*Imaged Idol Fic Idea

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*Imaged Idol Fic Idea

Postby talonhunter » Sun Oct 02, 2011 7:15 pm

Just putting out an idea that I will be writing this week when I get home to settle in for a couple days , want to know what people think of the idea: I was originally going to use this as a Ranma/ Vocaloid platform crossover, but as my notes grew, it took on a original story slant. Sorry for the set up, as I am quickly putting the notes from my iPhone into the summary and opening chapter...

Imaged idol

By talonhunter

Summary...a young girl disappears. Her younger brother tries everything he can think of in search of her. Finally one night, he searches her room looking for clues. He only finds an odd wristband. Picking it up, he soon finds himself in a corona of light. When the light eyes down, he finds he has changed, and is now the singing idol 'Chloe Echo'. What has happens to him, his sister and can he change back to himself...

Preface 1...
Carl was at a loss. His sister Claire had been missing for 6 weeks now and both his search and the police inquiries had yet to find a single clue as to where Claire had disappeared to. At first the police treated it as a kidnapping and set up phone tracking and surveillance around their home, but sadly nothing came of it and after 4 weeks, they had to back off as the pressure to find a missing idol singer shifted their priorities as well. Carl understood what was happening, and only resented their priority shift slightly. After all, no one knew Claire and Cloe Echo was the same person...something Carl had only learned that night. So with a heavy heart Carl entered the home he shared with his sibling...

He didn't know why Claire had kept the secret of her being a idol a secret from him, though now he undersood how the two of them were able to live comfortably in the home their parents left to them when they passed on a couple years ago. His thoughts were only briefly interrupted as he stood in front of her bedroom door. Hesitantly, he opened the door and entered her room. Looking around he saw the typical stuff a young 17 year old girl kept in her room. Make up cases, cd sound system, personal computer covered in anime stickers, her jewelry box.

On the floor, just below where the box sat on her dresser, almost hidden under it's base, he sees a simple golden band. Easily missed I'd the light from a nearby window hadn't caught it. Wondering how it got there, he leans down to pick it up, thinking it must have fallen accidentally. As he picked it up, the cold metal seems to glow at his touch and then his world is filled with a blinding light...

It seems like an eternity before the light fades from his eyes. Seeing something out of the corner of his eyes, he quickly spins towards it. As he spins something feels off and he sees an image he never expeced to see reflected in the mirror in front of him. There staring back at him is none other than the missing idol, Chloe Echo. "...What in the world" she squeaks out as The new girl stares in wonder at herself before falling to her rear with a thump, confusion on her face and more than a few questions swimming thru her mind before she mercifully passes out...

So... How's this for a stack of notes? Let me know what you think so far...
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