Do Digimon Dream of Digital Sheep? Chapter One

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Do Digimon Dream of Digital Sheep? Chapter One

Postby Sailor Sedai (Ellf) » Tue Aug 13, 2013 9:49 pm

Do Digimon Dream of Digital Sheep?
By Ellf
Chapter One: Fight! Return of the Lost Tamer!
Disclaimer: I own nothing. Series belong to their respective creators.

It was twilight when Ranma was able to convince the doctors to release him. He was mostly better by then. Ryouga never did much actual damage to him. A few bruises, a popped shoulder, honestly if it weren’t for the Lost Boy’s immense toughness, Ranma would have been worried about him instead. His rival had taken much worse than he’d given Ranma, but he’d gotten lost in the middle of the fight. Ranma only ended up at the doctor’s because he’d been exhausted from blasting Ryouga with confidence.

Mokou Takabisha. That technique was not an easy one to develop, nor was it easy to consistently use. He had to know he was going to win. Of course, there weren’t many people who could beat him, after all, he was Ranma Saotome. He always won in the end. It was just sometimes, the cost of winning didn’t seem worth the result. He’d lost friends that way. They’d won, but then his father had to drag him off… and his best friend couldn’t come with him. She had to stay.

Still, he kept his memento of her in the bottom of his pack, buried deep beneath where Genma couldn’t find it. It had no power now without her here, but it was still something he could remember her with.

A white fog began to roll in toward an abandoned construction site nearby. It drew his eye because the nearest body of water was two streets over. Okay. That wasn’t fog. Fog didn’t produce light of its own. It couldn’t be what Ranma was thinking of, but if it was and he didn’t investigate, he’d feel like a heel.

As soon as he stepped into the fog, the hairs on his arm stood on end, and he squinted. It was so bright. This right here is why he and the others wore sunglasses. Well, one wore goggles, but he wasn’t so sure about that one’s intelligence. Of course, his own was a bit debatable as well. Ranma shook his head and continued heading into what he now knew was a digital field. If a digimon was emerging here in Nerima, it was his job to deal with it. How he dealt with it depended on what was inside.

He made it to the electrical fog of the digital field and looked over the construction site. Where was the digimon? His hand twitched, reaching for a pouch that wasn’t at his waist. He had no method of tracking it other than his eyes.

There! A flash of green skin dashing across the exposed I-beam. No real world creature had green skin. It had to be a digimon. His eyes narrowed as the full digimon came into view. It had white hair, viciously sharp teeth, wore a loincloth and in its hand it held a bone-white club. It was an Ogremon.
Ranma’s mind idly called up its statistics. Ogremon, an Adult level digimon. Ogre type. Virus attribute. It evolved from a Goblimon, and its attacks other than the bone club were a pummel ability and Tyrant Fist, an energy wave.

Maybe he could convince it to just go back to the digital world. Ranma scoffed. Like that would happen. Oh good, it looked like Ogremon just noticed it wasn’t alone.

“Well, if it isn’t an Ogremon. Long way from the Digital World… How you doing tonight, buddy?”

Ogremon roared in response, and if that wasn’t telling about what was likely coming, nothing was. “Don’t suppose I can talk you into going back to the Digital World on your own.”

Ogremon’s roar echoed through the construction site and it leaped upward onto another I-beam.

“Didn’t think so…” Ranma ran after it.

An alarm blared through the headquarters of HYPNOS, and Mitsuo Yamaki dashed up to the central level so he could see the room’s domed screen representation of the network and Tokyo. This was the first alert they’d had in a few months, and while the last one wasn’t that dangerous, that didn’t change the fact that whenever a digimon came through, he needed to know. He might not have been able to prevent it, but he had field agents now whose judgment he trusted. The screen’s light reflected off his sunglasses and he resisted the urge to run a hand through his graying hair; instead his left hand found his zippo lighter.

“Get a lock on that wild one.” He looked to his two sysops. Reika Ootori sat back to back with Megumi Onodera, each with their personal screens over their eyes and keyboards in front of them. The machine arm that their chairs sat on rotated them with a frequency that would likely have made him sick if it were him.

“Almost have it, boss.” Megumi probably did too. Between both of his sysops, they had thirteen years of experience dealing with bio-emergence events. Yamaki flicked open his lighter and closed it idly as he watched them work. The last actually dangerous bio-emergence event happened five and a half years ago, when a Locomon became a runaway train on a Shinjuku track. It had been taken over by Parasimon in a plot to crack the digital world wide open so that a number of the creatures could invade. Luckily that was stopped by his field operatives.

