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Normal Font Color: Normal Gardevoir Vampire form
Ninetails/Vulpix form
Aipom/Ambipom form
Buizel/Floatzel form
Bubbles Form

Character: Konoko
Gender: Female
Hair: Green
Eyes: Red
Hieght: 5' 3"
Weight: 95 lbs.
Species: Humanoid Gardevoir Vampire
Age: Mostly takes on the appearance of someone who is in her early 20's, but can modify her age and become as young as two-years-old. Ages 2 - 9: Ralts, ages 10 - 15: Kirlia, ages 16+: Gardevoir
Appearance: A humanoid woman with chalk-white skin and green hair that reaches just past her shoulders. Some of the hair falls over her left eye.

Bio: Konoko used to be a normal human, but that was all in the distant past. During a confrontation with one that she shouldn't have gotten into one with, she was hit by a water balloon filled with Spring of Drowned/Submerged Elder Vampire water from Jusenkyou. While in cursed form, she put on a special Gardevoir costume that was given to her. Both costume and curse ended up merging together and turned her into what she is now, with no way to return back to normal.

Special traits and powers
Psychic Powers: Konoko is a powerful psychic thanks to the fact that she is a Gardevoir, capable enough to produce miniature black holes and bend time and space to a certain degree. Initially limited in her understanding of psychic abilities to just pushing, pulling things, teleporting, and reading minds, she has since learned to do such things as manipulate the molecular and atomic structure of an object enough to change it. She has also been learning how to manipulate and create elemental aspects, such as creating fire out of thin air, raising sharp rock spikes, pulling out water and turning it into ice, etc. She is also able to create objects with her mind to a certain degree.

Pokemon Powers/Abilities: Since Konoko is a Gardevoir, she is also a Pokemon. As such, she has access to the skills and abilities of a Pokemon. Of course, considering that she's able to transform into different Pokemon as well, she possess the abilities, powers, and aspects of those ones as well when in those forms.

Vampire Powers: Being a vampire, Konoko -- naturally -- holds various aspects of this side of her as well. Her physical abilities are enhanced greatly, and she has the power to manipulate and control blood; turning it into objects or weapons if she needed. She has some control over shadows, and could turn herself into living shadow as well with some shape-shifting powers of her own from that aspect; able to transform into such things as mist, a bat, and a wolf rather easily. A special ability of hers is the ability to dissolve into a shadow and reappear from another one... shadow-porting, basically.

Were-rabbit: Konoko is also a were-rabbit. She gains enhanced senses and physical abilities from it, and she's also able to regenerate from most things.

Slime powers: Konoko is also a slime-girl, meaning that she has various kinds of abilities thanks to this aspect. When in slime form, she is nearly un-killable, able to survive being blown to pieces, being decapitated, and whatever other unsavory things befall her. She is resistant to heat and cold to a certain extent, where if things get hot enough, she'll simply lose form and melt into a puddle. She is able to go A LOT longer without feeling any real fatigue or tiredness, and hunger is something she only feels once in a great while. One of her greatest abilities, though, is the ability to transform into just about anything she would like, as well as change the properties and coloring of her body.

Cabbit/Masu Physiology: Having assimilated the aspect from Blossom, Konoko has a cabbit form of her own, which looks a lot like a modified Espeon with white fur and stiff-rabbit-like ears. Along with flight and teleporting, this form provides Konoko with an easy way to phase through things, as well as a certain extent of energy production and use, as well as other abilities. Even though she hasn't really used it yet, she would be able to turn into a ship form as well.

Dragon Breath: Though Konoko isn't a dragon -- at least when not in a Dragon-type Pokemon form, -- she possesses the ability to fire off magical dragon-like breath. What she fires off is dependent upon what her breath is like, what she ate, or what kind of energy she fed into her mouth.

Inanimate Desires: Konoko is able to use and manipulate Jale, due to being the Jale avatar.

Time Manipulation: Thanks to a technological costume obtained from Bliss in Spamville, Konoko is able to transform into a Sakuya Izayoi form. The powers from this form have managed to bleed off to her normal form, and so she is capable of manipulating time as well as be proficient when it comes to throwing knives.

Green Flame/Power: Obtained via another techological costume, this one being a costume of Shego. Konoko is able to summon up green flames in her hands, but has also managed to manipulate it so that she could use the flames via other parts of her body, as well as form it into different shapes.

Ninja Abilities: Konoko has access to chakra, and is basically a ninja in training. She can use such things as clone techniques and various other ninja abilities and attacks.

Other powers: Can manipulate her hair and lengthen/shorten it at will. Her hair is impervious to being cut, but can still be burned. She also possesses an 'Iron Skin' ability that allows her to give her skin an iron-like quality. She is able to shoot Green Eyebeams that allow her to control a person for 10 minutes, and Violet Eyebeams that let her change males to females for 24 hours. Konoko can also turn a person into a ferret if they provoke her enough. She is also a Demon Weapon, which allows her to transform herself into a weapon form, as well as produce blades throughout her body. The weapon form she takes is a pair of Deerhorn Knives.

Konoko is also able to create objects and weapons out of thin air by merely speaking out the item that she desires. More complex items need to be described more thoroughly, however.

Monarchs: A pair of butterfly swords. The blades are pure white with black bindings, and the left handle is green, while the right handle is red. These are Konoko's 'legendary weapons', created by Raleigh. The blades are capable of channeling different kinds of energy within them, as well as extending/retracting to any length that Konoko desires. They are attuned to her, so if someone attempts to take them, Konoko can just summon them back.

Spoon Staff: A spoon-shaped staff that is created from Konoko's own psychic powers. It's strength and capabilities are dependent on Konoko's own psionic abilities. As such, it is capable of great things.

Astral Gloves: A pair of gloves created by Raleigh. They are imbued with astral magic, and so not only would they be capable of damaging an opponent physically, but they would also damage the person's spiritual/astral body. There are a set of claws hidden within the gloves that can also pop out.

Astral Whip: A whip created by Raleigh that is also imbued with astral magic. It is capable of extending in length, as well as channeling different kinds of energy.

Psi Crystal: A small crystal that is embedded in the back of Konoko's right hand, and was obtained by winning a match in Raleigh's colosseum. It increases Konoko's psionic capabilities.

