[Digimon Tamers/Ranma] Do Digimon Dream of Digital Sheep?

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Re: [Digimon Tamers/Ranma] Do Digimon Dream of Digital Sheep

Postby Sailor Sedai (Ellf) » Tue Sep 17, 2013 9:30 pm

Salamon had a plan. It was probably a stupid plan, but it was a plan. She was a student of the Saotome School of Anything Goes for a reason. Uncle Genma trained her just as hard as he trained Ranma during the time she was with him.

“Terriermon, follow my lead.” Salamon hissed to her fellow child digimon. When she saw him nod, she smirked and ran up into SkullTyrannomon’s view. “Hey! Ugly!”

The skeletal digimon looked down at her, red eyes boring through her skull.

“Yeah that’s right, I’m talking to you. You big pile of bony boniness!” Salamon knew she had his attention... but Terriermon tapped her on the shoulder.

“What are you doing?” He hissed out. Obviously he didn’t get her plan. That was okay.

“I told you, follow my lead...” Salamon hissed out to Terriermon. “I don’t care what you are, you lame rip-off of SkullGreymon! We beat you before when you were an adult and we’ll beat you again! It doesn’t matter that we’re child level. “

SkullTyranomon just continued staring. Good. It seemed confused. Maybe a little angry.

“Oh and before you say I had help... remember I had help from a human, something you should never expect to get. But see, I don’t need my Tamer to beat you. Neither of us need our tamers. You’re just a big fat failure...”

SkullTyrannomon roared loudly. “Foolish little thing, how do you plan on beating me?”

Hook. “Oh, we’ve both been trained in human martial arts by our Tamers. See we can trust them and rely on them. What do you trust and rely on? Your loneliness?”

SkullTyrannomon snorted out a jet of flame. “Your so-called human abilities will not help you against me. I shall consume your data.... and then this town...”

Line. “Well, I bet I can take you with a single attack! My one attack that will beat you completely!”

“Oh yes, little one? Perhaps I should give you a free shot then if you’re so confident.” SkullTyrannomon’s voice dripped with patronization.

Sinker. “Remember, Terriermon, follow my lead...” Salamon hissed out to her fellow digimon before turning toward the SkullTyrannomon and building up energy in her skull quite visibly. “SAOTOME SCHOOL OF ANYTHING GOES MARTIAL ARTS FINAL ATTACK!”

SkullTyrannomon winced slightly... Maybe it shouldn’t have given the child a free hit?

“FAST BREAK!” Salamon and Terriermon dashed off away from the Perfect and away from the collapsed building.

SkullTyrannomon roared at the insult and chased after them.
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Re: [Digimon Tamers/Ranma] Do Digimon Dream of Digital Sheep

Postby DCG » Tue Sep 17, 2013 10:53 pm

Ahh yes, the final form of the anything goes. Salamon has learned well under ranma and genma.
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Re: [Digimon Tamers/Ranma] Do Digimon Dream of Digital Sheep

Postby Sailor Sedai (Ellf) » Fri Sep 20, 2013 4:51 pm

Rewrote the SkullTyrannomon description and added a scene before the Calumon one.


Jenrya and Terriermon had finished their fight around the same time as Ranma and Salamon and now the resultant data fields were coalescing into a single form. A dark aura came from the evolving digimon, its evil permeating down to Ranma’s bones. The digimon’s base form resembled that of the DarkTyrannomon it was evolving from in shape, but there was no skin, no muscle exposed. All that was there was a skeleton made up of a slightly charred bone. The top of the skull resembled Seadramon’s skull-cap, but its maw was all sharpened Tyrannomon teeth, slightly decayed. Its eyes, if one could call them that, were glowing red flames burning in the hollow eye sockets of the skull, and its chest cavity was open down the middle, revealing a dark beating sack of digital organs. Its digital core vaguely resembled a beating heart.
“SKULLTYRANNOMON!” The digimon roared out its name as it finished forming. It had to be at least a Perfect.

Ranma looked up at the new form and could only utter two words. “Oh... crap.”

The alarms inside the HYPNOS control room blared loudly. The operator chair spun around swiftly and the two operators typed quickly at their terminals.

Yamaki flicked open the zippo lighter at his side and closed it as he watched, giving his subordinates a little time to collect themselves as he looked at the screen. Error messages lit up all around where the two wild ones had emerged earlier. The wild ones had been dealt with, he’d thought for a second, but something wasn’t right here.

“Reika, tell me you and Megumi have something.” Yamaki ordered. He wasn’t nervous. Things were under control. Yamaki flicked open the lighter again.

“Near as we can tell, the two Wild Ones have combined into a single being. We can’t contact Li-kun’s cell, but the data we’re getting off of it is brand new.” Reika answered.

Yamaki felt like going outside and smoking a cigarette. “What data have you gotten on it?”

Megumi spoke up. “It’s an undiscovered digimon, not one that has been designed or seen in the card game. It is outputting the energy signature of a Virus-Type Perfect level digimon. The Virus-Type energy is almost pure virus though... almost a dark energy. We can’t tell much more as there seems to be a Faraday Cage-like effect forming in the digital field.”

Yamaki swore under his breath. “Keep an eye on things you two.” He adjusted his coat and put his lighter in his pocket.

“Where are you going, Mitsuo?” Reika moved her visor up and looked at him.

“I’m heading to Nerima, and I’m grabbing the prototype on my way.”

“It’s untested. It’ll be dangerous...” Reika sounded worried.

Yamaki Mitsuo put on a pair of sunglasses from his pocket. “It’s dangerous for those kids every time we send them out. I’ll call when I get there.”
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Re: [Digimon Tamers/Ranma] Do Digimon Dream of Digital Sheep

Postby Sailor Sedai (Ellf) » Sat Sep 21, 2013 10:12 pm


Jenrya hadn’t been in this situation before. While his life had been put on the line when facing digimon, it was rarely this close, and the lack of ability to evolve at all scared him. Without the ability to at least have Terriermon evolve to his Adult form, there was little that could be done other than what the two Child digimon were doing.

