Akane: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

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Akane: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

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I wasn't planning on reposting this, but after seeing this written in this very forum;
Atlan wrote:And she never hit him hard enough to do anything- never a broken bone, or even a noseblead

I simply have to put up the list again.
Akane: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly
G (good): positive or well-intended actions/behaviour.
B (bad) negative or angry actions/behaviour.
U (ugly) completely inexcusable or vile actions/behaviour.
E (excusable) an instance of righteous anger (i.e. when Akane reacts angrily but for an excusable/acceptable reason) or an action/comment that while generally inappropriate, is acceptable within the context of the situation.

Vol. 1
G: Tries to befriend an obviously uncomfortable Ranma.
B: Insults Ranma because of his gender and curse, sabotaging the friendship she herself initiated not an hour before. Hypocritically sets what will be her double-standard for the series; that Ranma seeing her unclothed makes him a pervert, but she cannot be pulled for walking in on and staring at a nude Ranma, and is in fact by virtue of being a girl, completely above any criticism in this matter. Reacts to a taunt (which was instigated by her insults) by attacking Ranma from behind, knocking her unconscious.
B: Slaps an genuinely contrite Ranma because of an unfortunate coincidence in the furo.
G: Helpfully brings Ranma to Dr. Tofu’s to get hot water.
G or B: Warns Ranma that getting involved with Kuno could be dangerous/insults Ranma’s skill (forgetting/disregarding his display in the dojo the night before) by implying he’s incapable of fighting on her level.
G: Checks up on Ranma after Genma breaks up the fight in the schoolyard.
G: Brings Ranma hot water after he falls into the pool and tries to stall Kuno.
B: After Nabiki says that the curse is neither especially significant or Ranma’s fault, Akane reasserts her assessment that Ranma is a pervert because of the curse, insults him some more and tells her sister that she’s humiliated at the idea of being associated with such a person.
E: Kicks Ranma back into the fight with Kuno after he insults her underwear.
B: Dislocates various parts of Ranma’s anatomy when he claims that his female side is more attractive than she is. Follows up by knocking him from his bed in the clinic when Ranma attempts to tell Tofu who was responsible for his current state.
G: Doesn’t react to Ranma’s baiting or misogyny on the way back from the clinic. Carries Ranma home when his legs give out.
E: Gets angry with Ranma when she walks around topless.
G: Helps keep Ranma’s curse a secret.
G: Apologises to Ranma for the baseball/face interaction.
Vol. 2
B: Smacks Ranma again when he spies on her smiling at her reflection. On one hand he was out of line, on the other, her reaction was a tad extreme.
G: Agrees, albeit reluctantly, to lend Ranma a set of clothes.
B: Attacks Ranma with a kendo stick because her girl form is better proportioned than her. (No insults, here, just Ranma noting that the clothes don’t fit well.)
G: Shows genuine concern for Ranma after she hefts Ryoga’s umbrella. Also, puts herself in harm’s way for his sake when she tries to fetch hot water amidst the fracas.
B: Slaps her fiancé when Ranma claims ‘she’s not holding Akane because she wants to’. Tells Ranma she’s a stranger to her now.
E: Smacks Ranma and Ryoga when they offer themselves up after her hair is sliced.
E: Has a good-natured joke at Ranma’s expense. Ranma gets dipped, but nothing bad comes of it.
G: Adopts a stray piglet. Defends it when she sees Ranma ‘bullying’ it.
E: Slaps Ranma when she wakes up in the middle of the night and finds him in a very compromising position above her.
B: Overdoes things by repeatedly pummelling him with a kendo stick afterwards.
G: Agrees to avenge her classmates in the Martial Arts Rhythmic Gymnastics match…
B: …Despite having no skill or experience in the sport, or the means to learn it before the match. (Ryoga’s knowledge of it is a happy if unexplained coincidence).
Vol. 3
B: Leaves an obviously paralysed Ranma to freeze on the dojo roof for the night.
B: Adjudges Ranma to be ‘pathetic’ when he tries to use his engagement to Akane as a way to escape from the Black Rose’s affections without hurting Kodachi’s feelings.
G: Was going to mirror Ranma and Ryoga’s sacrifice by staying up the night before the match with Kodachi until they both insisted it was fine for her to get some sleep.
G: Prevents a sleep-walking Ranma from being poisoned by Kodachi.
G: Aids Ranma several times during the match, crucially in one instance.
E: Loses her top with Azusa (repeatedly).
B: Naïvely accepts an ice skating challenge against a world class skater, and hot-headedly declines an opportunity to back out upon hearing this.
G: Brings Ranma home from the rink after his fight with Mikado, and has the decency not to reveal that Ranma was kissed by a guy.
G: Tries to console Ranma when it becomes apparent that that was indeed his first kiss at the rink…
B: …But can’t help but deride his skills in the process.
Vol. 4
G: Demands Ranma release her when they’re caught in the ‘Goodbye Whirl’…
B: …Although that ultimately would have hurt him as much if not more than holding on did, she wasn’t to know this, not having researched her opponents’ apparently quite famous moves before the match.
G: Acknowledges and is genuinely moved by Ranma’s sacrifice, and insists he not continue the match in his injured condition.
G: Covers for Ranma when Shampoo first attacks…
B: …But lashes out at him during his explanation.
B: Attacks Ranma when Shampoo kisses him. After witnessing this first hand, she claims Ranma kissed Shampoo rather than vice-versa, and then breaks off the engagement.
B: Continues to get angry with Ranma when Shampoo displays affection toward him.
B: Slaps Ranma when she overhears Ranma (accurately) suggest to Ryoga that she is jealous.
B: Gets angry with Soun when he tells her to be honest with herself.
E: Isn’t best pleased to find Ranma and Shampoo asleep together…
B: …Despite having broken off the engagement…
U: …And decides to put Ranma is mortal peril because she’s angry with him, by dousing him with cold water while in Shampoo’s embrace. Not only displays no remorse for this action, but maintains it was just.
B: Refuses to hear out Ranma when he attempts to explain, calling him a pervert once more.
E: Accepts Shampoo’s challenge in anger over the Amazon nearly cooking P-Chan.
B: Smacks Ranma with a window when he accurately judges her too slow to beat Shampoo.
I’m ignoring any behaviour while under the influence of the Xi Fang Gao Shiatsu Technique as she, quite literally, is not in her right mind.
Vol. 5
B: Feels insulted when Ranma won’t reveal his greatest (and secret) fear to her. [Look forward to Volume 8, and you’ll see he had good reason.]
G: Tries to play down Ranma’s weak spot after its been revealed to the Tendos.
E: Is appropriately angry at Gosunkugi’s unintentionally insulting ‘disguise’.
B: Attacks a terrified Ranma when he confuses Gosunkugi and her.
G: Concerned, pursues Ranma when he’s in the full throes of the Nekoken, and helps get him down from a tree.
B: Pummels Ranma when he - still obviously out of sorts - ‘sort of’ kisses her. Blames Ranma for the subsequent embarrassment she feels at this. When he admits that he doesn’t ever recall what he does under the influence of the Nekoken, Akane tells Ranma she hates him, which incites him to tell her he doesn’t find her cute. Akane calls him a coward and insults his manhood before dousing him with water, indicating Ranma should be a woman for the rest of her life and find a man to marry. Finally, she attacks the now female Saotome.
G: Discovers Shampoo in the furo, hugging Ranma. Apparently, she initially keeps her cool.
B: Akane falsely claims she’s not interested in Ranma’s affairs, while dousing him with water and attacking her.
E: Reacts angrily when a complete stranger (Mousse) hugs her, and she finds herself the ‘prize’ in a duel.
G: Praises Ranma’s ingenuity in the fight with Mousse, and aids Ranma by informing Tofu of the Cat’s Tongue and later by getting hot water to Ranma.
G: Tries to help the locked Ranma enjoy herself at the fair.
G: Saves Ranma from hot water by dousing her with a cold water from a tank…
B: …containing piranhas.
Vol. 6
E: Claims she doesn’t care about Ranma…
B: …while trying to win the Melon Splitting Race that Ranma needs to win to get the Phoenix Pill.
B: Screams at Ranma, calling her an idiot, when believing that Ranma in girl-form was going to kiss her. When it becomes clear she had no intention of kissing Akane, she attacks Ranma, telling her to “Die!”
E: Repeatedly calls Ranma an idiot when she falls for Cologne’s ploy.
G: Tries to help Ranma in the subsequent fight…
B: …by leaping into the water.
B: Screams at Ranma for enlisting Shampoo’s aid, and hits Ranma when she agrees that Akane would get in the way in the water.
G: Forces Neko-Shampoo farther into Ranma’s face to speed up the Nekoken.
G: Calms Ranma when she’s still in the Nekoken.
G: Defends Ryoga and informs him of Ranma’s improved skill.
G: Makes dinner for a training Ranma and Genma.
B: Threatens Ranma with a butcher knife when she construes something he says as possibly deriding her cooking abilities.
G: Tastes her own cooking, and admits to herself that its terrible…
B: …yet remains angry with Ranma for not eating it.
B: Cooks more food, again without tasting it, and in the full knowledge of how poor her earlier effort tasted, is outraged that Ranma says its also quite bad.
B: Abandons the honest person she came with to the forest to help, in favour of someone who’ll appease her with lies.
B: Becomes angry with Ranma when he insults her cooking…
E: …but he does unnecessarily goad her…
B: …which is no excuse to attack him.
G: She becomes very concerned for Ranma at the thought of Ryoga learning the Bakusei Tenketsu and using it against/on him.
G: Remains rather level-headed at finding herself the ‘prize’ in another martial artists’ duel.
B: Kicks Ranma away from her when he tries to prevent her from falling to the ground…
U: …right into an ostensibly deadly Ryoga.
G: Is really concerned when Ranma goes careening off the cliff.
G: Tries to help Ranma when it appears that she’s been abducted (by Sentaro Daimonji), and tracks them down.
E: Whacks Sentaro when he takes it upon himself to hug her.
G: Offers to aid him…
B: …but isn’t especially graceful. She hits Ranma when he calls her a klutz (despite calling herself that during Volume 2).
G: Remains beside Ranma throughout the whole Martial Art Tea Ceremony affair.
G: Saves a drugged Ranma from Sentaro.
Vol. 7
G: Dryly shrugs off Kuno’s attentions.
G: Remains calm with Soun when she discovers he’s bargained her off into the Martial Arts takeout race for eel teriyaki…
B: …but grows angry with Ranma for the same reason.
G: Confidently declares she’s going to win the Takeout Race, and performs quite well.
B: But gets angry when Ranma makes a bet with Shampoo.
G: Manages to separate Neko-Shampoo from Ranma…
B: …disdainfully tossing the disadvantaged Shampoo away.
E: Is within her rights to fend off Kuno’s advances.
B: Is successfully eliminated from the race by Shampoo, and blames Ranma. Proceeds to attempt to punish both by activating Shampoo’s curse. She angrily claims that Ranma has betrayed her by protecting Shampoo and helping her avoid being transformed.
B: Coldly provides Kuno with a replacement bokken when male Ranma successfully blocks an attack, breaking his previous weapon.
G: Tries not to hurt Happosai’s feelings when she still thinks he’s just a normal old man.
G: Shows concern when Ranma is beaten by Happi, and again the next day.
B: Hits Ranma when she overhears him say he wouldn’t be interested in peeking on her in the public baths [One wonders how he could have escaped without being clobbered, for either indecision or an actual desire to peek on her would have resulted in the same violent reaction from Akane].
G: Justly whacks Happi for blatantly inappropriate behaviour.
B: Gaily leaves Ranma to the wolves, ignoring that he was put in his compromised position by helping Akane and the others, and trying to prevent Happosai from peeking on the bathing women.
G: Assists Ranma by luring Happi out of hiding.
B: Attacks Ranma with a vacuum cleaner when he tries to protect her from Happosai. After proclaiming she needs no protection. Happi promptly proves her wrong, but she doesn’t apologise to Ranma.
G: Verbally communicates her disgust with her father’s cowardice in the face of the Master.
G: Brings Ranma tea and pork buns when the rest of the Tendos selfishly exile him from the house for their own benefit. Aids him in his scheme to defeat Happosai.
B: Threatens to withdraw her help when Ranma insults her (very poor) stitching. Assumes a risqué photograph Ranma presents to her was taken by Ranma when Happosai is present.
Vol. 8
B: Tells Ranma his help isn’t wanted or needed, when they’re informed that the dojo sign has been taken. He says he’ll defend it himself. She proceeds to challenge and insult Ranma’s courage, taunting him by taking advantage of his fear of cats (if you recall, the very same one she was insulted he refused to reveal to her in Volume 5?).
E: Behaves coldly toward Shampoo, then becomes angry with her when she blackmails Ranma into agreeing to a date in exchange for a cure to his curse.
B: Becomes angry that Ranma will no longer be there to help defend the dojo (but for what can only be described as a good excuse), apparently forgetting her earlier insistence that he wouldn’t be necessary. After attacking Ranma, who attempts to clumsily placate her, she vows to refuse his help under any circumstances.
B: Angry that Ranma is pursuing what he believes is a cure to a life-altering curse, rather than defending a dojo whose Master lost its sign, and whose heir made it plain that she didn’t need or want his assistance, Akane…
E: …In a display of bravado, hurts her good, right hand, only hours before the Dojo Destroyer must be met.
B: In a display of idiocy, she again hurts her good right hand, almost immediately after Tofu has treated it, having informed her that she must not hit anything with it for at least an hour. She blames Ranma, and attacks him when he passes by.
G: Akane tries her best against the more powerful Dojo Destroyer, and performs admirably…
B: …Until her self-inflicted injury causes the match to go against her. Ranma, who admits she couldn’t concentrate on getting a cure for the curse while Akane’s well being was weighing on her mind, saves her from the finishing blow (by taking it herself). Akane responds by believing Shampoo’s claims that Ranma kissed her over Ranma’s vehement denials.
G: Ranma tricks everyone into believing that he’s destroyed the cure, and guilt trip’s Akane, who becomes enormously despondent and remorseful.
E: When his deception is revealed, Akane is still grateful for his help, but hits Ranma in retribution for his lie.
B: Unsuccessfully attacks Ranma when she implies Akane’s a tomboy.
B: Knocks Ranma from the Tendo balcony when he spies on her rehearsing.
B: Tearfully accuses Ranma of ruining her dream of playing Juliet after he agrees to battle it out for the role of Romeo.
B: Sends Ranma flying when it becomes apparent that he hasn’t researched the play.
E: Swipes at Ranma/Romeo when he, seemingly validating her earlier fears, insists that he won’t kiss Akane/Juliet.
B: Hits Kuno and Happosai. While both could be labelled as jerks, they were lashed out at by Akane for attempting to continue the play.
E: Prevents Kuno from taking advantage of a drunk onna-Ranma, but it appears her actions are more out of anger at Kuno than concern for Ranma.
B: Furiously accuses Ranma of hating her after Ranma seemed to kiss Kuno (in order to obtain a trip to China to hopefully rid himself of the curse, which her fiancé had already discussed with her that day). She slaps Ranma before he can explain that it wasn’t a real kiss.
B: Refuses to believe the kiss wasn’t real and accuses Ranma of having greatly enjoyed it.
G: Defends herself against a chloroform-brandishing Gosunkugi.
G: Prompts Ranma to kiss her so that he can ‘see China’.
B: Tapes his mouth shut, mirroring the actions for which she became angry with Ranma earlier (not the faux-kiss with Kuno, rather Ranma’s earlier insistence that he wouldn’t kiss her, putting their chances of the winning the trip to China in jeopardy.)
E: Jokes with Ranma that she’d have liked to have kissed without the tape.
E: Asks for praise for the role she played in helping win the competition.
E: Accidentally stands on Ryoga, while on chasing a gleeful, thieving Happosai…
B: …and isn’t especially apologetic…
G: …but is polite with Ryoga and appreciative of his gift.
G: Rallies her female schoolmates to defend their locker room from theft.
B: After a random schoolgirl falls for one of the traps meant for Happosai, Akane scolds and insults her for not following their rules in dealing with the thieving old man.
E: After recognising the girl as Ranma, Akane locks her in restrictive hold.
E: Threatens to blow Ranma’s cover, but gets rid of her before she can…
B …by hitting Ranma.
E: Reacts to Ranma’s taunts by activating her curse.
E: Leads a cadre of girls in punishing Ranma for entering their locker room and attacking P-Chan…
B: …by beating him.
B: Searches out Ranma with a view to administering further punishment, while mentally admonishing him for being a coward.
B: Tells Ryoga that Ranma has been peeping on the girls, even when evident that Ranma had an ulterior motive for entering their locker room.
E: Catches Ranma who unfortunately seems in cahoots with Happosai…