Large Scythe: Thanks to a Sizer (From Violinist of Hameln) costume, Konoko is able to call upon a large scythe if she needs to.

Golden Tiger Claws: Obtained from Circe's shop, Konoko is able to open up portals to just about anywhere by slashing the air with these and opening up a spacial rip.

Orb of Tornami: Also obtained from Circe's shop, Konoko is able to use this to summon up a varying amount of water for any number of tasks.

Reversing Mirror: Again obtained from Circe's shop, Konoko is able to use this to reverse attacks that are fired at her.

Psychic Goo Gun: A gun that is shaped out of goo; Konoko is able to shoot off psionic bullets from it.

Fairy Lovely
While running around Jusenkyo, Konoko took part in an event and fell into one of the springs, gaining another water-based curse. This one, though, only affected her Gardevoir side, and it turned her into a 35cm tall fairy girl with wings and antenna designed -- oddly enough -- to make her look like a Beautifly girl.

Later on, however, Konoko's fairy form was changed to a Bubblegum Fairy form. In this form, Konoko is six inches tall and made out of grape-flavored bubblegum. Her wings are made out of sparkling sugar, and her hair is made out of cotton candy. Any part of her that is chewed up while in this form will magically regenerate, and she loves being chewed by others; as her flavor never dies out and continues on forever. In this form, she is also more energetic, happy, and similar.

Bubbly Delight
Konoko also managed to obtain a Powerpuff Girls Z transformation belt, which she used almost right away after receiving. With this belt, she is now able to transform into Rolling Bubbles. When powered down while still wearing the belt, she goes by the name Miyako.
While in this form, she becomes a young girl who is polite and has a huge thing for fashion. Like the character she is based off of, she also has an Octi Plushie. Besides her normal Bubbles attacks, Miyako is able to use all of the abilities of the form she has 'underneath'. This means that if she transformed while in normal Gardevoir form, she would have access to her psychic and vampire powers. Interestingly, transforming while in normal Gardevoir form is the only way to become a normal Bubbles look-alike. If she were to change while in her other forms, there'd be some obvious differences.

Powers and Abilities: Other than having the abilities of each form she is in, Bubbles has her own abilities at her disposal.
Bubble Champagne: With a wave of her Bubble Wand Staff, Bubbles is able to shoot off a flurry of bubbles that crash against the opponent.
Bubble Poyon: With this, Bubbles is able to create various bubbles that are strong enough to bounce attacks back to the enemy, as well as catch a person who is falling.
Bubble Popper: Similar to Bubble Champagne, but the bubbles used pop with a powerful force to send an opponent flying backwards. Especially deadly in the psychic energy variety, which pops with the power of a semi truck and stronger.
Balloon Catcher: A bubble that is able to quickly form around someone and hold them within it; good for keeping someone safe or keeping an enemy trapped.
Balloon Neba-Neba: When the bubbles hit something, they explode into a sticky substance that makes it hard for someone to move, and it can even be used to stop something falling by sticking it to a different surface.
Energy Ball: Fires off bubbles that are full of electricity that are capable of exploding.
Shabon Freedom Finish: Traps someone within a huge bubble. She then inserts the head of the bubble wand into the bubble and sends out a multitude of smaller bubbles, able to cleanse a person's body of toxins and other foreign affects.
Eye Beams: Being a Powerpuff Girl, Bubbles is able to fire off powerful energy beams from her eyes in her signature color of blue.
Communication with Animals: One of Bubbles' special abilities. She is able to communicate with all forms of animals; including monsters and other similar creatures. This ability has flowed over to Konoko's normal forms.
Enhanced Physical Abilities: Being a Powerpuff Girl, Bubbles has access to some incredible feats of physical powress. One time, along with Blossom and Buttercup, they had accidentally flown so fast into the moon that they split it in half.
Flight: Bubbles is able to easily fly without a problem. She was originally limited to only being able to fly thanks to her shoes, but an encounter with Washu changed it so that the ability to fly was a part of her very being. This aspect has also spilled over to Konoko's other forms.

The Written Word
During a moment of confusion and not being aware of just what she was getting into. Konoko was transformed into an eight-year-old girl who possesses the power to draw something within a book and bring it to reality. She is also able to suck a person into her book and erase/redraw them into whatever she desires, and spit them back out. She would also be able to keep them within her books and make them live out a story that she crafts.

Inanimate Action
Another form of Konoko's is that of the Jale Avatar. As the Jale Avatar, she is able to turn people into thematically-based inanimate objects. She basically became a Haruhi figurine that's able to change size and move around.

I Feel Skitty
After eating some Tomapple Ice Cream, Konoko ended up transforming into a Skitty-girl. In this form, she is overly hyperactive, absent-minded, forgetful, ditzy, and silly. She also tends to act more kitten-like than anything, and loves to have her ears scratched. She has a habit of running around so much that she gets dizzy.

Magical Issues
Due to events that happened in a topic of Nikkou's, Konoko is able to assume the form of a young witch-girl. In this form, she has access to powerful magic, but is too immature and impatient. As such, whenever she attempts to use the magic, it usually backfires on her.

Uber Cuteness and Sugar
Due to events involving the outfit that she had previously been transformed into, and some effects that are unknown as to why it happened, Konoko has gained a form that is the embodiment of cuteness to the nth degree. Perhaps the best way to describe would be to post the transformation process itself.
Since the force was being directed toward the body, the use of aura was ineffective in trying to expand where there wasn't any space. Had this aura stuff been forced between the dress and Konoko's body, like a wedge, there may have been success. Well, if the user would have been willing to do so from beneath the skirt...

But, lo, the dress did not give up. In fact, as if it were aware of an impending threat to its mission, the changes sped up. The dress was soon as frilly and ruffly as it was going to get, as it changed to cover almost all of Konoko's body. The skirt puffed out, with the appearance of a petticoat underneath. The shoes became a cute pair of Mary Janes, that had bows over the instep. A pair of miniature, stuffed rabbits appeared on the headdress, which covered Konoko's ears. And, to top it off, it had a big bow hanging from the collar, and a pair of wings sticking out from the back. Konoko, in the meanwhile, had becomes a darling little thing, with a round, adorable face and large, fluttering, purple eyes framed by longer, pink hair. She was so young, so small, so cute, that one might mistake her as a fragile porcelain doll of unusual size.