He couldn’t help but watch in shock when he saw Salamon’s bold idea. Insult the Perfect and then run away. That seemed like a great plan, but he saw the logic in it. Salamon was able to lead SkullTyrannomon away from the building that way. He just hoped that it would be possible to think of a plan to beat the dark digimon before he caught up. Ranma would have thought of something by now. Ruki would have too. Takato would have just done something crazy and had it work, but Jenrya always needed to plan meticulously.

He looked at the unconscious body at his feet. The girl was shorter than Ranma, but she was wearing the same clothes as him and had similar physical prowess. He supposed the girl could be Ranma’s sister with how she resembled the pig-tailed boy. They shared the same color hair and eyes. However, there were two issues with that supposition. Issue one was that she seemed to appear out of nowhere and Ranma was gone. Issue two was that as far as he knew, Ranma was an only child. Salamon had called the girl Ranma and reacted as if she was Ranma. Digimon knew their tamers. That meant the girl had to be Ranma. Why she was now a girl, he didn’t know. It might have something to do with his link to his digimon partner. Ranma, Juri, and Ai were the only tamers to have digimon which, as much as Renamon denied it, had opposite genders. Maybe if Leomon survived, Juri would have turned into a man and been able to biomerge with him. As for Ai, Impmon was already able to evolve into his Ultimate form, so it probably didn’t affect her.

Ranma was obviously injured. The front of her shirt was torn open and he could see some dried blood on the exposed skin. Her skin looked slightly burned but he could see it healing before his eyes. Ranma always had been impressive.

Ranma coughed and opened her eyes, looking around the collapsed building. When her eyes fell on Jenrya, she smiled.

“You’re okay...” Her eyes widened. “Wait, where’s Salamon and Terriermon?”

“They’re out there, trying to hold off that big digimon.”
“SkullTyrannomon.” Ranma idly said and then did a double-take. “Wait, how are they holding it off?

Jenrya shook his head. “Salamon did something she called the ‘Saotome Final Attack’ and then just ran from it.”

“When did she...?” Ranma shook her head. “Nevermind... as they are now, it’s not going to work, but I think I might know how we can get them to evolve. The dark energy might be preventing them from evolving so I’m going to get rid of it.”

Jenrya blinked. Well, it sounded like Ranma, even if the voice was more a soprano than a tenor. Still, he wanted to see what Ranma had planned. “How exactly are you going to do that?”

Ranma pulled a card out from her deck pouch and showed it to Jenrya. “With this.”

The card read, “Holy Ring Activation.”
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Re: [Digimon Tamers/Ranma] Do Digimon Dream of Digital Sheep

Postby Sailor Sedai (Ellf) » Sun Sep 22, 2013 7:05 pm

Salamon ran, knowing Terriermon would follow. She didn’t quite know the area, but she knew she had to get SkullTyrannomon away from the building Ranma was in. And Jenrya too, she supposed.

She turned around a corner, leading away from the canal. They could double back on the next corner, she was sure of it.

Terriermon, beside her, panted as he kept up. “This was your plan? Piss it off and run away?”

“It’s working isn’t it?” Salamon was grateful that the speed boost hadn’t worn off yet. It and the head start they got from the Perfect’s confusion was what was letting them outpace the nearly three-story-tall digimon.

“Yeah, but... how are we supposed to deal with it?” Terriermon had a point, and Salamon knew it.

“Working on that.” Actually, she was having faith that her Tamer had a plan, she just needed time to wake up.

“Great, just great, we’re dead...” Terriermon groaned.

“What was it that you say to everyone? Momentai!” Salamon glanced back over her shoulder. Yep. She could hear SkullTyrannomon stomping after them.

The pair ran a bit longer, curving around once more. “The canal! We can jump over the canal and onto some of the ice that Seadramon left... And then once it follows us, we head back off and it’ll collapse into the water.”

“Salamon!” Ranma’s voice echoed in the digimon’s ears.

“Ranma?” Salamon looked around... Oh! She must be using the D-Ark. Salamon had almost forgotten about that function of the digivice. She blinked and her eyes took on a silvery sheen, indicating an uplink between her and the digivice. “Ranma, you’re awake!”

Terriermon nodded. “Jian just let me know.”

“Right, Salamon, I know how we can improve you two’s odds against that thing. You need to get to the highest possible point nearby.” Ranma sounded like she knew what she was doing. Salamon loved it when that happened.

“Okay! Come on, Terriermon, we’re going up!” Salamon leaped onto a fence ledge and then an awning for a storefront. From there, she bounded up window ledges to get to the roof where she was shortly joined by the other child digimon. “We’re here, now what?”

Back just outside the collapsed building, Ranma smirked and prepared the card. “CARD SLASH!” She swiped it. “HOLY RING ACTIVATION!”

The golden ring around Salamon’s neck glowed brightly with a holy light which spread throughout the digital field. There was no nook nor cranny untouched by the ring’s light, and it even managed to reach the edge of the digital field. The darkness of the field shattered and the light faded.


Calumon watched the giant glowy black digital field from afar. It was too scary to get up close, and something told me that he didn’t want to be too near it lest he get sucked in. He was a bit worried about whoever might be inside the field. Were they okay? What kind of digimon made a digital field so dark? So evil?

Then like night into day, the field brightened to a brilliant white. Joy leapt in his heart! The darkness was gone, and he couldn’t help but glow. If the special child digimon had a mirror, he would notice the inverted triangle on his forehead shining a brilliant red.
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Re: [Digimon Tamers/Ranma] Do Digimon Dream of Digital Sheep

Postby Sailor Sedai (Ellf) » Tue Sep 24, 2013 5:26 pm

Fight Climax!


Salamon and Terriermon began to glow as the effects of cards swiped some time ago finally went through.

“Salamon shinka!” Salamon shifted from a quadrupedal canine form to a bipedal form that had a feline head. The holy ring around its neck moved down to its tail which snaked out, gaining purple and white alternating stripes with a tuft of purple fur at the end. Its ears pointed into feline ears which also gained tufts of purple fur. Gloves with clawed tips formed around what were its forward paws before and now were its hands. “Gatomon!”

“Terriermon shinka!” Terriermon grew to about double its size and its arms and legs lengthened. Jeans formed around its legs and its arms gained a Gatling gun-like casing around each of them. Red war paint decorated its larger form and it whipped a bandoleer around its bare chest. “Gargomon!”