B: …and leads the girls in again beating the unresisting target.
B: Takes the violence level up a notch by having the girls ready their martial arts weapons/equipping them with weaponry, and apparently denounces Ranma as a pervert.
B: Unsuccessfully attacks Ranma who is throwing around rubber snakes and spiders and whatnot.
G: Defends herself from Happosai by attacking, which was her only option at the time.
E: Furiously throws hot water on Ranma who’s tricking Ryoga.
U: Arbitrarily decides that Ranma is a sick fetishist thief - while verbally noting as an aside that because of his curse (which he has no say in) his body has always been ‘sick and twisted’ - and suggests he seek psychological assistance.
B: Offers a pile of her classmates’ underwear to someone she has just declared to be ‘sick and twisted’.
B: Upon hearing Ranma’s hasty explanation, pretends to believe him and hits him while prone to her attack.
B: Only begins to believe that there may be truth to Ranma’s explanation when Ryoga mentions it, taking the word of someone who’s been accomplice to almost kidnapping her [See Volume 6], and who has shown a willingness to kill, over Ranma, who even if her assumptions were true, is at worst a peeping tom.
U: Upon discovering Ranma was being truthful, Akane makes no effort to apologise, or indeed make any acknowledgement that she should do so, and shows no remorse for her words and actions.
Vol. 9
B: Hits Ranma with a fire extinguisher when he warns Kuno off her cookies.
B: Insists Ranma try her cooking, and unsuccessfully attacks him when he doesn’t do so quick enough for her liking.
B: Blames Ranma when Kodachi steals her cookies. Insists he get them back from the Black Rose…
B: …and doesn’t thank him when he does. Demands Ranma eat some. Grows angry when Happosai cries in pain after doing so, but at Happosai.
G: Asks for Kasumi’s help in baking, acknowledging that her earlier cookies weren’t good…
B: …but not that Ranma was right not to eat them.
B: Vociferously commands Ranma eat her latest batch of cookies, and follows, badgering and pestering him to do so when he leaves the dojo on his own business.
G: Correctly surmises that Kodachi is blackmailing Ranma in some manner.
B: Takes advantage of Kuno’s hospitality because she’s suspicious of Ranma, stalking around his home when left unattended.
B: When confronted by Kodachi, she demands answers from her as opposed to explaining her own actions.
B: Attacks Ranma from behind when presented with a photograph showing Ranma uncomfortably close to Kodachi, and attacks several times when he attempts to explain, refusing to believe him.
B: Puts Ranma in danger in from Kodachi by activating his curse.
B: Unrepentantly vandalises the Kuno home in her anger.
B: Pursues Ranma intent on attacking him further.
B: Insults Ranma while he’s trying to free her from the giant vice.
E: Is angry when she sees Ranma eating, rather than helping her escape.
B: Is enraged at Ranma eating someone else’s food and not her own, quickly pummelling him.
E: Becomes agitated when Ranma calls her on her jealousy…
B: …but can’t resist attacking him once more before she leaves.
B: Cries to herself about the injustice of Ranma not trying out the cookies of which she is so proud, despite there being no indication that she’s tried them either.
B: Realises that the photo was doctored and deceives herself claiming she knew all along. She never apologises to Ranma.
B: Is finally satiated (but not anywhere to the degree indicative of her apparent desperation that Ranma eat them earlier) when Ranma eats her cookies. Does not thank him.
B: Is in no way remorseful or repentant when her cookies cause Ranma horrible stomach cramps. Does not apologise or acknowledge that Ranma’s cautiousness was justified. Learns nothing from the incident.
G: Shows thoughtfulness when she agonises over whether or not she should, and then decisiveness, when she does, reveal to Ranma what she overheard before Ukyo attacked Genma.
G: Is shocked at the revelation of the theft of Ukyo’s yatai.
G: Rightfully suspects that Genma is withholding the full story and prompts him to spill.
G: Shows concern when Ranma is engulfed by one of Ukyo’s attacks.
G: Is unhappy with Genma when Ukyo’s status as fiancée is revealed…
B: … but then hits him with a bench.
B: Accepts Genma foisting off the responsibility to a six-year old, and condones a beating she believes Ranma is taking.
B: Is upset with Ranma for complimenting Ukyo, his fiancée (not long after she heard Ukyo’s tale of woe). Unsuccessfully attacks Ranma when he calls her a tomboy.
B: Attacks Ranma, again unsuccessfully, for another ‘uncute’ comment.
B: Condones Ryoga’s unannounced attack on Ranma.
G: Informs Ryoga that Ukyo’s a girl during their fight.
G: Waits by Ryoga in the nurse’s office and is remorseful that he was hurt for her sake.
E: Kicks Ranma out when he plays a trick on Ryoga.
B: Becomes indigent when Ukyo, with whom she shares a fiancé, asks her for an honest appraisal of her feelings.
B: Hits Ranma when he calls her ‘macho’.
B: Is quite angry with Ukyo’s misinterpreted challenge. (Accepting challenges is facet of her school.)
B: Assumes the worst of Ukyo, whose crime is being her rival for Ranma, and the best of Ryoga, once accomplice to her own kidnapping, and who she’s witnessed to be potentially murderous. [Volume 6]
G: Demands an explanation for Ranma’ posing as Ryoga’s fiancée.
G: Shows concern when she finds the unconscious Ryoga…
B: …before hitting Ranma…
B: …and placing her fiancé in a humiliating situation by dousing him with hot water…
B: …before hitting Ranma.
B: Toys with Ryoga’s feelings to spite Ranma.
B: While dating another man, Akane attacks Ranma for dating Ukyo, his fiancée.
G: Is worried about Ryoga when he leaves, even chasing him to see if he’s okay.
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Vol. 10
B: Yells at Ranma for Shampoo’s actions.
G: Is honestly worried for Shampoo when she thinks Ranma may introduce her to Happosai.
G: Prevents Ranma from viewing Shampoo when he apparently swallows a love pill.
G: Didn’t want to accept an artificial love from Ranma.
B: Attacks him with a parasol when its revealed he was kidding.
G: Pleads with Ranma not to leave her when he actually swallows a love pill.
G: Prevents Shampoo from using the love pills on Ranma.
B: Smashes Ranma with a table when her fiancé jokes about using the pills on one another.
B: Decides she will be able to spend a day blindfolded and alone. This puts the general populace in danger, and she walks on and through several people.
U: The same stubborn behaviour is nearly responsible for her falling in love with Kuno, Ryoga and Happosai. Doesn’t thank Ranma when she saves her, and refuses to believe her news about the type of pill she swallowed. Displays unfathomable recklessness running about without her blindfold after being informed that she’d swallowed the lifetime love pill. Puts Ranma and herself in great danger, and then attacks Ranma despite actions showing he’d accept her artificial love for her sake, abandoning any chance of truly falling in love for himself.
G: Puts herself in peril, competently keeping Kasumi from harm’s way when Mousse tries to abduct her.
E: Vows revenge on Mousse for his unintentionally insulting actions.
E: Is justifiably irritated when Shampoo and Ranma refer to a stuffed toy as Akane.
E: Attacks Mousse, but this only after he had attacked her earlier.
B: Hits Ranma for maintaining the stuffed toy shtick.
E: Instinctively slaps Mousse when he startles her.
E: Hits Mousse with her sandal after he seemed ready to soak her in cursed Jusenkyo water.
G: Disposes of the last of the Yahzuniichuan water before Mousse can get up to any more mischief.
E: Informs a whimpering Mousse that she finds him pathetic. [This isn’t ‘E’ because Mousse is wailing and sobbing. Akane herself has cried her eyes out over much more trivial things than the love of her life coldly saying she wants nothing to do with her. Its ‘E’ because Akane has a very good reason to be angry with Mousse.]
G: Says she’ll help Mousse, which is very admirable considering his earlier actions.
E: This is at least partially motivated by the fact that Mousse getting Shampoo eliminates her as competition for Ranma.
B: Blindsides Ranma with a table when she overhears him insulting her.
B: Tells Ranma to throw the fight. [Unlike Akane, Ranma takes Martial Arts seriously. In doing this he would be throwing away his dignity and dishonouring both his opponent and himself.]
U: Gleefully takes advantage of Shampoo’s curse to terrify Ranma when he refuses to go along with her deception. [This would normally be ‘B’, but the sheer joy Akane seems to take in abusing Ranma’s phobia bumps this up to ‘U’.]
B: Apparently frightens Ranma enough into acceding to her wishes.
B: Hits Ranma with a fan when he doesn’t intentionally lose.
B: Gets angry with Shampoo when she does to Mousse what Akane was doing to Ranma.
B: Claims she wants Mousse to win out of pity, when the true reason (as indicated by her thought bubbles) is to remove Shampoo as competition.
G: Finally realises the indignity involved in throwing a fight.
E: Appears happy that her plan seems to have had some success, and isn’t pleased when she discovers it hadn’t.
B: Groundlessly accuses Ranma of being a lying, gluttonous thief.
B: Hits Ranma when she suspects he may be acquainted with a girl she doesn’t know of.
B: Becomes angry, demanding to know if Ranma has another fiancée.
B: Reacts tersely to Ukyo greeting them.
E: Is surprised Ranma lets Tsubasa’s insult get to her.
E: Reveals Ukyo’s cleavage to Tsubasa and explains that Ukyo is a girl.
E: Tells Ranma she couldn’t hope to be seen as being attractive as a real girl.
E: Isn’t best pleased when Ranma dons the bunny girl outfit.
B: Bristling, accuses Ranma of enjoying attracting men.
G: Feels sorry for Tsubasa.
G: Tries to help out Tsubasa…
U: …by suggesting someone she believes to be a lesbian find a boyfriend.
B: Becomes irate and confrontational when Tsubasa suggests that Akane may have feelings for Ranma.
G: Doesn’t want to see Tsubasa hurt.
B: Attacks Ranma from behind when he tries to woo Tsubasa.
E: Reacts sullenly to the ‘revelation’ of Tsubasa’s true gender.
Vol. 11
G: Politely asks Ryoga if she can come to his house.
G: Is quite pleasant with Ryoga; complimenting his home.
G: Inquires about Ryoga’s parents and asks if he gets lonely.
G: Doesn’t complain at “Yoiko’s” presence.
U: Deliberately spills a kettle of boiling water on a girl she suspects may be Ranma in disguise.
B: Apologises fallaciously when Ryoga destroys half his room to prevent this.
G: Tries to comfort Ryoga when they lose track of Yoiko.
G: Is remorseful for her earlier suspicions.
G: Is genuinely happy for Ryoga when he’s reunited with Yoiko.
G: Promises to defend the girls from an alleged peeping tom should she encounter him.
E: Boots Happosai from the girls’ hot spring.
B: Thanks Ranma from saving her from Happosai by blindsiding her fiancé with a boulder and beating him with it.
B: Implies she gave Ranma opportunity to explain himself.
G: Aids Ranma in drawing out Happi.
G: Points out the obvious flaw in Soun and Genma’s plan.
G: Thinks her father goes too far in punishing Happosai.
G: Praises Happosai’s laudable display of power.
G: Assuages a concerned Kasumi when she has a cold.
B: Attacks Ranma when he hugs her.
U: Assumes Ranma is going to try to physically take advantage of her because she is alone and ill.
B: Hits Ranma when he tries to explain.
B: Attacks Ranma with various weaponry, including a bow and arrows when he again attempts to explain.
B: Completely dismisses the possibility of a girl who has shown an ability to manipulate minds and memory before, somehow manipulating Ranma’s reactions and/or behaviour.
B: Attacks Ranma some more; accuses him of being a liar.
B: Admits she was wrong, apologising by malleting Ranma from behind . *[It was at this point in rereading the manga some time ago, that I just had to take a moment to pause and breathe. I remember actually saying to myself, “This has stopped being funny. I fucking hate this character.”]*
G: Begins to apologise to Ranma after she has experienced the power of Shampoo’s manipulation first hand.
B: But mallets him from behind again as he’s still being manipulated…
U: …which she is aware of.
B: Attacks Ranma when he prevents her from sneezing.
B: Breaks a metal gong off of Ranma’s skull when he calls her a ‘floozy’.
B: Still remains distrustful of Ranma after the whole affair.
B: Ditches Kasumi to play an electronic arm-wrestling game.
E: Is furious when Shampoo cycles over her. [Heh…]
G: Admits during a spar that having inferior skills to Shampoo upsets her.
E: Is ecstatic to find that she has become super-strong, and repeatedly beats Ranma at arm-wrestling.
B: Lords this strength over Ranma, and hits him, sending him flying. She promptly insults him for going ahead without her.
B: Attacks Ranma and Shampoo when she spies the latter hugging the former.
E: Challenges Shampoo.
B: Is nonplussed at using artificial strength to defeat Shampoo.
B: Accuses Shampoo of cowardice.
B: Ignores Ranma’s warning; refuses to take the antidote.
B: Is affronted when Ranma tricks her into freeing him.
B: Declaims Ranma as a pitiful liar merely jealous of her strength. Forces him to duel her in order to get her to take the antidote.
B: Accuses Ranma of cowardice.
B: Cries her eyes out when the Super-Soba’s side affects finally become apparent.
B: Swipes at Ranma for finding this funny.
G: Is sorry, apologising to Ranma for one of her various accusations.
B: Prepares to mallet Ranma from behind when he defeats her repeatedly at arm-wrestling.
Vol. 12
G: Wrathfully attacks the Principal after he crucifies her on a sweeping brush! [Yes, that’s a ‘G’. I’d have given an ‘U’ had she done nothing.]
E: Defends herself against the costumed teachers, fiercely remonstrating them for their actions.
G: Leads her classmates in defying and spiting the principal.
G: Tries to make Kuno accept that Principal Coconuts is his father.
G: Is the only one shown having compassion for Kuno.
E: Throws off Kuno when he hugs her.
G: But still feels sorry for him.
G: Stops the other students from being manipulated by the principal, making them realise that he’s their true enemy.
G: Leads the students in rebelling, her timing possibly saving Ranma’s hair.
G: Is concerned when Ranma is nearly struck by an effectively blind Kuno.
E: Is provoked by the principal trying to make her late for school.
G: Separates Shampoo and Ranma.
E: Is indignant when Shampoo makes her declaration.
E: Is quite concerned that Shampoo could subdue her curse.
E: Insults Shampoo.
G: tries to warn neko-Shampoo bout Ranma.
G: Doesn’t overreact when Ranma snatches her letter.
G: Is quite patient with Ryoga.
B: Stomps on Ranma from behind when she sees Shampoo hugging him.
E: Half-heartedly raps Ranma’s forehead after his warning.
G: Quickly realises that Shampoo is scheming something.
B: Kicks Shampoo for impersonating her and…
E: Pushes Ranma off of an unconscious Ryoga.
G: Correctly deduces that Shampoo and Ranma are working together…
B: …and immediately jumps to the worst possible conclusion as to why.
B: Elects to believe someone she knows to be deceitful over a person she knows is generally honest.
U: Refuses to even hear an explanation, malleting Ranma.
B: Thus, falling for Shampoo’s ploy.
U: Plays with Ryoga’s feelings to spite Ranma. [A repeat of Vol. 9]
E: Is irate after Ranma grabs her at the haunted house.
B: Lies to him to try to hurt his feelings.
B: Attacks Ranma for another insulting, defensive comment.
E: Doesn’t connect the dots regarding Ryoga’s curse, but so as regards to Ranma’s intentions.
I’m ignoring any behaviour while under the influence of Shampoo’s acupressure.
B: Ploughs into a scheming Ranma on her bicycle.
E: Is terrified of Ryoga, fleeing from him.
B: The mallet reappears for another insult from Ranma.
B: Once again, takes advantage of Shampoo’s curse to terrorize Ranma.
G: Has sympathy for Ryoga.
E: Smacks a rampaging Ryoga with a pillar.
G: Realises that she’ll need Ranma, asking for his help.
Vol. 13
G: Is concerned for Ranma, after his defeat to Kuno.
E: Kicks off Kuno after he grabs her and declares her his.
G: Understands that something is amiss and brings Ranma to Tofu.
G: Is disquieted by Tofu’s declaration.
G: Is troubled, and mallet in hand, tries to force Happosai to undo the moxibustion.
E: Hits Happosai after he admits he punished Ranma without knowledge of a cure.
E: Ties up Ranma and hides him from his enemies.
G: Ecstatically runs to tell Ranma that Tofu has unearthed the location of a cure.
B: Hits Ranma when she overhears he’s more concerned with undoing the Ultimate Weakness Moxibustion than with her. Refuses to reveal Tofu’s findings.
G: Accompanies Ranma to the temple where the cure to the moxibustion is said to be.
G: Is disgusted by Happosai’s actions.
G: Tries to cheer Ranma up, and then tries to snap her out of her despair.
B: Lies to herself about wanting to help Ranma when Ranma refuses her pity.
G: Displays faith in Ranma.
B: Angry that he’s taken his fiancée Ukyo with him (and probably concerned for Ranma’s well-being), she follows the group to Yomogi Valley.
G: Is relieved, and glad to see Ranma is alright.
G: Plans to surprise everybody with a delicious meal…
E: …while two restaurateurs are present…
B: …and in full knowledge of her inability to cook food edible to anybody who isn’t Ryoga .
B: Activates the Saotome’s curses when they joke about her cooking, and behaves in a very put-upon manner.
E: Laughs at the photo of little Ranma and his soaked sheets, and is very embarrassed when presented with a more recent and equally naked picture of Ranma.
B: Elbows Ranma when he insists he didn’t say that he loved her.
E: Becomes defensive when Cologne explains she’s a hindrance to Ranma’s training.