Regardless, Konoko's transformation continued. Her wings continued to grow larger, as well as more radiant; just like the rest of her, which included her dress. In fact, if she were to stand in the dark, onlookers would be able to see her glowing. With what? Cuteness. Even her face, that someone might have thought was as cute as could be, became even more cute. Her eyes alone, now a cotton candy pink, just like her hair, were like looking into a universe filled with sugary treats. And if her glow of cuteness wasn't enough, everything about her sparkled, from head to toe, and even to the tips of her angelic wings. Every movement seemed to bring a downpour of glitter. And it wasn't easy not to move, since her dress, in all of its pink and white glory, had been overcome by even more frills, ruffles, ribbons, lace and silk. Yes, silk. Nice, soft, shiny, cool-to-the-touch, cute silk.

And then a rainbow-swirled lollipop appeared in her dainty little hand, and everything became clear to our little Konoko: cute was everything. She was cute, thus, if form followed function, then she must have a cute personality in order to be able to look as cute as she now did. It made it so much easier for her to play with the wonderful power of cuteness that she now felt bubbling up inside of herself, sugary and sweet like a soft drink. And, like a delicious soft drink, she wanted to drink it all up, to enjoy it, to savor it... to convince others of how sweet it was to indulge oneself with cuteness.

Patchwork Body
When she was unaware of it most, Konoko was knocked unconscious by Nikkou and dragged behind a curtain where she was operated on in an unknown and yet most likely illegal and dangerous fashion. When Nikkou was finished, Konoko came out looking like some kind of Frankenstein's Monster crossed with a rabbit. When the screw in her head is turned in different directions, Konoko's personality will change to reflect upon different Color personalities.

Ninja Fun
After drinking a special from Circe's restaurant, Konoko suddenly found herself in this form. She was rather fond of it, so even after deciding to take an antidote and return to her normal form, she decided to memorize the physical appearance so that she would be able to shift into it whenever she wanted thanks to her shapeshifting powers from either her Slime Girl form or Ninetails powers. On a random note, Konoko is also a ninja of the Village Hidden in the Water Park.

Name: Usagi Hasano
Species: Human/were-rabbit
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Skin: Light
Hair: Dark purple-almost black
Eyes: purple
Appearance: A 16-year-old girl with long, blackish purple hair, purple eyes, and large, thin glasses. She mostly tends to wear shirts and slacks, but can also often seen be wearing other things.

Bio: The eldest daughter of Konoko. She tends to be somewhat serious and calm at times, but it is easy to get her riled up and into a worrying mood. Because of the Hasano family gene, she is a were-rabbit. When she transforms, she becomes several inches shorter while her hair turns a deep purple. A thin layer of fur will also appear upon her body. She has a love for drawing and video games.

Usagi can also transform into a plushy bunny form, as well as a Bubblegum Fairy form of her own, becoming a Winter Mint flavor. Her body being a dark blue with light speckles all around it.

Enhanced Physical Abilities: Being a were-rabbit, Usagi is much stronger and capable than a normal human is, and her healing abilities are enough to allow her to regenerate missing body parts without too much trouble. Her sense of hearing is probably the greatest out of all of her enhanced senses.

Magic Capabilities: Usagi is a sorceress in training. She has great magical powers at her disposal, and is able to use them for attacking and generally creating and modifying stuff. She's still learning, but improves quickly. This is especially true thanks to the Lina Inverse form that she has.

Half Esper: A form obtained from Nikkou's shop, Usagi is able to transform into a seven-foot-tall woman with glowing, neon pink skin. Her hair becomes wild, long, and neon purple, and she gains neon purple fur from her elbows/knees down, as well as a pair of deadly claws. While in this form, using magic is just as easy and natural as breathing.

Life Drawing: Thanks to a Haruna Saotome costume, Usagi is able to bring her drawings to life to a certain degree. However, for the full effect, she would need to change to her Haruna form.

Accurate Exorcism: Thanks to a Mana Tatsumiya potion, Usagi is capable of some exorcism abilities and an increase in accuracy. To get the full effect, though, she would need to change to the Mana form. While in this form, she uses guns to shoot blessed bullets that are capable of destroying the undead.

Bounty: Usagi also possesses a Samus Aran form, which gives her the abilities and equipment of Samus.

Celestial Power: Usagi has her own angel form, which was obtained thanks to Nikkou. While in this form, she is able to summon up holy magic and use it to heal and fight against demonic energies/beings. Her own ability that she possesses in this form is the power over nature.

Infernal Power: She also has a demoness form, which was obtained from Whatevr's Blessing and Curses game. In this form, she is able to use demonic powers of various kinds, and her own ability is that of poison.

Femtons: Usagi's physical structure is that of a femtoine thanks to Ritsu giving her some Femtons that she obtained from Nikkou's shop. As such, she is capable of transforming herself, as well as dissolving into a goo like form and dissolving into atoms.

Red Power: Usagi is the avatar of Red, meaning that she is able to use Red rather easily and without issue. The power also allows her to create all kinds of food with as little effort as possible.

Whip Sword: Obtained from Raleigh, Usagi has a sword that is made from the bones of some zombies she defeated. The sword is capable of separating into parts like a whip, which can be rather deadly.

Bone Dagger: Also obtained from Raleigh, Usagi has a dagger made from the bones of a zombie.

Bone Claws: Again obtained from Raleigh, Usagi has a claw/cage combo where the cage could be hidden up her sleeve, and would then shoot the claws out at an opponent.

Desert Eagles: From her Mana Tatsumiya form, Usagi has a pair of Desert Eagles that shoot out blessed bullets, and she can even fire out bullets of red energy

Power Suit: Obtained from her Samus Aran form... it's self explanatory.

Name: Ritsu Hasano
Species: Human/were-rabbit
Gender: Female
Age: 10
Skin: Light
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Brown
Appearance: A 10-year-old girl who wears her brown hair in twin pigtails. She wears a pair of small, thin glasses in front of her eyes, and she can almost never be seen without a belt around her waist that contains pockets for tools. Her two front teeth are also larger than normal, giving her the impression of them being squirrel-like.