Gatomon smirked. “Well, I think we might have a bit more of a chance now, eh Gargomon?”

“Yep, that ugly skeleton won’t know what hit him.” Gargomon nodded to the smaller adult digimon.

“Be careful, the both of you. Jenrya and I will get to a decent location so we can help with cards as needed.” Ranma said through her link with Gatomon.

“Momentai!” Gargomon said. “We’ll be able to handle it, you stay safe.”

“GROUND ZERO BUSTER!” Gargomon and Gatomon jumped away in the nick of time, dodging the explosion caused by SkullTyrannomon’s attack. It still stood taller than them, at about five times Gargomon’s height. Gatomon refused to let herself be afraid though. She was an adult, not a child, and this thing would feel the wrath of her claws.

“Neko Punch!” Gatomon dashed at the Perfect and once she was close, she clawed at the bone there. She could feel some of it flake off with her scratches, but not nearly enough.

“Gatling Arm!” A hail of bullets came from the vulcan cannons on Gargomon’s arms, leaving a trail of impacts on SkullTyrannomon’s skeleton. When the dust cleared, it was clear that some damage had been done, but not enough to be catastrophic.

Gatomon landed down next to Gargomon. “Well, we’re able to scratch him. Death by paper cuts?”

Gargomon shook his head. “That’s gonna take a lot of paper cuts.”

The two separated again to dodge an incoming Ground Zero Buster. One benefit seemed to be that the explosion had a short range. Only thirty feet or so, and they could clear that easily. Gatomon landed on a ledge, while Gargomon had landed on a wide fence.

Gatomon knew she had to go at it again. She leaped at SkullTyrannomon and kicked at its skull. “Neko Kick!” She followed it up by digging her claws in. “Neko Punch! Revised! Saotome Style Combination!”

The feline digimon erupted in a series of kicks and clawed punches all to the side of SkullTyrannomon’s skull... and she was rewarded with a swat from the larger digimon’s arm which sent her flying back twenty feet.

Of course, after she went flying, Gargomon followed up her combination with an attack of his own. “DUM DUM UPPER!” The rabbitlike digimon drove a bullet-powered uppercut into SkullTyrannomon’s chin, knocking it backward a bit.

“Cursed Destroyer!” SkullTyrannomon’s right arm’s forearm opened up and ejected a marrow missile encased in dark energy at Gargomon.

“Card Slash! WarGreymon Brave Shield!” Jenrya’s voice echoed out nearby and the shield formed in front of Gargomon, blocking the attack. He and Ranma had arrived on the roof of a nearby building.

“Thanks Jian!” Gargomon called out as he lowered the shield, holding it with his left hand. Gatomon managed to climb to her feet nearby.

Up on the roof, Ranma assessed the situation. Two Adult digimon versus one Perfect was still highly unfavorable odds, especially one with unknown capabilities. Still, it was fairly obvious that SkullTyrannomon was linked with dark or unholy energy, and that would be the key to its defeat.

If this doesn’t work, I have one last absurdly stupid thing I can try. Ranma thought as she looked down at Gatomon and tried not to think about how catlike her partner was. Gatomon was a digimon, not a cat. “Jenrya, here!”

Ranma tossed a card to her fellow Tamer who caught it by instinct. He looked at it and raised an eyebrow. “This is your plan?”

“Well, that and we work together with them.” Ranma replied.

Ranma pulled out her own card and readied it at the same time as Jenrya. Their voices echoed in unison. “CARD SLASH!”

Ranma continued, “Angewomon: Holy Arrow!”

Jenrya finished, “MagnaAngemon: Sword of Promised Victory!”

The data now read, Gatomon looked up from her distraction of the Perfect and smirked. Gargomon now held a glowing purple broadsword in his right hand and a shield in his left.

Gatomon couldn’t help but snark. “I thought Guilmon was the one supposed to turn into a knight.”

Gargomon replied, “I don’t know, I feel all heroic all of the sudden.”

Ranma shook her head at their banter. “Right, let’s finish them off....” The martial artist’s actions mirrored perfectly her digimon partner’s as she gripped her digivice.

Jenrya nodded. “We’ll start it off...” He gripped his own, and as he raised it, Gargomon raised the sword perfectly in sync. “EX...”

Gargomon’s voice echoed in unison with his tamer’s. “CALIBUR!”

Ranma did much the same with her partner, only she drew her digivice back as if she were drawing a bow, and a bow and arrow made of holy light formed in Gatomon’s hands. “HOLY....”

Gatomon finished together with her tamer, “ARROW!”

A beam of golden light came from Gatomon’s bow, and a wave of purple and gold energy came from the sword in Gargomon’s hand. The two attacks intermingled and struck SkullTyrannomon right in its digital core and then the energy blew through the back of the massive digimon. The Perfect fell to one knee and flickered... and then it exploded into data which dissipated before Gatomon and Gargomon could even think about downloading it.

The digital field began to fade away and the sky was visible again.
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Re: [Digimon Tamers/Ranma] Do Digimon Dream of Digital Sheep

Postby Sailor Sedai (Ellf) » Sat Sep 28, 2013 6:58 pm

Ranma smiled. They’d won. As the adrenaline left her, she was as a puppet with strings cut, but Jenrya swiftly moved to support her. That fight had taken a lot out of her, and she’d poured a lot of energy into that last attack, feeding it to Gatomon.

Speaking of the Adult digimon, she could feel her partner approaching with Gargomon. She turned to look at her and a familiar fear started to well up within. No. She would not be afraid of her digimon partner. No matter how much she looked like one of those... c... She couldn’t even finish that thought in her mind.

Ranma coughed and then spat the mixture of bile and blood out of her mouth.

“Ranma, we need to get you to the hospital.” Jenrya accepted what happened without question, though she knew he had to have some.

“No hospital, but there’s a doctor nearby who can help.” Ranma smiled at Jenrya and then frowned as she looked down at her shirt. “Why is it they always destroy my shirt?”

Gatomon ran up to Ranma. “Ranma, you’re hurt... I’m sorry...”

Ranma shook her head. “Don’t worry about it, Gatomon... I’ve been worse off.”

