Defeating the dragon: Outlines and Scenes

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Defeating the dragon: Outlines and Scenes

Postby Blackcat101 » Sun Nov 10, 2013 6:31 pm

Defeating the dragon Ranma 1/2 & Street Fighter crossover

scene 1

Ranma sees Ryu the world champion while walking the street, he knows Ryu is a wanderer, so he may never get the chance again, and challenges Ryu to a fight. Akane seems angry about this and leaves.

scene 2

Akane was worried, she would never admit it to anyone but when Ranma went to one of his fights she feared he would get greatly injured or... worse. She didn't worry much when it was one of his usual rivals, but every time someone new appeared she feared for Ranma safety. When did that start? When she had stooped to see Ranma just as a rude jerk and she had started to fall in love with him? She didn't know, maybe the time she had realized she truly loved him was when Happosai had took out all of Ranma strength with that stupid moxibustion technique, seeing him so weak and frail made her realize how much she cared about him.

She then hear the sound of the door closing, Akane walked out of her room preparing to give Ranma a verbal trashing, she knew Ranma didn't deserve that, but it was her way to deal with how much Ranma made her worry. But then she noticed it had been Ranma's father as well as her own who'd had entered the house, not Ranma. Akane couldn't avoid some worry to show in her eyes, had Ranma lost the fight, was he injured? She shouldn't have let him go, Ranma was the best fighter she knew but that guy... he had won the first World Warrior Tournament. Still is not like Ryu was a bad person, right? Both adult men looked serious and somewhat sad.

"Did something happen?" Akane asked, she wished P-chan was there, she needed to hug the piglet to make herself feel better.

"Yes something did happen, I'll get the other girls and meet you in the dinning room my friend," Saotome told the other man in a sad tone. "I'll be easier if we tell you all at once."

Akane followed her father into the dinning room where the others were already
waiting. Taking her usual seat in-between Nabiki and Kasumi she then looked back to her father and Genma. Luckily or unluckily, Happosai wasn't around, another one of Pantyhouse Taro attacks to get his name back plus one of Ranma plans had ended with the old leech being far away.

Soun was the one to start. "What I have to tell you isn't easy, so please don't interrupt and bear with me."

"Please wait a minute father," Kasumi said. "Shouldn't we wait for Ranma to get back? If you have something important to say then shouldn't wait for him to get home?"

"No," Mr. Saotome replied. "I'm afraid that Ranma won't be coming."

"Why? " Akane asked, she had to use all her self control to avoid sounding too worried, one failed wedding attempt was bad enough after all. Yes, as amazing as it sounds Akane had self control, it was just she had trouble reining her temper with Ranma because she loved him and the idiot was always saying the wrong thing or getting into situations that made him look like a pervert.

Soun and and Genma looked at her for a few moments before continuing. "I'm sorry but..." her father said.

"Ranma got greatly injured in a fight and we don't know if he will survive. He is in a comma and the doctors barely managed to stabilize him." Genma finished.

Akane opened her mouth, then closed it again... it couldn't be true! Ranma always got into fights, but he always won in the end or at least recovered in just a few days, even someone as powerful as Saffron, The Phoenix King, had lost to Ranma.

"No! You are lying! This is just another of yours scams, right? Some way to avoid paying money or an unwanted fiancée or both!" Akane stood up and pointed an accusing finger at Genma.

"I am afraid that is true." Her father said, looking at her with sad eyes. The same sad eyes he had the day her mother died. Soun Tendo may be know to everyone as a man who easily shed tears, but when he was really sad, he didn't cry... at all.

Akane felt something wet slide down her check, then the sensation repeated in her other check, she had started to cry. She didn't care what they would think, is not like there would be a wedding if Ranma died, right? A small part of her still was in denial, hoping beyond everything it was just a stupid plan to join the schools, but she continued to cry and nothing changed. No one said that it was a lie, no one was dragging her and Ranma to a priest this time.

Akane quickly stood up and dried her tears, there was still hope. Ranma wasn't dead, at least not yet. "Can I go to see him?"

Normally both Soun Tendo and Genma Saotome would be happy seeing Akane showing interest about Ranma, but this just wasn't the time.

"The doctors aren't letting anyone see him yet, but since I am his father I will see what I can do." Genma said and quickly adjusted his glasses, why they had got foggy? It wasn't because of tears, men didn't cry after all, and even if he cried a few tears he was fast enough to quickly hide it before anyone noticed.

"I know is not my place to say but... has anyone told his mother?" Nabiki asked, she seemed strangely sad, she had never thought Ranma would be in risk of dying, after all no matter the problem or how strong the opponents he always seemed to just bounce back.

"My wife is already in the hospital." Genma said "She is crying and refuses to talk to anyone."
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Re: Defeating the dragon: Outlines and Scenes

Postby Ryu Gabriev » Wed Nov 20, 2013 11:29 am

Dark Start, but then you were trying for that, I'm assuming. It's decent overall, but I don't really think any doctor would use the chemically induced coma as his first treatment option, even if it's to stabilize a patient.
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