Warring Fates 3

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Warring Fates 3

Postby LawOhki » Mon Jun 22, 2015 8:28 pm

Later that night

Inside the Higurashi shrine, Ranma let his traveling pack fall to the floor with a heavy thud. Kagome was showing him where Genma had been sleeping the past couple nights, and the family had offered to let them remain as long as they liked. 'Nice of em.' Ranma thought, even though he expected his old man to want to begin moving again as soon as possible. The elder Saotome had been very focused every since Jusenkyo about getting to Nerima but had never mentioned why.

Shrugging off the likely inconsequential detail, he addressed Kagome. "Thanks for letting us stay here."

"Oh, it's no problem. We have lots of room." Kagome happily reaffirmed.

“Even for ‘what’s his face’?” Ranma jerked his thumb back towards the doorway where Inuyasha was literally sniffing about and attempting to look like he wasn’t following him around.

“He seems harmless enough.” The girl answered as though discussing a pet. “And someone with such adorable dog ears can’t be bad, right?”

“You’re not responsible enough to have pets, boy.” Genma said with as much parental authority as he could muster.

“I’m not a pet!” Inuyasha barked from his position far away and crossed his arms in a huff.

“He’s more of a stray that followed me home.” Ranma rolled his eyes at the hanyou’s attitude and the resulting growl Inuyasha gave him for the stray comment. “He’ll probably get bored and wander off if we just ignore him.”

“That’s too bad.” Kagome sighed sadly before hurriedly pointing towards a closet along the wall. “There should be a couple old futons in there you can use. Why don’t you get yours set up while I go get some snacks? I want to hear all about the past!” The girl hurriedly explained before rushing off without waiting for a response.

“Careful around her, boy. She’ll talk your ear off.” Genma warned solemnly.

“She seems alright to me.” He shrugged, finding little fault with a nice girl like Kagome wanting to gift him with food. Hopefully there was a lot of it, he was still trying to get the taste of Kaede’s special cooking out of his mouth.


Inuyasha sat against the wall with his arms folded into the sleeves of his haori, and eyes closed. So what if he had fallen for a little bit after the annoying ear groping girl Kagome had finished barraging the infuriating Ranma with questions. He deserved his rest too. But that had to have been hours ago because the room was now dark and all the occupants were sleeping.

His eyes easily saw the details of the room, far better than any human. Not that he would need his night vision to see the faint glow being emitted by the Shikon no Tama resting on Ranma’s chest. The boy was stretched out, arms and legs carelessly going in every direction with a blanket twisted haphazardly over his body.

Without a sound, Inuyasha rose to his feet, and padded his way across the wooden floor. This was his moment. In just a few seconds he would have the Shikon no Tama in his grasp and then he could finally become a full demon. ‘Nothing can stand in my way now!’

Reaching out to take his prize, he was confused why his legs were no longer underneath him, and why he was hitting the wood several meters away. “He-- she-- whatever is awake!” He snarled and leapt the distance between them. This time he saw Ranma’s arm snake out to redirect him to slide face first across the floor to impact into the wall.

Bouncing up to his feet and furiously growling, he would make the human pay for this. Launching himself across the floor with a single jump, he caught himself shortly out of Ranma’s reach as the other human in the room suddenly sat up and looked directly at him.

“What?” He barked angrily at the interruption.

Genma just narrowed his eyes. “You’re too loud.”

“And I care?”


Kagome narrowed her eyes suspiciously as she knelt down in front of Inuyasha. Tossed upside down against the shrines sacred tree, he looked like he had been run over by a bus several times. Setting down the bucket of water she was carrying, she reached out to take his dog ears between her fingers, and began to knead them gently.

‘Awww, that’s the good stuff.’ She blissfully thought before noticing the golden eyes glaring at her. “Oh-- good morning.” She quickly greeted and jerked her hands away from the hanyou’s ears.

Inuyasha growled and righted himself into a cross legged sitting position with his hands shoved into his sleeve.

“Breakfast will be ready in a few minutes if you’re hungry.” She quickly told him and gathered up her things to go tell Ranma and his father. ‘Phew, that was smooth Kagome, good job!’

Water sloshed in her bucket as she rushed around the main shrine building, hearing loud shouting from Ranma and Genma. Her jaw dropped when she finally saw the pair bouncing around the courtyard exchanging punches and kicks at a speed she could barely see. Every jump was impossibly high, easily clearing twice their own height as the pair wearing white gi’s sparred.

