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Postby Crescent Pulsar R » Sat Nov 12, 2011 8:10 pm

Well, this guy I've known since he was in diapers (he's six years younger than me) is now living with us. I can't say all that's happened for him to be here, but it culminated with him moving back down here (to South Carolina) from New York to start over with the help of his mother, who eventually called the EMS on him because he was spending a lot of time in the bedroom listening to death metal. (And I can't really blame him since they wouldn't let him play video games or even use his laptop.) And so now he's here, for weeks at least but what I suspect will be months.

But that's not so bad, right? Not if you knew our financial situation. We're lucky if we have a meal a day for the duration of a week. (It's really sporadic, but we usually only have three or four meals a week; all dinner, of course.) In fact, my mother had earned a little money for doing a friend a favor and bought a little hamburger and cheese for tonight's dinner, expecting it to be enough for three people tonight. Between having another mouth, and the situation, my mother completely Akane'd the meal. (Instead of hamburgers (which we didn't have buns for, anyway), she thought instead to add the meat to macaroni and cheese. Only she didn't to see that the noodles were three years past their expiration date, or feel the cheese packets to know that they were as hard as a rock. It wasn't until she saw the bugs in the water that she realized her folly.)

So, between being too nice for our own good by supporting yet another person (the other having been here for years, now), even though I haven't been writing much lately my sudden lack of privacy will all but make it impossible as the current arrangements stand. That will probably change some time in the future, but I have no idea when. This guy is looking toward me (not only me, but still) to help him out of the mental slums because of recent happenings in his life, but I'm just not good when it comes to real people, even if I've known them most of my life.


So, anyway... Just trying to roll with it for now, try to adjust, and all that jazz. Life is such a bother.
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