“Locked, Yamaki.” Reika Ootori, his on again, off again girlfriend and confidant spoke confidently. He had a thing for redheads, but that was neither here nor there. He needed to find out where this wild one was so he could send someone to deal with it.

“Good, do you have a location yet?”

“Working on it.” Reika said as she typed. Reika and Megumi’s typing had to be something like in the thousands of words per minute with that speed of operation. “Got it! It looks like it’s emerging in Furinkan-cho, Nerima.”

Fuck. This would have been easier if it were Shinjuku, it was nice and local, and he’d be able to send all the field agents without worrying about exposure. Matsuki was right out. Guilmon was too large to get on the train safely. Makino was out of town with her mother on business. Kitagawa had a preparatory test that he needed to focus on. Shioda had the same issue as Matsuki. That left… “Get Li on the line, send him there. Tell him to take the train. He needs to get there as soon as he can.”

“Right.” And Megumi dialed out. There hadn’t been many bio-emergence events lately. None of them were all that dangerous either. So why did this one cause a pit in his stomach?


Feral or not, this Ogremon was smart. It had to be luring him in, there’s no way a feral digimon would just not attack a human without reason. It had to be feral too. It had ignored his attempt at communication. Ranma leaped onto an I-beam after it. He could see it heading toward one of the corners… there was no way it didn’t know Ranma was after him.

There! Ogremon’s right hand curled into a fist and a dark aura formed around it. “TYRANT FIST!” Ranma had less than a second to drop off the I-beam and cling underneath as a wave of dark energy passed over above him, crumbling the barely finished wall behind it.

Using his momentum, he swung himself at Ogremon, foot first. “METEOR KICK!” If the digimon was going to call out its attacks, it’d only be fair for him to call his own out.

Oh. That wasn’t good. Ogremon swung its bone club down and grazed Ranma, deflecting the kick into the ground nearby. Ranma flipped back to his feet and Ogremon batted him hard with the bone club, sending him downward to a lower floor. This thing was at least as tall as Tarou’s cursed form, and it had good instincts. This was going to be a fun fight.

Ranma got his feet under him and cushioned his landing on the ground, it giving way just enough to slow him down. He winced, his shoulder was acting up. He really didn’t need that to happen right now. Looking over the building, he could see where Ogremon was standing. All he needed was one good hit… There!

Ranma kicked at the wall, and a crack propagated upward and into the floor below Ogremon. It collapsed under the digimon’s weight and Ranma jumped at its falling form. Ranma kicked the Ogremon midair, driving it into the wall and kicking up some dust.

“TYRANT FIST!” Ranma dropped to his back to let the energy wave pass over him. Jumping to his feet, Ranma ran into the dust cloud after Ogremon and had to dodge a bone club swipe.

“Kachuu Tenshin Amaguriken!” Ranma’s fists blurred as he hit the Ogremon several hundred times, taking the same strategy as fighting Ryouga. Ogremon was a big tough digimon, so several punches to the same area should work.

As the dust cleared, Ranma could see the look of surprise on the digimon’s face. There was no way it was expecting a human to fight back. Not successfully, at least. Ranma kept the projection of confidence up. He’d beat this digimon, after all, Ranma Saotome never loses.

“Jenryaaaa….!” His little sister’s voice rang out through the Li household as he finished up his phone call. While Shiuchun had turned thirteen a couple months back, he swore sometimes she acted like she was still seven or eight. She met him in the hallway, and on her head was the dark three horned form of Lopmon. “That was Yamaki-san wasn’t it? Talking about a new digimon appearing?”

Jenrya sighed. His sister was a bit perceptive. “Yeah, he couldn’t tell me what it was, just where it was emerging. “ Normally the D-Ark would have picked it up, but he guessed that the digimon emerged out of range of its detection zone. This wouldn’t be the first time something like that happened.

“So where’d Yamaki want us to go, Jian?” Terriermon waddled out, his ears tied into a bow. Jenrya looked at his little sister and the pristine Lopmon and back at Terriermon. Color tinged the child digimon’s face as he glared at Jenrya. “I was hungry and Shiuchun said my ears needed to be out of the way!”

Of… course she did. At least Terriermon wasn’t wearing make-up this time. He wasn’t going to begrudge his digimon’s life choices, but seriously… “Right, Princess Pretty Pants, we’re headed to Nerima. We’ll be taking the train, and Yamaki-san is paying.”

“We’re going too!” Why couldn’t Shiuchun be out with one of her friends… or even Ai and Mako. They weren’t that much younger than her, and he knew he saw them at her juku.

“Absolutely not. Terriermon and I are headed there alone. We’ll handle Nerima.” No way was he getting in trouble for letting his little sister go on a train this time of day.

