Perona 3: The Pact

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Perona 3: The Pact

Postby mondu_the_fat » Fri Sep 03, 2010 6:53 am

(A Persona 3/In Nomine cross over. Knowledge of In Nomine is unneccessary, except for the following details:1) personas, mostly, are spirits, not the "true" beings. In other words, the Lucifer persona is not really Lucifer, nor is Gabriel Persona really Gabriel and so forth 2) during Dark Hour, the entire city is plunged into the Marches, the dreamworld of In Nomine [this fits various phenomenon in-game, including coffins, shadows, the "extra hour"and whatnot] 3) Angels do not enter then Marches like humans do; humans can merely sleep to enter the Marches, Angels have to make a conscious attempt 4) Angels forbid spirits forbid spirits to appear on earth, on pain of death )

A rash of a new disease the media is calling "apathy syndrome" hasa caught the attention of Heaven. An angel is sent to investigate. He rents an apartment in Port Island City, then begins his investigation.

On his first night, at midnight (and every night after that while in the city), he deafened by a loud disturbance but cannot pinpoint the cause.

At first, he infiltrates the hospitals, kidnapping one of the new victims of Apathy Syndrome to bring to another city to be examined. It turns out to be a dead ends, as the cause of Apathy Syndrome seems to be mental, rather than physical. He manages to heal the man he kidnapped with the appropriate Songs, but realizes that this isn't an approach that can be used for all the cases.

Then he investigates the cities' history and background. He learns several facts, including the Kirijo group and the accident that happened 10 years ago, but can't make the connection.

Then, one night, just before midnight he spots a group of cosplaying kids weilding swords and bows. He wouldn't have thought twice about the matter... except that he spots the exact same kids less than a minute later heading towards the opposite direction, obviously wounded.

(in game -- this was right after the monorail mission; while humans are unconscious during Dark Hour, in P3P it is revealed that some people have spotted the characters going to and from various parts of the city before/after midnight.)

The angel finds out that the kids have been spotted by numerous people, but their activities weren't exactly known.

The angel then decides to investigate Gekkoukan High, introducing himself as a parent who wants to transfer his child there. The principal tours him around, introducing him to the school council president, Mitsuru Kirijo, also daughter of the owner of the school. The angel recognizes Mitsuru, but keeps it to himself. He decides to infiltrate the school by enrolling himself.

The angel petitions for a new body, and is granted one (a first year female).

While in school (or maybe he raided the school records one night), he learns of a special club -- SEES -- that is invitation only, that Mitsuru and, incidentally, a couple of the other kids he's seen at night, are members of. They also happen to belong to the same dorm.

In the meantime, Igor informs the MC that the door in Paulownia Mall is to be shut down indefinitely. He gives no explanation why, but they could still speak in dreams or in Tartarus (just not using the Paulownia Mall entrance). Igor has been made aware of heavenly attention on the city and is keeping a low profile.

The angel (in a new body, posing as a student) spies on the group, eventually learning of a place they go to at night called "Tartarus". No amount of research reveals where exactly this was (and it was unlikely to be the Tarterus that he knew, which was in hell). In frustration, he turns to the spirits of of Naganaki shrine. Usually, spirits would have nothing to do with angels, but in this case the spirit in the shrine is willing to help, because a Shadow killed the local priest. The spirit informs the angel that some spirits roam during midnight, in violation to the Heaven's edict.

"I haven't seen any spirits at midnight. There's something big happening, but I haven't seen it."
"They will make themselves known when you sleep."

(optional scene: the angel interviews one of the people who get lost in Tartarus, and get a description of the MC).

That night, the angel sleeps and wills himself to enter the Marches. The Dark Hour then becomes visible to him.

He spots the source of the massive Disturbance -- the school, while in the Marches, turns into a huge tower at midnight. He comes across the MC, and tails them in Tarterus (fuuka senses him, but can't pinpoint his location.) He learns of the spirits they summon -- Personas.

The next day, the Angel makes a deal with the Naganaki Shrine spirit. The Spirit will act like his Persona so that he might infiltrate SEES and find out what exactly is going on. The spirit (a foo lion/foo dog) agrees. A few days later, the Angel arranges for his "disapperance" from school. That night, SEES goes to "rescue" him, and find him (and his faux-Persona) in battle against a Shadow. Seeing that he is a Persona-user, Mitsuru offers him a position in SEES.

(at this point and until late december, the story of P3 is followed, except with the Angel as a teammate)

(optional: maybe I'll decide to save both Shinjiro/Chidori)

On December 31, after Ryoji leaves the Dorm, the Angel reveals himself to Ryoji. To the Angel's surprise, Ryoji isn't frightened, and laughs off the Angel's threats before disappearing.

This pisses the Angel off, and disappears for a month.

On January 31, when the MC reaches the peak of Tarterus and Nyx begins descending, the Hosts of Heaven appear. Apparently, the Angel reported back to heaven and went to get reinforcements, trouncing Nyx.

The MC survives the conflict with Nyx (the events of Feb 1 to graduation day do not happen). However, the news isn't good at all. When the Angel reported to Heaven, Heaven's response was heavy handed. After Nyx was destroyed, it was dictated that all the Personas AND THEIR USERS were to be destroyed as well...


At this point, I'm not sure where the plot should go next.
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