Night Shift side story Pony Vacation

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Night Shift side story Pony Vacation

Postby LawOhki » Sat Oct 27, 2018 8:10 am

Since I haven't actually put out anything in a while and because I am nothing if not petty when some asshole tells me what to do. I received an anon review after posting the last guest omake of NS on demanding that there be no more ponies and he would be reporting my fic. So now I'm working on my own little thing inside that omake Sun and Moon setup cause I don't take being threatened well.

Setup is that Ranma has come up with a vacation plan for summer break that involves getting completely away from everything, by visiting the pocket dimension holding Equestria. One part is that Akane gets almost immediately upset about something, because Ranma surprise turning her into a pony for a vacation on a foreign world definitely didn't help her mood, and storms off on her own


“Akane, how are you so chipper in this heat?” Sayuri asked, leaning back in her desk and fanning herself with a notebook. The school’s air conditioner was broke and Principal Kuno was unwilling to fix it because he thought it made the whole place seem more like Hawaii. Some saintly teacher would get it fixed but for now they all had to sweat it out.

“I bet it’s because she has something planned for summer break,” Yuka was less affected by the heat than her friend but still looked uncomfortable as they sat between periods. “Something she’s unwilling to talk about.”

“As I told you, it’s not that I’m unwilling it’s that I really don’t know where we are going so I can’t,” Akane rolled her eyes. “Ranma is the only one who knows where we’re going.”

“I thought you weren’t exactly a-- thing, anymore. Why so secret about a trip?” Yuka questioned.

“Just because we’re not engaged anymore,” Akane paused as if swallowing a particularly foul tasting liquid, “Doesn’t mean we aren’t still good friends.”

“Well have a great time, how long are you going to be gone?” Sayuri asked, choosing to ignore a lingering thread that Akane had never seemed half as interested in doing anything with either of them as much as she did with Ranma.

“The plan is a week, but Ranma said we might stay longer. Said something about it being too much to really take in all at once.”

“Without details, that sounds kind of like it’s supposed to be romantic,” Sayuri teased.

“Ya-- well-- things came between us, so it’s not,” Akane gave a withering glance

[rest of scene redacted due to haven't figured out how to avoid heavy spoiler for main story with it yet]


48 Hours later

Akane dove to the side, barely avoiding being impaled by a massive stinger attached two a six legged bear with wings and stinger of a bee. With a loud roar of buzzing of wings, the monstrous bugbear rose back into the air leaving a long trench dug through the floor of the forest. Akane scrambled on all fours to duck behind a boulder breathing heavily.

A fuzzy body immediately joined her, roughly bumping into her flank. The steel blue bat pony cuddling up to invade her personal space in a distinctly uncomfortable way. “Uh-- hi, sorry about all this,” he nervously stuttered.

“Just-- what is that thing? And why is it so pissed at you?” Akane pushed the boy a more comfortable distance away before noticing that she hadn’t escaped unscathed from close flyby. Almost all of her tail had been cut off. ‘Luckily the stupid thing is mostly hair,’ she breathed a sigh of relief.

“It’s a bugbear, I know they’re pretty rare around Ponyville but you seriously haven’t heard of them before? And as for why it’s angry with me, I sort of flew into it while it was sleeping.”

Rolling her eyes, she peaked around the boulder to see if she could spot the bugbear, ears actively turning in every direction to hear as well. ‘Come on vacation to magical pony world, you’ll even get to be a pony, it’ll be great fun!’ She sarcastically mocked Ranma’s stupid smug voice. ‘I swear I’m going to pound you into the ground the next time I see you Ranma!’

Awkwardly twisting to get her equine body back up onto all fours, she looked further around the makeshift barrier. Freezing, her ears pinned back when the other pony was again at her side looking in the same direction.

“See anything?” he asked timidly, big golden slitted eyes looking around wildly.

“No,” she started to say before a loud buzzing stopped above them. Both looked up to see the bugbear glaring down at them. The bat pony screamed and ran, the bugbear roared as it lunged down at them stinger first, and Akane screamed before she took off running.

Having no where better to go, Akane followed the bat pony as he followed a path out of the clearing deeper into the forest. Running faster to the sounds of crashing tree limbs behind her, she quickly caught up and passed the blue colored pony. “Hey! Where does this path lead?” She called back, the sounds of the bugbear crashing through the forest having grown more distant.

“I’m not-- sure!” He answered, clearly struggling to breathe.

Akane slowed and turned to see how far back he was, realizing she was leaving him behind she slowed enough to let him catch up. He may have brought this mess on her but she wasn’t going to leave him to get turned into a pincushion. The forest path opened up into a deep ravine crossed by an old run down rope bridge so fast she was a quarter of the way across before she was able to skid to a stop, her hooves failing to find grip on the damp wood.

