keep Usagi happy is going to have their work cut out for themselves if Mamoru is away from school for extended periods of time.

- How does Chibi-Usa fit into this?

- After Beryl, does Usagi simply block memories or rewrite reality? If she rewrote reality, are there memories to go restore? Is Pluto aware of what Usagi is doing and is Pluto immune?
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Postby Ellen Kuhfeld » Sat Apr 11, 2009 8:33 pm

If you can pull it off, it'll be a winner.
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