Jenrya looked around the roof and found the fire escape. “Well, let’s get you to that doctor of yours then.”

With a little help from both digimon, Jenrya managed to get Ranma off the top of the building, and then Gargomon picked her up. It was a good thing too, as Ranma could barely stand on her own. The fight with the DarkTyrannomon and then SkullTyrannomon had to have caused some internal injuries, and she was just drained overall. She had done her best to take the energy strain off of Gatomon from using an attack from her Perfect form by pouring her own ki through the D-Ark. At least she’d stopped bleeding.

“Dr. Tofu’s office is just down this way.” Ranma pointed and Gargomon walked. Gatomon walked a little ahead of Gargomon, probably so she could keep an eye on her.

“So... Ranma, why are you now a girl?” Well, she knew someone was going to ask that question.

“Gargomon!” Jenrya sounded scandalized, but she bet that he wanted to ask too. It wasn’t that often that you got to see one of your old friends turn into a cute girl. Well, it wasn’t that often if you didn’t live in Nerima.

“Ranma has a Jusen-something curse... She changes with water. Cold makes Ranma a girl, hot a boy.” Gatomon spoke up.

“Jusenkyo, and you can blame Pop for that. It was his idea to train at the training ground, and he knocked me into the cursed spring.” Ranma couldn’t muster up the normal disgust she had for it. While she was a guy, she honestly didn’t exactly care about the form she was in. Well, not much anyway. She liked being a guy more as that was what she was used to, and people treated her different as a girl. Still, if they were going to treat her different, she might as well exploit that. She was certain if she were a guy right now, she’d be walking while leaning on Gargomon rather than being carried.

Gatomon patted her on the shoulder and it took nearly all of Ranma’s willpower to not flinch in fear. Stupid Neko-ken. This was never a problem before they left Shinjuku.


They arrived at the Ono clinic after a little more walking. Their battle hadn’t been far from there. Walking in the clinic, Gatomon couldn’t help but notice all the people staring at her and Gargomon. Ranma was injured, and these old humans were staring.

“What’s the matter? Never seen a digimon before?” Gatomon shook her head and turned back toward Ranma. Something was bothering her tamer, and it wasn’t just her injuries. She couldn’t help but notice that Ranma was avoiding looking at her even when she talked to her. She’d have to find out why. She almost sensed a flicker of fear when Ranma looked at her.

Gatomon was so focused on her thoughts that she almost didn’t notice the weight on her shoulder. She looked to see what was there... A skeletal hand! She jumped and landed between Ranma and the thing! She would not let Ranma get hurt further! She would take out the skeleton before it could hurt her tamer more!

“Easy now, that was just a little prank, there’s no need to take it out on Betty.” Gatomon blinked and looked just behind the human skeleton, and there was a human man dressed in black scrubs. He had brown hair in a thin ponytail and wore a pair of thin wireframe glasses. She wasn’t so sure she trusted him. “So, you two are digimon, huh? I suppose the two with you are the humans you work with.”

Why was he smiling? Didn’t he know just how close Gatomon was to using him as a scratching post?

“Are you Doctor Tofu?” Jenrya asked and the man nodded. “We have someone here who’s injured.”

And then he stepped aside, revealing Ranma in Gargomon’s arms. She was still conscious and waved weakly at the doctor. Gatomon wasn’t so sure she trusted this human, but she did trust Ranma.

“Ranma! Okay, bring him into my examination room.” Well, it seemed like the man did know Ranma after all. Gargomon brought the girl into the room, and Gatomon began to follow. “I can only have one other person in there with him.”

“Ranma’s my partner, Doctor, and I’m not leaving her.” Gatomon stepped in with Gargomon.

“Momentai, Gatomon, I’ll wait outside with Jian once I put her down.” Gargomon placed Ranma down on the examination table with care, sliding his Vulcan cannons out from under the pig-tailed girl. He then walked out of the examination room and the Doctor shut the door before turning toward his patient.
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Re: [Digimon Tamers/Ranma] Do Digimon Dream of Digital Sheep

Postby Sailor Sedai (Ellf) » Tue Oct 01, 2013 10:27 pm

Oh boy, he was glad that was over. Big digital fields out of nowhere were scaaary things. The last time he ran into one of those... actually, he didn’t remember much about it. It probably wasn’t all that important, but digital fields were definitely bad, and that one was very bad with its black stuff. At least it was gone now. Now he could continue to explore and try to have fun!

Sure he didn’t know where he was, but that was part of it. Calumon floated from roof to roof, looking around. Oh hey! That place had a tall wall!

He was going to climb it. Well, float up it. It wasn’t like it was hard to scale things when you could fly. Maybe they had food there. His poor tummy was rumbling. He hadn’t eaten in like fifteen minutes. Puff balls on a stick. He loved those.

Calumon perched on top of the wall. There was a funny looking human on the other side holding what looked like a long stick. He was wearing some sort of blue and black robe thing with baggy pants. Wait, he remembered what that was called! He saw it in a movie with Juri! It was a hakama! Samurai wore those! Calumon was seeing a real live samurai!

Oh, how cool would it be to be a samurai? Calumon couldn’t help but picture it. He’d be walking down the road dressed up in a perfectly tailored hakama.

He’d have his own sword dragging out behind him. He’d see people having a problem and he’d go, “Hey you, I am the great samurai Calumon-sama! Don’t bother that person! Unless you want to face my blade!”

He’d draw the sword and get into a nice fighting position like this. “Back you fiend, I, the great Calumon-sama will defeat you! HIII YAAAA!”

With a swing of his blade, he’d slay the evildoers and be the best samurai in the world. HIYA! HOO WAA! KII YAA!

“HII-oop!” Calumon slipped from his perch and tumbled down the side of the wall to bump into the samurai person. “Ack! Sorry!”

The human peered down at him. “Hum. A strange creature.”

“Hi! I’m Calumon! Are you a Samurai?” Calumon retracted his ears and looked up at the human.

“Ha! A Digimon! Surely something as adorable as you is not a minion of the foul sorcerer! I am Tatewaki Kunou, the Blue Thunder of Furinkan High!” Thunder seemed to crash in the background at that proclamation. “ And yes, I am a noble samurai!”