G: Is worried about Ryoga.
G/B: Puts herself in danger to hopefully facilitate Ranma’s learning the Hiryu Shoten Ha. [Her heart is definitely in the right place here. But her brain seems to be in Luxembourg.]
E: Begins crying and runs from Ranma.
B: Takes his apology in the worst way.
E: Raps Ranma on the head when he maintains the falsehood that he took advantage of her.
G: Pleads for Ryoga, then Cologne to stop the battle.
G: Nervously tries to placate Ukyo when its apparent that the chef is very unhappy with her at Ryoga’s accusation.
B: Reacts violently to another insult from Ranma.
B: Like the rest of the group, isn’t bothered leaving Ranma at Ryoga’s mercy.
E: Is miffed at Cologne’s poor memory.
E: Angrily kicks Happi after he ‘comforts’ Ranma.
G: Tries to raise Ranma’s spirits.
G: Puts herself in great danger to save the moxibustion chart….
G: …and again amidst the Hiryu Shoten Ha trying to get the chart to Ranma.
Vol. 14
G: Thinks only of the chart when she wakes.
G: Refuses to allow Ranma to leave alone, and tries to convince him to stay.
G: Is overjoyed when Ranma is cured.
B: Attacks Ranma for scaring her.
B: Considers Ranma pathetic in allowing Shampoo to use his ailurophobia to manipulate him.
B: Attacks a sleeping Ranma, accusing him of the idiocy she’s displaying.
G: Warns Ranma to be cautious.
G: Was covering for Shampoo.
B: Hits Ranma for hugging Shampoo in his terror.
G: Doesn’t want Shampoo to end up with the Ghost Cat.
G: Feels sorry for Mao Mo Lin.
E: Angst’s over her inability to swim.
E: Smacks Principal Kuno with a bench.
G: Show determination to overcome her clumsiness in the water.
B: Stomps on Ranma for another insult.
G: Shows guile in playing along with the principal.
G: Tries to save him…
B: …by leaping into the water.
B: Swipes at Ranma for insisting that she won’t be able to learn to swim.
B: Punches Principal Kuno for designing such an ugly swan costume.
E: Makes to run off, crying, assuming he’s deliberately humiliating her.
G: Realises that the principal truly intended to help her.
B: Attacks Ranma for joking around while saving her.
B: Insists on persisting with the madman’s training, after nearly being drowned more than once already.
G: Not wanting them to feel bad, tries to convince everybody that she’s not bothered by her failure.
G: Is irate that somebody doodled on P-Chan.
G: (Finally) perceives some connection between Ryoga and P-Chan, calling Ranma on it.
B: Is no longer worried about P-Chan when she believes that Ryoga drew the doodle. (That it was a friend of hers that deemed to be cruel to animal shouldn’t make it alright.)
G: Inquires about the welfare of two children, and is unhappy at discovering that Happosai has deceived them.
Vol. 15
G: Asks how Ranma is after being malleted by Tatewaki’s Wishbringer.
E: Isn’t best pleased to hear about Ranma’s date with Kuno.
B: Assumes Kuno will behave as she expected Ranma to, earlier (in Vol. 11), and force himself on a disadvantaged girl…
B: …after drugging her.
E: Mallets Kuno when it appears as though he was doing as she feared.
E: Interrupts Ranma and Kuno when she eavesdrops on the former’s promise.
B: Punches Kuno.
B: Thinks Ranma a fool to kiss Kuno in order to be rid of the curse.
E: Is appalled at what Ranma and Ukyo did to the Gambling King.
B: Infuriated with Ranma and Ukyo when he stays at the Ucchans.
E: Ruminates on the gender confusion that arises when considering Ranma and Ukyo.
B: Deceives herself some more.
B: Is outraged when she overhears what she thinks is Ranma choosing Ukyo.
G: Decides to help Ranma improve his gambling prowess.
G: Seems abashed at her whole family imposing on Ukyo.
G: Takes the responsibility of winning back the dojo when it appears Ranma isn’t coming.
G: Doesn’t want Ukyo risking her livelihood even if it is for the dojo.
G: Destroys the mirror that the King was using to see Ranma cards, and prevents him from cheating again a moment later.
G: Shows faith in Ranma.
G: Tries to help apprehend the assailants who are cutting off pigtails.
G: Is concerned for Ranma when Happosai attacks.
G: Pursues him with the Dragon’s Whisker, retying his hair.
G: Tries to help retrieve the Whisker from Genma.
Vol. 16
G: Plans to use her Hot Springs Obstacle Course Entry to help Ranma get to Jusenkyo.
E: Is peeved at her father’s lewd suggestions.
B: Knocks out Ranma with a birdhouse when he defensively calls her ‘macho’.
G: Tries to offer her entry to him again.
B: Annoyed that Shampoo beats her to it, punishes Ranma by activating the Amazon’s curse.
B: Stews over a twisted version of what just happened.
E: Kicks Mousse when he grabs her.
E: Slips in a sideways insult to Mousse.
G: Offers him her ticket.
E: Is irate at Mousse’s tactless honesty.
E: Is evasive when Ranma questions her.
E: Smacks Ranma during the race, wherein the rules allows it.
G: Remains calm when Shampoo and Ukyo fight over Ranma.
E: Is angered at another tasteless comment from Mousse.
G: Is touched by Ranma’s declaration.
B: Attacks him for calling her ‘macho’.
E: Offers to carry on the race with Ryoga.
G: Cautions Shampoo about the dangers of wild animals in the mountains.
B: Throws rocks at Ranma when Shampoo and Ukyo fight over him again.
B: Eventually hits him, declaring that he’s done so much to her to deserve it that she could write a list.
B: Elbows Ranma in the face for stating a fact.
B: Insults him and starts crying.
B: Is upset with Ranma when she deduces that getting a trip to Jusenkyo is his priority.
G: Prevents Ranma from sinking into the sand trap.
G: Refuses to give up and keeps Ranma’s chances alive.
E: Is annoyed at Ranma’s indecision.
B: Attacks Ranma when Shampoo hugs him.
B: Twice.
G: Carries Ranma out of the sake steam bath.
G: Snaps him out of his drunk stupor.
G: Is delighted when Ranma has apparently won.
G: Sticks up for Ranma’s skills.
E: Isn’t best pleased with Soun when he evades their questions.
E: Is quite horrified at Chardin’s demonstration.
G: Gives Ranma a ‘good luck charm’.
G: Poses at a maid at Soun’s request to check up on Ranma.
G: Tries to sneak her food.
G: Throws water on Ranma when the water is suffocating him.
E: Suspects with possibly good reason that Genma wouldn’t exactly be broken up if Ranma married Piccolet.
G: Helps Soun and the others search Happosai’s scrolls for information on Martial Arts Dining.
Vol. 17
G: Is deeply concerned for Ranma’s health during the whole Martial Arts Dining ordeal.
G: Roots for Ranma throughout the rematch with Piccolet.
E: Angry with Happi.
E: Accidentally ruins the shirt that Nabiki was wearing.
E: Unhinged at finding Nabiki has borrowed so many of her clothes.
E: Vexed that her sister gave a towel she knit to Ranma to use as a dustcloth.
U: Pulps Ranma’s face when he can’t identify what the embroidery is supposed to be.
U: Blames the beating she gave Ranma on her sister.
B: Is bitter when Ranma takes Nabiki’s side on this.
B: Smashes Ranma with the family table when Ranma mockingly implies that she’s a tomboy.
B: Is nettled at Ranma when he asks for an explanation as to why she’s so angry with him.
B: In a fit of rage, smashes the balcony on which Nabiki, Ranma and she are standing.
G: Ignores her own pain in concern for her sister.
U: Slaps Ranma for saving Nabiki. Calls off her engagement with him.
B: Kicks Kuno for a possessive comment.
B: Deceives herself in attempting to do so to Nabiki.
G: Warns her sister about the dangers involved in being Ranma’s fiancée.
E: Mentally admonishes Nabiki for putting herself in danger.
E: ‘Covertly’ spies on her sister and ex-fiancé.
B: Eavesdrops on a conversation between the pair in Nabiki’s room.
B: Whacks Ranma for allowing his fiancée to fawn over him.
E: Takes out the resurrected moronic morning challengers.
E: Engages in a immature message exchanging game with Ranma.
B: Makes an outburst earning her banishment from the classroom.
B: Begins crying when Ranma fallaciously mentions the positive aspects of being engaged to Nabiki.
B: Lies to Ranma and herself.
B: Angsts over being unable to face living in a house with Ranma and Nabiki together.
E: Dolorously pleads with Nabiki to stop trying to force her.
E: Refuses to accept Nabiki’s words, who for once is being honest.
B: Is absolutely incensed when Nabiki hugs her fiancé.
B: And again when she fawns over Ranma at dinner.
B: Lies to herself.
B: Proves this, eavesdropping on Nabiki.
U: Crashes in on what she believes are a pair of fiancés becoming intimate.
G: Is appalled at Nabiki’s scheme, showing concern for Ranma.
G/B: Refuses to play Nabiki’s game. [She could have admit that she had been outmanoeuvred and bought him back, sparing Ranma and herself much grief.]
G: Decides that she should apologise to Ranma. Accepts his peace-offering.
B: Pushes Ranma into the canal, when he jokes that Nabiki gives him more grief than she does.
B: Throws a postbox on Ranma, and runs away crying, damning him for a fool.
E: Furious that Nabiki, who Akane knows is scheming demands a kiss from Ranma.
B: Denounces Ranma as an idiot for falling for the scheme she was falling for until Nabiki decided to fill her in.
G: Overjoyed that Ranma wants to take her on a date.
G: Finally makes peace.
G: Feels sorry for the panda scribble, and tried to help it out.
G: Doesn’t fall for Nabiki’s baiting.
B: Kicks Ranma for denying Akane is his ‘sweetheart’.
B: Has to be stopped from attacking Ranma by Nabiki when the panda-scribble asks Ranma for a kiss.
Vol. 18
G: Is maddened that somebody attacked P-Chan.
G: Worries about Ranma being attacked.
G: Is terrified when it looks like Taro is going to finish off Ranma.
G: Tries to resist her captor.
G: Tries to connect with Taro, even attempting to bandage his wound.
G: Has confidence in Ranma.
G: Breaks free and fetches hot water.
E: Puts herself in danger to get the water.
G: Thanks Ranma and bids him be careful.
G: Crucially aids Ranma, giving her fiancé the means to ground Taro.
G: Exclaims that Happi has gone too far.
G: Takes part in Ranma’s dubious scheme to change Taro’s name.
Vol. 19
G: Is concerned for Kuno.
E: Reacts when he grabs her.
G: Tries to help cure his amnesia.
G: Frightened for Ranma, follows Kuno and Ranma to Watermelon Island and brings hot water with her.
G: Is glad for Kuno when he recovers his memory.
G: Tries to lift Ukyo’s spirits…
B: …by making her soup.
E: Is somewhat procacious at Ukyo’s moving in to the Tendo household.
E: Suspects that Ranma is hiding something.
B: Attacks Ranma with a kendo stick when Ukyo follows him into the furo.
B: Mallets him when Ukyo waits in his bedroom.
B: Denounces him an idiot for allowing this.
E: Again suspects that Ranma is hiding something.
G: Brings this to Ukyo’s attention.
E: Calls Ranma on it.
B: Hit’s a bedridden Ranma when Ukyo hugs him.
B: Behaves put out with Ranma for this.
B: More denouncing Ranma for an idiot shtick.
E: Disgusted at Ranma’s actions regarding the sauce.
E: Prompted by Ranma’s indecisiveness, angrily demands that he tell Ukyo the truth.
E: Is defensive when Ukyo accuses her.
B: Agrees with Nabiki’s deception, and maintains the façade.
B: Makes Ranma cooperate.
B: Persists with the pretence.
B: Knocks down Ranma with a chair when he tries to escape her bento.
E: Perturbed with Nabiki’s ruthlessness in the face of profit.
E: Irate with the eavesdroppers.
B: Beats up Ranma with a kendo stick when he tells his fiancée that he’ll keep his promise to her.
B: More self-deception and insulting Ranma.
E: Indignant that Ranma calls her his ‘mistress’.
B: Attacks him with her kendo stick, telling him that she hates him.
B: More insulting.
G: Has a close moment with Ranma.
B: Hits him out the window with her kendo stick after he insults her.
B: Kicks Ranma from behind when he appears touched by Ukyo’s act.
E: Demands he explain his indecisiveness.
G: Is charged when Ranma swallows the jar of sauce.
G: Polite with Gosunkugi, defending him when it appears that Ranma is bullying him.
B: Loses her temper, flattening Gosunkugi.
G: Horrified at the prospect of Ranma and Happosai being attached forever.
E: Accidentally hurts Ranma when she kicks Happosai.
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Vol. 20
G: Worried as to how Ranma could be beaten up.
G: Inquires about his state of mind.
G: Politely asks Ryoga to help lift Ranma’s spirits.
G: Wants Ranma to get rest.
G: Brings the affair to Cologne’s attention.
E: Considers Ranma’s plan to be pathetic.
E: Steamed when Nabiki flashes Akane’s panties to Ranma.
G: Warns Ryoga about the dangers of the ShiShi Höködan.
G: Accedes to his demand that she tell him she hates him.
G: Realises what’s driving Ryoga and tells him her true feelings.
G: Pleads that Ranma escape the ShiShi Höködan.
G: Investigates the old temple with Mousse and Ranma.
G: Demands that the Ghost Cat spill.
E: Mad that Ranma expects her to be bait.
B: Forced him into the catnip jacket and kicks him into the flurry of cats.
G: Takes the jacket, getting it and the cats away.
G: Distracts Mao Mo Lin with the cat teaser.
B: Stomps on Ranma when she suspects that he may enjoy kissing Shampoo.
E: Helps beat up the Ghost Cat.
G: Insists Ranma kiss Shampoo.
B: Activates Shampoo’s curse.
G: Shows concern for the old man.
G: Defends herself from Kodachi’s mallet.
G: Worries that Kodachi will distribute especially embarrassing doctored photos of Ranma.
Vol. 21
G: Reproaches Ranma for being mean to Genma and is disappointed with Ranma’s response.
G: Shocked at Genma’s apparent disowning of Ranma.
G: Tries to act as peacemaker for the feuding Saotomes.
G: Spies on Ranma and Genma’s training and again tries to seal the rift between the two.
G: Gives Genma more credit than is his due when she sympathises with him.
G: Maintains a vigil on Ranma and Genma’s fight while her family gets on with their day. Eventually gives up on it when she realises the futility of watching their ‘match’.
E: Ignores what appears to be a crazy old vendor. Eventually gives in and buys the ‘love predicting sakura-mochi’ despite her scepticism.
B: Serves her family sakura-mochi knowing how terrible she is at preparing food.
B: Becomes angry when Soun and Happosai refuse to eat them.
B: Hits Ranma when he tries to escape her food.
B: Serves him the sakura-mochi.
B: Hits him when he tries to escape again.
B: Insults Ranma and tries to deceive him, insisting they taste fine, knowing this to be false both from her own track record and Happi’s reaction to eating one earlier.
E: Tells Kuno that the sakura-mochi aren’t for him.
E: Kicks Kuno away when he hugs her.
G: Admits to Ranma why she wants him to eat her sakura-mochi.
U: Is prepared to break the engagement depending on the food’s prediction.
B: Chases after the fleeing Ranma, insulting him and trying to force him to eat them.
G/U: Apologises to Ryoga for having to eat some of the sakura-mochi, simultaneously displaying politeness and an amazing degree of hypocrisy.
G: Admits to herself that the sakura-mochi are ‘horrible’.
E: Again tries to get Ranma to eat them, this time in dismay that the sakura-mochi have predicted Ryoga as her destined love.
B: Praises Ryoga in order to insult Ranma.
B: Insults Ranma some more to herself.
B: Decides she has to ‘learn to love’ Ryoga based on the food’s prediction.
E: Is worried Ryoga overheard her declaration. Accepts his flowers.
B: Blames Ranma’s unwillingness to eat one of the sakura-mochi for her decision.
B: Insults Ranma some more.
B: Isn’t concerned for Ranma’s well being when he finally eats one of the sakura-mochi, only the prediction.
U: Hits Ranma away in fear of seeing the result after dogging him to eat in the first place.
E: Agonises over her future to P-Chan.
G: Is delighted that Ranma also has ‘cherry blossoms’ on his face and relieved that she won’t have to end the engagement after all.
B: Forces more food on Ranma to show her happiness.
G: Angered by her cheating, confronts Mariko.
E: Laments over losing the match and isn’t best pleased when Kuno tries to ‘comfort’ her.
G: Tries to help Ranma, giving her fiancé a book on Martial Arts Cheerleading.
G: Pleads that Ranma reconsider the match with Mariko (which revolves around having to fall in love with Kuno), and literally puts a cork on Soun’s demon-head antics.
G: Is touched by Ranma’s declaration.
G: Tries learn Martial Arts Cheerleading, initially leading to similar results as her attempts to learn Martial Arts Gymnastics [in Vol. 3].
G: Shows true concern for Ranma during the bout.
G: Going incognito, aids Ranma disguised as a member of the Seisyun kendo team, and laudably holds off Kuno, while giving Ranma a competitor to ‘love’ who isn’t Kuno.
G: Defends Ranma from Mariko’s strike.
E: Is embarrassed when Ranma unknowingly declares her love for her.
B: Hits Ranma when she accurately describes dropping her weapon as klutzy.
B: With a delighted expression, asks if Ranma was telling the truth when she declared her love for her. Akane later admits she knew Ranma didn’t know that it was her beneath the mask.
Vol. 22
G: Tries to get Ranma to settle down.
G: Repels Kuno.
B: Hits Ranma with her kendo stick again.
E: Loses her patience with Ranma when Ranma reacts to the spectators’ musings.
G: Shows concern when Mariko nails Ranma again,
G: Explains that she feels responsible for Ranma’s situation.
G: Switches style to Martial Arts Cheerleading and takes out Kuno.
G: Thanks Ranma for saving her.
E: Gets into another silly argument with Ranma.
G: Takes the school’s rumours with a pinch of salt.
E: Suggests (apparently with justification) that the woman searching for Genma is perhaps a restaurant owner he swindled for free food.
G: Is really happy for Ranma at the prospect of him meeting his mother. Shows concern at his reticence.
G: Broaches the subject of the seppuku pledge with Nodoka, disbelievingly asking if she was really serious.
G: Frightened for Ranma when she thinks she’s going to reveal herself to Nodoka and rosk seppuku.