“Ooh.” She watched in awe as the pair started to move in her direction. Ranma turned briefly to notice her and was hit by a nasty punch by Genma thanks to the distraction.

“Don’t just stand there, idiot!” Inuyasha snapped angrily and grabbed her by the back of the shirt pulling her backwards.

“Ack!” She shrieked and threw her bucket up into the air a moment before Ranma crashed into her former position.

Ranma sat up and groaned. “Stupid ol’ man, you’ll pay for--.” The boy’s tirade was cut off by the bucket landing over his head, dousing him in cool water. “That.” Finished the now female Ranma from inside the bucket.

“What’s that, boy? I couldn’t hear you?” Genma taunted with his hands on his hips.

“That was so cool!” She exclaimed, instantly at Ranma’s side. “I can’t believe you can do all those jumps and kicks!”

“My old man fights dirty.” Ranma muttered darkly as she pushed the bucket up off her head, black hair sticking wetly to her face.

“And you turned into a girl!” She gasped excitedly and poked at Ranma’s bust.

“Hey!” Ranma swatted her hands away. “Watch it there grabby.”

Inuyasha snorted loudly behind her.

“Oh! I came to tell you that breakfast would be ready soon.” She hastily changed the subject.

“We’ll finish this later, Pop.” Ranma warned the empty space where her father had been, the man already gone. The black haired girl sighed. “Hey, you don’t happen to know where my clothes are?”

“My mom decided to wash everything before you left.” She helpfully pointed out.

“Thanks I guess.”

“Hey, where’s the jewel?” Inuyasha demanded irritably.

Ranma sniffed haughtily and stood up. “It’s safe-- and you’re not getting it.” She reached into her gi top to briefly pull out the shikon no tama before putting it back.

“Let’s go have breakfast before you make the poor boy’s head explode.” She giggled at Inuyasha’s cross look, and grabbed Ranma by the arm to start heading for her home.

“Head explode from what?” Ranma asked cluelessly, tying her belt tighter.

“I’ll tell you later when he’s not around.”
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Re: Warring Fates 3

Postby LawOhki » Sat Mar 05, 2016 7:10 am

Revised the ending to the previous section.


“We’ll finish this later, Pop.” Ranma warned the empty space where her father had been, the man already gone. The black haired girl sighed. “Hey, you don’t happen to know where my clothes are?”

“My mom decided to wash everything before you left.” She helpfully pointed out.

“Thanks I guess.”

“Hey, where’s the jewel?” Inuyasha demanded irritably.

Ranma sniffed haughtily and stood up. “It’s safe-- and you’re not getting it.” She reached into her loose gi top that had fallen open slightly to briefly pull out the shikon no tama before putting it back.

“Let’s go have breakfast before you make the poor boy’s head explode.” She giggled at Inuyasha’s cross look, and grabbed Ranma by the arm to start heading for her home.

“Head explode from what?” Ranma asked cluelessly, attempting to tie her belt tighter while Kagome was pulling her by one arm.

“You know--.” She drawled suggestively as she drew a hand across her chest, glancing at Inuyasha who looked at her with complete obliviousness.

“Eh?” Ranma scoffed before glancing downwards to stare at her bust for a long moment, her gi still open enough to give a hint of cleavage. “But I’m a guy.”

“Guess that doesn’t matter to him.” She shrugged before continuing dragging Ranma towards her home and leaving Inuyasha standing in place deep in thought. “We should hurry so everyone isn’t waiting on us.”

It wasn’t until they were nearly at the door before Inuyasha yelled at them. “Hey! I’m not attracted to that ugly wench! I just want the jewel!” He angrily protested, having finally figured out what Kagome had been suggesting.

“How dare that-- that-- mutt! Call me ugly!” Ranma fumed.

Kagome snickered.



Ranma nearly missed stopping at a crosswalk to allow traffic to go through as he watched the grey sky for signs that it would finally start raining. Now that he wasn’t being chased by a crazed Amazon or not trapped in the past, he had access to hot water, and didn’t want this opportunity to be back in his real body be ruined by the weather. Adjusting the heavy traveling pack to sit better on his shoulders, he momentarily glanced back to see that Inuyasha was still following him. Even though the hanyou was constantly stopping to growl suspiciously at one thing or another.