“Oh... so cool! I never got to meet a Samurai before, what are you doing here?”

“I am training so that I may finally beat the foul sorcerer and break the spell that ensnares my loves!”

“Your... loves?” Calumon cocked his head.

“Yes! My fierce tigress Akane Tendou and the pig-tailed girl! Join me, Calumon, and we can beat the foul sorcerer together!”

Okay... Calumon wasn’t entirely certain about this samurai. Maybe he wasn’t as nice as awesome as he seemed. “Umm.... I’m not exactly a fighting kind of digimon! Maybe you would have better luck with another digimon!”

Calumon took to the air. “I’ll maybe come by and see you later! Good luck!”

“So you reveal yourself as a minion of the sorcerer after all!” Tatewaki turned toward Calumon and raised his stick high.

“I’m out of here!” Calumon flew over the wall. That person was scary!
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Re: [Digimon Tamers/Ranma] Do Digimon Dream of Digital Sheep

Postby Sailor Sedai (Ellf) » Thu Oct 03, 2013 8:14 pm

Damn that traffic. He knew as he was driving that he’d be too late one way or the other, but on the off-chance that he could be of some help, he drove to Nerima. Yamaki wasn’t even halfway there when he got the call from Onodera.

The kids had managed to pull a victory out of nowhere, without his help. However, one of them got hurt in the process. Li was fine and so was his digimon, but it was Saotome that had gotten hurt. Saotome was a name he hadn’t heard in six years. Saotome Genma had done janitorial work at the HYPNOS building, never actually seeing the detailed work that went on inside until the D-Reaper attacked. He was the father of Saotome Ranma.

The younger Saotome had been an eager child, and like the rest of the Tamers, Ranma took to having a digimon well. However, after the defeat of the D-Reaper and the return of the digimon to the digital world, Genma had resigned at HYPNOS and he and his son had disappeared. Yamaki hadn’t kept on the lookout for the pair as Ranma’s digimon partner did not return from the digital world with the others, almost as if she knew that Ranma wouldn’t be there.

Now it seemed that Ranma lived in Nerima and had gotten hurt in a fight with a digimon. He owed it to the Saotome boy to at least see how bad the injuries were. It was his job to keep digimon contained and away from the general public if possible, after all.

He parked his car down the street from the Ono clinic and locked it once he got out. The prototype was in the trunk, and while it had a special lock on it, he didn’t want anyone attempting to access it when it happened. He pocketed his lighter, making sure it rested neatly in the pocket before going inside.

He was spotted as soon as he entered the clinic by that overgrown rabbit of a digimon, Gargomon. Odds are it’d turn back into its Child form soon enough, but Li had it running around as an Adult, likely a result of the previous fight.

“Oh hey, Jian, it’s Yamaki-san.” Gargomon obviously was talking to Li who was sitting next to him. The boy was wearing an orange vest and jeans today. How original.

The boy stood up and walked over to him. “Yamaki-san, what are you doing here?”

“I’d heard that you were having a bit of trouble with the wild ones you were apprehending, and judging from where we are, you might be lucky it wasn’t worse.” Yamaki wouldn’t let him know that he was worried. He never liked sending kids out to do this job, but they were good at it.

“Yeah, we did get lucky. I don’t know what we’d have done if Ranma hadn’t been there. I couldn’t biomerge with Terriermon and Matrix Evolution didn’t work. For a while there, even regular evolution didn’t work.” Li looked at his digimon.

“Ootori said something about an energy based Faraday Cage, that would have blocked any electro-magnetic signal from getting through, including that of evolution if it needed to come through from outside.” In an official situation, he’d be professional.

“That makes sense, after that dark aura thing was cleared away by Salamon, she and I evolved to Adults.” Gargomon was grinning.

“So if Saotome and his partner hadn’t been there, it would have been worse.” Yamaki stated.

“Momentai! We all dealt with everything okay and...” Looks like Gargomon ran out of energy to maintain that form. Good. The child form was easier to deal with. Smaller. “And Ranma’s fine now, she’s with the doctor. He’ll take care of her.”

“I’ll have to have a talk with Saotome myself. In the meantime, we can wait. Good work, you two.” Give credit where credit is due. The two had managed to defeat something that normally wouldn’t have been out of their league, but at this point it was due to unforeseen circumstances.

Wait a minute... her?
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Re: [Digimon Tamers/Ranma] Do Digimon Dream of Digital Sheep

Postby Sailor Sedai (Ellf) » Fri Oct 04, 2013 8:47 pm

Inside the examination room, Ranma was laying on the table as Doctor Tofu took a good look at her. Gatomon wasn’t quite sure how much she trusted this doctor as he wanted to keep her out of here. Ranma was her partner. She needed to make sure that he was safe.

“Please stay over there, miss... Gatomon...” The doctor had said as he started work on Ranma. He had opened her shirt and began cleaning the front of her body. “Hmm... lacerations, but these look like they’re from actual claws as opposed to Mousse getting a lucky hit in on you, Ranma-kun.”

“They’re from a digimon that we ended up fighting... DarkTyrannomon. It had these big claws... It didn’t hit me too hard.” Ranma said.

“The lacerations are shallow, what I’m more worried about is your back and low ki right now.” Gatomon didn’t know what the doctor meant there, but he pressed his fingers onto Ranma’s back in several areas... and Ranma closed her eyes falling asleep.

Gatomon spread her claws. The doctor obviously did something that hurt Ranma. Nobody got to hurt her if she could help it! “You hurt Ranma!”

“No, I just put him to sleep so I could finish getting him in order so he could walk... without seeing you and becoming frightened.” The doctor sounded sincere... but he had hurt Ranma, hadn’t he?

“Why would Ranma be scared seeing me? He was fine earlier...” Gatomon questioned.

“Ranma has a severe fear of cats resulting from some childhood trauma.” Doctor Tofu looked over Gatomon, studying her. “And you greatly resemble that which he fears.”

“But he never had any trouble with me before, and she seemed fine on the way here...” Gatomon couldn’t believe it. She wasn’t exactly a cat, but Ranma couldn’t be scared of her.