G: Feels sorry for Nodoka that she can’t see her son.
G: Does well under Nodoka’s questioning considering Ranma is sitting right beside her.
G: Is shocked at Nabiki’s repeated efforts to undermine Ranma’s manliness in Nodoka’s eyes.
E: Asks Ranma when she’ll reveal herself to Nodoka.
G: Understands how Nabiki feels.
G: Realising how much the deception is hurting both Ranma and Nodoka, Akane resolves to something about it.
G: Arranges a meeting between mother and son (but unfortunately underestimates Genma’s cunning).
G: Gives Ranma a carnation for Nodoka and encourages him when his determination flounders.
G: Enraged at Genma’s efforts at sabotaging the meeting and tries her best to see that it will happen.
G: Reassures Nodoka that Ranma wants to see her.
B: Apologises for involving herself in Ranma’s affairs whilst vaguely concealing a backhand insult.
G: Ignores Shampoo’s antics with Ranma.
G: …twice.
B: Hits Ranma with a chair for some perceived insult.
G: Plasters up Ranma’s face.
E: Snaps a plate in half at Ranma’s ‘war cry’.
B: Beats Ranma to a pulp for trying to use her to make Shampoo jealous.
G: Finally suspects something is amiss with whole situation.
E: Is annoyed with Mousse’s poor eyesight.
G: Listens to Mousse’s explanation of the Reversal Jewel and its effects, and intends to immediately inform Ranma of the Amazons’ duplicitousness.
G: Is appalled at Ranma’s display when he gets Ukyo to admit her love for him to reassure his ego.
E: Has no problem letting Mousse attack Ranma.
B: Tries to deceive Mousse and herself by claiming she doesn’t care about Ranma, and feels its his own fault for being deceived by Cologne and Shampoo.
As with the Xi Fang Gao Shiatsu Technique and the remote control pressure points, I’ll ignore Akane’s behaviour while under the influence of the Reversal Jewel.
E: Is angry with Ranma’s comment.
U: And sucker punches him hard enough to put him in a full body cast.
G: Is genuinely concerned for Happosai, and remains so even after having to fight off his groping.
E: Is perplexed with the poltergeist’s bizarre last wish.
G: Shows more concern for Happi.
Vol. 23
G: Is perhaps a little worried for Taro at the thought of him having to face Happosai alone.
G: Is rightfully terrified at the prospect of a second Happosai.
G: Turns the tide of the battle by hitting Taro with a kettle of hot water.
E: Frightened that Pantyhose was willing to curse himself further to gain more power.
G: Angrily reproves Happi for his behaviour and ingratitude.
E: Sends him skyward.
B: ‘Offers’ to cook for the family when Kasumi is ill.
B: Is angry that the others aren’t thrilled by this and make plans to escape…
U: …but decides that Ranma, who is the only one with the courage to openly insult her cooking, is the also only one of them deserving of a thorough thrashing.
G: Admits to Nodoka that her cooking isn’t the best.
B: Threatens ‘Ranko’ with a kendo stock when she calls that an understatement.
G: Delighted at the thought of improving her cooking.
B: Is horrified at the prospect of being a worse cook than a ‘male’.
B: Admonishes Ranma while ignoring her own destruction of the food.
G: Repeatedly apologises to Nodoka for her blunders.
B: Microwaves eggs to save time. [Why is this ‘B’ when Akane didn’t know that this was a bad thing? She is aware of what a hopeless menace she is in the kitchen yet stubbornly remains.]
E: Breaks down in tears when she destroys all chances of making a nice dinner.
G: Apologises again, declaring she’ll never try cook again.
G: Politely greets Ryoga.
E: Kicks a groping Kuno away.
G: Thanks Ryoga and compliments him.
G: Tells Nabiki to stop teasing Ryoga.
B: Accuses Ranma of trying to pick a fight.
E: Annoyed with Nabiki’s teasing.
E: Is stupefied when she happens upon Ranma and Ryoga together In the tent.
G: Calmly approaches Ryoga about it later.
E: Accuses Ranma of playing a joke on Ryoga.
B: Jumps to a frankly boggling conclusion about Ranma and Ryoga.
G: Searches for the two in concern after finding the fishing rod instructions.
B: Hits Ryoga with a shovel.
G: Informs him that Ranma’s love isn’t real.
E: Smacks Ranma with a shovel when she tries to snag Ryoga with the rod.
B: Is worried that the hatred in Ranma’s eyes may be real and not caused by the magic of the rid.
E: Wants to know why Ryoga chose Ranma to make fall in love with him.
B: Accuses Ranma of picking on Gosunkugi when he saves him.
B: Assumes the worst of Ranma calling him an idiot and a bully.
B: Denounces him as an idiot for being willing to be hurt to beat Gosunkugi.
Vol. 24
G: Worried for Ryoga.
E: Angry when Lime carries her unwillingly to the Nekohanten.
G: Concerned for Ranma throughout the initial encounter with Herb.
G: Appalled that Ranma may be locked in female form and very relieved when Cologne mentions a cure.
G: Is grateful that Ryoga announces his intention to accompany and aid Ranma.
G: Encourages Ranma after trying to accept the blame for the situation.
Vol. 25
G: Has faith that Ranma will return.
G: Hugs Ranma in utter relief when he returns safe and male.
G: Screams for Ranma to avoid Happi’s attack.
G: Isn’t suspicious of Ranma and Hinako.
E: Quickly changes her mind at Ukyo’s melodramatics.
G: Is the only ‘fiancée’ not to attack Ranma.
E: Is angry with Hinako when she appears with the unconscious girls.
G: Helps a weakened Ukyo down the hallway…
B: …so that they can eavesdrop on Ranma.
E: Kicks Ranma when she finds him in a really compromising position with Hinako.
B: Hits him out the window.
E: Kicks him when she finds him draped over Hinako again.
B: Beats up Ranma in the dojo with a kendo stick.
U: Ignores Ranma’s explanation and jumps to the most illogical conclusion in the history of man.
B: Sends him through the roof of the dojo when he agrees that she has a small chest.
G: Doesn’t want to be involved in the other girls’ scheme to take out Hinako.
B: Recalls a twisted version of events from the previous night.
U: And from this deduces that Ranma is a petty womaniser.
B: Attacks and gropes Ranma during the basketball game, foiling her attempts to hit Hinako’s pressure points, a plan which Ranma informed her of the night before.
B: Calls Ranma an idiot.
E: Is shocked when male Ranma arrives wearing girl’s gym clothes.
E: Kicks Happosai when he reveals why he did what he did to Hinako.
E: And again when he decides to inform Ranma that he needs to repeat the pressure point treatment daily for a month.
E: Amazed that she managed to once make a normal pot of curry.
B: Sends Ranma through the roof when he won’t eat it.
E: Leaves for Ryugenzawa.
G: Carries Shinnosuke home when he’s knocked out by his own trap.
E: Slaps Shinnosuke when he startles her while naked.
Vol. 26
G: Feels indebted to Shinnosuke for saving her when she was a little girl.
E: Makes Shinnosuke and his grandfather breakfast but warns them that it may not be good.
G: Is ecstatic when her cooking somehow turns out delicious.
B: Refuses to return with Ranma and obey her father.
B: Attacks Ranma when he accurately surmises from Akane’s cooking that the forest must hold some great secret.
E: Stays and makes dinner.
G: Is horrified at the revelation that Shinnosuke was mortally wounded to save her.
G: Pleads to learn the means to save him.
G: Is grateful when Ranma returns with Shinnosuke.
E: Decides to stay with Shinnosuke.
E: Is embarrassed by his grandfather’s jokes.
G: Shows concern for Shinnosuke.
G: Delighted when P-Chan appears.
G: Finally realises that the Water of Life was making her cooking edible.
G: Apologises to Shinnosuke, beginning to cry at the thought of him dying.
E: Doesn’t reject Shinnosuke when he admits his love for her in order to spare his feelings.
E: Perplexed when Ranma confronts her demanding answers.
G: Gets between Ranma and Shinnosuke when the latter has a seizure during their fight.
G: Apologises to Ranma for slapping him.
G: Tends to Shinnosuke, lamenting over Ranma.
G: Gets Shinnosuke to safety away from the Orochi.
G: Puts her own life at risk to save Shinnosuke.
G: Distraught when she thinks Ranma has been killed.
G: Is intensely relieved when Ranma is revealed be alive.
G: And again puts her life at risk to help Ranma.
G: Accepts Ranma’s hand, and apologises.
Vol. 27
E: Isn’t expecting Hinako’s talk to have any effect on Ranma.
G: Searches for Hinako when she get lost after chasing a cat.
E: With her sisters, ponders how to get rid of Hinako from the Tendo home.
E: Isn’t happy with Hinako when she announces her intention to marry Soun.
B: Resolves to never allow Hinako the chance to marry her father.
E: Reproaches Hinako about her idleness after she spends the week at the Tendos’ doing nothing .
B: With Ranma and her sisters barricades Hinako outside after she leaves to recharge.
B: Initiates the deception that Soun is already married, making a willing Ranma play the role of her mother.
U: Sends Ranma skyward when Hinako tricks them and Nabiki sells them out.
E: Concerned that her father may remarry.
B: Angry at Nabiki’s betrayal for when Miss Hinako bought her ’love’ for ten thousand yen.
E: Considers Mousse a coward for using an unfair advantage to beat Ranma.
G: Tries to get Shampoo to positively influence Mousse.
G: Talks to Mousse herself and attempts to convince him to stop using the Invincible Glasses.
E: Disappointed that Ranma is willing to resort to using ‘cowards’ devices’ to defeat Mousse.
G: Goes out of her way to inform Shampoo that Mousse is fighting fairly and brings her to the fight.
G: Begs Mousse not to resort to the Invincible Glasses.
E: Mallets Ranma when he seemed ready to continuing pummelling an apologising Mousse.
G: Horrified at the bathing suit’s curse.
G: Tries to stop Kuno’s escape.
G: Holds Ranma back from pummelling Kuno while the kendo captain is blindfolded.
B: Childishly squabbles with Ranma before and while entering the Tunnel of Lost Love.
B: …this continues for some time.
B: Attacks him when he refuses to believe that the tunnel is haunted.
B: Leaves Ranma to go home alone.
E: Frightened of being left behind alone in the Tunnel.
G: Is very polite to Ryoga.
U: [As in Volumes 9 & 12] Akane toys with Ryoga’s feelings to spite Ranma.
B: Isn’t concerned for Ranma when Ryoga uses him as a human missile against a ghost.
B: Leaves Ranma behind and allows the Lost Boy to lead the way.
G: Is worried about Ryoga after he ‘disappeared‘ in the Tunnel.
B: In a truly baffling delcaration, claims Ryoga has always been more trustworthy than Ranma. [As I mentioned in this thread, Akane is quite content with a comfortable lie, but this is self-deception on a level I’ve not seen outside of ‘The Fall’ by Camus.]
E: Jumps to the wrong conclusion and apologises to Ukyo.
B: Resumes her childish squabbling with Ranma as soon as the pair are away from Ukyo and Ryoga.
G: Prepares to pummel the principal.
G: Manages to get an important kick in on the fruit and nut case, making him drop the ‘test scores’.
Vol. 28
G: Has fun shopping with Nodoka and ‘Ranko’.
G: Suggests that Ranma come clean with her mother.
E: Insists Ranma reveal himself to his mother.
G: Is concerned for Ranma when she sees the wounds inflicted on him by Genma’s Umisen-ken.
B: Calls him an idiot.
E: Angry with Ranma when he replaces all the items in her drawers with those from the kitchen.
B: And hits him with her table hard enough to send him (and the table) through the window.
B: Mallets Genma for teaching Ranma such an annoying art as the Umisen-ken.
G: Worries about Ranma, while trying to fall asleep in her bed.
B: Sucker punches (or rather mallets) Ranma for being in her room fter he asks her for a favour.
G: Goes along with the favour, confronting Ryu and accepting the letter for ‘Ranko’.
E: Hits Ranma with a chair when she finds him in the middle of raiding her bras as part of his training.
G: Roots for Ranma throughout the match with Ryu.
E: Terrified that Ranma’s in over his head against Kumon.
B: Mallets Genma when he appears.
E: Helps bury Genma when the true purpose of the Umisen-ken and Yamasen-ken is revealed.
G: Is appalled at how Genma took out Nodoka.
G: Helps mop up Ranma’s tears for Happosai’s rejuvenation elixir.
Vol 29
E: Mallets Kuno after he grabs her.
B: Puts her fist through Kuno’s jaw after he asks her for a kiss.
G: Helps Ranma fight the Phoenix chick.
E: Loses her temper with the incredibly unhelpful shopkeeper responsible for the phoenix getting into Kuno’s hands in the first place.
G: Shocked to find Ranma comatose on the street. Is clearly worried for him and asks to know who is responsible for the state in which she found him.
G: Dryly shrugs off Ranma’s petty grumbling. Demands to know what Shampoo did to Pink and Link to incite them to go so far for revenge.
E: Angry with Shampoo for dragging Ranma into an Amazon quarrel.
E: Kicks Ranma away when he tries to sneakily place a ‘Flower of Womanhood’ [what a name] in her hair.
E: Amazed at the twins’ fanaticism and devotion to their vengeance.
E: Sympathises with the twins’ punishment at Shampoo’s hands.
G: Accompanies Ranma to the Nekohanten to inform Cologne of Shampoo’s abduction.
G: Follows Pink and Link to Furinkan to try to aid Ranma.
G: Accepts the Fuo Yanshan and the Fuo Shenshan from Cologne and goes in alone to save Ranma and Shampoo.
G: Gets the better of the twins with the Amzaon weapons.
U: Uses the Fuo Yanshan (which is similar to a flamethrower) on a paralysed Ranma because Shampoo was trying to kiss him.
B: Attacks Ranma with the flame weapon again when Shampoo taunts her.
B: Uses the Fuo Shenshan on Shampoo after Shampoo sends the twins flying.
G: Tries to flee with Ranma.
G: Remains by Ranma’s bedside after he severely injures himself carrying all four girls to safety.
E: Sends both Ranma and Ryoga threw the roof after they take their fight into the furo where she is only wearing a towel.
G: Goes straight to Ranma to try to help Kasumi when she’s possessed by the oni.
G: After the priest screws it up, writes the correct kanji on the ofuda to free Kasumi of the oni’s possession.
E: Is disgusted that Kinnosuke marks his entrance by showering those he’s visiting with his bills.
G: Gives the little girl fund raisers on the private jet a hundred yen.
G: Tries to curb Nabiki’s spending during her ‘duel’ with Kinnosuke.
G: On the rerun flight from Hong Kong, laments when she realises how much debt Nabiki is chalking up.
E: Begins to lose it when Nabiki and Kinnosuke nonchalantly destroy a very expensive rug.
G: Reproaches Nabiki for her flamboyant debt accumulation.
E: Is sceptical of Nabiki’s credibility when she declares her love for Kinnosuke.
E: Is impressed (in a sick fashion) with Kinnosuke’s determination to win the duel.
E: Begins to (wrongly) suspect that maybe Nabiki’s feelings for Kinnosuke were true after all.
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Vol. 30
G: Greets Ryoga amicably.
G: Accepts his gift graciously.
E: Over-enthusiastically slaps Ryoga on the back upon learning of his ‘girlfriend’ Akari.
G: Reassures and is genuinely happy for Ryoga about this. While this causes Ryoga more pain than Ranma could possibly dish out, Akane has good intentions, and blithe obliviousness does not itself make anyone a bad person [just a witless one].
G: Feels that Akari should rethink her plan of having Katsunishiki attack her.
E: Is inspired by Akari’s misplaced determination.
B: Deigns not to inform Ryoga that he’s been mentally manipulated by Ranma.
E: Sardonically questions Ranma about his plan. [‘E’ you ask? Why even mention this? Because Akane’s dubious sarcasm would have carried more weight had she noted or even alluded to the flaws in the plan herself when Ranma revealed it to her earlier. However, it is Ranma’s plan, not hers. Otherwise, she would have received a ‘B’ here. In case you’re wondering, I’d rate Ranma’s use of the incense on Ryoga as ‘U’.]
G: Cheers on Akari in her pursuit of Ryoga.
G: Eventually decides to give Ryoga and Akari some privacy on their date, and leads Ranma away.
G: Tries to console Genma after he loses his ‘angry’ hair.
G: Suggests that Ranma be a tad more subtle in his disregard for class discipline.
G: Apparently, pays for Hinako’s meal when she miplaces her purse. Naturally, she’s not exactly thrilled about it.
G: Returns Hinako’s purse after Kasumi happens across it.
E: Is upset with Ranma when a towel-clad Hinako pleads for her help. However, Hinako never actually says that Ranma has done anything wrong.
U: Despite his pleas, adamantly refuses to allow Ranma the opportunity to explain himself, and as the next panel indicates, assumes again that Ranma tried to force himself on a woman. [Like she assumed he would try to do to her back in Vol. 11.]
B: Thoroughly pummels the unresisting and pleading Ranma. [Once more positioning her in my mind as a bully.]
U: Nonchalantly asks if he tried to rape Hinako or not, and not only doesn’t apologise for her outrageous assumptions and unprovoked attack, but makes no allusion to she herself being out of line.
G: Asks Ranma to try make a real effort to learn from Hinako.
G: Shows concern for Ranma during the man-cherry-tree affair.
B: Assumes Ranma took advantage of his curse to get attention from Nodoka.
G: Kicks a bra-clad male Ranma away and out of his mother’s sight, and covers for him.
G: Tries to protect Ranma from his mother and her murderous intentions.
G: Kicks him away from Nodoka again, and retrieves him after he passes out, treating his fever herself.
G: Sympathises with Ranma’s plight.
E: Mallets the fevered Ranma into unconsciousness to prevent his revealing himself to his non compos mother.
G: Hides Ranma in a fridge, covering for him again to protect him from Nodoka.
E: Horrified with Occhan’s appearance.
G: Concerned for Ranma when Kuno gets in a clean hit on him.
B: Sends Kuno skyward for hitting on her.
G: Apologises to Ryoga when he’s fried by the cursed ‘spatula’.
Vol. 31
G: Is leading the hentai-patrol once more.
G: Warns the ‘kid’ not to anger Ranma.

