Ranma/White Wolf crossover idea

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Ranma/White Wolf crossover idea

Postby Lightspire » Thu Feb 07, 2008 8:48 pm

This is a very rough draft of a prologue for a story that's batted around in my brain for a while. Just wanted to see if it's got any potential. I'll follow it up with a brief history for Ukyou's "hidden past", as well as what I've got as far as an outline may be concerned. Wasn't certain whether to put it under ideas, since it's not completely fleshed out, or here, since it has a scene. If I've made a mistake, I apologize.

A Fox in Wolves Clothing (tentative title)

Disclaimer: World of Darkness is the property of White Wolf Games. Ranma 1/2 is the property of Rumiko Takahashi. This story is for entertainment purposes only, and no profit is sought nor made from it's viewing.

Prologue: The Fox and the Chef

There was no warning. She had no way of telling that her past would catch up with her. After all, she was supposed to be the reminder of another's past, to have her own skeletons pop out of the closet just wouldn't do. But there that skeleton was, standing at the doorway of her little establishment, a motorcycle helmet held at her hip. She was about 5'7, green eyes, and short burgundy hair. She held that damnable smirk on her face as well. Ukyou attempted to collect herself as the fit woman strolled in, as confident as captain kirk after a liaison with a strange alien woman. For all Ukyou knew, the woman walking towards her may have just finished doing just that, knowing the woman's tastes.
To say Ukyou was shocked would be akin to saying Custer made a slight tactical error. She watched with her mouth agape as the woman neared, taking a seat and setting her helmet on the counter. No one else in the restaurant said anything, quite curious as to who could distract the girl so much as to burn her okonomiyaki.
Sitting back in her stool, the young woman continued to smirk as she spoke.

"So Chef...Long time no see. It's been what...Four years? I'm sorry I didn't write, but you're a hard person to get a hold of."

At this point, one Ranma Saotome who was dumbfounded at the fact that Ukyou was allowing okonomiyaki to burn, let alone HIS okonomiyaki, quickly decided to remedy the situation.

"Oi! Uc-chan! My food's burnin', buddy!"

At the loud exclamation, Ukyou was finally able to put a few words together, a stupid grin forming on her face as she fixed random ingredients upon the burning concoction and shoved in front of her friend.

"What a surprise to see you here, sugar! Is it business or personal?"
Ranma attempted to object to the neglected food he was given, though he was soon cut short by a large spatula imbedding him in the crown of his cranium.

"Ran-chan, don't interrupt."

The young woman laughed at their antics before answering.

"Now Ukyou-kun, you know very well that all my business is personal. But I was in the area, and decided to drop by and to tell you I found justice."

At this point, Ukyou rapidly grabbed the knocked out Saotome, shooed any other customers out of her store and locked up for the day. As she turned around the open sign, she took a big breath of relief.

"So that's it, then. It's over." She turned around, not really believing herself, but found the sad smile on her guests face dashing her hopes to bits and pieces.

"Sorry, Ukyou-kun... Nothing's that simple in our lives."

"You mean YOUR life! I walked away! I had my own vendetta to consider, Mitsune!"

The woman before her laughed, as she was wont to do in any situation. Ukyou knew all her laughs, from sad to happy, to her current 'Oh, please!' that she gave now.

"Well from the well being of your Ran-chan, can I really asume you meted out proper punishment?"

Ukyou was silent at that, instead choosing to look at some random napkin dispenser.
Mitsune stood and approached the chef, sauntering forward with a gait that only a blind man could ignore.

"Come now, Chef... I didn't come here to poke fun at you, you know that. But your life is in danger." She placed her hand along Ukyou's cheek, gently persuading her to look eye to eye. Ukyou blushed with feelings she'd thought long past... But then, Mitsune was the only girl she'd ever felt anything for.

"From what, may I ask? More ghosts and goblins hiding in the shadows? I still have nightmares from time to time, you know."

"And I still have the scars. But no... Well... Yes, but no more than usual." At this point, Mitsune's face was so close to Ukyou's she could feel the woman's breath upon her lips. Which was exactly when Mitsune turned away.

"My sifu is alive and in Japan." She spoke with a seriousness Ukyou rarely saw. She squinched her eyes in confusion, however.

"But...Isn't that good? Didn't you track that woman down to avenge your sifu's death?"

Mitsune sighed and sat down at a clean booth, chuckling a bit to herself. After a moment, she only began to laugh harder. Ukyou knew from past experience this was bad news. When a kitsune laughed at no joke spoken, it only meant the gravest of circumstances. She quietly sat down across the delirious creature, waiting for her to stop and collect herself.

