Dance, Dance, Rumble (R.5 / Shantae crossover) [+ Ch.3 now]

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Re: Dance, Dance, Rumble (R.5 / Shantae crossover) [Ch.2 out

Postby Cheb » Sat Aug 12, 2017 6:30 am

:oops: Thank you, corrected it in the master version.

I Wonder what happens if he gets purified.

You are not the first one to ask me that. Sadly, it won't happen (at least, not in the 8 chapters that are planned ahead in detail). The plot is, while still obvious, a kind of a curve-ball.
Canon-wise he'd probably die peacefully (according to that one filler anime episode).

:lol: :mrgreen:

:roll: I try my best

I'll try translating the next chapter for the next holidays.
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Re: Dance, Dance, Rumble (R.5 / Shantae crossover) [Ch.2 out

Postby Cheb » Sat Aug 19, 2017 2:04 am

Chapter 3
Everyone got to plot.

“Stop! Don't” exclaimed Akane when Shantae aimed to suck in the humongous boar in the pond.

“Why?” Shantae was taken aback.

“Why, it's P-chan!” Akane explained like it was something obvious.

“Who, as we just witnessed, is a yokai,” Nabiki injected smoothly. Then she turned around to face Akane with one hand on her hip. “Little sis, I have long since noticed that this piglet you're doting over is unnaturally tough and fast.”

“So what?” Akane bristled, ready to defend. Just as planned.

“Suit yourself.” Nabiki turned around pointedly. She then demonstrated the guys the smile of a sated shark and departed for the living room.

Both gulped, feeling sharply the very essence of the `eternal debt` term.

“So what do we do wit this... pee-tyan?” Shantae reminded them, holding the lamp carefully spout up.

Ranma approached the monstrous hulk to poke it in the snout with his foot. But the body suddenly exploded into a gust of dark wind mixed with depressive ki. A faint plop sounded from the billowing dark cloud. Catapulted away, Ranma tumbled to land graciously on his feet. Shantae hastily sucked the dissipating cloud in.

“It can't be!” Akane cried out pitifully. Coupled with her tenderized state it came out as too soul-jarring.

“Your P-chan is all right,” Ranma interrupted her with deliberate rudeness. “There he is, splashing around.”

True to his words, there was a small black piglet in a dotted bandana struggling in the center of the almost emptied pond. Ryouga let out a heavy sigh. Then, after a brief internal struggle that only Ranma noticed, he stepped into the water, fished the piglet out by the bandana and carried it to Akane.

“P-chan!” she greeted with joy as she accepted the freshly born magical creature into her arms.

“Do you think it's a good idea,” Ranma whispered into Ryouga's ear, “to leave her alone with a beast no one really knows?”

“I'll watch it,” he promised, still out of it after what just happened.

P-chan, however, behaved indistinguishable from how Ryouga used to behave in his pig form.

“I'm so glad... that you...” Smiling sweetly, Akane began collapsing. Ranma and Ryouga were beside her in a flash, lowering her to the ground carefully. They were so worried they even forgot to snipe at each other.

“Ah! Akane is wounded!” Shantae exclaimed in alarm.

“I'm... fine...” the downed girl tried assuring them in optimistic voice despite her eyes being visibly crossed and her inability to stand.

P-chan oinked sadly, uncomprehendingly, nudging her hand with his moist snout.

“Here.” Crouching beside her, Shantae shook a heavy crystal flask with red liquid inside before offering it to Akane. “No more than two gulps, got it?”

What is this?” Ranma inquired politely. Their guest's penchant for omitting details obvious to her was becoming rather obvious.

“But healing potion, of course!” Shantae replied, surprised. “Just—”

Akane took the flask in her unsteady hand.

“Just...?” Ranma invited the half-Genie girl to continue as he tried to smell the potion unobtrusively. The flask practically reeked aromatic oils and ginger.

“It, uh... got ginger in there,” she replied sheepishly. “I can't stand the taste of fish oil so... I add ginger to overpower it... Lots of.”

Akane squinted at the flask inquiringly with her single eye not swollen shut. Then she upended it into her mouth. The flask throat was thin so it took her a couple moments to make a gulp. It wasn't that bad at first. Then... the burning began.

Ranma was watching with worry as the swelling around her eye faded, her bruises disappearing without a trace and even her torn clothing knitting back together! There were tears rolling from Akane's eyes and her face wore indescribable expression.

“It's spicy, yeah,” Shantae admitted sheepishly. “But you have to make a second gulp to finish healing.”