“I’m older than you were when you fought digimon!” Shiuchun sounded angry.

“Yeah, but we fought them here in Shinjuku. Besides Mom would kill me if you got on the train and something happened. Come on, Terriermon.”

He turned to grab his D-Ark and a pack of modify cards as Terriermon jumped to his shoulder. He could hear Lopmon whispering something to his sister, but he didn’t know what.

“Fine, we’ll just patrol the area around here.” Shiuchun caved pretty fast there. Something wasn’t quite right… but he didn’t have time to mull over that. A digimon was coming out on the other side of the city.

Why couldn’t this happen when Ruki got back?

She jumped half a meter to the left. It had been six years since she last made this trip, and if she did this wrong, she could end up somewhere even the Sovereigns wouldn’t be able to find her. Why was she trying to leave the Digital World now?

The child digimon spun around, dodging another beam. Good question. She wasn’t quite sure herself why she felt the need. But the pull was coming from up ahead. And one thing was certain. She wouldfollow this pull, and then she’d go find him. Instinct was a funny thing.

The real world wavered above her as light beams touched down at seemingly random intervals. Below her paws, she could see the mountains and forests of the Digital world as she ran along the grid dividing the two worlds. She just needed to get the right beam. A crevice opened up in front of her, but she couldn’t stop… she wouldn’t. She just needed to make a leap of faith. She would see her partner again, she knew it.

Salamon jumped. As she passed over the rapidly enlarging crevice, a beam shot down from above and struck her, forcing her to close her eyes to avoid being blind.

Her nose twitched as suddenly she was assaulted by the scent of wet grass, asphalt, and humans… and a... digimon! Her fur stood on end. There was a human near the digimon… but she could smell its hostility.

She opened her eyes and ran down the streets of the city. Salamon had to make sure the human was alright. The holy ring around her neck tingled as she ran. She would help the human! She would fight the enemy digimon! She would…. Watch the unfolding fight between a human and an Ogremon?

How was the human fighting the Ogremon? He seemed to weave around Ogremon’s bone club as it attacked. His fists blurred as he attacked back. Oh, Sovereigns! Ogremon got a lucky hit… that looked like it hurt.

The human…. Ranma? She found him, and he was fighting Ogremon? He landed on his feet, and she could see the clear smirk on his face. He had to be planning something.

She should have jumped in just then, but she remembered what Ranma had said about individual fights. She wasn’t going to interrupt him when he had a plan.

“TYRANT FIST!” At least she hoped he had a plan, that energy wave was heading straight for Ranma. Wait, was Ranma glowing? She almost missed it by blinking as Ranma thrust his arms out and called out his own attack.

“MOKOU TAKABISHA!” Ranma had his own digimon attacks? What did he need her for now? What was that? Well, the energy that came out of Ranma connected with the Tyrant Fist, and both exploded at the center of the battlefield.

She had to move closer so she could get a better view…


That ki blast took a lot out of him, and the longer this fight lasted, the more likely it was he was going to lose. At least Ogremon didn’t look too much better than he felt. He needed to end this. Fast. Otherwise he was going to be a smear on the pavement.

Ranma put on a brave face. It was actually quite easy to be confident after the Mokou Takabisha. He always had an overabundance of the stuff anyway; it’s why he chose it. But he couldn’t use another one just now. No, what he had to do was shut out emotion. Empty himself. Soul of Ice.

Ranma ran up and clocked Ogremon in the jaw. “Didn’t think I could do that too, did you, ugly?” After Ogremon swiped at him, he ducked and continued. “Yeah, you may be feral, but you understand me don’t you?”

Ogremon roared and swung its club again, but Ranma focused on dodging, stepping back and to the right.

“So, what’s wrong? I’m a human. You’re an Adult Digimon. Shouldn’t you be able to beat me?”

“TYRANT FIST!” That was close, but this close to him, it was easy to move with his move telegraphing.

“See, that’s my theory about most digimon. You can’t make it in the Digital World. So you run away.” Club over the head. Sidestep, avoid. “You’re a failure as a Digimon. I mean, you can’t even beat one lousy human.”

“STRONG MAUL!” And Amaguriken speed needed to block those swipes, using just enough force to push them around him. Five more steps.

“Come on, Ogremon. You can do better than that.” Ranma ducked a horizontal swing. Just a couple more steps.


That wasn’t Ogremon… but he didn’t have time to think about that as he completed the spiral. Ogremon’s fist was rearing back for another Tyrant Fist. “HIRYUU SHOUTEN HA!”
Ranma punched the air with a corkscrew motion, and the wind picked up. A tornado rose around him, carrying Ogremon into the sky. Soul of Ice, mouth of bullshit. Ranma backed away in case for some reason, Ogremon evolved mid-tornado.

