Lancerko Emilya. A FSN fanfic.

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Lancerko Emilya. A FSN fanfic.

Postby Kilich » Mon Dec 01, 2008 12:37 pm

Well, I finally finished Chapter 2 and decided to post the following chapters here, because, as I noticed, posting them somewhere instead of keeping them on hard drive, makes easier to think about possible improvements or how the story should be continued.

Chapter 3.

The rest of the time that was left until start of the War went uneventfully. No longer bothered by enemy Servant, Ilya and her Servant took a walk almost every day. Their course usually led them near Tosaka and Mato residences and finished with a brief stop near Emiya’s household or, sometimes in the nearby park.


It was already evening when Shiro finished helping several of his classmates and was walking home.
“Damn, why is my hand itching?” murmured Shiro with irritation as he scratched his hand, wondering why the itch appeared so suddenly.

‘I better stop scratching it or I’ll make Fuji-nee or Sakura worry for nothing.’ thought the boy and was about to enter his home when he noticed a girl, Ilya, stop for a second as she passed by.
“So, you still became a Master? Then you better summon your Servant soon, onii-chan. We went through too many troubles to allow you to die now.”
Hearing those words spoken in a shockingly calm voice, Shiro abruptly turned around and loudly asked.
“Wait, what do you mean ‘die’? Why?”
Seeing that his words were ignored, he tried again, but with no success.
Frowning, he went home, completely forgetting about the itch in his hand that already started to fade.


The time for Holy Grail War has come and mages who were chosen as Masters started to bring forth the legendary heroes that would help them to obtain the wish-granting artifact.

The first one to do so in Fuyuki city was a young redheaded woman dressed in brown business suit.

After finishing the incantation, she picked up her earring that was used as a catalyst in the summoning and stepped out of the magic symbol that was drawn on the floor.

‘Finally, I’ll be able to help him change his past.’ thought Bazette Fraga McRemitz, as she smiled in anticipation of the event she came here for.

Sharply turning back to the circle, she asked the tall man, dressed in blue leather armor that was made not to hinder his movements, that appeared there only seconds ago.

“Are you CúChulainn, son of Lugh and Deichtine?”

“Servant Berserker is ready, Master.” answered the man in a low, almost growling voice that spoke volumes about murderous rage that boiled within him and a red coloured lance appeared in his hand and slowly moved as if it traced something.

“Berserker?!” almost yelled out Bazette and facepalmed as she said with disappointment.

“Great. I hoped that I’ll meet the hero but instead I got a mad killing machine. “

“This is unfortunate, isn’t it?”

Hearing the voice, the young mage abruptly turned around and entered a defensive stance, cursing that she allowed anyone to sneak up on her.
But when she saw Kotomine Kirei, the man that made it possible for her to participate in this War and, possibly, make one of her dreams into reality, she relaxed.

“I’m sorry, but I wasn’t expecting you. How did you know that I was summoning a Servant.?” she asked and motioned for Berserker, already prepared for an attack, to stay in his place.

“I am mediator in this War and knowing such things is my job.” answered Kotomine as he hid something long under his coat.

“I came to see your success for myself. And before I leave to the church I want to warn you. Berserker Class Servants have a history of breaking out of their Master’s control and even killing them, so be careful.”

“Do not worry. I have a weapon he’s fated to lose against.” smiled Bazette, thinking that she wasn’t able to detect his approach because she was tired from the summoning.


‘A Berserker is of no use to me, so you’ll live.’ thought Kotomine as he walked out.
‘It’s a pity that I wasn’t chosen to be a Master, but maybe I can use that Tosaka girl to gain a Servant?


A young magus finished a magic circle for summoning a Servant that would clear her way towards the wish-granting Grail.
“Yes, everything is ready. I’ll undoubtedly summon the strongest one.” said Tosaka Rin when she opened a small box that was given to her yesterday and put an item that looked like a fossilized skin, in the middle of the magic symbol.

Taking a spellbook that lay nearby and several of her strongest jewels, she started to read the incantation.