Bio: The third youngest (Technically second youngest, but other factors contribute) daughter of Konoko, Ritsu is a child genius who is already close to finishing college. She has a love for almost anything technological, and has a habit of creating various strange and interesting inventions. Squirrels are her favorite animal, but she tends to get overly embarrassed and annoyed whenever someone points out her teeth and/or that her name without the 't' means the Japanese word for squirrel. She's incredibly proud of her intelligence, and so she takes offense whenever someone questions her.

Ritsu also gained a Bubblegum Fairy form. In this form, she is Watermelon flavor. Her coloring in this form consists of a green body with red hair and eyes. Her hair also contained black spots, mimicking seeds.

Ritsu has a water-based curse now. After getting hit with cold water, she transforms into Sana Kurata.

Special abilities or other
Intelligence: Ritsu has a genius level intellect and is able to invent just about anything that she'd like without too much of a problem. She can solve issues rather quickly, and is able to create on the fly with as little materials as possible.

Were-rabbit: Just like her mother and sisters, Ritsu has her own were-rabbit form. Her hair turns into a bright blonde while her fur becomes a dark tan. Interestingly, she is also able to turn into a were-cat as well thanks to a trip to Purria.

Femtons: Ritsu has also become a Femtoine after purchasing a canister of it from Nikkou's nicknack shop. As a femtoine, Ritsu is capable of modifying any part of her body into about anything that she desires as long as she has the mass for it. She is capable of interacting with other objects on the molecular level, and can dissolve into atoms without a hitch.

Technopathy: Recently, Ritsu has discovered her ability as a technopath. As such, she is able to control technology such as electronics and machinery with her mind, as well as able to feed power to them and make them work without a conventional power source. She can obtain data and information by merely touching a computer or device, and in combination with her femtons, become a part of the electronics/machinery itself. This ability also extends itself to controlling thermal, electromagnetic, and other similar energies without a problem.

Computer Unit: After being TFed into a computer girl recently, Ritsu changed back to normal and found out that in the process, her femtons had assimilated several aspects of that form and had basically turned her into an organic computer unit.

Psychic/Pokemon Powers: Ritsu is able to transform into a Metagross girl. As such, she has access to powerful psionic abilities, as well as Pokemon skills.

Ninja Abilities: Being the Kage of the Village Hidden in the Jungle, Ritsu possesses powerful ninja capabilities.

Vampire Fun: Thanks to an Evangeline A.K. MacDowell costume, Ritsu is able to transform into her, and so possesses vampire powers as well as magical ability. She can also control marionettes without too much of a problem.

Paper Master: Due to a Yomiko Readman costume, Ritsu has the powers of a Paper Master, and so is able to use paper itself with deadly accuracy and ability.

Nuts and Bolts: Also from a Bolt Crank costume, Ritsu is able to consume materials and reform them from her body at a later time. For the full effect, however, she would need to transform into her Bolt Crank form.

Imaginative Dealings: From Whatevr's Blessing and Curses game, Ritsu gained a Crimson-Violet Boy form. In this form, she is able to use her imagination powers and cause just about anthing she wants to happen occur, but her imagination can also run away with her.

Laboratory: Ritsu has her own lab that she often goes to. There she spends her time tinkering and running various kinds of experiments.

Washu costume: Given to her by her mother, Ritsu has made good use of the costume by bettering her knowledge and understanding

Translator Choker: Around her neck, Ritsu wears a special choker that allows her to automatically translate different languages.

Tech-E Watch: On her wrist, Ritsu has a special watch that consists of a large blue orb. She uses this for a variety of tasks, and actually has other inventions hidden within it due to subspace pocket tampering. If she wanted, she could have a humongous BFG of some kind pop out of it.

Pocket Replicator: Obtained from Usagi, who obtained it from Blossom, this small device is capable of producing anything as long as the thing created is six feet by six feet.

Mojo Robo -- Modified into Squirrel Robo: Obtained from Usagi, who also obtained it from Blossom, Ritsu has this huge robot that was based off of one of Mojo Jojo's robots in Powerpuff Girls Z. She has since modified it so that it has her signature squirrel design, as well as capable of transforming into various 'modes' to use.

Phaser Gun: Obtained from Blossom, this gun is designed after the Star Trek TOS Phaser type 1 gun with a universal power adapter/charging unit. She has since started to attempt to modify and tweak it to her interest.

Age Chocolate: Ritsu has begun to dabble in creating various kinds of chocolate that either regress or progress the eater's age by a certain number. Some of these chocolates even include small mental affects.

TF Guns: Ritsu is also in possession of various types of TF Guns that she had tweaked and/or invented.

Squirrel's Delight: A special popcorn that turns those who eat it into psychics of various types of powers.

Synthoids: After obtaining the machine from Lio, Ritsu gained the capability to create Synthoids, which happen to be mindless, artificial humans. She uses these for initial testing on her experiments before deciding to head off on field testing with normal human test subjects.

Master Spark: An octangular device that Ritsu obtained from Bliss's Death Crystal. It is capable of shooting out a powerful laser of energy and electricity that is strong enough to pierce through even omega class divine barriers. The downside is that it requires some charge time.

Liquid Metal Katana: Obtained from a Blessing in Whatevr's Blessing and Curses game, Ritsu possesses this sword. It's made of liquid metal with the ability to reshape itself into anything as long as she is holding the hilt. The sword is also capable of assimilating and using things that are injected into it, such as poisons and transformative liquids/gases/etc, allowing her to affect a person with whatever is in the sword

Peebos and Puchubos: Deciding to copy from the series Gold Digger, Ritsu has created her very own Peebos, which are small robots designed for certain tasks. She has also created small robots shaped like Puchus from Excel Saga.

Limitation Device: Ritsu possesses a device that is capable of limiting the abilities of a person. The limitations range from enhanced physical abilities all the way to divine and demonic powers/connections.

Name: Eiko Hasano
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 7 (Should be 16)
Skin: Light
Hair: Black with a purple tinge to it
Eyes: purple
Appearance: Since she is Usagi's twin sister, she looks like a younger version of the teen, but without glasses.