Akane glanced at the flask. Her eyes lit with determination and she took a second gulp with the look of someone diving from a cliff.

This time she was surrounded by a perceptible aura, very... spicy for the lack of a better word. Any damage on her body and clothing just vanished. Ranma noticed that all bruises on his hand he was supporting the uncute one with stopped aching as well.

Akane was breathing slowly through her mouth, tears rolling freely.

“I'm sorry, I must have really overdid it,” Shantae said in a guilty voice as she took the vial to hide it in her subspace pocket.

Akane made a `victory` sign with two fingers, unable to speak yet.

“She's like that,” Ranma commented. “She can jump around on a broken leg while telling everyone she's fine.”

He got elbowed in the ribs for that.

“Here, Akane-san, maybe tea would help,” Ryouga offered her a mug.

Akane downed it in one gulp, letting out a long breath. Then she began thanking the pointy-eared girl profusely.

Shantae began denying the praise, telling it wasn't a big deal, pointing out that they fought together and so on and so forth.

This duet of theirs coud have went for a long time if not for P-chan nuzzling Akane's leg.

“Let's go wash you,” Akane said lifting him up. “You got silt all over you... I am not much cleaner as well”

The potion had no effect on the dirt stuck to her after plowing the lawn with her head. Well, if one disregarded clean spots on her clothing where holes once been.

“Can I join you?” Shantae immediately invited herself.

“Of course!” exclaimed Akane and the girls departed in the direction of the bathroom all the while chatting haphazardly about everything at once.

The last the guys heard before the unexpected BFFs disappeared beyond the corner was lengthy “so they dilute it with fish oil about twenty to one, so that you can take it in combat without a dropper. But I can't stand fish oil!”

Ryouga let out a dramatically whistful sigh as he prepared to depart.

“No, no.” Ranma caught him by his sleeve. “You stay here to watch over your little youkai.”

“My?!” he was taken aback.

“What's so surprising?” Ranma exclaimed in a exaggeratedly naïve voice. “The pig often appears when you're around, that's one. The bandana it sports is clearly yours, that's two. Anyone would figure it out he's your piglet!”

“Why are you so kind, all of sudden?” Ryouga frowned suspiciously. If you have paranoia it doesn't mean Ranma isn't plotting to pull one on you.

“Weeell, I have a selfish motive, honestly,” the pigtailed martial artist admitted.

“Knew it!”

“Well, you've met Shantae.”

“That sorceress with a long ponytail, right?”

“That's her. So, she has a martial style of her own beside her magic... Nothing impressive, she tangled with Shampoo and would've lost if not for her magic.”

“What do I have to do with that?” Ryouga was puzzled.

“Well, that style, in short, she whips her hair.”


“Not at all, she has instinctive ki-strengtening. She was deflecting maces easily, even chipped some paint from them. But there's a problem, you see. Shantae says she's from a different world. They don't have martial arts masters there. Nobody ever heard of ki. She called it `human magic`, imagine that.”

“Well, all right. Still how does that concern me?”

“Do you know anyone else around practicing Iron Cloth style?”

“Oooh, you want me to teach her my secrets—”

“Screw secrets, help her with the basics! I told you, she knows nothing. What she can use, it's probably her Genie magic that taught her how.”

“Sounds like a tall story, don't you think?”

“How else you'd call a martial artist who is weaker than Akane in pure kempo but uses hidden weapons technique so well Mousse'd eat his sleeves from envy? She was pulling various junk simply from thin air, with no strain. And she carries a hefty chunk of copper around seemingly because she just forgot about it! You understand the implications, do you? It means weight isn't transferred at all and it doesn't fall out when she sleeps. It's a master level, no less. While magic explains everything so well.”

“Weeeell...” Ryouga scratched his head.

“Just tell her what ki-strenghtening is. Practice with a ribbon for a while. I guarantee she'd be overjoyed. Then Akane will get overjoyed that her friend found what she craved!”

“Oooh!” Ryouga got it. “You're like home-grown Machiavelli, man!”

“So, will you help tomorrow?” Ranma asked in a voice full of hope, his face open and honest.

“There's no choice, isn't there?” Ryouga sighed. “Does this house have a spare closet?”

This was when Kasumi returned and gasped: the yard was all dug up, all the fishes were on the grass, not even flopping, just opening their mouths slowly, her father was out cold... She froze, unable to decide where to start.

“Ranma, collect the fish,” Genma commanded from where was sitting beside Souun. “Kasumi-san will be saddened if she finds them lifeless.”