“I don’t know about that bridge! Doesn’t look all that safe!” The bat pony called from the edge, having stopped before getting on it.

“I NOTICED!” She exclaimed and crouched low when a sudden gust of wind caused the bridge to swing wildly. “I hate not having hands!” Akane struggled to keep herself from sliding around as the bridge settled briefly back into place before the bat pony running across threw it back into motion.

“Bugbears back,” he informed her in a small voice, pausing only briefly next to her.

Akane forgot about her precarious position overlooking a twenty meter fall into a river to resume running. A shadow passed overhead and the bugbear dropped heavily onto the bridge in front of them. The entire bridge sagged from the sudden weight before bouncing and sending them rocketing upwards. Screaming she ran wildly in the air along with the bat pony before gravity asserted its hold on them and dropped them down into the rushing river below.


Back in Ponyville

Ranma stretched out on her stomach, high above the town, enjoying her alicorns ability to use clouds as beds. “You just have to land on it and trust that’ll hold you,” she instructed Kasumi who as a pegasus was reluctantly trying to land on a nearby cloud.

“But what if it doesn’t hold me?” Kasumi asked worriedly, hovering in place.

“You have wings,” she flared her own majestic crimson and gold wings for emphasis.

Kasumi’s muzzle scrunched up in determination and she dropped forcefully onto the fluffy cloud that dipped briefly before holding in place. “I did it!”

“Great job!” Ranma clapped her hooves together.

“It’s too bad Akane wasn’t turned into a pegasus, she would have loved this,” Kasumi carefully tried to get herself into a more comfortable position, clearly not trusting the cloud to keep her from falling.

“Maybe next time I’ll have the transformation spell specify race next time so she can.”

“Where did she go anyways?”

“Dunno, but I’m sure she’s having fun.”


Akane grunted loudly, one front leg wrapped around the comatose form of the bat pony as she hauled him out of the river along a muddy bank. Falling face first into the mud, her body still halfway submerged, she snorted and made another effort that got them mostly free before collapsing again.

“You alive?” she gasped.

“Wish I wasn’t,” he answered with a groan.

Akane struggled to get back up to a standing position and winced, the leg she had been carrying him with finally protesting now that the adrenaline had left her system. Limping forward she dropped onto her side onto some grass. Holding out her right foreleg she tested the motion, hoping it wasn’t broken.

The bat pony struggled to a standing position far slower, one wing hanging limply. “What a fall! I haven’t had a drop that far since I was colt,” he laughed briefly before wincing in pain.

“What are those wings ceremonial?” she grumbled, deciding that she hadn’t broken her limb.

“Well-- I-- when I ran into that bugbear I hurt my wing. Otherwise I could have got away,” he explained, gingerly laying down in the grass as well.

Akane didn’t have anything else to say so she remained silent, trying to work out what direction she needed to head in to return back to Ponyville. She got turned around fleeing from the angry bear and she really just wanted this adventure to be over already.

“Thanks for saving me, by the way,” he broke the silence first. “My name is Dire Straits, what’s yours?”

“I’m Tendo Akane,” she answered.

“Well it’s nice to meet you Crimson Flower, and thank you again cause if I hadn’t run into you I would be a bugbears dinner,” he laughed to himself in a self depreciating way. “Guess my mom and dad had the right idea when they named me, always find myself in these kinds of things.”

“That sounds sort of like someone I know,” Akane muttered under her breath, ignoring how her name was translated to the occupants of this world. “So-- any idea how I can get back to Ponyville?”

“Um,” he sat up and started to point in a couple different directions in confusion “Which way is Ponyville again?”

“So no.”

“If my wing wasn’t hurt I’d be able to find it. How do you Earth ponies find anything without wings? Everything always looks the same from the ground.”

Akane was about to protest that she had no idea how Earth ponies did until realizing that as a human she was just as ground limited. “I’m a city girl, this woodsy stuff is what Ranma likes to be out in. I don’t even know what’s around Ponyville, I’m not from around here, and I don’t have a map.”

Taking a second to remember the direction she had taken out of Ponyville and where the sun was currently, she gingerly got up to hooves. “I think I need to head north east,” she stated flatly. It was the exact direction facing a vertical cliff face.

“Seeing as I got you into this mess, miss. I’ll have to do my best to help you get back to Ponyville,” Dire Straits helpfully affirmed with a big smile showing off his prominent fangs.

“Thank you, that’s very nice of you,” she answered back, happy to have some kind of companion after being lost on her own.

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Re: Night Shift side story Pony Vacation

Postby Dumbledork » Sat Oct 27, 2018 1:36 pm

This has promise, but you should add an explanation as to how why Akane got separated from Ranm and Kasumi.I 'm a bit lost here.
And that's the bottom line 'cause Dumbledork said so.