The doctor began doing something with Ranma before turning her over and bandaging up the cuts on her chest. He tapped a few more points on Ranma’s neck and nodded. “It may have been adrenaline or focus on the fight... the only way to know would be to ask Ranma when he comes around in a few minutes.”

Gatomon stood by the examination table and when she heard Ranma shift, she smiled. “Ranma! You’re awake!”

Ranma groaned. “Did you have to knock me out, Doc? I’d have been fine if you’d done the work with me awake.”

“I didn’t want to chance you lapsing into the Neko-Ken in the middle of an examination due to your digimon friend here.” Doctor Tofu explained.

“Neko-ken? What’s that?” It sounded like a digimon attack... sorta. She had something that was “Neko Punch” which could have been something just like this.

“Gatomon isn’t one of those things, Doc. She’s a digimon, no matter what she looks like. And she’s my partner. I’m not scared of my partner unless I picture her as something else... And the Neko-Ken is a stupid martial arts technique my old man taught me, Gatomon. It don’t even work right.” Ranma looked right at her, and while she was sure he was holding back some fear, it wasn’t quite of her, she didn’t think.

Doctor Tofu shook his head. “Your father, Ranma, is sometimes...”

“Pop can get a little single-minded in his training ideas. The Neko-Ken was no exception. I just wish he had read through the entire manual before deciding to start me on the training... maybe I wouldn’t...” Ranma shuddered.

“Wait, what does the Neko-Ken have to do with being scared of cats?” Gatomon wasn’t sure she followed.

“To train someone in the Neko-Ken, you have to dig a pit. And you fill it with... cats, and you don’t feed them for a few days.” Ranma began, and Gatomon could already tell she wouldn’t like where this is going. Those poor kitties. “The trainee is then tied up and wrapped up in fish sausage. He or she is then thrown into the pit. This is repeated until the trainee learns the technique.”

Wait... what? “Uncle... Genma did this to you? When?” Gatomon was going to have to have a talk with Uncle Genma. That was something that shouldn’t have happened at all.

“Yeah, Pop did. To be fair to the old man, he was following a training manual and really thought it would make me a better martial artist. Unfortunately he didn’t read the entire thing and find out that ‘only an idiot would teach this technique.’ And it happened about three months after we left Shinjuku. I was missing you pretty bad around then...” Ranma smiled at Gatomon.

Okay, Uncle Genma deserved something. He made Ranma scared of cats. Nearly scared of her, but Ranma loved her father, and Gatomon knew it. So Gatomon would just have to let him know her displeasure without doing anything permanent. “Okay... At least you aren’t scared of me...”

“Well, not entirely. You’re a digimon, which is different enough though my backup plan for dealing with SkullTyrannomon was to use the Neko-Ken if you and Gargomon weren’t enough to defeat it.” Ranma scratched the base of her pigtail nervously. “You’re still my partner though.”

Doctor Tofu turned to Ranma at this point. “Well Ranma, you should be able to walk now, though you will need support. I suggest you lean on your friend who came in with you... I also have a spare shirt here. You need to go get some good food to replace some of the energy you have lost.”

Ranma nodded. “Okay... you’ll add this to our account?”

Doctor Tofu nodded. “You’re good to go.”
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Re: [Digimon Tamers/Ranma] Do Digimon Dream of Digital Sheep

Postby Sailor Sedai (Ellf) » Sat Oct 05, 2013 3:23 pm

Yamaki hadn’t been in the clinic that long, maybe six minutes or so, before the door to the examination room slid open. First out of the room was Gatomon, and if he recalled correctly, that was Saotome’s partner. It would make sense if Saotome was injured for his partner to come in with him to make sure that the doctor was treating him okay.

Behind the Gatomon, supported by the man Yamaki could only assume was the doctor was a young woman dressed in dark pants and a red shirt that looked to be made of silk. Her hair was the same color as he remembered Saotome’s to be, but it was fairly obvious that the girl was female. To be fair, Saotome was ten when he last saw the child. It was entirely possible that Saotome Ranma was actually a girl. He wouldn’t put it past Genma to try to pass off a female child as a son.

The girl seemed to recognize him when she looked out in the examination room, and Li’s movement indicated that at the least, this girl was probably Saotome. Li went up to help support her and the digimon came over to him.

“Yamaki-san, what are you doing here?” Gatomon seemed to be a bit more mature than Terriermon or his evolution. Of course, that could just be personal bias.

“I’m here because of the digimon attack earlier. You and your tamer did a good job of handling it, but I was on my way here to be backup.” Yamaki considered standing, but that would put his eye level above that of Gatomon’s and put hers at a very vulnerable area. He remained sitting. “I’d heard that Saotome was injured.”

“Yeah, Ranma got hurt trying to protect Jenrya from SkullTyrannomon. When we weren’t able to evolve, it decided to try and get rid of us ahead of time. Ranma was able to keep us from being hurt by its attacks.” If Gatomon was telling the truth, Yamaki would have to look at Saotome in a new light. Of course, digimon rarely lied... at least the ones with human partners anyway.

“Speaking of Saotome, where is he?” Yamaki needed to speak to him.

“Ranma’s right over there, being transferred to Jenrya’s shoulders... She can’t walk that well on her own just yet. The doctor says she’ll be fine after she gets some food in her though.” Gatomon shook her head like she didn’t believe what she was saying.

Of course, a glance at the girl now being helped by Li gave him pause. That was Saotome? “I thought that Saotome Ranma was a young man.”

“I am a guy, Yamaki-san. This is just a cursed form given by Jusenkyo. Cold water makes me into a girl, hot water into a guy. Though, it makes me into a pretty hot girl, doesn’t it?” The girl’s voice, despite her injury exuded confidence.

Yamaki glanced over the girl. He supposed she could be considered cute under the right circumstances, but she was obviously underage despite her generous assets. “Saotome, if that is who you really are, you are sixteen. You are too young for me to even dignify that question with a response. However, you managed to help out my agent today, thank you.”

Saotome looked to the person she was leaning on, and while Li’s cheeks were turning red, she didn’t comment on that. Saotome only raised an eyebrow and asked, “Agent? When did you start working for Yamaki-san, Jenrya?”