“I hope they won't suffocate in this murk,” the younger Saotiome replied as he was quickly collecting the nigh comatose carps, releasing them carefully into the much shallower now pond.

That was how Cologne found him: ankle-deep in muddy water, with his trousers rolled up to his knees.

“So fascinating,” the old lady cackled as she surveyed the battle damage. “Son-in-Law, you just can't help be full of surprises!” She put on a smile of adoration as she stared at the guy Ranma standing in water.

“Shampoo was here already,” Ranma grumbled jumping out to collect the last couple carps.

“And what an amazing story she told!” Cologne continued. Then she turned serious instantly. “But enough pleasantries. Where is Happousai?”

“Did Shampoo already tell you about, uhh, the lamp?” Ranma asked as he released the last fish. Hiding details from the inquisitive hag was probably pointless.

“That she did. Now to tell truth from fisherman's tales... But even that isn't important. Where is he?”

“Got sucked in,” the pigtailed martial artist replied reluctantly. “Altogether, whole. So he turned out not to be a human. But who is he exactly, a yokai, a genie or something? Who knows.”

“Veeeery interesting,” Cologne drawled. “And for how long is this sudden happiness? Forever or is there a limt?”

“Shantae says it cannot be forever, something about having to purify and release the magic. So both Happi and my curse will return someday. But all the whys and hows? I'd have to ask her the right questions but all this magic is mumbo-jumbo to me.” Wiping his bare feet on the grass he headed towards the living room.

Cologne hopped after him, tsking disapprovingly at the ground cut and upturned as if by a huge cutter, at the cuts and nicks in the plaster and roof tiles of the fence. “How did you let it devolve to this? Is everyone all right, at least?”

“They are,” Ranma replied thinking it wasn't his best day. “Lighting the loot up was my idea. The plan... It was a wonderful plan. We lot only had to delay and distract while Shantae turned into a mouse to search the old freak's room and hide the lamp in her hidden weapons technique. That should've been it, the victory.”

“But he had the lamp on himself,” Cologne finished for him.

“On him,” Ranma confirmed. “After that it went downhill...” He shuddered. “All this upturned earth? It was the hell-panda trying to gut Pops. He was returning with... I don't know what technique was that, but it was powerful. Me... I killed the girl. Akane helped, really, well and she went for a killing blow...”

Cologne exploded with a long tirade in Chinese - it was abundantly clear she wanted to grab certain someone's head by the ears and unscrew it.

“Uh... I know I'm a moron,” Ranma began cautiously. “I put Akane in d—”

“You? No,” Co logne interrupted him with venom. “But one air-headed heir who didn't even think to use your telephone?”

Ranma cussed as he realized the weight of consequences stemming from such a seemingly minor detail. Had Cologne come right away and not after the beaten Shampoo limped home, she'd help immensely by neutralizing the old ero-freak. Or, even better, she'd shot his, Ranma's, moronic plan down.

But he tried defending Shampoo anyway: “Well, she was still out of it after being trampled by an elephant...”

“So that part is true?” Cologne grew interested.

“Well, when you can transform into a mouse or an elephant and know a sliding technique on top of that? It would be stupid not to use it. There is a hole in the fence over there.” He pointed left. “They basically butted heads!”

“Ke-ke-ke, such an interesting genie girl,” Cologne cackled. “I hope I have what could be of interest to her.” The old lady zipped for the roof, beelining towards the bathroom on the other side of the house.

`This won't end well,` Ranma thought as he jumped after her. Just in case.

[center]* * *[/center]

“Wow, I didn't know your house has a bath!” Shantae said in amazement. “I thought we'd go to a public bathhouse.”

“Well, when our gas heater breaks we do,” Akane demurred while disrobing in the laundry room. The blue school dress smeared with earth went into the dirty laundry bin.

“Umm...” Shantae drawled unsurely behind her.

Akane turned around. The guest was already in only her panties resembling bikini bottom with ties at the sides, only a bit wider and more comfortable. With her purple hair down, the mane was almost reaching her heels. How does she remove the hair hub remained a mystery.

“Something is wrong?” Akane's hands, lifting unthinkingly to undo her bra, suddenly froze. `Please, please, don't let her be a boy!` she prayed, `I won't survive a second one!`

“Weeeell, I just remembered that all my spare clothing is back home,” Shantae replied awkwardly.

“Just that?” Akane said with relief as she got rid of her underwear. “You can walk to my room in a bathrobe, then we'll borrow from someone. Mine, or... No, not from Big Sis Nabiki. Ranma should have something similar to your outfit.”