"It's so terribly funny, you see! If she'd been dead, it would be simple! If she'd have lived and come home with me, ideal! But no. The trap was all too well set. They wanted me to believe her dead. They also wanted me to track down that...that cat and avenge her death. Have me clean the slate so no parties of ambiguous nature were left to switch sides. Lin Su was kidnapped, and... Turned. Forced to walk the Black Spiral."

Ukyou didn't know what any of this meant, but listened on, anyway. If Lin Su was alive, it SHOULD be a good thing. Even IF she'd been brainwashed.

"The irorny of the situation is... Though I fought to free her, the entire time she'd been under their influence. And now, it's my duty to find her... and stop her."

"But...can't she just be re-brainwashed or whatever? I mean, we've dealt with stuff like that around here before and..." Her suggestions were cut off with a wave of the hand.

"No. She hasn't been brainwashed. She's been corrupted. Literally TAINTED with essence of the wyrm. There would only be one way to save her, but in all likely hood, she's too far gone for even that not to kill her."
After a moments thought, Ukyou realized the direction she was taking the conversation was leading into grim territory, not to mention half the terms being said sounded only vaguely familiar after four years... After searching for a proper segue to something she could relate to better, she did her best to steer the conversation towards more productive waters.

"Well, what's she doing in japan, then?"

"Prospecting. Poaching the other side, scouting for new recruits. I did a little research, based off of some knowledge granted by my aunt, and found an entirely too juicy potential target right here in Nerima. Lin Su knew what I know, and has undoubtedly come to the same conclusion. Her first target is HERE. But the larger problem is that you are also HERE. I'm not asking you to leave, or anything. But you need to know that Lin Su has been twisted, driven insane! If you see her, run. Hide. Call me."

It took Ukyou a moment to process al of this. Lin Su insane? Beyond hope? That just couldn't be. She was the greatest woman Ukyou'd ever known, like some wonderful aunt. And she was supposed to run? At this point, her pride spoke for her.

"I'm a martial artist, Mitsune. I can handle myself."

Mitsune nodded at that, a knowing grin forming upon her slightly foreign features.

"You'd better, precious Chef! Because if she sees YOU, you'll need every ounce of skill and strength you have just to live long enough to find me. You've been beyond the veil. You've seen Lin Su under the full moon. The fact you could keep your sanity from that alone speaks volumes for you. But now, she's no wolf. She's a monster, plain and simple. If you're lucky enough to see her and live, you'll understand."

Ukyou could see the pain in the jovial woman's eyes from that statement. She'd been hunting down Lin Su at least long enough to see just what the warrior had been turned into.

"So... Who's she after? Anybody I know?"

After a moment of contemplation, Mitsune leaned forward, looking as if she were about to spill the day's juiciest gossip at a sleep-over.

"Ever hear of the Tendo Dojo?"


So Here's the deal. Back when Ukyou was in Junior High, she was brought into the world of darkness by a kitsune who'd been raised as a Black Fury. Mitsune is actually from the kansai region of japan, though no familial ties exist their for her. I actually have a lot more of this story fleshed out, but wanted to put out a later years version first to see whether I should have Ukyou involved at all.

Ukyou was literally charmed into falling for Mitsune, due to a spiritual gift she has. (It's like a Captain Kirk affect for aliens... Once she directs her Charm towards someone, one way another, they like her...) Mitsune had thought she was a boy, and simply wanted to con her out of some food. Ukyou fell pretty hard though, and ended up following her beyond the veil, having a couple of little adventures along the way. Eventually, Mitsune had to go off on a trip of revenge, and Ukyou had her own score to settle, and they went their separate ways.

For this story, I'm planning to have Akane be an awakened Black fury. (From say, her great-grandmothers side...) LIn Su is going to attempt to turn her, but Mitsune and the wrecking crew will help fend her off. Unfortunately, it's probably going to end up badly for the Tendos, since when a were-wolf officially awakens, it's usually in a berserk rage. With Lin Su waiting in the shadows to finish off any survivors and take the new pup under her wing, the odds aren't good for the households survival. Eventually, Akane is taken by Lin Su, and a rescue attempt is made by Ranma, Mitsune and Ukyou. As far as tension breaks, I plan on having either Ukyou end up with Mitsune, or maybe even Konatsu. For Ranma, I'd have he and a shattered Nabiki join up as a paranormal hunting pair, leading towards a relationship.

That's about as far as I have for this, since I'm still playing with the idea...
Whadda ya'll think?
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