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Re: Night Shift side story Pony Vacation

Postby LawOhki » Sat Oct 27, 2018 1:58 pm

That was going to come up but due to avoiding spoilers for the main story I wanted to not going into a lot of details right away. And have the suddenness be a hook. All three sisters are actually there along with Genma/Nodoka. Minako possibly as well getting into a feud with Trixie. But thought is to keep this one focused on Akane.

SPOILER - Show Spoiler
Akane and Ranma have ended their engagement but are still friends. Akane has some bad feelings because she feels like she's been left behind. Ranma seems so overly successful, is a sailor senshi, gained a lot of close friends, is the goddess of all cute ponies apparently. So upon arriving in Ponyville, she gets upset over feeling like she's just Ranma's follower in all of it, not because anyone actually says/does anything, and decides to leave to explore on her own.
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Re: Night Shift side story Pony Vacation

Postby LawOhki » Tue Nov 06, 2018 12:43 pm

Not going to lie, the idea for this whole side story sort of ballooned out of proportion pretty quick when considering everything I wanted to go on. So it’ll get divided up into two or three chapters each focused more on one character with cuts to others just for continuity establishment. Planning to write everything out all at once to avoid inconsistencies or missing something good that I think up later. (Which has already happened several times)

This section will likely be only in the Ranma centric one. Akane gets her own section and likely one mixed between Nabiki and Nodoka.


Twilight Sparkle nervously paced in her library, waiting for her guests from Earth to arrive and going over every last detail with Spike, her faithful dragon friend. “Are you sure we got enough beds? I would hate to make a bad semi-first impression with Princess Ranma by not having enough for her guests.”

Spike gave a tired sigh before checking the list longer than he was tall. “We have eight beds set out, and two more we can use if need be.”

“Okay, so we have enough beds but how about pillows and blankets? This is going to be their first time here, we don’t know how comfortable they prefer to be,” she quickly used some magic to adjust a book that looked like it was out of place on the shelf.

“We’ve gone over everything six times!” Spike exclaimed and threw his list to the side in exasperation.

“I know, but Princess Ranma is the creator of Equestria, and she asked me to host her friends and family. Everything has to be perfect.” Twilight could feel the very weight of the request on her shoulders,

“We would be remiss to expect perfection. Your labors, no matter how small, are graciously appreciated,” Ranma remarked pleasantly from behind her.

“Thank you, Princess Ranma,” Twilight half turned to bow her head in recognition and then went right back to Spike, “They could be arriving at any moment, it’ll be a catastrophe if--” She stopped to blink several times and glanced behind once to see an unfamiliar alicorn watching her in amusement. Shrieking, she whirled around landing in a bow. “Princess Ranma, I’m so sorry I didn’t notice you arrive.”

“You’re supplication is unnecessary,” Ranma sat back, waving a hoof before placing it against her chest. “We are a humble--,” she paused to glance at her crimson wings and horn, “alicorn, here to accept any hospitality that you can freely give.”

“You’re-- um-- welcome,” Twilight’s ears flattened back trying to parse exactly what Ranma was saying. She hadn’t had this problem understanding her guest on her last visit, was Ranma playing some sort of joke?

Spike jumped in before she could say anything else. “Woah! Are you using some old timey language nobody else uses anymore? I do that all the time when I play Ogres & Oubliettes with Big Mac and Discord!”

Ranma answered after clearing her throat and a brief flash of magic around her horn, “I was trying to not use a spell to translate like right now,” the alicorn answered with an annoyed sigh. “Guess the classic Equestrian tongue has fallen out of favor over the years.”

Twilight gasped in excitement. “Original Equestrian? That’s what it was! I’ve only heard that twice from Princess Celestia when I was her student. Her inflection and pronunciation were completely different so I didn’t recognize it.”

“If you’re interested, we can talk about an outdated language later, I have an important question that desperately needs to be answered before my family arrives,” Ranma hopped backwards to stand at a profile to them with her wings dramatically spread wide. “How do I look?”

Twilight’s jaw dropped to hang open at the completely unexpected question. ‘How do I answer that? Do I tell her she looks good? Normal? Like an alicorn? Not a human? Describe her coat quality or feather condition? Talk about her pose? Should I find someone for a second opinion? Rarity maybe? She has a good eye, or a stallion? Who could I ask for that?’

“You look great,” Spike helpfully volunteered as she started to hyperventilate.

“Fantastic!” Ranma grinned and stomped a hoof causing a flash of light that deposited a group of five unfamiliar ponies in the center of the library equally spaced from each other. “Welcome to Equestria” the new alicorn greeted warmly at the assembled group.