Bio: As stated, Eiko is Usagi's twin sister, but when they were both seven-years-old, Eiko found a magical cat band and placed it upon her head. Almost instantly, she was transformed into a tiny kitten with grayish-white fur and a tiny blue tuft of hair on her head. She spent almost 10 years in this form, but her family treated her as if she were still human.

Thanks to Raleigh, she has managed to regain human form, but because her age was frozen while a kitten, she returned as a seven-year-old. Despite the fact that she was treated well during her time as a kitten, and that she can easily turn into the form at will, Eiko still has a sort of paranoia about the thought of being stuck in that form, and has become rather clingy when around the rest of her family, as well as shy and soft-spoken. Her time as a kitten has also made her prone to awkward situations while human.

Were-cabbit: Like her mother and sisters, Eiko is a lycan. However, instead of a were-rabbit, she's a were-cabbit, which is the result of side effects from her time as a kitten. While in this form, she has grayish-white fur, turquoise hair, and looks like a regular were-rabbit... except for the cat-girl and feline-like claws and teeth.

Martial Arts: Eiko is training to be a martial artist, and so she has some fighting capability to her.

Shape-shifting: Eiko possesses some shape-shifting ability.

Femtons: Like her mother and sisters, Eiko possesses some Femtoine structure.

Masu: Thanks to the Ryoko Hakubi form she gained from a potion, Eiko has some Masu DNA flowing within her.

Shifting Formations: Eiko also consumed a potion which gave her an Eve form. As such, her transforming powers have gained a leap in what she can do.

Byakugan: Possessing a Hanabi Hyuga costume, Eiko is able to transform into the form and use the abilities of the Byakugan and other ninja aspects.

Mental Reading: Thanks to a Nodoka Miyazaki costume, Eiko can use a journal to see into the thoughts of others near her.

Name: Uzuko Hasano
Species: Bubblegum Fairy
Gender: Female
Age: Less than a year
Skin: A swirl and mix of purple and pink
Hair: Same as skin color
Eyes: One eye pink mottled with purple, and one eye purple mottled with pink
Appearance: Perhaps this quote will better describe...
Yes, indeed: it seemed that baby bubblegum faeries were born with a laugh, rather than a cry. And with all of the wriggling and giggling, Ritsu would probably be unsettled and want to remove the little tyke. Upon doing so, everyone will see the wad reform into a naked, little girl that was a third of Mischa's and Konoko's size. You could tell that she was their child because she had each of their colors, pink and purple. Rather than being a solid pink and purple in any particular place, the colors swirled and whorled around, and even mixed in a bit in places, in much the same way as it was with marbled brownies. Except she was gum. The swirl effect was most notable in her cotton candy hair, since each strand reflected the color that happened to be on that part of her scalp. As for her eyes, which glittered with sugary goodness (she was a child, after all!), one was pink, mottled with purple, and the other was purple, mottled with pink. Her wings, like both of her parents', was a frosty white and crystalline in appearance.

She seemed to be able to stand, and walk, but she looked around curiously, and made some nonsense sound because she didn't know any language. It's this author's guess that, being a magical creature and all, some things just came naturally, while other things did not.

Bio: Basically Konoko's youngest child that came about when both she and Mischa had been turned into bubblegum fairies and were both chewed on at the same time. For some reason, due to the chewing, an egg magically came into creation, and Uzuko was then born. Being a newborn Bubblegum Fairy, she is naturally inquisitive, happy, energetic, emotional, and eager to be chewed on. She mostly sticks to her mother, but will often be seen with Ritsu, Usagi, or Eiko.

Powers and abilities:
Regeneration: Uzuko is able to regenerate any part of her body, and could easily reform after being chewed up into a wad of gum.

Psionic Powers: Inherited from Konoko, Uzuko possesses her own psychic abilities. They aren't even close to being as powerful as her mother's, but she can still do a few things with them.

Fairy Magic: Since she is a fairy -- albeit one that is made out of gum, -- Uzuko possesses some fairy magic capabilities.
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Re: Spamville Character Dossier

Postby AdmiralTigerclaw » Wed Nov 04, 2009 2:49 am

Time to post another char of mine:

Megumi Tenrai

Megumi prepares to use the Light of Regulus.

AGE: 10,000
CLASS: Goddess (Class IV Supernatural Life Form.)
AFFILLIATION: Divine Order of the Valkyrie Elite (D.O.V.E.)
Estimated Nanohaverse Mage Rank: X? -- Undeterminable (Oh shit oh shit! Put it back!) [She's making a brief cameo in MSLN Test Dummies]

"There's something about that girl... Something about the way she said that... Gentle and warm like a summer breeze. But at the same time, it shot this icy shiver down my spine. Call me crazy, but my gut knows when there's danger. And I've never felt danger more clearly than THAT."
- Maj. General William Roland, MSLN Test Dummies

Megumi, at first glance, appears docile, a little slow, perhaps even a bit ditzy. She is a very sweet natured young lady (relatively speaking) with a soft spot for small cute plushie items such as stuffed bears. Her personality is so frightfully disarming that most people dismiss her in any kind of violent situation. Despite appearances however, she’s incredibly competent.
Megumi has been known to project a certain attitude of seeming clairvoyance in her ability to read people like an open book, seeing through their carefully built facades and emotional masks to understand the individual and motives beneath those masks. This nature has allowed her to appear at points of conflict across the cosmos and act as ambassador of piece without seeming to do so. In fact, nearly all don’t realize she was negotiating for them until well after she’s left. The honest, soft spoken way in which she communicates with people makes the options she presents come across as simple solutions that make each side wonder why they didn’t think of it.

“Megumi? Fight? That would be news to me…”
- Clawson Zantis, Demon (Catlike Species), Order of Felis Omegus

We present you with the image of sweet, docile Megumi, sitting down, waiting for a cup of tea. The maid comes in, trips over something, and spills the entire plate, losing the tea all over the floor. After apologizing profusely and cleaning the mess, the maid looks up and finds Megumi, drinking calmly out of one of the teacups that had supposedly fallen to the floor. The fact is, that cup never made it half way to the ground, it was caught. It was caught without spilling a drop, without anyone noticing, by the seemingly harmless young lady sipping out of it. This is but a subtle sign of Megumi’s true nature.

