berserker rage

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berserker rage

Postby toushin » Tue Aug 16, 2011 9:44 pm

"Ranma's rage was something more dangerous than the usual 'I'll kill you no
matter what' routine Ryoga did. When Ranma went berserk his thoughts cleared,
doubts left his mind, and most importantly of all, he didn't act rashly. That
was something bad when a person actually attacked him with the intent to kill,
since his mind was completely focused on the fight and he could retort with
efficient and brutal accuracy and strength."

I finally remembered where I heard that phrase. it was from dark present no regret.

There are exactly two instances where ranma fought like this. the ice skating
arc and the love rod arc. I believe these arcs were what spawned the uber-ranma
genre of fanfics. These were the only fights in the entire series where ranma
just plowed through his opponent's offense. Every other battle involved him out
thinking, invading, being more killed or simply being luckier then his opponent.
Hell he doesn't even bat kuno aside hill dodge his strike then knock him out he
rarely if ever just plows through his assult.

They also make you question ranma's actual strength; when Mikado used the dance
of death on him ranma one of two things he either grabbed onto Mikado and fought
against the centrifugal force or he repeatedly swam through the whirlwind Mikado
created. In both scenarios striking Mikado once would have been a miraculous
feat yet ranma hit him 518 times. Then in the love rod arc where ranma went into
a jealous rage ryoga begged for begged for his life after a few hits (I also
find it strange that ranma was the one acting strange, akane caught ryoga on top
of ranma yet she still blamed ranma for what happened before finding out about
the love rod). You'll also notice that after this incident ryoga focused less on
defeating ranma and more on just getting rid of him. Such as his and mousses
plan to get the Pail of Preservation I mean who would have thought ryoga could
be so conniving (though it was most likely mousse's idea).

He's kind of like brad from eureka, for those of you who don't know brad was a
military AI designed to be a military interrogator and was given his own bunker
to act as an interrogation room, that was equipped with high tech defenses and
other implements to help with interrogation. At first it appeared that BRAD was
performing as expected but as he evolved BRAD developed his own idea about
defence and came to the conclusion that the best defence was a good offense and
has a result he began to ruthlessly torture the people he was supposed to
interrogate until they either surrendered or stopped moving. Ryoga surrendered
while mikado stopped moving. It makes you wonder is this ranma's true abilities
or just some kind of hulk strength.
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Re: berserker rage

Postby Ellen Kuhfeld » Wed Aug 17, 2011 7:43 am

There are two kinds of berserks: the focused berserk, and the unfocused. A focused berserk has a target, a clear vision of what he/she wants to do to the target, and everything else is irrelevant. For an unfocused berserk, anything can be a target, and there is no clear vision. Ryoga can be a focused berserk. Ranma was focused during the ice rink battle. Ranma under the neko-ken is unfocused.
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Re: berserker rage

Postby FriendlyEL » Fri Aug 19, 2011 8:45 pm

It's true. When I think of Ranma 1/2 and berserker, I generally don't think of Ranma simply due to the fact that there's other characters who generally show this type of behaviour more often. That and the fact that if anything he's more commonly shown either enticing or trying to mediate or avoid said berserker persona from other characters. That being said, I do think he's just as potentially able to be like that in the right situation, as shown from the points you mentioned and the time at the end of the moxibustion arc where he tore down what looked like an entire neighbourhood in excitement over regaining his strength.
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Re: berserker rage

Postby Zwzn » Sat Oct 22, 2011 4:30 am

Ranma could have ended the Saffron fight had he chosen to rip off Saffron's head rather then Saffron's wings. From the start Ryoga was not a threat as Ranma was more focused on fighting with Akane then fighting Ryoga at the time.

The only people Ranma ever has a hard time defeating is Happosai, Cologne, Herb, his father until about mid series, and monster form Taro. Most of Ranma's fights are him goofing off, making it look like an even match, and then bam the other guy doesn't know what hit him/her, or Ranma is limiting himself to a style he has been studying for a day to a week, and the other guy has been studying it for years.
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