G: Kicks Happosai away when he tries to grope her.
E: Falls for Rakkyosai’s trick, assuming Ranma hit the ‘Rakutaro’.
B: Seems to show concern for Ranma when Rakkyosai is thrashing him, but actually considers Ranma a bully.
G: Visits Ryoga at home when she hears he’s injured, even going so far as to bring him a bouquet of flowers.
B: Isn’t in the least bit bothered when Ryoga unjustifiably kicks Ranma through the ceiling, only noting that Ryoga doesn’t seem unwell.
G: Asks that Ryoga not put himself out for her.
E: Transforms Ranma back to male form in front of Ryoga.
G: Prevents Kuno from using the Umbrella of Love on her.
B: Kicks Ranma hard enough to send him flying when Ukyo asks to share his umbrella
B: Lies to Ranma and herself again, claiming that she could care less about Ranma romantically.
B: As such, doesn’t apologise for her ‘foot slipping’.
B: Rips off a door and throws it, knocking the umbrella from Ranma’s hand before Ukyo can stand beneath it with him, and lies about caring… again.
G: Tries to destroy the umbrella.
G: Thrilled at the prospect of finally learning to swim.
E: Unhappy with Hinako for taking advantage of her adult form.
G: Tries to foil the evil doll’s attempts at getting closer to Ranma.
E: Unimpressed with Ranma’s attitude which she sees while trapped in the doll body.
B: Attacks Ranma when she finds out his knocking over of the doll is the reason all the trouble was caused.
B: Isn’t concerned with how the guys suffering from the ‘Aloha Virus’ treated Ranma, only with what might happen to the ‘real girls’.
G: Chases after the Principal, trying to get the cure.
G: Defends herself from the zombie-like affections of the Aloha Virus victims.
Vol. 32
G: Helps the stranger, Rouge, when she appears in a public fountain.
G: Is concerned for Rouge when she collapses.
G: Doesn’t blame Rouge for the damage caused by her cursed form, even though she has to help repair it.
E: Smacks Taro with a plank of wood after he destroys her patch-up work.
G: Begs Ranma to save the falling Rouge, after her curse is reversed in mid-air..
G: Shows concern for Ranma throughout the battle with Pantyhose and Rouge.
G: Defends herself competently against Kodachi.
E: Is angry with Kodachi when she calls Ranma her ‘boyfriend’.
E: Assumes Kodachi left the trap in the dojo for Ranma and demands an explanation.
G: Asks Asuka to leave Ranma be.
B: Kicks Kodachi off of Ranma from behind.
B: Says she’ll ‘permit’ to go on a date this once, to disprove Asuka’s claim. [‘B’? Yes. Hypocrisy is a sore spot for me. She has never pursued Ranma’s permission to date with Ryoga.]
E: Wants Ranma to prove that Asuka is wrong.
G: Prevents Kodachi from embracing Ranma after paralysing him.
B: Kicks both Kodachi and Ranma away.
E: Cockily demands to see how Asuka’s boyfriend matches up to Ranma.
E: Admits defeat.
G: Tries to console and reassure Ranma that looks aren’t all important in a man.
E: Excited about the Battle Dogi’s power, Akane challenges Ranma to a spar.
E: Ranma does well, but Akane uses the suit to overwhelm him.
B: Revels in victory atop Ranma, celebrating how the suit’s fighting her battle means her ‘dormant powers’ have been released.
B: Attacks Ranma when she overhears an insult.
B: Calls him a loser who can’t accept that he’s not ‘chosen’ like she is.
B: Beats up Ranma to an unnecessary degree when he challenges her.
G: She apologises for going over board.
B: Elbows Ranma when he calls her bluff about insulting her.
G: Call off ‘Do-chan’ when it pummels Ranma.
B: Clobbers Ranma with an electric fan when he obtusely hints that the suit has come between them.
U: Concludes that Ranma is simply jealous of her superior skills as a martial artist, and tells him so.
G: Is moved by Ranma’s declaration.
G/U: Points out that her being better than him hampers their relationship.
G: Admits that the Battle Dogi’s abilities are just that; the Dogi’s, and not hers.
G: Doesn’t want to argue with Ranma about the suit.
B: Beats up Ranma, incidentally putting his head through a table when he admits that he called her with the intent of getting rid of the suit.
E: Runs away, telling Ranma she never wants to see him again.
E: Feels betrayed by Ranma and is cold with him when he arrives and apologises in the park.
B: Rejects Ranma’s honesty as lies based on his ‘obvious’ jealousy of her and her suit.
B: Decides that she’s right when Ranma curses her thick-headedness and the Battle Dogi.
B: Dons the suit with the intention of flattening Ranma.
B: Baits him to fight, declaring that she won’t show him any mercy.
B: Uses the suit’s abilities to pummel Ranma.
U: Denounces him as a weakling.
U: Bids him farewell and coldly informs him that he won’t be seeing her anymore.
U: Reacts to Ranma’s counter attack as a betrayal, admitting that she felt he may have been truthful earlier.
B: Beats on him some more, sending him skyward with her favourite demand that Ranma “Die!”
U: Chases after Ranma, accusing him of cowardice when he won’t show himself at her demand.
B: Uses the suit to repeatedly repel and inflict gross amounts of damage on Ranma.
U: Upon Ranma commenting that she’s very good, she sneers that its actually he who is very bad.
U: Announces mid-pummelling that if he defends himself or tries to forcefully remove the Dogi from her that she’ll never forgive him. [Here, she not only displays hypocrisy and arrogance, but an amazing lack of faith in Ranma - considering the not insubstantial tasks he’s successfully overcome, she has no trust that not only will he be able to find a way to remove the Dogi without harming her, but she does not feel that that’s even his intention.]
U: When Ranma refuses to submit to this emotional blackmail, Akane decides that that means he is more concerned with the Dogi than with her.
B: Physically hurts Ranma some more.
U: Makes no apology to Ranma; in fact, contentedly accepts his poorly disguised apology. That she herself may have something to atone for is never fathomed or suggested.
Vol. 33
B: Shocked at the idea that she (along with the other denizens of the Tendo household) may be responsible for angering Kasumi.
G: Terrified at this prospect, begins to prepare a grand gesture to apologise to her sister.
B: Akane decides that she’ll bake Kasumi a cake.
B: Destroys their microwave in the process.
B: Proves herself at least as detestable as any of the other Tendo housemates when she agrees to send Ranma forcibly to act as their sacrificial lamb to the ostensibly piqued Kasumi.
B: Pleads with Kasumi to cease whatever punishment she’s dealing out to Ranma but makes no other move to put a stop to it.
U: Allows the blame for all the disorder in the household to be shoved onto Ranma.
E: Is suitably shocked when Ranma announces that Ryoga has a child.
G: Is quite taken with chibi-Ryoga.
E: Mallets Ranma for bullying the child.
G: Tries to take responsibility for the chibified Ranma and Ryoga.
G: Searches for the missing ‘children’.
G: Breaks up their squabble.
B: Punishes Ranma for mocking her age.
G: Cultivates the aging mushrooms and tries to prevent any further feuding between the two boys.
E: Spanks Ranma for bullying Ryoga.
G: Hides the mushrooms from the pair.
E: Is very annoyed upon finding her room thrashed by the duo.
G: Tricks the pair into giving up on the mushrooms until she can grow some to return them to their original age.
G: Questions Shampoo’s decision to leave Mousse to the Jizou’s affections.
G: Tags along with Ranma in his venture to aid Mousse.
G: Tries to help free Mousse from the power the Jizou statue has over him more than once.
G: Insists on Shampoo’s aid in saving Mousse.
G: Fools Shampoo into helping after all.
E: Aiming for Shampoo, Akane clocks Ranma with a fan when the Amazon hugs Ranma in the midst of fighting the jizou.
G: Is again concerned for Mousse’s well-being.
G: Praises Ranma’s skill in handling Shutsemaru.
G: Tries to stop the horse attacking the shrine’s customers.
G: Realises the problem causing the horse to attack people is that Shutsemaru is vain.
G: Tries to paint a picture to appease the horse.
E: Gives up on helping the shrine after Mantenmaru’s appearance.
G: Tells Ranma to pay attention to Ukyo’s reiteration of her story.
E: Helps Ranma in his ruse to see Hayato’s face.
G: Asks Ukyo to be more tactful when she insults Hayoto for wearing his mask.
G: Helps Ranma remove the mask adhered to his face.
E: Lightly ‘thonks’ Ranma with a frying pan for causing such a fuss over a small thing.
G: Checks to see if Ukyo is alright after the battle.
Vol. 34
G: Reminds Soun that he’ll be fine as long as he remains happy.
B: Angry at Nabiki, takes out her frustration on Ranma with a mallet.
E: Tries to exact some sort of payback on Nabiki.
B: Attacks Ranma when he begs her not to make any Valentine’s Day chocolates she may intend to give him herself.
G: Helps an old lady and child on the street, promising to deliver the girl’s Valentine gift.
B: Kicks Kuno for assuming that the gift is for him.
B: Mallets Ranma when he repeats that he doesn’t want anything made by Akane.
E: Embarrassed at the whole situation, flees when Hinako distracts Ranma.
E: Boots Kuno when he grabs her.
B: Mallets Ranma from behind when he insists that Hiroshi and Daisuke are wrong about him wanting chocolates from Akane.
U: Kicks him out of the window so that she can speak more privately.
B: Knocks him unconscious with her mallet when he insists once more that he doesn’t want any chocolate that she made.
E: Is exacerbated with Hiroshi, Daisuke, Yuka and Sayuri when they refuse to believe that the chocolates weren’t from her.
G: Gives Ranma a (pre-made) chocolate when she senses that he’s feeling down.
E: Cuts school with Ukyo and Sayuri.
E: Is appalled that Nabiki could be bought by the Principal. [One would think she’d know her sister a little better by now.]
E: Squashes Happpsai with a sofa when he steals her bra and tries to force it on Ranma at the public baths.
E: Smashes Happi again.
E: Is not happy when the tactless Ranma guilelessly asks if her breasts have gotten smaller.
B: Pulps Ranma in her anger.
B: Sends Ranma through the roof when he doesn’t react to her declaration.
E: Is justifiably incensed when Ranma is indeed way too happy about her larger bust.
B: Mallets Ranma from behind.
G: Reassures the mad Saotome Matriarch that Ranma is indeed a ‘man amongst men’.
B: Puts ‘Ranko’ in danger when she manoeuvres her mother into taking her on a shopping trip.
E: Angrily reacts to another of Ranma’s taunts.
G: Delighted by Nodoka’s observation.
G: Covers for Ranma when he’s transformed in the clothing booth.
B: Puts Ranma’s face through the ceiling for another taunt.
G: Transforms Ranma back to girl.
G: Covers for Ranma in the café.
G: Compliments Ranma’s appearance [genuinely in my opinion].
B: Stomps Ranma to the ground for another comment.
E: Again, curses Ranma as a jerk in her mind.
B: Hits Ranma with a dumbbell when he startles her.
E: Is enraged when he doesn’t realise how he was insulting her all this time.
B: Thrashes him because of this.
E: Furiously declares that she hates Ranma and won’t help him anymore.
U: Stands idly by while Ranma’s deranged mother tries to kill ‘the pervert’ in her room.
G/B: Does save Ranma but in the worst possible fashion.
B: Drops a stone lantern on Ranma when she insistently asks Akane again why she’s so upset.
G: In a rare moment of lucid self-reflection, Akane realises that she was in the wrong to use Nodoka to get revenge on Ranma.
B: Attacks and pummels Ranma with a washing machine after overhearing that he wanted to see her breasts.
G: Kicks Happi away when he tries to grope her.
G: And again when he takes her bra.
G: Is immediately concerned for Ranma’s safety when she realises that Nodoka is still in the house.
B: Kicks him from behind when she overhears him ‘rehearsing’.
G: Drags him to a room to hide from her.
G: Bids Ranma be quiet when she realises that Nodoka is asleep in the adjoining room.
E: Resists when Ranma misinterprets the situation.
G: Tries to protect Ranma from Nodoka.
G: Attempting to cover, suggests the technique Ranma used to escape Nodoka’s lethal strikes was only a technique similar to one of Genma’s and not actually a Saotome manoeuvre.
E: Falls over in amazement at Nodoka’s logic.
G: Tries to think of a way to make Nodoka forgive Ranma and thus not murder him.
G: Takes part in the family’s ruse to prove Ranma is a peeping tom for Nodoka.
G: Forces Ranma to look at her in the furo.
G: Tells Nabiki not to call Ranma a pervert.
G: Protects herself from Happosai, kicking him away.
G: Agrees to help Mousse.
B: Mallets Ranma when Shampoo hugs him.
B: Beats up Ranma with a mallet when Cologne explains how to stop the Smiling Three Year Death.
B: Call him a pervert when he agrees to go through with it.
U: Refuses to accept that he’s going through with it to help Mousse, but rather to cop a feel, explaining that she knows how Ranma’s ‘sick mind’ works.
B: Hits Ranma when he pats her behind.
G: Warns Mousse that its too dangerous to try the technique on Shampoo.
Vol. 35
E: Understandably angry when ‘Ranma’ rudely raids her underwear drawer.
B: Moves to attack Ranma with her kendo stick.
B: Intending to insult her fiancé, baselessly claims that Ranma’s double is ‘exactly like him’.
E: Whacks the pair with a fan when Ranma tries to teach her double how to pick up men.
E: Questions the double’s sanity.
B: Slaps Ranma when his double insults her.
B: Spends the night watching Ranma and his double.
B: Slaps Ranma when she overhears him defensively calling her a tomboy.
G: Defends herself from the double’s attack.
B: Attacks the double when she insults her.
E: Is happy to seal the double in the mirror.
B: Attacks Ranma when he and the double fall out of the mirror in an embrace.
E: Mallets the double when she tries to kiss the bound Ranma.
G: Doesn’t fall for the double’s trick.
E: Falls for the double’s trick.
G: Defends herself from Happosai inside the mirror.
E: Doesn’t escape the mirror when it means embracing Kuno or Happosai.
B: Attacks the double when she insults her.
B: Accuses Ranma of turning on her when he denies that his double and he are perverts.
G: When the mirror is flooded, defends herself from the double (who looks like she is trying to drown Akane!), and then Happosai.
G: Saves Ranma from being trapped in the original mirror by his double.