“I proclaim:
Thy body shall be under me; my fate shall be thy sword.
If the convocation for the Holy Grail acknowledges this resolve and purpose, then grant me a response.
I hereby swear.
I am to become all matter’s virtue,
I am to vanquish all matter’s evil.
Oh three great words of spirit, ensconced by the seven heavens, overcome the wheel of restraints.”


Rin concentrated and jewels on her hand shattered, releasing the energy stored within and the girl said the last words.
“Come to me, my Servant!”


Magic symbol beneath her exploded in eerie crimson light and even lit the ground outside the house. At the peak of light’s intensity, Rin heard something crash through the roof into one of the rooms in Tosaka mansion.
She hurried there and opened the door to one of the storage rooms. There, in the moonlight that came through the hole in ceiling, she saw a young man clad in golden armor who sat amidst the wrecked furniture with a frown on his face.

When he saw her, he spoke but not the words she expected to hear.
“You are a lousy Master, aren’t you? To summon me in a such disrespectful way.”

Several feelings flashed on the Rin’s face, from awe at seeing her Servant, to shock and finally anger.
“Know you place Servant!” she said, lifting her hand with a red mark on it.

Her Servant looked at her with an expression that Tosaka usually used when people not worth her time tried to talk with her and said as he freed himself from the wreckage.

“You should consider yourself extremely lucky that you summoned me, King of Heroes, strongest of all Servants. And that you are still alive after crushing me through the roof and trying to control me, instead of building a golden gateway and begging for my help.”

As she watched her Servant, Rin tried very hard to stop herself from using one of her Command Seals to make him obey her as a proper Servant should, but if he was really Gilgamesh, legendary King of Heroes, then his strength was worth enduring that speech.
She closed her eyes and slowly counted to ten before opening them and asking in a calm voice.

"What is your class, Servant?"

Gilgamesh looked at her, probably thinking of another speech or even an action, but nevertheless answered.
"I was summoned as Saber, but the limits of that Class system are nothing to me."

"I see." said Rin and carefully maintaining her calm tone, added.
"Then we are going to patrol the city tonight."
Her Servant lifted an eyebrow and said.
"Oh? You should know that I won't help if you are too weak to handle the enemies you’ll meet."


“This is only place you know about?” asked her Servant as they stood near Mato’s mansion.
“No. We came here because Mato family is one of three founders of Grail War so they must have a Master. But it seems that didn’t summon their Servant yet. I’ll check them tomorrow at school. Now we’ll go to another place that can have a Master.”

‘I hope he was right and I’ll finish the War soon. I might not have enough patience to deal with that Servant for two weeks.’ thought Rin as they walked through the streets to the Emiya household where according to the priest that supervised the War, Kotomine Kirei, a Master could live.


“Lancer, a Servant and his Master are coming.” said Ilya as they sat on their usual bench near her brother’s home and pointed towards where she felt a distortion in a barrier she set around the neighborhood.
Emilya nodded and her weapon appeared in her hand as stood up and jumped on the nearby roof for a better view.
The other girl jumped from the bench and ran around the corner and disappeared into the shadows of the house her Servant stood on. It was a place both easy to hide in and it provided some cover should a battle occur.

After noticing the enemy, she jumped down and looked forward at the pair that leisurely walked towards her. She definitely knew the shorter of two, a girl dressed in red and black with twin ponytails and cold, calculative eyes, while her Servant, a tall blond man in golden armor, wasn’t the one she was expecting.
‘Who is he? Where’s Archer?’


“Heh. To make you stand in my way, your Master must very confident.” said the blond Servant as he and his Master came closer to their destination and saw a young white haired woman dressed in a long violet coat and armed with a naginata, whose long curved blade, started at the same level her crimson eyes were at.
“Judging from your looks, you are Lancer or Archer.” mused the armored Servant and said with a generous tone.
“Rejoice Master, because now you will see the power of strongest of heroes.”

