Zatch Bell/Ranma Crossover?

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Zatch Bell/Ranma Crossover?

Postby AxelTheBunny » Wed Mar 15, 2017 9:31 pm

So I've wanted to make a Zatch Bell and Ranma Crossover together for awhile now. Unfortunately I have several things which I havent been able to figure out. So I'll layout my idea so far as best as possible. Ranma has been weakened, though how I havent figured out but to the point where it isnt safe to remain in Nerima,between the day to day chaos as well as a string of new challengers who have come as a result of his defeating Saffron. So he's fled eventually ending up in Mochinoki city. Either while there or before he gets there he runs into Tia, or possibly another Mamodo. Ranma ends up becoming said Mamodo's partner. And from there Ranma takes Megumi's place within the Zatch Bell canon, causing changes and with the rest of the Nerimans coming in gradually, with some already being aware of Ranma's destination.

There are some things I know I want, such as Ranma having a mamodo with more support based spells, which is why i was thinking Tia's involvement would be interesting, but im unsure if i wanna use Tia or an OC mamodo. I feel like I'd prefer Tia simply because A. I like the character and B. She has support based abilities that are close enough to what I want.

I'm also unsure on why Ranma would be in Mochinoki city specifically. since it is a city outside of Tokyo

Would any of the Nerimans also ending up as partners to Mamodos be a good idea? I cant see all of them doing so but if I did decide on that anyone know who would be best for it?

I also need to Nerf Ranma somehow, since otherwise most Mamodo would be kind of curb stomped, and I'm not sure how I want to do that.

Anyone have any thoughts, hoping somebody here is familiar with Zatch Bell/Gash Bell enough to comment.
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