E: Suggests to Kasumi that it would be best if they not know what ‘business’ Nabiki ran.
G: Asks Ranma if he’s sure he doesn’t want to accompany the family in their outing.
B: Blindsides Ranma with her bag during a fight with Konatsu, when she suspects he may have contact with girls outside of what she feels are proper circumstances.
B: Proceeds to smack him repeatedly while he tries to explain.
U: Inadvertently admits that she attacked Ranma not really sure that he did anything wrong.
B: Pummels Ranma after witnessing Konatsu attack him, during which he left lipstick on Ranma’s shirt.
U: Puts Ranma through the floor immediately after Konatsu (too quickly to avoid) kisses Ranma several times in gratitude.
G: Arrives on the scene to help Ranma.
G: Saves Ukyo from Konatsu’s step-family.
U: Reads Konatsu’s secret scroll after being told what it was.
B: Tells Ranma about what she read in Konatsu’s scroll and shows it to him.
G: Asks Ukyo if she’s taking advantage of Konatsu.
E: Dubious about the whole ‘love knot’ bamboo leaf plan.
B: Mallets Ranma when she thinks he’s joking with Hinako.
G: Kicks Kodachi away before she can take advantage of Ranma…
B: …but mallets Ranma at the same time.
B: Lies to Ranma and herself again when she tells Ranma she doesn’t care if he tears up the ticket - which could ruin any chance they ever have of being together.
B: Attacks Ranma with a mallet when he fools her into thinking that he has destroyed the ticket.
E: Engages in some childish bickering with Ranma.
B: Stomps him when he goads and teases her.
G: Thanks Ranma for saving her ticket.
Vol. 36
E: Angry that Ranma congratulates her on being ‘drowned’.
E: Tries out the special swimsuit.
G: Has fun when the suit actually allows her to swim.
E: Mallets Ranma when she catches him apparently stealing her bathing suit.
G: Invites Ryoga to join the Tendos for dinner.
G: Tries to help Ryoga and Akari meet up for their date.
G: Accompanies Nodoka in the chase after ‘Ranko’, to make sure that Ranma will be okay.
G: Covers Nodoka’s eyes while Ranma is transforming.
G: Gets onna-Ranma out of the well before her mother can see her.
G: Mallets Genma when he deceives Ranma and puts him in further danger.
G: Smacks Genma with a fan when he tries to steal from his wife after knocking her unconscious.
G: Explains Ranma’s worries to his mother.
E: Pulls a funny trick on the all-too-pleased with himself Ranma admiring himself in the mirror.
U: Kicks Ranma’s face through the mirror from behind after he mocks her impression of his mother.
E: Bickers with Ranma.
E: Literally bursts a balloon to wake him from his daydream.
B: Gets into another argument with Ranma which results in her customary attack on the pigtailed boy.
B: Throws a chair at and hits Ranma when he holds up a sign calling her fat.
G: Agrees to deliver Ranma’s forgotten laundry when she sees an opportunity to patch things up between the pair of them.
E: Decides not to enter the Saotome home when she spies Kodachi, Shampoo and Ukyo already inside.
U: Delivers the clothes by tying them to a large concrete block and hitting Ranma with it from behind.
E: Ignores Ranma.
E: Kicks Kuno away when he tries to hug her.
B: Screams at Ranma to gain his attention.
B: Kicks Ranma to the sky after he had kicked Gosunkugi.
E: Reluctant to accept “Nodoka’s” gift.
E: Isn’t amused by Ranma’s trick.
B: Sends Ranma through the P.E. room ceiling when he gets defensive about their relationship again.
B: Beats on Ranma when she sees lipstick on his face, once more without having allowed him the chance of explaining himself.
E: Impatiently demands he give his mother’s gift to her.
G: Obviously disappointed at the true nature of the gift, still expresses her gratitude to Nodoka.
G: Is concerned for Ukyo when she misses several days of school.
G: Decides to help out at the Ucchan’s for the duration of Ukyo’s illness.
E: Lightly clocks Ranma when he promises not to allow her to cook.
E: Is not happy with Konatsu and Ranma’s tactics of enticing male customers.
U: Angry with the pair when they tell her to do the dishes, drives away the restaurant’s customers after while she’s supposed to be helping business.
G: Attracts females customers to the restaurant when she gets the idea to dress Konatsu in male dress uniform.
G: Is happy to help by cooking when Ranma gives her the okay to do so.
G: Stays by Ukyo’s bedside while Konatsu runs the business.
Vol. 37
E: Rightfully incensed by the sickening actions of Ranma’s parents and her own father, when they try to marry her while unconscious.
E: Hits Ranma for an incredibly insensitive remark after this.
B: Distrustful and angry, hits Ranma without waiting for an explanation yet again.
B: Hits Ranma with her bike when a controlled Shampoo almost kisses him.
G: Is sick with concern for Ranma when he has to leave on his journey to Jusenkyo.
G: Denies any relationship with Ranma in an attempt to protect him.
G: Defends herself against Kiima.
G: Attacks Masara when she awakens to find herself imprisoned in a Phoenix People cell.
G: Escapes from her cell and evades capture long enough to be united with Ranma.
G: Heartbroken when she thinks Ranma may have fallen to his death.
Vol. 38
G: Defends herself from her ‘captor’, before recognising the Jusenkyo Guide’s voice.
G: Shocked at idea of Jusenkyo permanently drying up, and immediately questions the Guide for a way to prevent the seeming eventuality.
G: Tries to go turn the Gekkaja to restore Jusenkyo without a moment’s hesitation until the Guide reins her in for her own safety.
E: Loses patience with the Guide when he seemingly gives up on saving Juesnkyo.
G: Risks her own life to save Ranma from the threads of Saffron’s transformation.
Akane’s level of awareness while a doll is debateable, but I’m not including any of her ‘actions’ while in this form.
G: Is obviously delighted with Ranma’s declaration of love.
G: Apologises unnecessarily for worrying everybody.
G: Sympathises with Ranma at the destruction of Jusenkyo.
G: Was willing to marry Ranma because she felt he loved her, and also because she was being blackmailed by her despicable father by the last barrel of Nannichuan.
G: Doesn’t resort to violence when Ranma becomes defensive after she mentions his declaration of love.
G: Cryptically warns Ranma about Soun.
E: Outraged at Nabiki’s sabotaging of the wedding.
E: Kicks Kuno when he attempts to embrace her.
E: Without any real heat, bickers lightly with Ranma.
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Postby Zwzn » Fri Apr 21, 2006 12:38 am