Megumi is a Valkyrie. Class number two hundred and sixty four of the ancient training of the Divine Order of Valkyrie Elite, and the record holder for the coveted title of Lance Master, and by that title, keeper of Regulus. According to the evaluations of the Divine Order of Valkyrie Elite and the elder council of the Coalition of Ancient Times (COAT), Megumi is the single most skilled individual in the known universe.

And for good reason.

Megumi’s idea of a mild warm up involves a medium sized military division complete with heavy armor and air power, eight seconds, and its complete decimation. This is possible because of her martial prowess, her training, and her inherent magic level as a goddess.
Megumi surpassed the masters of the Valkyrie training in skill, which combines over fifty forms of complementary close combat arts of both the armed, unarmed, and magical styles taken from across the cosmos and combined into a single all encompassing art form to create an all purpose style with all the specialties and quirks of a particular style. Megumi’s strongest points are Spearmanship, and open handed striking combat.
Her training, along side the Valkyrie combat, included instruction by renowned strategic military master, General Sun Tzu. General Tzu was one of the greatest strategic commanders of the Galactic War, second to Admiral Shilva in raw strategic ability. (Tzu’s historical records in China are but a mere record of a Vacation he took a few thousand years ago. General Tzu is currently retired, and spends his time as a Ramen Vendor in southern Tokyo. He enjoys spending his time providing friendly advice to people who have no idea as to his exploits and the friendly atmosphere of the location.)

As a goddess, a class four supernatural entity with access to upper levels of magical manipulation influence, Megumi can be said to be powerful. This is true, a being doesn’t earn the classification as a god/goddess by being weak. Megumi’s influence is on galactic scale of energy. Only when using the most powerful of magics does she have to start considering any kind of power budgeting. However, raw power alone does not make a warrior. As a magic user, the vast levels of control needed for most spells are a must. Megumi’s Valkyrie Enforced focus provides that control.
It is however, with some regret that she does not have a very wide range of magical skills, choosing instead to focus on a moderate range of decisively powerful combat oriented skills. To make up for it, she also utilizes the tools granted to her as the Lance Master of the Divine Order of Valkyrie Elite.

Utilities 1: Marks of the Flesh.
Megumi is equipped with the legendary branding technique known as the Marks of the Flesh. Magic branding that instantly grants a set power for easy use.

Mark of Binds:
The strongest temporal dilation spell ever written, the mark activates the spell known as Wave of Binds when Megumi clenches the fist which has the mark on the back. This instantly places her in a personal temporal field with a temporal ratio of One Thousand over One. Making it a proverbial Time Freeze to her opponents. (She gets a little over sixteen minutes of activity to our one second.) This is however, an energy intensive spell, and it is Megumi’s raw power allows her to spam it and abuse the time dialation, resulting in a near unstoppable session of Temporal Blitzing… The effect disrupts with direct contact with another magic user… resulting in the sudden appearance of Megumi as she delivers a strike.

Mark of Nothing:
Clenching of the opposite hand, which contains this mark, activates a spell known as Wave of Nothing. This spell allows for Megumi to render herself incorporeal, which some would call, out of phase, allowing objects and/or attacks to pass through her, or for her to selectively pass through objects.

Wave of Nothing Bound:

Combining the magics of the two marks above produces this effect. A powerful technique that allows Megumi to seemingly teleport-spam through solid objects, rip through reinforced armor like confetti, and smash targets in less time than it takes to blink.

Mark of Arms: CALL TO ARMS
Mark of Arms is synchronized with a matching mark on the weapon of Megumi’s choice, in this case, Regulus. Branded to the inside of her palm, Megumi activates this spell by holding her hand to the side and opening it like she’s going to catch something. The marked item (Regulus) teleports itself instantly into he grasp no matter what the location is in the galaxy.

Mark of Guard: RAISE THE GUARD
Mark of Guard is synchronized with a matching mark on whatever Armor Megumi may use, in this case, the armor Sentinel. Megumi touches this mark (located just above the tailbone on her flesh along her spine.) with two fingers to activate the spell and summon her armor to her body, no matter what the location. (The mark will know the touch even through clothing.)

Utilities 2: Legendary Gear

Relic Weapon: Legendary Spear of Light, Regulus.

The Legendary Relic Weapon named Regulus is one of only a handful of Relics created during the Galactic War. This particular weapon is a hand crafted magic spear, complete with indestructibility enchantments. The handle of the spear is a disjointed -shape almost like a barred spiral, connected at the middle to form two distinct areas of grip. The material is a polished ancient substance who’s chemical composition is forgotten, but has a finish like that of polished wood surfacing. The blade itself is a flattened spearhead with edges ideal for slicing when Megumi isn’t using a piercing attack. At the base of the blade, on what is considered the rear edge, there is a spike that can be used for ‘pick-axe’ like attacks, or for grabbing and holding objects. The blade is made from a metallic compound who’s exact chemical composition is unknown, only that even without enchantment its stronger than tungsten-carbide, and can magically raise its temperature to ten thousand degrees without softening. Combined with the near monomolecular edge, Regulus can cut through even Starship grade armor given time.

Enchanted Armor: Perceptive Guardian, Sentinel

The exquisite defensive armor known as Sentinel is one of the few sets of armor surviving from the Galactic war, and an example of some of the finest magical craftsmanship ever made. The armor is form fitting, loose fitting, and light. It’s made of a material that remains soft until struck, but instantly hardens to strength greater than most starship grade armors. Combined with the magical enchanting, it is capable of withstanding contact nuclear detonations in the megaton range. It provides full body coverage as a one solid piece from head to toe, and does not need to be maintained. As a side effect of being one solid piece, it does not clatter or clank… allowing Megumi to travel fully protected, silently. The only open spot in this armor is the head, with no Sentinel helmet having survived the Galactic War. However, it’s protection is still unmatched by the best power armors modern technology can create.

Abilities: Attack

Light of Regulus
Aside from indestructible qualities, and incredible cutting power of the blade. Regulus can direct a one-foot wide beam of coherent heat and light equal to twenty-five thousand degrees from the point of its blade. The beam can be used to burn or cut through armored targets like a hot knife through butter. Megumi has been known to use this attack to slice starships in half. To use, Megumi grips Regulus with both hands, and speaks the key-phrase “Burn”. Releasing one hand cuts the beam off.