“You seem distracted, boy.” Genma commented from his place next to him.

“Just wondering why you’re in such a hurry.” He answered, curious if Genma had screwed over the nice Higurashi family in some way while he was freeloading off their hospitality.

“That’s because you decided to fall down a well and pick up a tag along. We had an appointment to keep that your little side trip ruined.” His father bemoaned.

“Appointment?” He questioned, this being the first time he had heard of it. “It better not be some new even more cursed training ground.”

“Well it is a training hall--.” Genma evasively answered.

“Oh? So you want to go challenge someone? Get training in a new style?” He perked up at the thought of gaining new skills to add to his repertoire.

“Not exactly--. You’re going to meet your--.” The elder Saotome answered even more evasively before coughing into his hand and muttering something under his breath. “Nevermind it should be a surprise.”

“I’m sorry, what was that?” Ranma asked, gaining a sneaking suspicion that his father was planning something he would not like.

“You’ll find out, trust me you’ll like the surprise.” Genma quickly took off across the street the moment the light changed and traffic stopped.

Warning flags were popping up in his mind from a lifetime of dealing with his father’s stupid antics. “No way, Pop. You’re telling me now!” He demanded, rushing after his parent.

“Just follow me, boy. It’s for your own good.” The older martial artist sped up his pace even further, almost running down the crowded sidewalk.

Ranma took off after his father, skillfully avoiding the other pedestrians who were minding their own business. Dimly he noticed Inuyasha catch up to him as Genma turned paused to check a street sign before changing course into an alley. Without anyone in his way he was free to speed up and in several quick leaps had caught up to his father. Snagging a metal trash can lid, he spun in a circle before sending it flying into the back of Genma’s head with a loud clang. The elder Saotome stumbled and fell on his face with a heavy thud from the added weight of his traveling pack.

“So what stupid scheme do you have in store for me now, old man?” Ranma stomped on his father’s pack to emphasize his displeasure of having to deal with another stupid scheme. His agitation was further increased by the slight drizzle that was starting to fall from the sky. It wasn’t enough to trigger the transformation but soon would.

Genma just mumbled something into the concrete.

“What was that? I couldn’t hear you.” He kicked his father over onto his front and raised a hand to his ear. “Could you repeat that?”

“He said you are going to meet your fiance.” Inuyasha supplied in clear amusement.

“Fiance!” Ranma almost shrieked, his voice breaking into a higher pitch, and turned his head to glare at the hanyou. “Stay out of this, dog boy.” He warned, beginning to feel a tingle spread over his skin.

“What? You asked what he said, I’m sure you’ll make some guy very miserable.” Inuyasha smirked.

“I’m a guy!” He protested, jerking a thumb as this chest just as enough cool water had accumulated to activate the Jusenkyo curse and cause him to change into a girl. She paused momentarily to glance down and confirm the sudden change in sex, as if the loss of height wasn’t a good enough indicator, before continuing. “Even in this body.”

She saw Inuyasha open his mouth, no doubt to say something stupid that would force her to put her fist in it. But before he could say anything something hit her hard from behind.


Inuyasha paused his insult towards Kikyo’s reincarnation, because she no longer occupied the same space in front of him. Instead she had been flattened by a large metal box that smelled of garbage by the panda form of her father. His hatred of Kikyo and dislike for the new incarnation was instantly forgotten for concern as he immediately threw the metal crate off her unconscious form into the panda with enough force to send them both a good distance down the alley.

Kneeling down, he gently turned the girl over, and pushed back her bangs to reveal closed eyes. “Hey.” He patted her cheek in attempt to wake her up. “Wake up stupid.” He shook the girl lightly but received no response.

“Is she hurt?” A young girl asked in concern from behind him a moment before the rain was blocked by a transparent yellow umbrella. “I saw her get hit with that dumpster by a panda. What’s a panda doing here anyways?” She had long dark hair to mid back and was wearing a cheerfully green dress that indecently showed off her bare legs up to her knees.

Inuyasha tried to parse out what the human girl had just said, unable to recognize several of the words she had used. “I don’t know, she’s tough for a human.” He finally answered, unsure if Ranma was legitimately hurt or not.

“Let’s get her out of the rain, my house is just around the corner, and my older sister can take a look. She’s studied a lot of medical books.”
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