Acey wrote:G: Is obviously delighted with Ranma’s declaration of love.
G: Apologises unnecessarily for worrying everybody.
G: Sympathises with Ranma at the destruction of Jusenkyo.
G: Was willing to marry Ranma because she felt he loved her, and also because she was being blackmailed by her despicable father by the last barrel of Nannichuan.
G: Doesn’t resort to violence when Ranma becomes defensive after she mentions his declaration of love.
G: Cryptically warns Ranma about Soun.
E: Outraged at Nabiki’s sabotaging of the wedding.
E: Kicks Kuno when he attempts to embrace her.
E: Without any real heat, bickers lightly with Ranma.
The failed wedding arc is a sore spot for me.
IT seems to me Akane was willingly going along with her father's plan, tried to use crocodile tears(emtional black mail), and sutle threats that he might not be given his cure if he did not marry her.
Then the next day her father blames Ranma for what happened, and she agrees with her dad. They one never gave Ranma any time to fix the problems, and two Ranma does not have the authority to break any of the engagements.
Then after wrongfully agreeing with her father She goes off to school with Ranma. Most people forget how cold and calculating Akane can be at times. I believe she is trying to figure out a way to punish Ranma for recking her wedding. Just look at the time Ranma's mom showed up during the bust battle arc. Akane sets up a shoping trip for Ranma to get girls underwear. She knows he will hate it , and not be able to talk his way out of it.
Acey put as E rightfully blaming Nabiki, and I think it should have been a G.
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Postby Dark Magic » Mon Apr 24, 2006 12:03 pm

