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Postby SethBlade » Fri Sep 21, 2012 6:33 pm

Honestly, the only actual events that I could see Ranma joining in (if he were ever actually inclined join the Olympic team (and that, theoretically, the Olympics is the same in our universe as it is in the Ranmaverse)), then I could easily see Ranma winning gold in Gymnastics, Volleyball, weightlifting (as, in the anime, he lifted three tons, but in the manga, I think it was 300kg), diving and swimming (as he has shown both an aptitude for these two events, and even enjoys them (when he isn't concerned with the curse)), and probably the marathon or triathlon events (as they require him to 'exercise' for long periods of time).

Té Rowan wrote:Now what kind of gear would be needed at the Nerimalympics?

Well, protective gear for the crowd, for one. And maybe ballistic armour for the judges and events managers. And for all of it to be outdoors and away from any buildings, valuable landmarks, tourist traps, anywhere that life exists...

Zwzn wrote:Guys like Ranma, Herb, Saffron, Genma, Happosai, and Ryoga are actually monsters in the setting, and when they cut loose people tend to freak out, and run in in the opposite direction while panicking.

Actually, IMHO, as soon as Ranma fought and defeated Herb, I noticed that Cologne and Happosai actually backed off a great amount, which shows that he may have matched them in as far as Chi/Ki generation goes, lacking only in combat and battle experience compared to them. After Saffron, I'd have to say that Ranma (and a lot of people agree on this matter) has actually surpassed every Nerimite in terms of sheer power, combat experience, and sheer overwhelming skill (lacking only the age and wisdom of Happosai and Cologne to use the full powers available to him).

Zwzn wrote:The funny thing is Genma actively tried to keep Ranma from surpassing him.

Er, huh? Since when? I thought it was mostly just a fannon thing.

Zwzn wrote:Ranma doesn't play sports at school either.

Every Nerimite seems to have at least a brown belt in some esoteric Martial Arts style in something or another, but even compared to some of the bigwigs, it's still like comparing an ant to an elephant in terms of size and mass.

The main characters, even Mousse, Ukyo, Kodachi and Konatsu, despite not having any real special talents like, say, Tatewaki, Ryouga, Akane, or even Shampoo, they're still exceptional Martial Artists, and can kick most peoples butts without any effort at all.

And if we're talking about slight mentions of Olympics, and the cost of said medals, it is mentioned in the manga that the family had a medal, and despite the clumsy act with the katana, Nodoka seems really skilled with the blade, so she could have been in the kendo event of the Olympics. It wouldn't surprise me if an older family member was an Olympian, since it is implied that the Anything Goes style is a family style (which is really disturbing, if you think about the implications of the fact that Happosai is called Grandfather a lot by Kasumi in both anime and manga, and the fact that both Tendo and Saotome families practice it).

Noy Telinú wrote:Forget walking on water, is it against the rules to stand on other's heads?

It's already been implied in the manga and anime that it is possible to basically do the whole Chinese Martial Arts 'Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon' and 'Hero' thing, with specific mentions, several times in the series, as well as many subtle mentions, that they do so frequently.

Like Ranma walking on the fence on the way to school. Barring any manga/anime laws of physics, gravity and relativity, which are almost always ignored, it seems that Ranma does it a lot of the time, as does everyone else.

Just look for it, and it's in there a few times.

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Re: Ranma's Olympic reference

Postby PCHeintz72 » Fri Sep 21, 2012 7:17 pm

To imagine a Olympics of Nerima style... I think back to the old Battle Athletes series.
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