Pokegirl mystery dungeon R

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Pokegirl mystery dungeon R

Postby Blackcat101 » Sat Sep 07, 2013 8:54 am

Pokegirl mystery dungeon R Ranma/Pokemon Mystery Dungeon/ Poke girls

Ranma is sent to the world of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, only all female pokemon are pokegirls! He seems to be the only human around, and his cursed form is a pokegirl too!

Basically it mixes Pokemon Mystery Dungeon with the typical poke girl story and Ranma being the lucky/unlucky guy. Male pokemon look like in the videogames, female pokemon are poke girls. Ranma has to hide in his new female cursed form to avoid every poke girl going after him, as they find human males very attractive. But as a poke girl ranma has also to stop the male pokemon that try to hit on her.

Got any suggestions as what pokemon could Ranma pokegirl form me?

And yes Ranma cursed form ends joining a rescue team. And while I am using a few ideas of the Poke Girls universe, I wanted it mixed with mystery dungeon, so the females will just be anthro of know pokemon to avoid confusion.


In the world we know, lets call it World Alpha, there are Pokemon and there are humans. In another world there are Pokemon, but they aren't humans, let's call this one World Beta. Then, there is a third world, one that many would say was born of the fantasies of lecherous men. The world of Poke Girls, a world where humans tame female humanoid monsters that are very similar to Pokemon. This is the third world, World Gamma. And while there are many possible worlds, for a while, Cosmos, the embodiment of harmony, had only to worry about these three. Discordia, the embodiment of chaos, found the three worlds somewhat amusing, but eventually she decided that she was getting bored.

And then Discordia whispered to the Trickster in her dreams, and the Trickster liked what the mistress of chaos told him. Then the Trickster sent the Kitsune a letter. The Kitsune wasn't easy to be found, but the letter was persistent, and after centuries Kitsune finally have up and let the letter find her. She had been relaxing in the cave of a mountain in world Beta, in the form of a female Ninetails and just wasn't in the mood to keep the chase on.

Dear Kitsune,

While we have our differences, I am asking you for help in a little project. I think you will find this project fun, as it involves creating a new world, named Delta. This fourth world, will be a world that combines Worlds Beta and Ganma. A world where males are Pokemon, and females are poke girls, and with no humans following the rules of world Beta. To avoid confusion, the females will be basically humanized versions of the same species than the males. Now, you may be wondering what's the purpose of this world is? Is up to you. That world will be yours to play with, I know you hate responsibility and by the time you are reading this you have been probably been avoiding the letter for a long time. But since you are now reading the letter, there is no way you can avoid the job now.

With love, Trickster

PS: No, I didn't left any tricks to force you. I know you well, as you never had an entire world to play before, you will just do it because the temptation is so big.

Kitsune burned the letter in rage and cursed her master, why he had to know her so well?

Now she had a world to rule, she had never been very responsible, the most she had done was play being a crazy trickster King for some people in a dessert in world Alpha. that had been really fun, playing the role of a trickster mentor to a young hero. To have an entire world as her plaything... dammit, she really couldn't resist!

"Okay Trickster, you win for now, I accept the job offer." The disguised goddess said out loud. A large box appeared in front of her, she read the label of the box and blinked

"World making Starter kit?"


Is said the first world was made in mere six days, and then the Four Pillars of Reality rested for a day. Now those where the Four Pillars of Reality, Kitsune was powerful, but she wasn't even one of the archetypes, she wasn't Trickster himself, she was a Trickster, not THE Trickster. And besides she was lazy, so is no wonder she delayed her work as most as possible, one would say the best way to avoid more work is finishing your task as soon as possible, but once the Fourth world was ready she would have to rule it. So since she wasn't in a hurry to rule the world, she tried the best way to delay something without looking like you where being lazy, she tried to make HER new world as perfect as possible.

The idea for world Delta was simple, no humans, males being Pokemon, females being pokegirls. No, that wouldn't work, poke girls while similar weren't Pokemon. and they had been genetically designed to be both super-soldiers and sex slaves. Some modifications had to be made, Trickster idea of Poke girls as just humanized versions of Pokemon kind of worked, but there was some adjustments to be made. First. to distinguish her new race from Poke girls, not only they would be called Pokemon girls (or pkg for short) but to show more of a difference they would have the world girl at the end. So for example a Caterpie male would just be a "Caterpie", while a female would be a "Caterpie girl"

Watching World Beta more carefully, he noticed that there where wild Pokemon and civilized Pokemon, that could work. Her world would have most Pokemon and Pokemon girls being wild, and a minority being civilized and living in cities. There was the fact that pokegirls need to be tamed and went feral without it, did she want to do that to her pokemon girls? There weren't go be Pokemon Trainers or Tamers in her world after all. That left... them being sexually active, but to avoid overpopulation he would have to lower the birth rate a lot.

Since she hated World Gamma, due to some nasty and painful experiences in it, she decided that of the two genders, Pokemon Girls where going to be the dominant ones, while Kitsune was a shape changer, saw herself as female after all. And to spice things up, if any male human ended there he would have his own harem of pkg, but he would end serving the girls, not the other way around.

So since females where the dominant gender, that meant she would have to make all legendary or very powerful pokemon into pkg...
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Re: Pokegirl mystery dungeon R

Postby XofderXofder » Mon Sep 09, 2013 2:59 pm

It's certainly original. Don't think I've seen a mystery dungeon and Ranma cross before. The pokegirl concept and Ranma suddenly getting a harem however is not. You'll definitely want something interesting there to set it apart from the others. Also why would the pokegirls be attracted to Ranma's male form if they've never even seen a human before? It'd be kinda funny to see Ranma go there only to find that all the pokegirls are repulsed and disgusted by his 'ugly' male human form. I'm not sure if he'd be happy that no more girls were chasing after him or outraged that he was considered ugly. Probably both :mrgreen: .

Personally I think you should leave out the pokegirls because I think it's truer to mystery dungeon if Ranma just shows up turned into a pokemon in both forms. I just don't see the reason for them there. Also if you can have pokegirls why can't you have pokeguys? Would make more sense from the viewpoint of making the pokemon more humaniod while still having them as pokemon and all that entailed. You're writing the story though so it's your decision.

I've always liked the pokemon mystery dungeon games and I hope this Ranma cross turns out well.

(On a side-note and completely unrelated but when I saw the title I laughed, a lot .Sorry but I just couldn't help myself :D )
(Also I nominate Vulpix!)
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