For the best Chapter 5 Haruna Sensei Defied.

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For the best Chapter 5 Haruna Sensei Defied.

Postby Knight of Ranko » Sun Dec 23, 2012 6:46 pm

Not the proper title for Chapter 5 of For the best mind you.

In for the best, the 5 senshi wake up a bit over a century early, and go to the Moon to get the infrastructure for Crystal Tokyo ready.

This, incidently, includes taking a few people they trusted, such as Urawa, surviving family members, and believe it or not, Haruna-sensei.

And try collecting a few people mostly preteens every year.

The idea, once the freeze is ended, Serenity wants people to see HER agents, not their own national governments, being the ones to stop looting, put out fires etc.

In fact Serenity thinks fondly enough of her, to give her a Posh Academy to run as she see's fit.

Im trying make this scene flow smoothly, Im looking for objections beyond the statement taking people to the moon against their will is essentialy kidnapping, and "Your trying to build a Fascist government!" etc.

********** ***
“Haruna sensei?” a voice said outside. The office.

Haruna turned from the paperwork she had been examining with her Secretary, a young adult man, who proved to be quite capable and content with his job.

Serenity had kept her promise, and given her a job of Headmistress pf a girls boarding school.

It was a Posh Job, with good pay,

Haruna was free to set whatever rules, for discipline, criteria for admission, or even curriculam, as long as the results were satisfactory, she saw fit.

And the rules, invariably, were harsh, but fair.

She kept it all girls to keep attention on studying, but it handled Pre-12 to allow it to cater to a wide range, of the growing network of Nobles.

She slowly tightened restrictions to help make things less maleable, to ensure an attitude of uniformity and commonality.

Notwithstanding the fact that she was ostensibly free to accept or refuse canidates as she liked, over the last 8 years since the school opened, Serenity had 6 times “requested” she waive various things to make room for students, usualy recent Revifications from Earth.

The practice had slowed to a trickle, but every few months The Senshi and Cats still still went to earth, mostly looking forTalent over numbers at this point.

These recently revified Children were often times more then a little rebellious.

Allowances were made first few days, it WAS a a stranger in a strange land situation, but the school couldnt put off its needs indefinitely.

Haruna sighed “Yes?” She said irritably

“Were having a problem With the Lattest Revification... Shes refusing to even try on the uniform.” Said Madisson-san a young teacher whos skills Haruna had found Invaluable for helping the integration of outsiders into the School.

Haruna said “I take it she thinks were kidnappers, or people who've drugged her?”

Obviously, some elder children thought this was all a trap, that they'd been drugged with hallucinens and or hypnosis.

They did their best to be tolerant of such fears... know ing that they couldnt rush

Haruna would be disappointed in someone who didnt at least try to examine the possiblety, after all when she taught at Juuban she often warned girls about bad people.

But, blatant cases of paranoia, were problematic.

Or those who accepted that this wasnt some elaborate set up, but questioned Serenity-sama's motives

Haruna had pretty much gotten over her doubts... and looked forward to joining the Society of Crystal tokyo.

Haruna responded with irritation

“Wearing the uniform is a non negotiable part of being a student at this school.” she replied coldly.

“Well she doesnt WANT to be a student here” she was told hotly.

Haruna sighed, Its always a problem with young kids they think they know everything.

“Can you give me here name, so I can look up her profile?” Haruna said testily.

“Jessica Monroe”

Haruna looked her up.

“shes 11 years old, American She got revified 2 weeks ago, shes listed as intelligent, but rebellious”

Haruna checked “Hmmn that almost seems to cariacturize her.... She doesnt approve of the Regents plans for the future, being too sold on Americas Anti Establishment ideals”

the teacher said “Try to be gentle she is “

Haruna sighed “I'd like nothing better then to be able to put her back in ice, but doubt that Ami, and Makoto will go to the trouble... And The Regent signed the request for her to attend here, I wasnt about to refuse her Regency”

Maddison-sensei nodded

“Do you want us to deal with it or...” Haruna sighed “I'll talk with her, if reason fails to prevail....”

Maddison gulped Haruna-Senseis strictness was well known.

“I'll make sure shes brought to your office Sensei!” Haruna nodded irritably

“Be quick about it.”

The girl was almost struggling when brought in Haruna pitied the girl but wasnt sure wheither showing it would help her understand the situation or make her think she could get away with more acting out.

The girl was still wearing a set of torn jeans, she had ear rings, and a crew hair cut.

“にほんごはなしますか?” Haruna-sensei Asked delicately
One of Haruna's strictest policys, was any student, not knowing conversational Jappanese must begin taking classes in it, with a private tutor if necessary, immediately, as it was impossible for them to participate in much of the school life otherwise. And most people of influence these days spoke it as their native language.

“What the heck are you saying?” the girl frustrated snapped at Haruna Sensei.

Haruna, having reveled in the last 2 years in finally being able to discipline wayward students as she saw fit Resisted the urge she had to take her over her knee, here and now, the girl needed to be a chance to finally grasp her situation and behave, and if not that then dig her own grave.

“I was asking you young lady” Haruna said through slightly accented englih “If you spoke jappanese I see the answer is no.”

The girl was flustered “Of course I dont I grew up in America is it a crime to only speak english!?” she asked bewildered

Haruna-sensei, while irritated tried to remain calm as she shook her head, doing her best, her level best, to seem Level headed, and cordial.

“Its not a crime, it is however exceedinly rude to not be cooperating!” Haruna continued sternly

“I could argue its rude to essentialy kidnap someone and tell them they will be attending a school”

Haruna grimaced but nodded.

“I can comprehend, how you came up with that interprutation of events.” she wisely conceded

“But you need to understand your situation, were not slavers, nor are we trying to exploit you we just want”

Girl paused “To shape me into a part of this new fascist state your trying to build?” she ended cynicly

Haruna grimaced and tried thinking of the best way to respond
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