“Ranma?” Shantae asked in puzzlement.

“He has this curse of his for a year and a half now, he accumulated a wardrobe for his female half,” Akane explained while opening the sliding doors of the bathroom proper. “He only opposes it vehemently in words, he transforms to have fun without a thought. He also can only swim as a girl now.”

“Got it,” Shantae replied entering after her. “Uhh, erm, you don't have flowing water?”

“Flowing?” Akane was confused. She made sure the `occupied` sign was in place and slid the door closed. “The taps are over there!”

“Umm...” Shantae crouched next to a tap which was placed low, to be used while sitting. She twiddled the shower head in her hands. Then put it down. She pushed at the faucet cautiously. Pushed it harder. Pulled at it.

Akane watched her actions in a state of mild stupefaction.

“Aha!” Shantae exclaimed victoriously turning the faucet on its axis. She immediately shrieked as the shower head under her feet came to life showering her with icy water.

“Red one is hot!” Akane explained rushing to close the tap: the hose was writhing like a snake making Shantae back away from icy splashes. “And this little lever her switches between tap and shower... You don't have such things, right?”

“Such awesome tech?” Shantae said as she sat down next to the tap and tried turning the faucet with great caution. “I dunno. maybe the Sultana has it, or Techno Baron. In the bathhouse they have warm water always flowing in a small waterfall — I think there is special magic for that. But in the houses? A washstand with a thingie below the bucket you push to make water flow is advanced stuff. I don't have one, I only use a jug.”

“That is similar to how we had it a hundred years ago or more,” Akane noted. “How have people ever lived without any conveniences...? The horror!” She pushed a plastic seat towards her guest. “Here, you sit on this and lather up. Then you was it off with cold water and you're ready to go into the bassin.”

“Just like our bathhouse,” Shantae said. She then whined: “Is it necessary, to use cold water?”

“Well... No, but it's better for your health.”

“How so?”

“It makes your body focus, mobilize...”

“Ooh, training...! But I don't have a source of cold water back at home. The bathhouse doesn't have it and it's far to the nearest well.”

“Here, take this,” Akane handed her a washbasin with assorted bathing implements. “This one is shampoo. And this one is for your hair.”

Shantae twirled the small plastic bottle in her hands, doubt evident on her face. “I have... lots of hair.”

“Aw, don't worry about such trifle. We can always buy more.”

“Your world is so rich...”

Akane harrumphed. “I think it's the other way around. I read it somewhere that before modern conveniences appeared many things we take for granted were much more expensive, only available to the rich. Maybe, such things are simply very expensive in your world?”

Shantae didn't have a reply to that, she just let out a long sound of vague thoughtfulness.

For a while the girls were lathering up in silence until it was turn for the hair.

“Let me help you,” Akane offered, not fancying waiting wet and cold until Shantae finishes her nigh endless mane. “I help Big Sis Kasumi wash her hair...”

In four hands they finished it faster. Then was time for rinsing. Shantae unflinchingly turned the faucet to the coldest, then she was bravely filling the bathroom with almost ultrasonic shrieks. But she never even thought to make the water warmer.

Then it was time to soak, finally. They had to make support for Shantae's hair first, by putting together two washing stools just outside the basin: so much wet hair was too uncomfortably heavy to simply wrap it in a towel around the head.

Akane laid down in opposite direction, her back to the window. She was going to ask the guest about her home world...

“That's it!” the half-Genie exclaimed suddenly, snapping her fingers. “I saw such `taps` — and I think the shower too — on that tub Risky trapped me in!”

“Trapped...? Tub...?”

“I, err, would tell you later,” Shantae promised, embarrassed. “That was one of the moments you look back at and cannot believe you could've been such a careless day-dreamer.”

“You don't have to,” Akane began reassuring her.

The matted glass window slid open revealing a blank wall just a couple meters beyond it and a...

“Another shriveled gnome!” Shantae shrieked covering herself with her left arm and right knee but throwing her right arm up, palm facing forward.

Cologne displayed well honed reflexes as she dove behind the window edge much faster than simply gravitational pull would allow. “I just want to talk!”

“It's not a shriveled gnome,” Akane explained. “It's Shampoo's great-grandmother. She has a custom of popping out suddenly like that.”

“Ah!” Shantae lowered her arm. “I won't apologize, that was very... unexpected.”

“Hey are you... Gack!” Ranma's voice reached from the roof above the blank wall.

Shantae shrieked covering herself again and throwing her right arm up.

“R-r-r-ranma!” Akane growled like a wild sabertooth. She haven't bothered moving, though.

