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Postby SpaceKnight of Chaos » Fri Oct 15, 2010 2:24 pm

Konsaki wrote:That's the Kurumi and Natsume fight.

Actually, that was the second such fight. There was an earlier one in the anime where Akane lost to a practitioner of Good Old Days Martial Arts (martial arts using old-timey toys) called Taminari Kaminarimon, then came right back for a rematch. I actually consider the Kaminarimon the more impressive of the two, because Akane handled the whole thing on her own, of her own initiative, with no reason to do so other than pride in her own abilities, and she won it fair and square and entirely of her own skill. Unlike the Natsume & Kurumi fight, where Kurumi was only going at it half-hearted and Akane only ended up "winning" because Ranma showed up to cover for her and turn her into a flying missile with a horizontal Hiryu Shoten Ha attack.

See episode 6 of season 5; "And The Challenger Is... A Girl?!"
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