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Postby Té Rowan » Thu Oct 23, 2014 4:48 pm

Long ago I began to write something with the working title "Siriusly Senshi" – a pseudo-SI that petered out with a few scenes written, Here's the first one I wrote:

The Senshi sprinted towards the park where this week’s menace was menacing. They were just preparing to face it when they noticed something… odd.

There was another Senshi there already. A… different one. Human, yes. Female, yes. Trim, yes. Definite promo material, yes. But that was about it.

Her uniform was only partly regulation. The skirt was mid-thigh length, pale as the Arctic sky. Instead of boots she wore socks in the same pale blue colour as the skirt and moccasins coloured the same very pale gold as her hair. The bows were white with a hint of blue. In addition to the usual tiara, she wore a belt of loosely-joined silver rectangles, with a stick or wand hanging from it slightly right of centre. Her eyes were blue-green and locked onto the youma like a fire control radar. In her left hand she carried a sheathed katana-type sword, the only break from all that pale and pastel. The sheath was a very deep violet and the handle wrapped plain black.

She walked towards the youma accompanied by a slow rhythm struck on a bass guitar and an occasional weird synth sound. Then, shocking the old Senshi, a horribly-distorted electric guitar howled. And the new Senshi moved.

All the old Senshi could see was a sudden blur of action for about three seconds. Then the new Senshi stood there again, still holding the sheathed sword. The youma on the left now looked a bit worse for wear, adorned with scrapes, bruises and massively dinged armour, and looking far less cocky than it did only a few seconds earlier. The bass still struck its slow staccato rhythm.

The guitar howled again. This time it was the right-hand youma that got the beatdown. And still the bass tapped slowly.

A few moments later a grand piano and a string section struck and the bass doubled its rhythm, Then several bursts of piano, string, guitar and hats accompanied the new Senshi’s sudden displays of high-level iaijutsu.


The bass dropped back to its funeral rhythm while the guitar slowly faded out in a distorted dissonance in line with the now-head-limb-and-life-less youma. The old Senshi could do nothing but stand in shock and watch the new Senshi walk away, leaving nothing but dusted youma, a fading bass track and a big impression.

(A/N: The BGM is a rearrangement of the latter half of “Private Investigations” as it appears on Dire Straits’ live album “On The Night”.)

A girl, Mary Sue Summers, was to appear at this time. She would look near-identical to the new Senshi and the old group would befriend her, thinking she was her. One thing mysterious would be that the new Senshi never spoke a single word, letting her massive hidden-in-subspace sound reinforcement system do all the talking. Around the end, the new girl and the new Senshi would appear at the same time.

A bonus scene (one of the remaining six or seven):

“Hey! I’ve learned a great new trick for the Love-Me Chain!”

“You have? What?”

“Yes. I saw the strange Senshi do it two days ago. Watch!” With that, Minako transformed, called out her Love-Me Chain and proceeded to form a lariat. She didn’t quite succeed, though.

“WAH!” “Let me go!” “I can’t!” “Yes, you can!” “AAAH!” “Ami no hentai!” “Drop the chain!” “Remove your hand!” “Easier said than done!” “She bit me!”

The Senshi roll finally managed to untie itself. “You can too teach an old hog new kicks!”

As you can guess, it was to be on the humorous side of things. I don't think I'll ever do anything with it, so if you want the scenes, you're more than welcome to them.
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