Wild Charon possible direction.

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Re: Wild Charon possible direction.

Postby WG_Writer » Sun Feb 02, 2014 6:48 pm

alright I will conced to most of your points and update my outline to match what you are giving me. Still I am keeping certain information to follow a flow of the inital plan.

1) As stated Ranma will be deaged with Hotaru and both will be stuck at ~7-9, I will not define it as I want it to match Usa's age closely enough.
2) Setsuna is a tad emotional per Manga and as when she has to go and get new clothes after a day or two and some of them include clothing for chibi-usa due to the fact that she needs new clothes now too. Yes Setsuna knows her but still is more focused on the fact that she needs to do this, and less on the facts. (this will be implied)
3) I will add a scene where Ranma slips off to visit the Tendo's but Hotaru and Chibi tag along despite some protests. They of course set Akane off by introducing themselves as Ranma's fiancees arranged by his mother (insert Nabiki level snark) after the confrontation Ranma leaves the Tendos for a bit.
4) There will be more debate on should the youthened Ranma have a memory wipe to eliminate the neko-ken (in the end they will decided against it, but since he is much physically younger and closer to the age where he had trained in the neko-ken they could plausably get away with it.
5) Mamoru will be set as powerful as a regular Senshi, but cursed with always ending up with major injuries due to wierd incidences, like getting hit by a car on top of a 5 story building that was not thrown in the fight.
6) Ukyo as stated will reappear at the same school/age rather irate at Ryoga and her father over the same fate befalling her. (This was in my original plan) I am toying with a Tendo (not Akane specifically, I am leaning towards Nabiki to push Ranma away from the Tendos) also having the same problem, and as such a manhunt for Ryoga begins to get serious due to the fact he managed to cause this disaster. (I will play up that he didn't manage to sell any more and that it was only one sale to a vendor that caused this set of problems. As such he is not going around giving them out willynilly just saw a way to get some money for something other then mushrooms. (I will need to expand on the details of this more)
7) Ranma will gain a 'Prince Charon' form of some sort but despite it being a legitimate form the senshi keep saying how cute he looks in it and he vows to avoid the form at all cost... Failing of course.
8) There will be again no real big bad, this will be more slapstick Ranma style then Sailor Moon Villian of the Arc style.

- What I have already posted will be removed and rewritten.

- I am also working on a better chapter by chapter outline.
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Re: Wild Charon possible direction.

Postby Spica75 » Mon Feb 03, 2014 8:53 am

- What I have already posted will be removed and rewritten.

Don´t remove it. No good reason to do that, and reasons to keep it. It will for example make it easier to say better or worse than previous version once you get out the new stuff.
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Re: Wild Charon possible direction.

Postby HopeSeiketsu » Thu Oct 09, 2014 8:57 pm

Here is the situation plot wise: I have written it out so that Chibi-Usa, Hotaru, and Ranma were de-aged and are now seven. (Chapter 3 is going to be heavily revised and reposted to ff.net when its done so atm assume what is on ff.net is now degraded from final to a beta version.)

The idea here is that as they are now seven, Chibi-Usa (who had finally had her sweet sixteenth birthday (of sorts))) and her 'Pink Moon Rod' is going to be depowered as a side joke, reason for plot elements. The idea being that before she was de-aged it was an effective weapon (Manga), and now for some reason it is significantly less powerful (Anime).

I have not fully worked out Hotaru's lowered power reason yet, but I am going with that her access to her glaive has been restricted as since, even as a senshi, she can not use it anywhere near as well as she did prior. This is somewhat reinforced as she was 12 when she was introduced. Its flimsy but unless a better idea comes along I will go with that.

Well uou could use the excuse that saturns full power is to dangerous for her de:aged body to be able to handle do to the nature of saturns power being different from the ginzuishou

EDIT: never mind I read your fic and see what you did with that
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