“When we turned about thirteen, Yamaki-san was able to give us an internship at HYPNOS that mostly involved payment for dealing with digimon who were a threat to public safety. Some of us also got to go see how the interior of the system works. It’s really cool.” Despite the admittedly reasonably attractive girl on his shoulder, Li managed to answer well enough. His father would be proud of him.

“Ah.... I’ll take your word for that. So, did you just stick around to say that, Yamaki-san?” Saotome asked.

Yamaki shook his head. “No. You were injured in a digimon fight which you involved yourself in without authorization. However, you are a free agent being a digimon tamer who just managed to get your partner back. HYPNOS will be paying for your doctor’s fees, and I will need to get further authorization for anything more. Where are you living currently?”

“The Tendou dojo here in Nerima... it’s only a few blocks away.” Saotome answered.

“Thank you. Once the authorization comes through, I will likely meet you there with some paperwork. It shouldn’t take longer than a week or two.” Yamaki offered Saotome one of his rare smiles. He would probably have to talk with Saotome’s father, but the girl would be getting a job offer.

Saotome nodded and smiled. “See you then, Yamaki-san.”

Yamaki was unsure about this curse business. However, one did not get to be commanding officer of a department that dealt with digital monsters by being a skeptic. Until he saw something proving or disproving Saotome’s assertion, he would give the girl the benefit of the doubt. After he dismissed the group, he would go talk with the doctor to arrange payment. It was the least he could do.
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Re: [Digimon Tamers/Ranma] Do Digimon Dream of Digital Sheep

Postby DCG » Sat Oct 19, 2013 1:23 am

Woo there's a lot more here now and it's looking good. Ranma dealing with the nekoken should be interesting. And i think ranma's lines of "im a guy" are going to get a lot more looks of disbelife as the progress of the digivols keeps going.
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Re: [Digimon Tamers/Ranma] Do Digimon Dream of Digital Sheep

Postby Sailor Sedai (Ellf) » Sat Nov 09, 2013 3:42 am

Akane worked diligently in the kitchen. She took out the various pots, pans, bowls, and utensils she knew she needed for this dish. Akane knew she wasn’t that great a cook. Still, she aspired to get better and the only way to do so was to cook. Lucky for her, she had a bunch of people here ready to try her cooking. Ranma, Salamon, Ranma’s friend Jenrya, and Terriermon were out in the living room talking. Considering they hadn’t seen each other in quite a few years, Akane knew they had a lot to say. She wouldn’t interrupt them until the food was ready.

Now what to make? Well, they had some meat in the refrigerator, some flour, some sugar, some of that stuff there, some of this stuff here... Ah-hah! She’d make some cookies topped with bacon and chili powder. That looked like it would taste delicious. Ranma would have to appreciate her cooking now. She opened up a cookbook to make sure she had the ingredients necessary. Eggs, flour, sugar, oil, cayenne pepper, cumin, water, thyme... yes, it seemed like everything was here. Oh, the cookbook may have a couple pages stuck together. No matter, she should just put it all in a bowl together and mix it into a batter.

Akane poured the ingredients into a mixing bowl and got out the industrial strength hand mixer to start mixing. At first the items didn’t want to mix, but a little elbow grease here and there, and they’d be all thrown together quite well. She preheated the oven to the appropriate temperature. After all, cookies needed to be baked. She continued her mixing, and mixed some more. Another ingredient or three was added in. After all, she wanted this to taste delicious. It would be the best thing Ranma ever had from her.

Akane didn’t exactly notice the white fog forming around her until it was too late. The wall of the kitchen blew outward loudly, and the mixing bowl Akane had been holding dropped onto the floor, its metal ringing in the now empty kitchen.


Ranma and Jenrya had been talking for an hour or two, their digimon piping up to add to the various stories as appropriate. Ranma couldn’t believe that much had happened to Jenrya and the others while he’d been gone.

A foreboding feeling began to settle in Ranma’s stomach during the latter half of the hour, almost as if something was triggering his danger sense, but he couldn’t put his finger on it. A glance at Salamon showed that the fur on the back of her neck was sticking up, and he could see Terriermon turning. They must have felt it too. Then, the sound of an explosion from the kitchen rocked the living room.

“A digimon...” Salamon growled out. Ranma leapt to his feet, joined shortly by Jenrya. The pair headed to the kitchen to find it a chaotic mess. Ingredients were scattered everywhere, batter lined the walls, flour was scattered on the floor, several eggs with their shells were scattered into the batter that ended up on the floor, and a metal bowl lay upside down next to the counter. All of these were signs that Akane was cooking, and whatever it was, Ranma knew that it wasn’t good. Oh, and the wall was blown out too. That was likely a big clue.

“It’s like a bomb went off here.” Jenrya commented as he touched some of the splattered batter on the wall.

Ranma took a little off the wall and tasted it. He spat it out onto the ground immediately. “Definitely Akane’s cooking. Don’t try it, Jenrya, you’ll end up in the hospital for days.”

“I think I can handle a little bad cooking...” Jenrya commented.

“Yeah, but would you want to?” Ranma moved toward the blown out wall. Interesting. It looked like the wall was actually destroyed from the inside, judging from the debris. This wasn’t a Bakusai Tenketsu style explosion, nor was it Shampoo’s favored method of entry. Something had been trying to get out. There was also no sign of Akane. If the explosion had hurt her or killed her, there’d be some sign of blood there in the kitchen. Ranma was safely certain he could rule out death. All that left was... “I can’t believe it. I guess I always knew this day would come, but I still can’t believe it.”

Jenrya looked over to Ranma in obvious confusion. Ranma really couldn’t blame him. “What can’t you believe?”

Ranma shook his head. “Akane didn’t walk out of here on her own; she was kidnapped.... by her cooking.”
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Re: [Digimon Tamers/Ranma] Do Digimon Dream of Digital Sheep

Postby Sailor Sedai (Ellf) » Fri Jul 11, 2014 12:59 am

Akane being kidnapped, sadly, was nothing new to Ranma. In the short time he’d lived with the Tendous, kidnappings had happened on a semi-regular basis. First it had been Mousse in an attempt to win over Shampoo by doing... something. Didn’t matter, he kicked the blind duck’s ass. Another time, Akane was kidnapped by Pantyhose Taro, in an attempt to get the Jusenkyo guest book. Taro’s cursed form kinda resembled a digimon; Ranma had wished that Salamon was there to support him during that fight, but Taro was handled handily.