I agree Zwzn Akane can be quite sneaky when she wants something and will do anything she could to get it. I mean look how she dated Ryouga because she new Ranma wouldn't like it. Not because she liked Ryouga.
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Postby Zwzn » Mon Apr 24, 2006 7:13 pm

Dark Magic wrote: I agree Zwzn Akane can be quite sneaky when she wants something and will do anything she could to get it.
Akane was shown to be able to control her temper in the bust battle arc and the Valintine's day arc. Both times it is because she wants to look good.
Dark Magic wrote:mean look how she dated Ryouga because she new Ranma wouldn't like it. Not because she liked Ryouga.

Akane dates Ryouga even after the water proof soap arc. She even dates him knowing he has a girl friend. She dates him most of the time for no reason.
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Postby Greybara » Mon Apr 24, 2006 10:14 pm

why go through all that trouble,
anyone with a simple understanding of how violent and abusive relationships work understands that akane is abusive
anyone without can go herehttp://www.utexas.edu/student/cmhc/booklets/relatvio/relaviol.html
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Postby Zwzn » Tue Apr 25, 2006 1:53 am

Greybara wrote:why go through all that trouble,
anyone with a simple understanding of how violent and abusive relationships work understands that akane is abusive
anyone without can go herehttp://www.utexas.edu/student/cmhc/booklets/relatvio/relaviol.html
This list was made in response to people who say Akane is nicer in the manga then in the anime. It was reposted on this site because of things said in the thread called Akane, the misunderstood.
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Postby Greybara » Tue Apr 25, 2006 10:31 am

i understood that, i was asking whats the point of going through all the trouble to write, and read that, when you have a link to something that makes those curcomstances irrelivent. and proves far more usefull than any list like this,
although with that list you can easily see a vicious cycle
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Postby Togashi Gaijin » Tue Apr 25, 2006 12:30 pm

Greybara wrote:i understood that, i was asking whats the point of going through all the trouble to write, and read that, ...

Because not everyone has an American university student's cultural blinders on like you appear to be wearing.
Acey provided a valuable service by spending a considerable bit of his time to compile a list of facts (manga events) and connect them with a reasonably unbiased interpretation (good/bad/ugly/excusable). Other folks can then look at the compilation and come to their own conclusions as to the results - I personally think Acey was erring on the side of being nice to Akane. Even so, the list itself is impressive, and is a very useful tool in combating several arguments over Akane's overall behavior.
Canon Ranma is a slapstick comedy-romance, as most Akane-apologists will be quick to point out, and a certain amount of allowance must be made for the genre itself. Note that nearly EVERYONE uses a mallet at one point or another in the manga - even Ranma. Acey's list is less about the outward appearances of the situation and more about behavioral reactions, which, if you were to substitute more "appropriate" levels of violence (replace every mallet or punt with a slap, for instance), would still be a valid indicator on how Akane would react if the slapstick aspect were removed.
This compilation of facts presents a base of evidence that can be used constructively by all sides of the argument. Arguing by facts from within the object in question is a reasonable approach. Trotting out a liberal-baised student's pamphlet from an American university and claiming by implication that it applies universally-across-the-board to every culture on earth is, to me, the pinnacle of hubris.
-Togashi Gaijin-
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Postby Greybara » Tue Apr 25, 2006 4:50 pm

as i already mentioned the information is widely available on the internet if you dont think this source is relieable seek out one that is your a google search away, and cultural differences dont make a relation ship unviolent or not.
i hardly think the source is biased anyway, if you think this interpretation is spawned from a single university student id ask you where the hell you got that information
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Postby Sunshine Temple » Tue Apr 25, 2006 4:52 pm

Greybara.... do I have to add punctuation and captialization to my litanny against you?
Don't get into a pissing match here. If you want to try arugment using personal attacks take it off my forum.
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Postby crystlshake » Wed Apr 26, 2006 2:01 am

Personally I liked reading the list and revisiting things that I had forgoten/not read. It also serves and aditional purpose for a writer as a timing resource. Using the list it becomes easier to find a high or low point in the Akane/Ranma relationship. Allowing a writer to pick a more exclusive jump in point for a story to take off from. Using a low point in the relationship would be an ideal situation to alter the flow of the story or introduce anouther element (as at those times Ranma is more likely to be contemplative or seclude himself away from others by going elsewhere or behaving differently).
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Postby bissek » Fri May 26, 2006 5:08 pm

It might be interesting if you add a S entry for truly selfless acts (Assuming anyone in Nerima does something that qualifies). Then with S=+2, G=+1, E=0, B=-1, U=-2 (Or some other weighting for S and U), chart and total up the various points for ALL of Ranma's fiancees (Including Nabiki, Kasumi and Kodachi). It would be interesting to see who qualifies as the best person.
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