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School of Fusion

Postby Lioconvoy » Sun Nov 18, 2012 7:25 am

This is something I made for the Digimon board at GameFAQs but Im going to try it here as well.

Max Parpicipants: 4 (Not including me)

Story: At Azulong High each student is partnered with a child(rookie) level Digimon. Despite the school housing hundreds of different Digimon of different types and forms there had never been any trouble until now. A Senior has started corrupting partner digimon causing them to digivolve and go wild.

Only five students are able to do anything about the wild Digimon. These student have the special ability to fuse with there partner digimon to take on new more powerful forms.

Setting: An alternate earth. Digimon are known, but have only recently started interacting with humans. Few of the digimon on earth are beyound Adult (Champion) level. Only the students and former students of Azulong High have Digimon partners. The town around Azulong High is isolated from most of the contry it lies in. It's a rural town. Lots of various bussiness, some farms, but no sky scrappers.

Sign Up Example:

Personality Summery:

My character;
Name: Robert Taylor
Partner: Renamon
Crest: Hope
Personality Summery: Robert is a somewhat lazy student but surprisingly good at history and math. When the Chess Club doesn't meet he is normally the first to leave the school building at the end of the day trying to get home as fast as possible to watch whatever cartoon are on TV. He's a promenent member of the chess club, and dispite his lack of effort with school work he spend a lot of time trying to involve the Digimon partners in the club activities and will stay after school to help clean up after the digimon.
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