“Welcome to my home,” Twilight almost immediately added trying to sound as friendly and reassuring as she could. Ranma had briefed her that she was bringing humans who would be polymorphed to fit in, and she wanted to make a good first impression for ponykind. And that three of them would be just finding out about the polymorph right now. “I’m Twilight Sparkle and I hope you have a wonderful time here in Ponyville,” she finished with a small bow to the assembled group.

“So how’s everypony doing?” Ranma struggled to reign in her snickers.

“Don’t be mean about your joke, dear,” an adult pegasus mare with similar but muted coloring to Ranma chided, momentarily lifting one from leg before decided to start approaching the grey Earth pony stallion with black and white spots.

“I can still talk? This isn’t too bad,” he remarked while trying to get a better look at himself. “No hands though, not a fan of that.”

“I’m sure you’ll live without being able to wave around those ridiculous wooden signs, husband,” the unicorn remarked.


“Well Genma you really are a dark horse now,” the unicorn laughed softly to herself.

“Ranma,” a lavender Earth pony with short navy mane snarled, stomping towards the white alicorn with heavy stomps. “Why did you turn us into ponies for a vacation?” she asked in a voice like a guitar string being pulled too tightly and about to snap.

“Because, Akane,” Ranma was at the other ponies side without seeming to move. “You wouldn’t have much time to relax on a world filled with cute ponies as a human.”

“Give it a rest, Akane. Can’t you stop complaining for five minutes?” the tan mare with dark brown hair sarcastically asked. “It’s a magic adventure, can’t you just enjoy something for once?”

“How are you okay with this Nabiki? We don’t even have clothes on!” Akane complained, bumping Ranma away from her side.

“Magic-- adventure-- vacation-- would you rather be sweating it out at home with Happosai leering at you? Because Daddy still won’t get rid of him. Getting stalked by Kuno? Ya know what, Saotome you should just send her home, she’s just going to be a stick in the mud and we’ll never get anytime to enjoy the trip,” Nabiki sat down and threw her hooves up in the air.

“I am not a stick in the mud! This is not something you just drop on somepony ten seconds before you turn them into another species,” Akane exclaimed before looking confused. “Did I just say somepony?”

“Yes, it’s part of the translation spell so you can understand their language, don’t worry about it,” Ranma quickly explained.

“Akane,” the last member of the group, a strikingly bright teal pegasus with black wings tipped in white feathers admonished the slightly smaller pony. “Ranma went through a great deal of effort to put this together for us. I didn’t agree with her idea to have a little fun with the reveal because I knew you would react like this.”

“React like what, Kasumi? Upset? What could I be upset about?”

“Like you can’t trust Ranma, after everything,” the pegasus gave a dismissive snort before giving Twilight Sparkle a genuine smile. “Thank you for having us in your home. You’re library is lovely.”

“Oh-- uh- thank you,” Twilight returned the smile, thrown off by how one of her guests was being ganged up on. “You’re welcome to read anything you want, I could even show you the section on Equestria history if you are interested in learning more about our world.”

“I would like that very much.”

“If anypony is hungry, we have some food prepared. Spike could you show them to the dining room?” Twilight asked the dragon.

“Sure thing, Twilight. Follow me,” Spike didn’t wait for anyone to follow. Genma quickly hurried to follow with Nodoka calmly trailing with Kasumi and Nabiki.

Twilight summoned a line of magic to block Ranma’s path so that the other alicorn couldn’t follow when most of the group left Akane behind. “Your Highness, I would like to talk to you about how you’re treating your friend.” She steeled herself to confront her creator. But it was too important not to speak up when she saw what looked like a friendship problem developing in front of her.

“Twilight, you don’t have to call me that,” Ranma sat facing her waiting for her to start talking again.

“Wait-- you’re taking my side?” Akane asked incredulously.

“I think you have a legitimate complaint. Princess Ranma should have informed you sooner about what her planned trip entailed. If you wish to leave, I feel awful that you’ve had a bad experience, but I don’t think you should be shamed for that decision.” Twilight explained calmly, hoping to smooth over any discord.

“Wow-- thanks,” the Earth pony seemed to deflate.

“I’m sorry, Akane, I didn’t think you’d be this upset. If you want to go home-- I’ll take you.”

“Thank you for apologizing,” Akane glanced down and chewed on her lower lip. “I guess there are worse vacation ideas than magic pony world, and you must have put a lot a work into setting this up so I’ll try to keep an open mind.”

“That’s great!” Ranma exclaimed happily, picking Akane back up to her hooves with magic and physically herding her after Spike before she could protest. “Can’t miss out on food, I bet my pop eats like two horses now.”

‘I’m not sure how I feel about having my home be described as magic pony world,’ Twilight frowned but wrote it off as a weird human phrase not being translated properly.


Oops somehow messed up and had Nodoka as a Pegasus when shes a unicorn, fixed now
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