Just because Megumi may have thrown the spear and is no longer holding it, does not mean that it is any less dangerous. By speaking the key-phrase ‘engulf’ while touching the mark of arms in the palm of her hand. The spear instantly heats the air around it to fifteen thousand degrees, producing a violent blast that instantly catches anything it touches on fire, and destroys those hapless individuals who may have been in the room. If Megumi is holding Regulus, she cannot touch the Mark of Arms, so it is impossible to accidentally Nova the air while she’s holding the weapon.

True Gate of Ra
As keeper of Regulus, and the Lance Master of the Valkyries, Megumi has been taught the single most powerful spell in the Divine Order’s arsenal, the True Gate of Ra. A combination of self writing magical air script to create a Gate Circle, and mentally controlled aiming combined with a medium length activation incantation, the True Gate of Ra is a frightening spell that links the gate with the heart of a galaxy. When the gate opens, the energized and pressurized contents on the other side find a hole for which gravity does not effect, and spills through, coming through this side as a magically focused fusion beam of unfathomable power. Depending on the aiming of the user, the True Gate of Ra can be anywhere from two meters wide, to twenty-five kilometers across. The high-density energy beam is a significant threat even to capital starships at long ranges. This is why it is risky to Challenge Megumi with anything less than an entire fleet.

On top of these spells, Megumi, as a Goddess, has naturally reinforced physical durability and phenomenal strength, allowing her to easily rip the turrets off tanks and take heavy artillery fire directly before she even uses defensive abilities like her armor or any shielding magics. Magumi may or may not utilize any number of spells not noted here. However, outside of a combat state of mind, Megumi’s dominant personality seems to lack focus to correctly pull off the average spell, explosive hilarity may result. Use caution.
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Re: Spamville Character Dossier

Postby Circe » Wed Nov 11, 2009 9:05 pm

Circe speaks in an orange font.

Character Name: Circe

Character Race: Human Caucasian

Character Gender (Primary): Female

Character Gender (Secondary): N/A

Physical Description of Character: A picture's worth a thousand words...

General Time of Joining the Spamville community: Early November, 2009

Any powers character has: MAGIC!

...Okay, to be a bit more specific, Circe has training in many fields of magic, though she's more proficient in some (summoning, transformations) than others (healing). In addition, recieved laser vision from Ambush Cat some time back, and shapeshifting abilities from a genie. She also carries a few pieces of magical equipment and some more specific powers, as follows:

Lightsaber: A gift from Aldonza. Has three modes: Standard, whose name says it all, really, and which has a green blade. Practice, which has a blue blade and greatly weakened cutting strength, for training sessions. And Ultra, with its silver blade, which greatly increases the lightsaber's power, at the cost of some of Circe's life force. It also has an energy conversion function, which allows the wielder to increase their offensive power for the sake of defense, or vice-versa.

Touhou Cards: A deck of cards based on the spell cards from the Touhou Project game series, all fully funcitonal.

Mood Ring: Like any mood ring, this ring changes color to reflect Circe's mood. However, should any form of energy be channeled through it (electricity, magical, whatever), it fires off a blast of colored energy, which causes a transformation in whoever it hits. The sort of transformation depends on the color.

Pokédex: Obtained from one of Blossom's death crystals, along with six Pokéballs. In addition to the usual functions, the Pokédex can match people up with a Pokémon that matches with them, and the Pokéballs can be used to transform people into either their Pokémon, or a hybrid of it and a human.

Indigo Eyebeams: A power gained from one of Lio's death crystals. When Circe uses these, the target blasted by her eye beams must speak in knock-knock jokes for the next hour.

Break Storm: A desperation attack gained from one of Callista's death crystals. By conentrating, she can convert certain energies within her body into ki, which forms into a battle aura around her. She then holds to fingers in the air to great a giant explosion around herself, with a 200 meter radius.

Minion Type: Circe has a small army of highly skilled and dedicated maids at her disposal. Most of the time, though, they're all looking after her gi-huge-ic mansion outside Muffinville.

Faction during the Brotherhood/Sisterhood war: The what now?

General description of character personality: Circe has some pretty major self-esteem issues, owing to constant, almost entirely undeserved mockery from her peers in Muffinville. Once, she would have flown at you in a blind rage for even suggesting that you might not be giving her your full respect. She's mellowed out a bit in recent times, though it'd still be a bad idea to push her, lest she turn you into a maid and force you into her service.


Circe's Sailor Soldier form, Sailor Umbriel

* Transformation pen: A standard issue Sailor Soldier transformation item. Circe's is activated with a cry of "Umbriel Power, Make Up!"

* Shadow Pinion: Circe throws a needle of dark energy at the enemy's shadow, immobilizing them.

* Umbriel Death Slicer: A curved blade of dark energy appears in the air before Circe and flies at the enemy, slicing through them.

* Umbriel Shadow Blazer: Circe presses a palm against the ground, causing a trail of black flame to erupt from the ground before her and snake its way over to the enemy.

* Death Hole Obliteration: A black hole appears and sucks in the enemy.
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Re: Spamville Character Dossier

Postby shinryou » Thu Jan 14, 2010 6:52 am

Character Name: Kazuya Kyohaku
Character Race: Human
Character Gender (Primary): Male
Character Gender (Secondary): Female
Physical Description of Character: Picture cause I'm lazy
General Time of Joining the Spamville community: January of 2010
Any powers character has:

- Space-Time Manipulation (Able to manipulate the fabric of space and time.)
----- Flow Reversal (Can reverse TF's effects by turning back time on his body to before the change happened)
- Master Chef (An exceptional ability to turn almost anything into a relatively edible dish)
- Sword Skills (Learned in his journey in his own world)
- Taco Storm (A spell taught to him by an old friend... it holds destructive powers...)
- Misfortune (Bad Luck seems to follow him everywhere)
- Demon Weapon (Allows him to assume the form of a demon weapon, his being a double sided lance)
- Formshift (A skill learned through a book. Allows the switch between Kamika and the other forms)

- Golango Root (The fruit holding the gold color energy)
- Key to the Heart (A Keyblade like weaponed with a heart shaped bow. It opens up the hearts of those barricaded from emotion due to real life. Transformation may happen... depends on STUFF)
- Uneaten Half Poison Burger (A burger of a poison element, purchased from Rei and bitten. Halved with Konoko.)
- Chest of Ancient Gold (A reward for helping Rei out with a job)
- Book on Formshifting (A book bought so he could learn how to shift between major forms.)
- Weapon Ring x3 (Magical Items that change into weapons.)
----- Energy Hand Gun x2 (Hand guns that fire the users own energy)
----- Echo Cleaver (A blade that channels energy well.)

