History of a Uniform

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History of a Uniform

Postby FOG3 » Wed Jan 14, 2009 5:06 pm

I thought a thread like this was worth doing as there isn't one presently.

A simple google search will reveal the hows of it becoming popular, but not the whys of design choices.

If you're like me you probably wondered why there's this distinctive flap thing. Well according to a MM1 I've been aquianted with, back in the day Sailors didn't necessarily cut their hair while out to sea. So in order to keep it out of their faces they'd put tar, which was on hand to repair the ship, in their hair and had a leather flap to both keep the tar off their uniform and help minimize damage if during battle it caught fire.

The scarf worn around the neck has a thousand and one uses including improvised bandage, and seems as how even Napolean predates pockets it's not like there's a better place to store it. The female uniform in anime often depicted as using the hanging ends to make a bow instead of letting it hang free.

Also, Sailor is just like Marine and Soldier it refers to a specific service's warfighter, and if you use the wrong one it's not appreciated.

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