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Re: Quick hello

Postby talonhunter » Mon Jun 13, 2011 5:03 pm

Welcome and please remember to do three things before you pull the trigger...1) breathe...2) focus...and three) repeat until The need to pull said trigger has passed or the event concerning the pull of trigger is complete...;)
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Re: Quick hello

Postby Ellen Kuhfeld » Mon Jun 13, 2011 5:40 pm

Metallurg wrote:I did actually make a homemade Wimshurst machine one time for some model railroader friends that wanted to apply "static grass" (a flocking material that stands up when charged and really does look like real grass). A company called Noch makes a small handheld device for this purpose but it costs over $200 USD at a hobby shop. Mine was of course 4x the size of the storebought model, hand cranked and definitely not UL listed. One guy eventually bought an ion generator from Digi-key or somebody and made a small one that plugs into 110vac

I haven't made a Wimshurst machine, but I've made lots of plate and cylinder ES generators. And you can't get much simpler than an electrophorus. But for real fun, you want to pair them with a Thunder House. These are little representations of houses, with a lightning rod on top and some kind of explosive device inside. A spark from a Leyden jar hitting the lightning rod causes them to blow up. If they're made properly, they're a demonstration that definitely will catch the class's attention..
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