Minion Type: N/A
Faction during the Brotherhood/Sisterhood war: I don't know about this ><
General description of character personality: Cynical, Eccentric and at times idiotic
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Re: Spamville Character Dossier

Postby Shanami » Fri Jan 29, 2010 3:56 pm

Character Name: Freya
Character Race: Mau
Character Gender (Primary): Female
Character Gender (Secondary): None for now
Physical Description of Character: Freya is a tortoise shell patterned mau, meaning she has black, brown and dark tan fur with a distinct cross-like separation on her face of black and tan. She is about 1 foot long and 8 inches tall with short hair a relatively long tail.

Recently, upon consuming some chemelon cat-food, it forced her humanoid transformation on her early. In this form, she is a very pale Caucasian looking girl with yellow-green slitted eyes, a pair of cat ears on her head and a tail. Her hair maintains her normal tortie pattern.

After consuming a chemelon fruit while in humanoid form, she also gained another female form, this of a teenager. Picture will be posted later after I figure out the formatting stuff and finish watching some lectures.

She also has a costume form of [img=]Lilica Felchenerow[/img] which gives her access to the wind Arcana.

Freya has also acquired a scythe and is fairly proficient in it's use when in her older humanoid form, though she cannot even pick it up otherwise.

General Time of Joining the Spamville community: Approx Jan 20/2010

Any powers character has: Like all mau, Freya can assume a human form, but prefers to spend time as a cat. She currently is too young to have developed any more powers like the standard mind-meld.

General description of character personality: Generally friendly, but incredibly flaky. She acts like any kitten you've ever met. She really likes people, mice, balls of yarn, and being petted. Her attention span is quite short unless she can chase things, and she has a strange fascination with bacon and milk.

Character name: Yuki
Character Race: Fey of some sort, exact species unknown
Primary Gender: Female
Secondary Gender: none yet
Physical description: Yuki is a newborn pixie-like fey, standing at approximately 5 inches tall. She has pale, ice blue skin and wings made of light in the shape of butterfly wings that extend from her shoulders to just below her knees. Like most fey, she has extremely elfin features, slightly pointed ears and a very slight build, though she is too young to have entered puberty. Her hair and eye color are variable though she's fond of hot and light pinks when she is happy. She has gone through a fey-puberty to stand at just over 11 inches tall.

Time of joining spamville: February 1st, 2010 which is incidentally her date of birth.

Special powers: As an egg she was exposed to a number of things that have influenced her development, whether or not she still has some sympathetic/osmotic power growth is currently unknown.

Uncontrolled/Emotional Metamorphing: Her hair and eye color change randomly unless she is experiencing a strong emotion, in which case they will change to reflect said emotion.

Basic Ice Sorcery: Mostly uncontrolled, as her egg was exposed to ice, Yuki has some basic control over ice magic which will probably develop into much broader elemental magic with a specialization in ice/water as she grows older.

Basic Plant Affinity: Due to exposure to a partially unshielded Rei-chan, Yuki's latent fairy magic regarding plants is slightly boosted. This exposure also makes her slightly hyper.

Yuki is also Sailor Titania, which gives her a large boost to her fairy and ice magics.

Yuki has a lightning-whip/chain sword weapon but is much more proficient at fighting with plants.

Uncontrolled Tastiness Aura: Due to exposure to bacon while still an egg, Yuki always looks tasty to anyone that is hungry. If she can get this under control, she may have a viable combat weapon or increased abilities to cook yummy food.

General Description of Personality: Yuki shows curiosity at everything around her. She is generally friendly, though gets scared of things with big teeth easily. Due to the massive amounts of life energy present at the time of her birth, Yuki is nearly always hyper, but she tires easily and gets extremely sleepy and cuddly.
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Re: Spamville Character Dossier

Postby Quickshot0 » Thu Feb 18, 2010 4:23 pm

Character Name: Auriel Sachiko Amanda Sakomoto-Reson
Character Race: Eosian Kitsune Human (A rare race engineered by Celyn Reson)
Character Gender: Female

Physical Description of Character: Looks like a human around 18 years old, with three kitsune tails and a pair of Kitsune ears in orange. Her brown hair sparkles, like some portions of it is silver or gem like. She also has grey eyes, that when you shift perspective will at times seem to shift to other colors, most commonly green, brown, black and blue. (Avatar picture is how she would have looked when she still had one tail)

General Time of Joining the Spamville community: January 2010

Any powers character has: (Be as vague as you want) Excessive resistance to magic embedding itself in to her, though this in no way protects her against any physical traits any magic might have, and stronger magic can still cause temporary changes to her. As drawback this also mostly makes her immune to magical boosting for any real length of time. She also has no soul and as such is immune to most mind tricks and spiritual effects, but also as such lacks any ki or other soul based abilities. Poisons/diseases/chemicals are usually ineffective as well, due to her species being engineered and not having a human metabolism, with its typical weaknesses.

Uses a mathematical/science magic style, which seems derived from Senshi style magic. Has ability some ability in Earth type magics, is significantly better in water/ice/electric magic and has considerable skill in fire and wind magic. Further dabbles in Electromagnetic and Plasma styles of magic. Also has an untrained and completely sealed power based on reality alteration. which she can't use, being far to young or inexperienced, for something that dangerous.

Minion Type: She has no minions.
Faction during the Brotherhood/Sisterhood war: War? Hauu~ That would be mean...

General description of character personality: Energetic, kind, pacifistic and not interested in violent activities at all. She is also quite studious and curious in nature, and at times seems a bit child like in nature still.
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