He casually snapped his fingers and something shot, from the air nearby, towards another Servant. It was barely could be seen from the speed it flied at, but the woman’s body briefly glowed with a blue light and she sidestepped the projectile.
“You shot the sword?! What kind of Saber are you?” loudly asked Rin when the dust from the impact settled and she saw a sword-like handle and part of the blade protruding from the ground.


While Rin talked with her Servant, Emilya, in a quiet, yet clear voice, started the incantation that always helped to concentrate on what she did best.
‘I’m sorry, Tosaka. I’ll try not to kill you, but I can't risk fighting someone like him yet.’

“Magic is my body, My core is a living soul.
I was given this life by a sacrifice
Neither dead
Nor truly living.”


“I already said that I’m beyond such limitations. Now I’ll kill Lancer and we’ll after other Servants. Maybe we’ll even kill them all today.” answered Gilgamesh and when he turned his attention to the Lancer, dozens of weapons appeared in the air behind his back.
But before he fired them, Rin’s troubled voice made him to look back.

There, in a flash of light, appeared a creature that looked like an old suit of plate armor with ball of raging blue light in its chest. It looked like it was made from bronze, but it proved to be far more durable when its fist cracked the pavement where Rin stood a second ago.

“You! How dare you use such cheap tricks!” furiously yelled Gilgamesh and turning back, he unleashed Noble Phantasms from his Gate of Babylon, but his enemy already disappeared behind the house and judging by the sound, she already out of his reach.
“Damn it! I’ll enjoy killing her for this!” cursed King of Heroes as he looked how his Master was doing.


Landing close to the nearby light post, Tosaka pulled several jewels but underestimated the creature’s speed and her jewels went flying when even a grazing hit was enough to nearly dislocate her shoulder.
Crying out from blinding pain, the girl fell to her knees, but instead of a finishing blow came the sound of metal being cut apart and her Servant’s laugh.
“You couldn’t handle even a mere toy, could you? But I still need you, so I could kill this wench.”

“Saber. Shut up.” hissed Tosaka, her anger at the Servant and, to some extent, shame at being almost killed in her first battle, overpowering her pain.


Suddenly, a boy walked out from the entrance to Emiya household.
“What happened? Do you need any help?” asked Shiro, picking up a small red jewel that was lying at his feet.
“Is this yours?”


“Saber, hide!” said Rin, trying to muster enough strength to stand up, but her Servant shrugged and as he answered, several swords appeared in the air near him.
“He already seen us and as I understand ‘leave no witnesses’ is of the rules of this War.”


“You can’t run away from me, you mongrel.” said Gilgamesh, as a stream of weapons from his treasury brought a part of the wall down and he walked towards the building he saw the boy ran into.

“Couldn’t you do it silently?!”

“A king never sneaks in. If something is in my way, I’ll bring it down.” answered Gilgamesh and with a snap of his fingers, a torrent of swords tore through the storehouse walls, their flight accompanied by several flesh-tearing sounds.


‘Who were they? Why?’ thought Shiro as he lay on the floor with blood pouring out of wounds on his side and legs.

Soon after sounds of that armor-clad man's steps faded away, his thoughts became too heavy and he slipped into unconsciousness, not noticing how the jewel, he still held in his arms, fell on the floor that erupted in bright white light upon contact.

“Master!” yelled a young woman that just appeared from with the light and after a second long scan of surroundings, she hurried to the boy’s body.


"Wake up, Emiya. Wake up."
Those simple words brought Shiro back from the void he felt himself in and return of his consciousness was immediately rewarded with a dull pain from his wounds.
He tried to move or at least open his eyes, but a strict voice stopped him.

"Stop trying to move, Emiya. Or I'll have to save your life again." said strangely familiar voice.
'Who's she? She sounds like Tosaka'
After a short rustling of clothes, he felt someones warm hands on his chest and the woman said with amusement in her voice.

"Oh, by the way, Master. I, Servant Caster, will help you achieve Grail if that is your wish."

"Tosaka Rin?" croaked Shiro, literally, forcing the words through his throat.
"Yes." answered Caster, amusement in her voice growing into laughter.

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