This would be the third kidnapping of Akane this year. Of course, the circumstances surrounding it were obvious. The hairs on Salamon’s head were up, and Terriermon practically mirrored her. A digimon clearly kidnapped Akane. To what end? Ranma wasn’t sure, but when digimon took humans, it rarely was to take them out for tea.


A veggiemon turned to Akane. “More tea, Master Chef?”

“Yes, please.”


Ranma turned his attention to Jenrya. “Well, more seriously, a digimon probably has her. And while that tomboy can take care of herself most of the time, she hasn’t got a digimon partner.”

Salamon nodded. “We should go find her then!” The dog-like digimon sniffed at the air, and Terriermon joined her. A few seconds later, both were covering their noses.

“Pew! What’s that stench? Why’s it smell so bad in here?”

“Terriermon...” Jenrya scolded.

At the same time, Ranma answered, “Akane’s cooking. If you two can’t get a scent, we’re going to have to do this the old fashioned way. Salamon?”

“Right.” The digimon jumped to his shoulder.

“Jenrya, you and Terriermon go on foot, keep an eye out for anything that might be a digimon.” Jenrya nodded. Good. They really didn’t have time to argue, and he wasn’t much into herding c... things that don’t like to be herded. “Salamon and I will take the roofs. The D-Arks should probably let us find them. If you find the digimon... give me some sort of signal. If I find it, I’ll signal you.”

“What sort of signal?” Jenrya asked.

“I’m sure you’ll think of something. You’re smart.” At that, Ranma dashed out, not even bothering to look back. As he passed Kasumi on the way out, he said, “Gotta run, Kasumi, will try and have Akane back in time for dinner.”

He could feel Salamon waving in her own fashion as he took to the roofs. Normally, the rooftops were simply a quicker way to travel. You could get pretty much anywhere in Nerima by rooftop, without having to stop. They also remained a wonderful vantage point for viewing what was going on below. If Akane was anywhere in Nerima, he was certain to find her this way.

As much as Ranma disliked being forced into the situation with Akane, and having that choice taken away from him was something he vehemently opposed, Akane was Ranma’s friend. Nobody messed with Ranma’s friends and got away with it. It didn’t matter if they were a ghost, a ghoul, or a digimon. Ranma would face them all to keep his friends safe.

Ranma continued his musings as he looked throughout Nerima, but it was Salamon’s ears that heard what there was to hear first. “Ranma, listen!”


Ranma looked for the source of the voice, and sure enough, there was a purple-haired girl wielding massive maces, chasing after a yellow digimon holding a pot. What the hell did a Veggiemon need a pot for? And why did it steal it from the Nekohanten?


His name was Calumon, and he liked to say, that now again it was time to play. Floating around this part of town, helped him decide not to frown. People here were extra nice, and they gave him food with sugar and spice. If Juri came here today, he would certainly get to play! YAY!

Calumon floated from rooftop to rooftop... What to play today? Would he go be a soccer player? Have people cheering his name? Or perhaps, he would be a super robot pilot, ready to save the galaxy. Or maybe he would track down Guilmon and they’d go play hide and seek. Or maybe he would be a super powerful fighter that would stand like this and yell loudly for thirty and forty minutes at a time and then talk a little and yell more and then shoot giant energy blasts! Actually, that game sounded like it would be tiring. Too tiring. With all that yelling and screaming, one had to wonder how those heroes managed to get anything done.

“WHAT A HAUL, WHAT A HAUL!” Oh look! There was someone coming! Maybe he could play with the someone. Oh! He was dressed like a ninja! Or maybe like Santa Claus. He had that big pack on his back. Santa-ninja-Claus maybe? Was it Christmas already? Oh, he loved Christmas. All the food, and toys and people and food! Christmas was awesome.

He floated down to meet up with Santa-Ninja-Claus. “Hiiii! I’m Calumon! And I’ve been a really good digimon this year, Santa!”

Santa blinked at him. “Oh, well, you’re new... You say you’ve been a good digimon?”

“Uh-huh! The best! I make so many other people happy and I really save people!” Calumon boasted. After all, Santa needed to know how good he was so he could get an awesome present.

“Ah... Well, I guess I owe you a present then, don’t I?” Santa looked over his shoulder, but Calumon couldn’t see what he was looking at. Maybe it was the giant bag! Was he going to get the whole bag? “Let’s get it out for you...”

Santa reached into his sack and pulled out a round ball of clothing. “Here you go, young one... now remember, be good!”

“I will!” Calumon would too. Now he just needed to unwrap the present as Santa bounded off behind him.

“AHAHHAHAHA SWEETO!” Funny, he thought Santa was supposed to say “Ho ho ho...” Anyway! Present! He unwrapped and unwrapped the ball of clothes... they looked like the stuff that Ruki and Juri wore under their shirts and skirts. He continued to unwrap and pretty soon he was covered in the pile of clothes... and there wasn’t anything else. Santa had given him a pile of clothes!

“Look girls! The pervert left some stuff behind!” Oh wow! That was a bunch of girls! And they were all looking at him. He pulled his ears in and looked up at them from within.

“Oh and look, he left a digimon stuffed animal with it...”

“Aww, it’s so cute...” The girls approached and took some of his present’s wrapping paper.

“Hey that’s mine! Santa gave it to me!” Calumon had to stop the thieves, so he stretched out his ears. He’d be as big and intimidating as possible! Of course, then one of the girls picked him up.

“Oh look, it can talk! That just makes it cuter....” And now he was being nuzzled... Though the girls still picked up his presents. Of course, given what they were... maybe they weren’t his presents.

“You know... I don’t think he was Santa after all...” Calumon observed.
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Re: [Digimon Tamers/Ranma] Do Digimon Dream of Digital Sheep

Postby DCG » Thu Jul 17, 2014 10:29 am

Yay, Calumon just got a new fan base. And happy jumping around as sanita huh, could lead to fun mix up's later.

And there's something sorta going on with akane.. You get the feeling Ranma couldn't care less if she tried.. just going with the motions.
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