A tiny canine blur dove at his chest and he instinctively caught it. Looking down, he saw the golden ring around its neck. “Salamon?”

“Ranma!” So it was her voice he’d heard. “I’m so glad to see you but you were fighting Ogremon and you did two digimon attacks but I hadn’t heard of them before and now Ogremon is in a tornado! How?”

“Uh… those were ki attacks, something humans can do with enough training. I’m just that awesome. I mean, what other humans can say they fought an Adult digimon and won.” Ranma said with a smirk. Well, he hadn’t won yet, but the fight should be more or less over. Whenever the wind died down. Hopefully.

Ranma looked up at the tornado, trying to spot Ogremon. This wasn’t quite lasting as long as Happosai’s version, and Ranma knew it couldn’t last much longer.

“I missed you so much, Ranma.” Salamon nuzzled into his chest.

“Likewise. If you’d been here, Ogremon would have been data a while ago.” Ranma may have been a proud martial artist, but he was an even prouder tamer. “But you’re here now and that’s what matters.”

The tornado dissipated as the wind died down. Ranma finally could spot Ogremon’s falling form. He jumped backwards, taking Salamon with him as he perched on an I-beam. The adult digimon crashed to the ground, doing a belly flop… and then a couple seconds later its bone club landed on its head before falling down next to it.

Ranma cocked his head. “Huh, well, it looks like he’s knocked out and beaten, but he’s not data.”

“Ranma, should I?” Salamon jumped out of his hands and onto the ground.

It wasn’t very honorable to hit someone while they were down, but Ranma wasn’t sure they should leave an unconscious digimon out where it could wake up and cause havoc. Ranma was about to shake his head in the negative when Ogremon made the choice for him as it opened its eyes and grabbed its club.

Honed instincts kicked in, and Salamon attacked Ogremon with a glowing headbutt. “Sledge Dash!”

The accumulated damage coupled with an actual digimon attack dispersed Ogremon into bits of data. Salamon looked to Ranma, who gave a slight nod. She could absorb Ogremon’s data. He’d allow it.

Ranma leaped down and scooped up his digimon once the data faded. “Let’s go home, Salamon.”

The canine digimon climbed up to his shoulder and nodded. “Let’s go.”

The familiarity came back so well after six years of being gone. It was as if a part of him was missing and now it had returned. Ranma mused over his digimon partner. He’d have to get his D-Ark out of his bag when he got home. He had reason to use it again.

A truck drove through a puddle at high speed, splashing him. “Wait, humans can evolve too?”


Calumon loved traveling on trains! Locomon were neat, and people were nice and he loved to feel the wind in his ears! And there was food! So much food! Candy! Bread! Cakes! He would eat them all! Guilmon would be jealous because he couldn’t join him and play on the trains!

This train was going especially fast, and he’d been on it for a while. But there was so much to see! Lots of lights! Lots of people! Funny people! He’d have to get Juri to come along sometime! She liked seeing new things like he did! It was fun!

Oooh! That was awesome! It was a blue tornado and he saw a digimon in it!
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Re: Do Digimon Dream of Digital Sheep? Chapter One

Postby DCG » Tue Aug 13, 2013 11:09 pm

Wait.. what did you do? You ended the fight twice, or something odd. Missplace scenes?
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Re: Do Digimon Dream of Digital Sheep? Chapter One

Postby Sailor Sedai (Ellf) » Tue Aug 13, 2013 11:24 pm

End the fight twice? I only ended it once.

Edit: Oh, oops. Didn't mean to have that there, fixed now.
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Re: Do Digimon Dream of Digital Sheep? Chapter One

Postby ijp92 » Tue Aug 13, 2013 11:38 pm

No. He ended the fight twice... but it was different.
Are we seeing timeloops here?
Is there a Kyubeymon!?! Does Homura Akemi exist in this universe?!?

never mind late post.

...I'm keeping it cause I think what I typed was funny.
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Re: Do Digimon Dream of Digital Sheep? Chapter One

Postby Sailor Sedai (Ellf) » Tue Aug 13, 2013 11:43 pm

Basically the second scene was from an earlier incarnation of the chapter which I'd kept around for editing purposes... and it got posted when I did a select all.
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Re: Do Digimon Dream of Digital Sheep? Chapter One

Postby WG_Writer » Tue Aug 20, 2013 9:19 pm

You have managed to do something I thought impossible sir... you made a ranma/Digimon cross work... wow.

Edit: Hmm Ranma with a Holy Digimon... that will cause a stir when its noticed, not to meantion its evolved form...
Storm trooper effect works against good guys as well.
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