“I saw nothing!” the invisible fiance shouted. “Ack!” And he tumbled with clatter somewhere to the left.

“As always sneaking on girls in the bath?” an invisible Nabiki asked with sarcasm. Her voice was accompanied by the sound of a door opening close by to the left.

He began protesting vehemently.

Cologne on her stick jumped back onto the window edge - there was no window still, only rails for the frames.

“To what do we owe your visit?” Akane inquired politely.

“Ke-ke-ke...” the old lady cackled. “I heard you got a Genie prowling your house.”

“That's me,” Shantae said continuing to cover herself — just in case — but letting her right arm drop. “But I'm a half-Genie and I am soaking, not prowling.”

It felt like some sort of pun fell valiantly in the way of translation.

“Well, anyway, I have an offer for you,” Cologne said. “I'd like to hire you for a job that requires you specialty.”

“My specialty?” Shantae sounded doubtful. “But what is my speciality...? A guardian Genie? I'm afraid Ranma and Genma fight better than me even I use my magic in full.”

“No, no,” Cologne said. “Crushing and smashing we can do on our own. There is something that only Genies can do. Your magic of wish fulfillment, to be exact.”

“Wait a minute!” Akane injected indignantly. “If—”

“Shampoo can work on her own happiness,” Cologne interrupted her. “No, I have one serious task that only Genie magic can achieve.”

“Serious task?” Akane pouted.

“Let's just say I was waiting for two hundred years for an opportunity,” Cologne clarified. “And I'm ready to provide compensation for the work, in limits of my ability. Be it teaching ki techniques, minor magical items or precious gems.”

Akane fell silent. She have never seen Cologne so serious and business-like. The old lady rather had a habit of playing the most serious of situations for giggles.

Shantae harrumphed doubtfully. Then, after some, thought, she replied: “I'm open to discussion, but I am very inexperienced in this and there are limitations. The wish must come from the depth of your heart and it must be bright. So you cannot wish harm to someone.”

“Ooh, there won't be any problems with that. For a very long time, from the depth of my heart, I wish to destroy one very evil and very dangerous magical thing. One... foolish girl of our tribe had suffered from it.”

“Suffered?” Akane asked cautiously. “How exactly?”

“That artifact tore her soul out of the body,” Cologne said in a deliberately casual voice, “and imprisoned it.”

Shantae gasped. “I'll do it without any compensation! Many of my friends suffered from sorcerous items, these are all around the place like junk. Though, dragging a huge statue of unknown nature as a gift for your daughter is just plain wrong.”

“That got me thinking,” Ranma injected suddenly from beyond his corner, “why waiting so long? Couldn't you have, I dunno, throw that thing in a volcano or something?”

“That's an interesting question, Saotome-kun,” Nabiki echoed.

“The artifact is of recurring nature,” Cologne explained. “Destroying it, while not easy, is possible. But it's useless: it will eventually appear somewhere as if it was never destroyed. Usually in bad hands, too. So, will you do it?”

“Of course yes!” Shantae agreed without a shadow of doubt. “Such a dangerous thing must be eliminated!”

“Great!” Cologne perked up. “I'll send Shampoo tomorrow to agree on a time.”

“By the way, won't she get to that evil thing?” Ranma asked worriedly. “Or, even worse, Mousse...? I know how careless you are in keeping magical junk around.”

“No,” Cologne replied. “Because I haven't taken that vile thing out of my hidden weapons technique for the last two centuries.”

At these words Ranma's apprehension grew, flooding with power. A serious, cautious Cologne...? Something big had died in the woods, the end was nigh.

Shantae and Akane, though, were left satisfied that a good deed will be done. After that they toweled themselves, donned bathrobes and trudged, yawning, upstairs to Akane's room. This day was exhausting. There was one last obstacle: Akane was trying to cede her bed to Shantae and sleep on a futon: she kept enough self-criticism to not forget she was turning in her sleep like a propeller. It was a good thing P-chan was durable — she now even knew, why.

Shantae, though, was objecting that she never slept on such a soft thing and would be content sleeping on arug if her home's floor was not made of stone.

Having no energy to argue any further, they donned Akane's pyjamas and were out like lights, Akane on her bed and Shantae on a futon.
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Re: Dance, Dance, Rumble (R.5 / Shantae crossover) [+ Ch.3 n

Postby Dumbledork » Sun Aug 20, 2017 1:06 pm

Well done. The story is really well constructed and makes you wish for more. The pacing is very good.
And that's the bottom line 'cause Dumbledork said so.

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